How Gluten Can Affect the Brain, and How to Optimize Brain Function!

Daniel Amen, MD

  • How brain health affects overall health
  • How to improve your brain function TODAY
  • Brain imaging scans: the missing link for supporting the brain
  • The truth about healing the brain
  • How going gluten-free can benefit ADHD and Asperger patients

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    Judy Underkofler

    The talks are wonderful and informative, but I just don’t have the time to spend on them nor the $67 to buy them. Perhaps you could leave them on line longer?


    I too do not have the time to listen to all of them, nor the $67 to purchase them. It would be nice if they were available a bit longer. I understand some money needs to be made, but I know so many who cannot afford to purchase that really need this information as well.

    Renee Sanders

    The information provided on this summit is very significant. Besides out of personal interest it also may be meaningful to me as a journalist / documentary filmmaker. How do I go about it if I want to ask questions? Best regards from Amsterdam, Renee Sanders.

    Stephanie W.

    Excellent presentation!

    Sue Rothwell

    I can’t tell you how much I am enjoying these presentations. I am very excited by what I am hearing, particularly from the medical contributors,who as a body, are very resistant to ideas they didn’t learn in medical school. I am a PhD physiologist trained in critical literature appraisal. There must be a lot of people out there who do not agree gluten is fundamentally so toxic to our physiology, because most doctors don’t consider it as a disease aetiology. It would be informative to invite some opponents of the “gluten is toxic” ideology to argue their case.


    The elimination diet is so well described here. Knowing how being gluten free has changed my life, I feel it is worth trying for everyone, even if an allergen is not suspected. If a person does not have celiac disease, the effect of food sensitivities (allergens) can be just as powerful, affecting all body systems. Changes in gastro are often what people are seeking, but then are surprised with the positive neurological ( and behavioral) differences they did not know were possible. The researched documented case histories from doctors all over the world are convincing evidence to me. Please listen to the Gluten Summit for its remaining days online. Afterwards, it is only available by purchasing the CD’s This is truly a gift of knowledge and hope. Thank you Dr. O’Bryan.


      You are most welcome Elizabeth. Yes the gut/brain connection is very real. There is an entire field of study now called enteric neuroscience (how the gut affects the brain and nervous system). We just need our Drs to reboot their knowledge base and upgrade their operating systems! (sorry, it’s 2:00am).


    I just listened to Dr. Amen’s presentation. I’m so encouraged that there is an answer to a better brain and a better life.

    Peggy Cyprowski

    DR.Amen is no stranger to me. At the present time my personal research is continuing in diet related disease. My profession as a nurse with experience in psychiatric, early in my career, I knew there was a better way. Tana Amen book OMI Diet concept was active in the late sixties. I am now 81, practicing what I preach. This summit has contributed knowledge to answers most appreciated. Loving thoughts to; Tana& DR. Dr. Amen ‘s collegues


    So very happy some one is helping us For free. We don’t see this anymore in our World. I have learn a lot thank you so much.


    lol! The church story is really funny. Totally sad, but funny. Thanks for your talk. We’ve been on the GAPS diet for the past month and your talk is just one more encouragement for us to continue on. I used to think that I made a lot of homemade, fresh, unprocessed foods before. But then we started the diet and it’s been eye opening the difference between the food we ate before (which was largely whole grain and fresh, so it’s not like we were eating junk) and now. Before starting GAPS we had done gluten and dairy free for several months and the change in my emotionally struggling son was miraculous. It’s mind blowing what a change in diet can do.

    Jadranka Kavelj

    A fantastic and encouraging presentation by Dr Amen on how the brain can change for better as well as raising awareness on how we should celebrate with good things rather than toxins. Thank you.


      Linda, what you’re going through with your son sounds like what we went through with our daughter. She was diagnosed with Lyme disease a couple of years ago. I’d suggest looking for a Lyme literate doctor since they have training to diagnose it since blood tests don’t always show it.

