Properly Testing for Gluten Sensitivity and Why Current Methods Fail

Aristo Vojdani, PhD, MSc, MT

  • Understanding tests for food sensitivities
  • Exploring memory immune reaction
  • Why rotating problematic foods doesn't work
  • Identifying autoimmunity without symptoms

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    I have been fighting medical issues for some years have seen a gastroentrogist and all he told me was I have gastritus well living on peptobismol is not a fix I will try a cleansing

      Jama Lambert

      Hi Kathy. The most comprehensive test for gluten reactivity is Cyrex’s Array 3 – Wheat/Gluten Proteome Reactivity and Autoimmunity. No other clinically available test comes close to measuring the multiple proteins from wheat along with the multiple transglutaminases. The test requires a serum (blood) sample.

      Jama Lambert

      Sorry Debora, I hit the wrong “reply” button!


      I know how you feel and I have had terrible stomach problems since I had to take Cephalexin and Vicodin in July due to a very bad foot injury. It seems lately that everything I eat is making me bloated and nauseated and I have been on a gluten free diet for 10 years or more. I haven’t given up dairy yet and lately it isn’t agreeing with me. I thought about doing an Essiac Detox because I feel horrible and don’t enjoy eating when it makes me feel sick. I know Thanksgiving is coming up and the way I feel right now I won’t enjoy it.


      I can’t believe you’re not playing with meha–tt was so helpful.


    What about stool testing for gluten?

      Jama Lambert

      Hi Kathy. The most comprehensive test for gluten reactivity is Cyrex’s Array 3 – Wheat/Gluten Proteome Reactivity and Autoimmunity. No other clinically available test comes close to measuring the multiple proteins from wheat along with the multiple transglutaminases. The test requires a serum (blood) sample.


    the day 3 have links for youtube?

    Mary Nelson

    Very informative. Now knowing that the blood test is more helpful.

    Katarzyna Nowak

    Thank youvery much for this brilliant lecture! I am a medical dr from Poland working with food allergic and sensitive patients. Dr Vojdani has answered so clearly my own questions. In my 8 years long experience gluten and milk immune memmory is never ending story. I would like to have possibillity of diagnosing as you have proposed. Thanks a lot. Katarzyna Nowak


    impressive lecturers. I am glued to my computer for hours every day.


    I just spent $500 on ELISA test to find out what other foods are causing me problems. But the ELISA test said that I wasn’t intolerant to gluten or soy! And yet I *know* that gluten and soy cause me problems! Did I just waste my money?


      Does it matter if I haven’t eaten gluten in over a decade (unless by accident) and haven’t eaten soy in a few years?

      Jama Lambert

      Dr Vojdani talked about purity of antigens being tested. “Gluten” and “Soy” at Lab A may be different than the “Gluten” and “Soy” at Lab B. Some labs use purified antigens in their tests, others are not as careful. In your case, go with your gut. If you feel better on your gluten and soy free diet than do so. I hope that the ELISA test showed you other foods that your immune system may not like and thus, you didn’t waste your money at all.

      Jama Lambert

      As for your exposures to the dietary antigens prior to testing. Yes, that will affect the test results. If you haven’t consumed the food within the one week period 3 – 4 weeks prior to having your blood drawn for the test, then there wouldn’t be an immune response for the lab to measure.


    So whats better. The saliva test or the blood test. I have been diagnosed with celiac disease, in the dna. Should my children have the saliva test or a blood test.

      Jama Lambert

      Hi Sue. The saliva test is the most sensitive assessment to do before there is gut damage and after there is total villous atrophy. But, after there is gut damage and all the way through total villous atrophy, the blood test is more sensitive. If your children are not exhibiting any non-gastrointestinal clinical complaints or behavioral problems, you can use the saliva test to monitor them each year. If they have behavioral problems or have a known disorder (diabetes, thyroiditis) then the blood test should be your starting point.

