Why Creating the Healthiest Intestinal Environment Possible Can Arrest Your Vulnerability to the #3 Cause of Getting Sick and Dying

Alessio Fasano, MD

  • Understanding autoimmunity and gluten sensitivity
  • The evolution of wheat and gluten
  • Epigenetics and the development of disease
  • The three mechanisms that contribute to autoimmunity
  • What triggers celiac disease?
  • Why no human can digest gluten

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    Every video is saying private… Cannot access?

    Meg Fairfield

    I haven’t been able to access the first interview as it is marked private. Please let me know what I might try to resolve. Thanks! Meg


    Hi, I am unable to watch any of these presentations, it keeps saying the video is private ? Something I am doing wrong ?

      Esther Erlandson

      You probably have to subscribe to the information. This is leading edge new scientific research. You will have to find the site and pay for all the valuable information they have to share or go to YouTube and see is you can find any of the doctors and the videos.


    Why is the Alessio Fasano video private? At least that’s what the white writing on the black background tells me. I see, I can’t send this reply either, no matter how many times I click on Send.


    It seems to be starting by showing slides of Dr. Fasano’s credentials and then stops at about 1:09. I tried watching on YouTube but it won’t load there either. 🙁


      Thank you so very much for this Summit. My 2yr old grandson was diagnosed with celiac disease as an infant and I had no understanding of what that means for him. Having been a person who pursues health because of allergies and asthma, sluggish immune and GI systems, this is very inlightening for me. I feel as if I have a footing now on how to approach this issue with doctors.


      It’s probably better to listen at theglutensummit.com. I was able to just click on the play button of the todays video and listen in


    Ditto.. unable to watch same issue as above posts

    Bonnie Rowland

    no sound, even after re-booting the computer

    Joan FitzGerald

    I enjoyed your information very much. I NEVER cheat yet I have severe bowel distress to put it mildly. Nothing in the home that is not gluten free still have problems. I had cancer in 2001. Cancer ftee.YEAH!!!


    Sadly I can’t watch any of the videos. After a few minutes of the black screen I just get – this video is unavailable. So frustrating.

    Michael Gutstadt

    Is it possible to purchase the audio recordings in MP3 format (so can be listened to on an iPod)?


    The is no audio today.


    Excellent complete conversation. Very educational.

    shore bird

    Thanks so much! Could listen to this 3 times and still find useful information; in a perfect world, would love to hear more on the nutrition (or lack thereof) aspect seen in these conditions.

    Karyn Marques

    Watching and then sound stops. Got completely out and started again, and sound stopped at 12:07 minutes.


    Me too but I realised I had tried to connect too early – at 2.40 GMT (scheduled to start at 3.00 GMT) it connected and then worked fine for me. The confusion is maybe that yesterday the link worked very much earlier. Possibly because they were testing to make sure everything was OK ?


    That was a great podcast. I am learning so much. This is cutting edge science, too bad most docs are not listening. It should be mandatory for their continuing ed.


    Why don’t you use SKYPE CALLS, people like video and better audio, even if it is pre-recorded content.


    I cannot watch any of the videos. 🙁


    Also I knew a guy with rheumatoid arthritis, he was always a low energy and depressed guy even before the signs of RA roared unexpectedly into his adult life. He was on gold shots, steroids, etc. from his doctors. Then he went to a series of scam artists for alternative treatments which cost out of pocket thousands of dollars. They tried it all for years. Well his wife listened to a radio program about food intolerances (he had already seen every allergy doc) and told him he had to try going without wheat and dairy as a last resort. Bingo!Bingo!Bingo! Within a week or two the guy was changed to a healthy, happy, high energy guy. No more joint pain and swelling, no more depression (that had came on for years before the swollen joints), no more meds. Actually his problem was more considered dairy issues than wheat, but now we know wheat may have been the “gateway drug” to his years of disaster. The man was totally cured.