    Linda Castrovillo

    This summit has been informative, encouraging and just what our family definitely needed about 10 years earlier. If anyone has any input or suggestions after reading this,, please contact me at This summit information would most likely have saved years of heartache and illness for our adopted son and prevented his health issues that he is facing today. Our son was extremely healthy until age 10 when we were told he was no longer allergic to wheat or milk. We used diet elimination until this time. By age 12, he was beginning to show signs we had not seen before, fatigue, stomach issues, GI issues, joint pain, muscle aches, brain fog, etc. Not regularly enough to figure anything out, but there. He got a flu like virus from his Dad at age 13 and as he says, “Dad got well, I never did.” His health continued to deteriorate with no doctors being able to “find anything”. All the above symptoms were occurring more frequently, but not regularly. I am certain I was considered a crazy mom making her son out to be sick as I repeatedly told them something was wrong and they were missing it. By senior high, my son was only able to attend school sporadically, had home tutors, spent much time in bed, so tired, sick. In the meantime we received a diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome and in trying to find answers by researching this found possible endocrine issues and celiac as mentions of interest to research. In seeing an endocrinologist, he was minimally tested and determined adrenal insufficient and placed on a steroid, cortef. There seemed to be no concern about possible celiac or other issues. This helped some, but not enough. We knew something else was still wrong. We determined we would also try eating wheat free as he did when he was young. We still did not know about gluten. This immediately started to impact his stomach issues, etc. He felt better each day. He now eats gluten free. We do not know if he is celiac or non-celiac gluten insensitive, but we know he can’t tolerate gluten. His body knows and reacts immediately to any contaminated food. The sad fall-out of this is that the lack of knowledge of physicians and specialists regarding gluten has placed our son in a negatively health impacting situation, onehe has struggled with for years. He has been determined by another endocrinologist to most likely not have been adrenal insufficient years ago, but with the gluten in his system, matched most closely to this diagnosis. The endocrinologist at the time stated he was a borderline case. Now at the age of 23, however, being on the steroid this long, about 6 years, he is adrenally damaged and his heart health is impacted with higher cholesterol and triglycerides requiring Lipitor. His current endocrinologist is concerned for his long term health and we are too. He has been trying to attend college, moving slowly through school due to his health, and has struggled tremendously trying to balance college stress and his adrenal gland. It is now being recommended by his endocrinologist that he leave school after this semester and take a year or whatever time necessary to heal his adrenal gland and his body. This is what he wants to do, heal himself., be healthy, and hopefully med free. For all physicians out there, please be very careful to consider the whole body connection. You impact people’s lives forever with your decisions and at times tunnel vision specialty views. If you have had experience with healing the adrenal gland and withdraw from cortef, etc. we would definitely appreciate information. Information on diet to heal the adrenal, whether this is a good idea, etc. Our son is a bright young man trying to get a college degree and live a normal as possible life, we want to make good, informed decisions as a family. We appreciate your summit information and any other help out there. We have learned so much.Thank you. God Bless.

    Romana Miles

    Even if there was nothing wrong with me these presentations would be interesting. Everyone of them teaches me something…and to think that 3 months ago I scoffed at the person who mentioned gluten sensitivity to me! As for Dr Amen , I am getting a ping-pong table and perhaps my cup will once again be half full instead of half empty.


    These dietary changes also needed to be addressed in hospital cafeterias across the country.


    What about allergy shots for things other than gluten? Are shots just a waste? I know people that had shots for mold, grass, foods, etc. and they got relief. I can understand dumping gluten, but all the other foods that a person has a sensitivity to? Would Dr. O’Bryan please clarify this issue.

    Dr. Carson

    Kudos to the Daniel Plan! Awesome work, glad you found your way to the wok you do.


      I believe only one email address can be used to download and access the All Access Digital Package for $67, which makes sharing with others who have different email addresses not feasible. I see there is an option to make 2 payments of $33.50 each.


        I asked if he would make payments because I couldn’t afford the $67 all at once and I am so glad he did. This is an excellent deal for all 29 excellent speakers. I am hoping I win the free giveaway.


    To those comments above that can’t afford the set,get some like minded people together and pool the cost,3 people is only $22 and change,more people,less money.


      As yet, there is limited evidence for the efficacy of SPECT scans, considering the hefty fee (around 3,000+) for the neuroimaging/consultation. Check out the Wired article and the reviews on the Sciencebasedmedicine blog. Btw, I’ve been GF for 7 years & Paleo inspired for 6 months, with great results, after being a dedicated vegetarian for over 20 yrs. However, many folks who suffer from health issues have a diminished income and just cannot afford the high costs associated with “functional medicine” and its counterparts.