    Stephanie W.

    Excellent presentation!


    teri If you have a sensitivity to say egg yolks and not egg whites, are you still getting exposed if you separate the yolk from the white. Is that safe enough? Where can one go for a test for IgG, IgA, IgE, and the IgM? Will this test be for all food sensitivities and not just gluten? Also which company or lab can we go to that is responsible enough to trust? Also you said that it’s different if the food is raw or cooked and that some companies only do one. It didn’t sound like you thought just one was good enough so we would also need a company that would test it both ways, right? I just want to add that the summit was done brilliantly. The speakers are so knowledgeable and articulate. Tom you need to be commended for the questions you asked and your summary to what each speaker said. You and the speakers really brought it to layman’s terms for the majority to understand. I was amazed at how clear the voices came through. This summit was a win win. Thanks millions!!

      Jama Lambert

      Hi Teri. I will try to address each of your questions posted. Eggs. If a person is sensitive to one and not the other, he/she must be extremely cautious about the separation. If a little yolk stays in the egg whites, or a little egg white clings to the egg yolk, that little bit is enough to trigger the memory B cells, which are eleven times more inflammatory than the primary immune response. So, the best practice is to avoid eggs all together. To my knowledge the most comprehensive lab doing food allergy/sensitivity testing is Alletess in Massachusetts, however they are not offering both raw and processed foods. I have never heard a practitioner complain about Alletess so I feel confident in recommending them. Keep watching for information on comprehensive food sensitivity testing coming in 2014.

    Darrel Joy

    The video portion has an annoying square on the right side that obscures the slide show so I cannot read the longer lines. Please remove this ad that says “Learn More”. Also, on previous days, the video showed how long the presentation would be. I used this to determine how I could fit a given presentation into my busy day. Today’s 1st video with Aristo Vojdani omits this valuable information. Please put the time length of the presentation back onto the bottom of the video.


    I would also like to know if there are YouTube videos for Day 3. The current version is not playing properly for me – I tried different browsers, and different computers with the same unfortunate results. Thank you.

    Beverly Kendrick

    I will be honest, I walked away from my computer for two hours because I got so lost with what you were saying. i didn’t shut it off, but just let it sit there. I returned and finished. I will try to listen again before this goes down. I’m going to continue to eat gluten free, release, circulate, migrate, and proliferate my body with adult stem cells from my own bone marrow. I’m gaining a much better understanding of why I need to continue these products to over come the negative issues in my body. Thank you for devoting time to this summit. I feel I understand why I came out negative on the test now and have an unhealthy blood sugar.

    milo perez

    These videos are lower quality and offers no choice. On Youtube you could choose different qualities. I suspect that moving the videos to Wistia has been done to make it more difficult for people to download them (without paying). The future of humanity and the planet’s health (of there is any) will be free and shared. Paywalls are not good form. Can you afford to be healthy? No, I am not a middle class consumer, so I must remain ill?!?


      Milo–Please see my comment to Sasha, below. There is nothing wrong with these videos. The quality is excellent. If you are having trouble with them, the issue is something on your end, not theirs. And as far as saying you have to “remain ill” because these wonderful people who went to all this expense to bring us this summit won’t give you the recordings for free–for heaven’s sake, get off the self-pity! They let us view all the videos free when they first showed them, and now again for several days we can view them free. Make a little effort and take notes! Or get someone to do it for you. Where’s your gratitude? (Sorry to the rest of you, but this kind of attitude needs to be addressed–and banished from the universe.)


    Does Gluten Defense by Enzymatic Therapy help kids when they eat school lunch and go to birthday parties?


    If I have full blown autoimmune deseases does this mean there is no hope except taking immunosuppressor for the rest of my life? This saddens me.