      Donna Beatty

      As a child, I had a weak immune system. I had poliomyelitis at age 8. I had whooping cough, measles , mumps colds, bronchitis, duodenal ulcers(since age 8). I continued to have ulcers, bronchitis and pneumonia as an adult. My mitral valve prolapsed after eating MSG and sodium bisulphites. I was diagnosed as a having celiac disease at age 35. I still suffer from arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, osteoporosis and fibromyalgia. I was thin during my second pregnancy, weighing 124 pounds at delivery. My teeth broke off at my gums mid term of that pregnancy. My son was born with a severe calcium deficiency and his legs were badly bent, he was given calcium injections followed by calcium supplements, as was I. My son wore Dennis Brown braces until age two and a half. He had severe allergies which he outgrew at about age 13. He eats very little gluten, less and less all the time. He has not been tested for gluten sensitivity or gluten intolerance. My daughter has had many issues with gluten, but continues to eat it as far as I know, we have lost touch with each other. My younger grand daughter is lactose intolerant and by her admission, overweight. She is short in stature. She has not been tested. I have since my diagnosis, spent countless hours researching gluten intolerance and how it affects complete families, and of course my own family. I helped to raise celiac awareness, and funds for research by cycling with others for the cause. The question I wish to put out there is this, ‘does being a blood donor pass these genes on to recipients of your blood?’ Myself, my mother and my sister gave blood diligently. I stopped donating as soon as I was diagnosed. My mother died from leukemia, and although not tested, had Graves disease, then Hashimoto’s (sic) after treatment for Graves. She presented with many symptoms of celiac disease. My sister was just diagnosed two years ago with arrhythmia and celiac disease.

    Jama Lambert

    Thank you, Dr Fasano, for pointing out the fact that it takes eons to change genes, but a matter of years to change our environment. It is the environment that needs to be addressed to prevent these chronic/autoimmune disorders we see today. Excellent!

    Greg Aurand

    Awesome interview! Best one yet. Very informative. Thank you!!!


    Almost 40 years ago our son had a serious skin rash, and the doctor was thinking that milk was the cause, but with less milk the child was not yet finished…it only stopped when the child food was at least based on 80 percent of rice grain….So I am happy to congratulate the Italien doctor Fasano for his perfect vision on the toxicology of gluten for some children and of course also for gluten-sensitive adult people. The casus of our son happened in a period when about gluten very little was known! Today we may be very happy that after so many years of hidden wheat-gluten-increasing, some idealistic doctors start to help millions of our gluten-sensitive world-population ! ! ! ! A GREAT WORD OF THANKS to the thirty doctors lifting the secret veil after so many years in this speciality….


    It’s a dream come true to be listening to Dr. Fasano. On many occasions I refer to him in conversation in the celiacs association in El Salvador. Thanks to Dr.com and sponsors for this incredible opportunity to continue to educate ourselves with the gurus! Thanks for helping us have a better quality of life!!!

    Mrs Long

    This video was very helpful. Believe that un-diagnosed Celiac was a contributing factor in my grandmother’s death and that myself and 4 daughters have Celiac or gluten intolerance. Getting information and help has been difficult. Thanks so much for this information and for the Summit.


    I had a similar situation: misdiagnosed for decades. Eventually I was crippled with pain from fibromyalgia and arthritis and my immune system went into complete meltdown. Once we learned I had celiac, and I eliminated gluten from my diet, I was completely cured.


    Thank you! I’m so grateful to have Dr. Fasano’s expert understanding.

    Susan Barendregt

    Thank you Tom for this excellent interview! I’m a functional nutritionist and I’ve forwarded the link to my social networks. Everyone who eats should listen to this!


    wonderful informative presentation. Thank you . This is so beneficial and up to date information. It is difficult being GF, this and feeling better are great incentives


    Thank you so much for this interview. Dr. Fasano, your work is truly appreciated and so important. I have one child with biopsy-confirmed Celiac disease, and another with the HLA DQ2.5 gene type, but negative for celiac at this time. We are paying a great deal of attention to what we feed ourselves and our microbiota. Thanks again for sharing this valuable information and for performing work that expands our knowledge of this and other autoimmune diseases.