    Hi Dr. O’Bryan – I know the summit is about gluten but given what I’ve just learned with you and Dr. Vojdani, I have a question about other allergies. For substances that do not have the affect of separating tight junctions – say egg, or casein, well anything but gluten – can you not eat those foods after you heal the digestive tract? If you can get the tight junctions to heal, and the bigger undigested proteins cannot get into the blood stream shouldn’t you be able to eat them? I understand that the antibodies would kick in again if it got into the blood but what if it didn’t?


    This player is poor. I liked much more youtube one. It can not fast forward properly.


      The player is excellent on my laptop. So is the quality of the videos. All you people who complain–the problem is with your computer, or with your internet connection. Also, you may have too many things open on your computer, or your settings are not right. For example, the person complaining about the square and the type on top of the videos. It apparently never occurred to him that he had to change his settings so he could see the screen. If you are having technical issues, the problem is on your end. Everything is running perfectly for me.


    Wonderful presentation. It helped answer some immune related questions. I am curious if the results of the Elisa Lymphocyte Response Test indicate foods and substances that should be avoided forever. Is it possible to heal the reactions? I know Dr. Vojdani does not recommend rotation diet but I wanted to know if the test could change or be wrong. I tested reactive for some common things like lemon, zucchini, sugar, honey, etc. I do feel better when I avoid them but the list of items I react to is so long that sometimes it is impossible to avoid one or a few.


    Damned good presentation.


    I also would agree. The YouTube video was much better. I just missed one of the speakers because I could not tell how long a speaker will be… The YouTube videos allow one to know how long the seminar will be as well as being able to fast forward and reverse more precisely.


    I am not able to watch Day 3 presentations at all. Day 1 and Day 2 worked just fine, though.


    I have only listened to the one presentation. I have learned more facts and dispelled more misinformation than I could have imagined. All the doctors who I have seen about my health problems clearly don’t know, or in many cases want to know, about these facts. Now, how to find a local doctor with whom to work. Thank you for the gluten summit.

      Karla Zaldivar

      I also have a positive experience with the electroacupuncture according to Voll. It told me I have to avoid wheat and eggs. It was 13 years ago when nobody, or at least not the doctors I visited, told me about celiac disease. At that time, after searching the internet, I found the gluten and I declared myself celiac. Eight years after that, I found a doctor that knew about CD and by the blood test and biopsy the CD was confirmed. Two years ago another blood test (RAST) confirmed that I have sensitivity to eggs. Maybe, it´s time to pay attention to these alternative tests (EAV, hair analysis, etc.)

    Danielle Martin

    I had a hair analysis done in New Zealand last year. This test is done by an indigo machine. Among many other results regarding my health, it told me I have a gluten, yeast, dairy and sheep wool allergy. Why is no one talking about this form of testing?

      Karla Zaldivar

      I also have a positive experience with the electroacupuncture according to Voll. It told me I have to avoid wheat and eggs. It was 13 years ago when nobody, or at least not the doctors I visited, told me about celiac disease. At that time, after searching the internet, I found the gluten and I declared myself celiac. Eight years after that, I found a doctor that knew about CD and by the blood test and biopsy the CD was confirmed. Two years ago another blood test (RAST) confirmed that I have sensitivity to eggs. Maybe, it´s time to pay attention to these alternative tests (EAV, hair analysis, etc.)

    Diane Dandron

    I am curious about the Dr.’s opinion of the accuracy of Spectra Vision scans for food intolerances done by Homeopaths.

    Linda Neall

    Do you have to avoid even tiny bits of gluten if you are diagnosed as Gluten Sensitive rather than Celiac Disease? Thanks.

    Diego Balmaseda

    Is there a laboratory in Europe as trustworthy as Cyrex?


    Wow!!! brilliant!

    Shonda Hector

    I like the comment, “Eat God-made foods and not man-made foods”…Amen to that!


    Absolutely brilliant presentation. Thankyou, Dr. Vojdani… plus I want to reiterate Dr. Vojdani’s thanks to Dr. O’Bryan for making all this technical information available to the layman so clearly. This format (explanation and re-iteration) has helped me understand what would otherwise fly right over my head. THANKS.


    This is an excellent presentation. I’m so grateful to finally have some answers. Just wish I had known these things years ago. Thank you so much.

    C Lawson

    Very informative with one exception….autoimmune disease can be treated without immunosuppressants. I know because I have an autoimmune disease, Progressive Systemic Scleroderma with Crest syndrome and I was supposed to have died two years ago. I also know or know of several others who have or in the process of overcoming various autoimmune conditions including lupus and MS. Are we cured? Prossibly not, yet my symptoms are mostly reversed and I’m alive! BUT if I inadvertently am exposed gluten or soy or a few other foods and some chemicals, my symptoms begin to return! Take heart if you are diagnosed with a killer autoimmune disease and research, research, research! I felt I had nothing to lose by trying to find answers for myself since I was only given 5 to 10 years to live. BTW…I have other concurrent non-life threatening autoimmune diseases that have also improved with avoidance of allergens I react to.

    Shonda Hector

    Wow, that gave me a better understanding..especially the antigens info and the memory cells, etc.


    I am wondering if DPPIV tablets which are meant to break down gluten are effective? My 15 yo son is having a difficult time stopping gluten (he is gluten sensitive but not celiac).


    Hi , I have same question as sandy – ie if I heal my “leaky gut” will I be able to have casein without problems, or could this still cause immune response without symptoms & later autoimmune problems? I am gluten & also casein free at moment. Thanks for fantastic presentation.


      Hi Jenny – thinking about this more after listening to Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride…..I think gluten is in a totally different category because it affects the tight junctions. For other allergies – egg, casein, soy, corn – if you heal the gut, those foods should be able to be introduced. Would love if Dr. O’Bryan could confirm that logic……please???

    Mindy Goldis

    Thanks, Dr. Tom for another exceptional interview with Dr. Vojdani. Although there is a lot more technical, medical jargon used here, the message is clear. We need to be diligent and do early detection for all gluten antibodies and not just one or the other. I call them G.A.M.E. as that is the 4 Ig’s that are involved. I also agree with Dr. V in regards to the memory of our cells if we re-introduce even the minutest amount of gluten into the body, the cells ramp up the antibodies at an extremely rapid level. Think about muscle memory in the same way when you have an injury and can not work your muscles for a while and they atrophy, once you start up your exercise program again, the muscles will come back to their previous levels prior to your injury because of the memory of the cells. Again, I will reiterate, removing gluten (or any triggers that attack our tissues) is the best thing as a preventative measure for a healthy life. I have stopped eating gluten because it really has no nutritional benefit to the body and there are so many other great options of “foodstuff” we can consume that have nutrients our bodies do need. Yes, I would agree with Dr. V and thank you Dr. Tom for “extracting” what he said and put it in simply layman’s terms for the general public to understand. G-d Bless to all! Mindy aka TheRawsomeVeganGal (free information on my youtube channel with the same name, including recipes, product reviews – gluten free, of course! and healthy living topics. 😉


    Does it matter if you have been diagnosed with secondary progressive multiple sclerosis – if you are found to have a gluten sensitivity can you stll turn the disease around?

    Beverley Hulse

    Thank you so much ; I now understand what my blood tests are about with the IgE, IgM, IgA, IgG and what my nutrition coach has been talking about.


    I ordered the computer package of these talks and filled out the order form. I do not like that the credit card number is shown rather than coded in dots. Also asked for my mailing address. Since this is a computer order why do you need my mailing address for packages? Nor did it say the amount the package quoted that would be on my visa. I hope this is a protected site…

      Marsha McCulloch, MS, RD, LD

      You can search for a practitioner here:


    How can I find a healthcare provider in the Minneapolis area that offers gluten testing through Cyrex?