    Thank you for a very informative discussion on Celiac Disease, much appreciated. I have three questions. Not sure if this is the correct forum for such a discussion ? How would you diagnose Non Celiac Gluten Sensitivity in the work place ,considering the fact that this entity only activates the innate immune system ( first line of defence) and not the adaptive immune system as in Celiac Disease. Therefore the Tissue TransGlutaminase IgG/IgA, Anti Endomysium IgG/IgA , Anti Gliadin IgG/IgA would be negative in NCGS individuals and gut biopsies is of no use, these patients are however symptomatic because of have systemic inflammation ? Is the first line of defence (innate response),as found in NCGS patients, a histamine response ? could this be the cause of Irritable Bowl symptoms as well as far off organ system symptomes like constant headaches ? a form of Histamine Intolerance ? Thank You


    This interview blew me away. It took what many of us have learned in our travels to a whole new level of detail and depth. Thank you so much, Dr. Fasano, for bringing this information to the world.

    Sue Lewis

    Thank YOU so much, I have listen to 5 and now understand what I have to do to get better. I will finish this program,

    Bonnie Rowland

    no sound, either


    How wonderful to hear that being Dormant Celiac- Gluten Sensitive, I have answers for my recovery. My diagnosis was-dermatitis; diarrhea which lead to IBD; migraines; depression; foggy brained; CFS; Fibromyalgia; chronic phantom pain in my intestines. Now, without gluten, I am healthier than I have been in yrs!! I am so thankful to learn more about Gluten Sensitivity, Celiac Disease, & how changing your eating, changes your health & restores your life. Thank you, thank you!

    Mary Van Lieshout

    What is your opinion on eating oats? I have read conflicting articles on eating gluten-free oats, but do these resemble gluten proteins and cause the same issues for CD and gluten sensitivity?

    Anne Elliott

    Six months agoo I stopped eating anything made of the highly hybridized wheat developed in the 1960’s. My arthritis has so improved that I no longer need to walk with a walker or cane, and have little pain in my joints, except for shoulders which have no cartilage right now. I am working on that and they are improving. I eat only ancient grains, esp;ecially Einkorn, which I LOVE and use instead of rice. I suggest that everyond STOP EATING anything containing this highly hybridized wheat from the 60’s which now has eight chromosomes rather than the six of the old Turkley red wheat. Thank you for making this summit available to us all. I have told twenty or so people about it.

    Janet Sakatos

    I have 1 grandchild with celiac, and his brother and twin sisters have the genetic markers to develop celiac, but their other blood tests are normal. Should they also be gluten free?


    Excellent interview, thankyou very much


    If farmers are spraying their vegetables with antibiotics, will cooking the vegetables break down these drugs?


    One of my kids has celiac disease and carries the HLA DQ 2.5 celiac gene. But his sibling does not have DQ 2.5 or DQ 8 (and no half copies), yet also reacts to gluten (stomach symptoms) and was positive for the celiac autoantibodies (not the gliadin antibodies but the AUTO antibodies). He is off gluten and his health is much improved (no more respiratory and other illnesses he used to have all the time). I hear L Sollid has added a new gene to the celiac susceptible list, and I wonder how we can be so sure the only susceptible genes are on that short list, considering especially that for type 1 diabetes the epidemic has been attributed to an expanding list of susceptible genes. I have read that for non celiac gluten sensitivity we never see celiac antibodies, and since my child without DQ2 or 8 (or even the new gene on the list) DOES have celiac antibodies, how can it be concluded he is not having an autoimmune reaction to gluten? The models and theories are interesting but if valid there should be some explanation for my child’s results as well as for his great improvement on the gf diet. Thanks for posting this fabulous lecture by Dr. Fasano.


    This video stopped around 10 minutes into the video. I clicked on and off several times and waited, but no video.


    What are good probiotics to take? There are so many out there how do we know which ones are the best.


    I could not play the last 7:12 min… Otherwise great info,thanks!

    Nola Jacob

    I have been intolerant of wheat from childhood but didn’t figure it out until in my 50’s. How wonderful to at last hear doctors talking about this MAJOR problem. Interesting …. I found that I could tolerate wheat products made in England, but not those made in Australia. My sister and grandson (also both gluten intolerant) recently found they could also tolerate wheat products when in England. So I guess it must go back to all the hybrid grains and the fact that hyrid and GE grains were never meant to be put into the body. Maybe they should have only ever been used as oil for machinery?