    Shirley Edelstein

    I was gluten free for a while and when I ate out in a restaurant I had pot roast and it was delicious. The next day I was due for the celiac blood panel test and a few days later my doctor called to tell me to be careful because my antibodies were elevated. I check with the restaurant and the pot roast had been basted in soy sauce. I was shocked. Thank you Dr. V because your knowledge is so right and informative. A Celiac must accept their fate and enjoy a healthy gluten free diet. GOODBY TO GLUTEN1111


    The big announcement in the news about the Heart Association and Cardiologists recommending a whole new level of people to take statin drugs! With all the side effects of this medicine, what are these professionals trying to do to us? Can’t these problems be solved with diets such as being discussed in the summit?!

    Sherry Williams

    I have been diagnosed w/an autoimmune disease (Hashimoto’s), have been gluten free (due to its association w/H.T., have not tested positive), but am concerned about other possible food triggers which came up w/ MRT food sensitivity testing. What I gleam from Dr. V.’s excellent presentation is that it would be prudent to obtain food antibody testing to avoid immune complex & further destruction of tissue. I understand this aspect of immunology 2ary to experience w/mercury immune reactions and subsequent amalgam removal & detoxification. I’d appreciate any information about food antibody testing.


    Thank you so much for this incredible information presented very clearly. Are there any such tests available in Australia?

    Willy van Alphen

    Dear Dr. Vojdani and Dr. OBrien, I have just finished listening to everything you had to say on the gluten summit. It makes me determined to have myself tested for gluten intolerance. I have suffered for years and years of chronic fatique, which started off by EBV and CMV. I am currently experiencing lots of joint pains and other odd things. Listening to you both, makes me believe I am also sensitive to gluten. I wish that all this information had been available over 20 years ago, when I started suffering from EBV, CMV and ultimately chronic fatique sydrom (ME). I have been to lots of doctors whilst still living in the Netherlands. I had lots of testing done and although they could clearly see the diseases I had (simultaneously EBV and CMV) nobody could tell me what was at the basis of my misery, or how to solve it. I was told I had to learn to live with it. I can’t thank you enough for making it possible for me to hear you explaining things about gluten intolerance!! I am not sure if your test is available in Australia, but I shall most certainly check with my Doctor. Yours sincerely Willy van Alphen


    I can not access videos for day 3. Can you help ?


    Why can seasonal allergies (e.g. hay fever) be dealt with by being given a low level of controlled exposure of the offending allergen via allergy shots for an extended period of time, but not gluten?


    Million thanks Dr.Aristo Vojgani – I believe I understood almost everything you spoke about and I am a non medical person. Merci. Marielle, Santa Barbara, California.


    You talk about removing Epstein Barr virus from your body-how is this accomplished?


    My 5 year old son was diagnosed with minimal change nephrotic syndrome when he was 3. He is currently on prednisone and is considered steroid dependent. I believe this is an autoimmune disease. I’m trying to decide what the next best step is. I suspect food sensitivities and a leaky gut (my younger daughter has had IGg testing bc of digestive issues and is reactive to dairy and wheat). I am going to do the same test with my son, taking the chance that results will show up despite him taking pred. I guess my question is am I on the right track here? Minimal change nephrotic syndrome is supposed to go away during adolescence, so will we ever really know. Also he’s gone over a year without a relapse and off meds in the past. Any insight? We live in Canada.


    This is a very helpful lecture. I am 50 and had a very severe reaction during and after a gluten challenge. I am now much more sensitive to small exposures (trace cross contamination). In the months after completing the challenge I continued to get worse (with some improvement when I figured out I was more sensitive with regard to cross contamination). I have since developed neuropathy (including of cranial nerves). I’m wondering if there is anything I can do now to reverse this damage. A first step should probably be testing for other food sensitivities which might have been triggered during my unfortunate gluten challenge. This lecture has been extremely helpful, thank you. I try to share my experience in hopes it will discourage people from undertaking gluten challenges (especially if it makes you obviously and immediately ill). Obtaining proof of damaged villi post-challenge seems a limited benefit considering the risk.