    Carol Mielke

    I am very impressed by Dr.Fasano`s lecture. I have bee sick all of my life with various diagnosis`.I know the environment affects my health,too many gas fumes, smoke and too many chemicals in our food. I am 71 and have known for less than 2 yrs. that I have Dermatitis Herpetiformis, an awful thing to have. I now know that my Mother didn`t have psoriasis but celiac or gluten sensitivity. I have had bowel problems since grade school , IBS and had Chronic fatigue Immune Dysfunction Symdrome as well as fibromyalgia which by the way is gone through going gluten free and doing my daily yoga as well as trying to eat well. I have many sick relatives who also have bowel problems. Hearing Dr. Fasano speak makes sense when I`ve spent a lifetime trying to be well. I once was on the toilet in seconds after inhaling thick smoke in an underground bar in Berlin. Another time I went straight to the toilet after having spicy chicken wings that a Malasyian neighbour prepared. I have a very sick little Granddaughter who I hope will get some proper advice when she goes to her December appt. at McMaster Children’s Hospital in Dec. Hearing yesterday that one can actually have a lymphoma if not diagnosed or treated. I have had numerous cysts and operations due to them in my life. I am very happy that answers are now coming for all of us who have suffered for many years. I live in Ontario and have recently signed a petition to make the blood test a yearly test as part of our annual physical which will catch some people and prevent them from suffering any longer. I cannot say enough good things about what I hae heard in the speeches of the last 2 days and look forward to hearing the rest of them until ,Nov.17th Sincerely, Carol.


    Great information! I think I nissed though what is the Gold standard for diagnosis if biopsy no longer is? I am a Type 1 diabetic w/out classic celiac symptoms. Diagnosed with celiac 3 years ago & was going to do another biopsy to check progress.


    Cynthia, you asked: If farmers are spraying their vegetables with antibiotics, will cooking the vegetables break down these drugs? _______________ I’m a pharmacist and presenting later this week. THe answer to your question is that cooking will not break down all antibiotics, there are thousands, the heat will inactivate some of them, but not all of them.


      Thank you Mindy for your kind words. And you do not have to lose sleep. I have tried my best to make this a library for all of us. ALL of the interviews, and the Transcriptions can be downloaded for $67. That’s less than $2.50 per Speaker for world-class state-of-the-art information. https://theglutensummit.com/order/

        Mindy Goldis

        I appreciate the info, if I decide to purchase. For now, I don’t mind staying up, as when I listen to the astoundingly brilliant and powerful words that are spoken, it is “fuel” to keep me awake regardless of the hour it says on the clock. 😉

    Mindy Goldis

    Excellent! I learned a lot from Dr. Fasano. It is worth the time to listen and be able to share with others because so many are in the “dark” about their health and the challenges they are going through and how they can see the “light” at the end of the tunnel if they are willing to simply remove things like gluten from their food consumption. I am a vegan chef and educator and I will definitely be sharing more about this with the public and especially those who I know personally that are dealing with various ailments that most definitely have a connection to gluten consumption. Thanks again to you, Dr. Tom for all your efforts to bring this very important information to the world. I look forward to listening to the rest of the interviews, even if I lose some sleep. The knowledge I am gaining is worth it to me! G-d Bless! Mindy aka TheRawsomeVeganGal (that is the name of my youtube channel and I have great free info on healthy living topics, recipes and product reviews – which are all gluten-free/zero -YEY!) 😉


    Thank you so much for all the very interesting and helpful information. This summit is terrific. I truly appreciate all the wealth of knowledge! Question: My 7 year old son has Celiac and he is on a very strict GF diet. He is doing well. Just recently, his after-school program told him something was GF and it wasn’t and he threw up for 3 hours. I was so upset and still haven’t gotten over this. He also had one mess up last year at a restaurant. I am wondering if these very unfortunate mess ups have long term consequences on his health. We will do everything to make sure it doesn’t happen but if it were to happen again, does his reaction get worse and worse every time? Thank you in advance for all your help!


    If I have, perhaps a thousand varieties of gut bacteria, inherited from my mother, what happens to that population when I am given an anti-biotic? Will the bacteria survive, or will it be possible to restore the populations that I inherited?


    I cannot watch any of the videos. 🙁 They all say this video is private.


    I am one of the people who had end stage celiac disease (at age 35) before it was finally diagnosed 22 years ago (because I read about it in a magazine article, in spite of several previous extensive GI workups throughout my life missing the accurate diagnosis). I am now suffering with poor health, autoimmune issues, and multiple food sensitivities, in spite of a terrifically clean paleo-type diet and good lifestyle. My question is, is it possible that a fecal transplant could be the answer for us long-term celiacs with autoimmune issues? Between celiac disease, frequent antibiotics in the past, and a previously poor diet, it’s a good guess that my microbiome now does not support good health.

    Catherine Cornell

    What about digestive enzymes which are often recommended for children with autism with or without a gluten free/casein free diet?

    Jodi Brown

    Wow. Game changer for me. Well presented and EXCELLENT questions Dr. Tom. Thank you!!

    Trina Astor-Stewart

    The Summit and Dr. Fasano’s interview is very enlightening. Much more awareness is needed as stated in experiences of people trying to live a gluten free diet https://www.facebook.com/astoriamills Food Service professionals need more training in serving people on a gluten free diet and other food sensitivities.


    Best interview so far!! So much information in just this one! Thanks!


    very informative and easy to understand. Thank you for explaining the process of digestion I listen to the entire talk.

    Bente P C

    What has happened now ? You gave ‘us’ access to listen to Day 2’s interviews 24hours too, but NO !?! Instead I already can listen to Day 3 …which hasn’t began yet !!! ?? It should be around 6 hours left to listen for us in Norway (3:00 P.M. GMT). 🙁


      I too have been unable to listen to any of the days. I could not start until day today and planned to hear Day 2 and 3. This is sad, especially when hearing the comments that people have learned so much!!!


    I could not access any Day 2 presentations earlier today. I did hear Day 3 .


      I can’t access day 2 either, even though the 24hour period hasn’t past yet. i have tried clearing browsing history and restarting browser, but hasn’t worked.


    They don’t say private for me, and there is no play button, all I am directed to is to order…. I would love to listen to just a few. Please let me know if there is something I can do to listen to them. Thanks


    really want to hear day 2!


    The Gluten Summit was such a wonderful presentation! Thank you so much Dr Tom O’Bryan for such an exquisite job in interviewing the panel of experts in their field. The questions that were asked and communicated were so beneficial for all levels of knowledge and education. What a learning experience for all of us to be a catalyst for health and wellness! Thank you so much!


    Due to a technical problem I was never able to access Day2 program but today I was thrilled to view the outstanding interviews with Drs. Fasano and Lipski. I can also recommend 2010 Gluten Free Planet video by Dr. Rodney Ford on the internet. Where do we find other gastroenterologist that treat NCGS.?


    Heartfelt thanks to you Dr. Fasano, I found this interview fascinating and thoroughly enjoyable. Thank you.

    Lori Schanback

    Hello! I signed up to listen to the 4 free sessions…already I want to purchase the series. I listened to Dr. Perlmutter’s lecture but when I tried to listen to the next one, I clicked it and it went nowhere 🙁 Please help!! Sincerely Lori Schanback


    The same here, I can’t access this session. Please help.


    http://theglutensummit.com/your-4-free-gluten-summit-presentations/ Paola from this link I could hear; click below the text where you see the line and sure the speaker control is all the way to the right


    I was really looking forward to the information that was going to be provided in this interview, but the audio quality was so poor that it was nearly unintelligible, unfortunately. What a shame.


    i do not have celiac disease, but removing gluten from my diet, immediately within the firs week, my knee inflammation and pain stopped. gluten does more harm than just to celiac patients. gluten affects many autoimmune disorders. I have never felt better than being off of gluten

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