    Eva Engelmann

    I was diagnosed with Hashimoto disease in 1984. I started to take Synthroid. In 1992 I got a severe attack of Rheumatid Arthritis. Also I was diagnosed with IBS. I was taking all kinds of medications without any major relief. At the end of June I had a severe collitis attack, which hospitalize me for 6 days. My daughter (a physician) begged me to start the Gluten Free diet. So I did. Six weeks later I didn’t have any symptoms of RA and I’m feeling great. Please, educate doctors with the problems of gluten, with testing for gluten and maybe we will eliminate many problems.


    Hi Jama Lambert, I just want to say thank you for taking the time to reply to my question. I will take your advice on the eggs and the food sensitivity test.

    Laura Franklin

    Many of my patients have very low or nondetectable salivary sIgA. I always run an immunoglobulin panel before doing the Cyrex test to make sure the levels are such there is less likely to be a false negative. It is also important to advise the patient how to prepare for the Cyrex cross-reactivity panel by consuming the foods being tested for a time prior to the test.

    Laura Franklin

    I was also curious about the immune responses and intensity of subsequent exposures. Many of my patients that turn out to be sensitive to gluten proteins have been eating it for several decades, so the ‘first exposure’ was not remarkable- nor were subsequent exposures, for decades. It seems that after several months of strict avoidance and then subsequent re-exposure, they might be much worse off- due to 100-1000 fold more intense response- than if they had not eliminated it completely. If the integrity of the gut is re-established, isn’t it possible that exposure to some of the ‘cross-reactive’ foods might be permissible, just as the body will not continue to attack it’s own ‘cross-reactive’ tissue once the primary environmental trigger is removed?


    WOW! I am learning so much! This was an excellent presentation, and I thank you for it! I have been diagnosed with celiac and have been gluten free for three years, so i am presuming that the test through Cyrex labs would not work for me. However, I do still have some problems…especially with my thyroid. Is it possible to test for other foods without including gluten? I would love to have the handout. Where can I find it? Thank you again!!

    Joan Kilmartin

    After years of constipation, feeling stressed, asthma and colds I was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease at age 54 now 15 years later I feel so well, but I have a daughter 46 years old who has a rash looks like hives she is under a Allergist and he says it is her Immune system fighting itself because it thinks there is a problem in her body, but I think it may be something to do with me having Coeliac Disease, I would love to have your opinion and advice.

    diane mccormick

    How often is the cellular-mediated reaction involved (rather than immunoglobulins) and what determines which response will be elicited to antigen exposure?


    Excellent knowledge, I am glad to be part of this summit!


    These talks are all so very helpful and informing. I so appreciate the option for split payments for purchasing the digital downloads! Many thanks


    Thank you so much for this interview, gentlemen. I am astounded by how much I have learned over the past few days during the Summit. I have a question that relates to my personal situation. If those “tight junctions” in the intestine close and intestinal permeability is reversed, as the result of a gut-healing protocol, will the mucosal IgA reaction to foods be sufficient to awaken the Memory B cells, launching a secondary immune response? (I hope that I articulated that properly.) I have celiac disease, and have no interest in consuming gluten again. However, I was also diagnosed with over 100 other allergies, and I am concerned that a life-long restriction on many of these foods will not allow me to eat a balanced diet in the long term. My doctor told me that I could reintroduce many of the foods in one to two years, but according to what I have learned here tonight, this may not be the case after all. Thank you for your time.


    Dr. Vojdani- you have opened my eyes (and I’m an Optometrist)! Thank you so much! AJ

    Jeff C.

    Your site is requiring me to register each time. Also your registration email says – “You will receive an email each day with a link to that day’s interviews.”. This never happened and I checked my spam folder and there is nothing. I saw many comments on yesterdays Day 2 event mentioning that no one could view the videos after the event. Same here. Would you please make available again the Day 2. I did receive emails for Day 1 and Day 3, but there seems to have been some tech issues with Day 2 I believe

    Eman Mirza

    This has been a very interesting interview. Thank you Dr Vojdani and Dr O’Bryan on a very educational and eye opening interview.

    Paul Simpson

    Hi I am in the UK and only day one was available on Youtube What has happened?


    Terrific presentation! I had the same question as a FB comment with no reply and I would appreciate your take on that: If barriers in gut are repaired will the blood stop creating antibodies? Will the barrier keep the antigen from reaching the lymphocytes and thus stop a reaction?

    Gay Darke

    Most of my patients display gluten sensitivity or indications of Coeliac’s, and only one has ever tested positive for any of the tests they’ve done. Now I can tell them with more precision why that is, and why that doesn’t mean they can now eat gluten again. Thank you.


    grain of truth, be sure to separate opinion from truth, espc when it comes to rotation diets which have been shown to work to allow people to eat a range of foods again including vegetables and fruit, and as importantly – PREVENTED them from an ever expanding list of foods becoming allergic to them


    Thank you Dr Vojdani for a presentation that will positively impact the world. May I ask one question related to test results. Is there such a thing as a normal range when it comes to antibodies? My IgM was 2.32 g/L so slightly raised above normal range but not considered significant. Dr O’Bryan I am gradually individually emailing all of your sponsors, heartfelt thanks.


    Great presentation, I was diagnosed with Graves Disease in 2002, Coeliac disease in 2009, rheumatoid arthritis and fibrio myalgia in 2011. My husband was also diagnosed with Coeliac disease in 2009 and also two of our three children also have coeliac disease all diagnosed by endoscopy in 2009. We had no symptoms prior to our diagnosis but now live strict GF diet . Now if I were to eat gluten by contamination I would be very ill.


    What is the best test for cross reactive foods?

    Peggy Cyprowski

    To all of the above : I have been through what you describe. I am a thirty year nurse. My detective instinct always knew there was better way and this is it. Please continue to listen: it will save your life. Be aware, your children are at risk. Tradion is the wicked witch of the south. Sincerely Peggy


    What tests should I do to see if my Thyroid condition is autoimmune related


    Is there any chance this will be an encore presentation. I couldn’t get to it last night and it was the one I needed to hear the most! Thank you so much for putting all this together! This has been like going to school this week in a big way!

    Kathy Hutton

    I never received the link email for day 2. I have been learning a lot from the ones I have heard, thank you for putting this together. And thanks you to all the speakers for taking the time out of their busy lives!


    Does Array #2 test if your tight junctions are open? I assume that means intestinal permeability.


    The lectures from day 3 are no longer available! Oh no! Aren’t they supposed to be available for the next 24 hours? Please help!


    24 hours begins at 3.0pm GMT!


    Dr. Vojdani’s talk was AMAZING!!! Any chance he will be one of the Encore presenters? (hint, hint)


    I enjoyed this webinar, but am am feeling confused. my doctor suggested I go on a gluten free diet due to nagging back and shoulder pain, muscle fatigue, and gastrointestinal distress for 2 months. I had a blood test for iGg and iGa that can back negative for celiac though my doctor still suggested I change my diet ( which has GREATLY improved my health). my conflict lies with the difference between celiac and non celiac gluten sensitivity!! is NCGS an autoimmune issue? Will I have issues my whole life? almost every month I want to test it just to make sure (I have twice and felt awful for at least 4 days). anyone have insight? help!

    maureen may

    I live in Orange, ca 92869. Where can I go to for an accurate saliva test for gluten sensitivity.. The stickpin test showed no problems, but my body disagrees. Thank you. And thank you for the summit.


    Can some please send this information to Blue Cross Blue Shield and have them listen so they will start paying for these test? We need to educate them. Do you know how many people are suffering because they can’t afford these test? Thank you for this amazing summit.

    louise Enderlin

    A big Thank YOU for all you education and knowledge of celiac!! I have learned a lot and will follow my heat now with all this and teach the doctor so he can continue to help me with all the things that happen with GLUTEN !! I was self diagnosed and no one believes me so? I traced the family tree and what a difference I felt !! and still do for the most part and now I have a better understanding !!


    I have IgG response to 47 different foods including gluten, wheat, casein, eggs, beans, etc. I struggle to find something to eat! I cannot eat out safely and I had hoped that I could return to some of the foods in time but now I see that that is not a possibility. I have had pain in joints, depression, Hashimoto’s antibodies. I have no physicians where I live that recognize any of this–only my naturopath diagnosed me. Where can I find help for dietary choices so I am not short of nutrients?

    Terry Howatt

    Thank you, such great information. I want to say, since I’ve self diagnosed myself approximately a year now and have been gluten free for the year, I have noticed my seasonal allergies do not give me any grief, have all but disappeared. I have had allegeries for years and had to take antihistamines everyday, well no more. Also another major finding was that I could go off my meds, HP-Blockers for my intestional problems, what a wonderful feeling, to be free of meds. I had many symptons, seen several doctors, had two endoscopy tests done, no showings, but when I was certain there was something, I just didn’t feel good. I then decided to do research on my own, and this is where I found out all the information on gluten. I had several symptoms, so decided to try it, I had nothing to lose. Anyways, it has worked for me, feel so much better. I am a better person for it.


      Congratulations Terry You Rock Girl!!! I’ll talk about the likely complications from your health history that are masked and we’re fooled by when our symptoms are gone and we ‘feel’ better. There often is still an underlying ’emergency brake’ holding back our inner vitality.

    Linda Lavine

    an someone, perhaps Jama, explain why NewYorkers are prohibited from using Cyrex testing? I am involved in local Democratic poitics and would love to move this along if I understood the “logic” of the problem.


    I have been on gluten free diet for almost two years, found out after having lung cancer ( I am free of all cancer now). I still have problems with my bloating and constipation, I just had a test and they found 2 polops which were normal and removed. No leaky gut, so why do I still have bloating and constipation. I am due for another IGA, test in February.


      Hello Eileen Congratulations on being lung cancer free. What an accomplishment! No leaky gut? All tests are not the same in their sensitivity and accuracy. I would consider the Intestinal Permeability Screen from Cyrex Labs-most thorough. Second, the intestinal milieu status. We’ll talk about this in the Webinar, ‘Now that You Know, Where Do You Go’?


        Thanks for you suggestion of trying the Intestinal permeabiltiy screen or intestinal milieu. I will be listening on the 30th. I just received my lab tests back today. My doctor says Antibodies for celiac disease remain elevated . she suggested I should repeat the small bowel biopsies. She also questioned me if I am sure I have been on a gluten free diet and not getting any gluten. I thought I was but now has me questioning myself, maybe I have gotten some gluten. Do you think she is going the right direction with this.


          Now my Doctor wants to do the biopsy and is setting up an appointment to do it, also she wants me to see a dietician She says there is no other reason people continue to have elevated antibodies is I am still getting gluten. She also said that there are no known reliable tests for intestinal permeability and Leaky Gut is not a recognized or well understood diagnosis. Rarely people will have refractory celiac disease that persists even on a gluten diet and require immune supressing medications. Ok where do I find a physician in the Minneapolis area so I can get a second opinion.

    Jeanette LaPlante

    How do you determine whether you can tolerate raw versus cooked food?

    Z. K. Mahalati. DSc. DOM, LAc

    I am a licensed Doctor of Oriental Medicine and Acupunture physician from West Virginia . I was rejected by cyrexlabs. Could you please let me know if a similar test could be done with any other lab that accepts DOMs


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