        Jennifer Haydu

        Yes, I agree about your comment regarding “functional medicine.” How is it functional if few people can afford the costs of all these tests regarding hormones/adrenals/gluten, and food alergies? I have been through hundreds of dollars with nothing conclusive and it feels like a fishing expedition. I am told that it is important to do testing, but that different labs measure in different ways, and there are often false negatives. I don’t feel any closer to clarity on what is actually doing on, and more discouraged than ever. My celiac test came back negitive, but the food sensitivity test said highly reactive to wheat, oats, corn, gluten. I don’t know what to eat, and my symptoms are so irratic that I just don’t know what to do. The stress of the not knowing and not trusting my own body is no doubt churning out more stress hormones and making it all worse. Just don’t know how to get help now.

    Diane Amenta Lombardi

    Great concise info presented by Dr Amen – thanks Is there a way to provide SPECT testing for those that struggle with lower income? yours in good living, Diane


    I listened to Dr Amen today and immediately thereafter sent the gluten I I Summit link to my family members, several of whom are affected by poor brain health with current drug-only remedies that don’t seem to be working. Thank you for sharing the insights and information that have the potential to change lives for the better! I am so grateful to all of you!


    I first heard Dr. Amen speak about the Brain during one of Jim Kwik’s memory online presentation. Once again Dr. Amen has provided critical information to the public. Thank you Dr. Amen and Dr. O’Bryan

    Dr. Jay English DC

    This has been a wonderful experience and education.

    Valerie Palmer Canada

    Wonderful listening, just not long enough time to peruse, can we have more time please. I was born in the U.K. 1944 and was bought up on rationing. Bread was available so we ate a lot of it. My brother succumbed to TB.. I always had throat infections, later on depression and terrible headaches. Now at 69 I realise I have this gluten intolance.

    Valerie Palmer Canada

    I should like to know who gets the money received from these recordings?


    This is very informative and I can not even begin to tell how extremely grateful I am that you all put so much effort and information in to this wonderful event I suffer with many autoimmune diseases Celiac is one of them thank you with all my heart and God Bless Dr. Amen and Dr. O’Bryan and ALL the awesome Dr’s and good people that contributed to sharing so much helpful information.

    Dona L. Glick

    Every cell is my body would like to thank you for the validation! I have suffered a life time with food. I tell people I have fear of food because I am never quite sure what will attack me! Thank you for these wonderful speakers and the information to better navigate my grocery store. What’s more you got the attention of my husband, nothing short of a miracle! You are a blessing!


    Thank you for the information you are sharing. I have been suffering with bloating and constipation my whole life. I am thankful for all the information on this summit.


    I have found casein to be a big problem, not lactose. One of the images showed lactose-free, but I think it is important to go casein-free. It is casein which is not broken down fully and can cause lots of similar problems to gluten. Especially casein can cause anxiety, depression and has been implicated in contributing to schizophrenia and bipolar.


    What do you eat when you have had leaky gut since a child and react to almost everything? I am trying to figure out how to transition into a diet that will heal my gut but have been working on this issue since 2001 🙁 I now know that being gluten free and dairy free is not enough.

    Daneen Peterson, Ph.D.

    I do not ‘do’ Facebook or Twitter or any other ‘social networking’ websites because they are HEAVILY mined by the NSA for information that I do not wish to share with ‘them’. You can read my articles about the NSA spying here: The ‘Tower of Babel’ Rises Again ~ It’s Called the ‘Utah Data Center’ Published on 5-2-13 ——————————————————————————– SECRET FISA COURT DEEMS THE CONSTITUTION IRRELEVANT – WELCOME TO SURVEILLANCE HELL I do not ‘do’ Facebook or Twitter or any other ‘social networking’ websites because they are HEAVILY mined by the National Security Agency (NSA) for information that I do not wish to share with ‘them’. You can read my articles about the NSA spying here: The ‘Tower of Babel’ Rises Again ~ It’s Called the ‘Utah Data Center’ Published on 5-2-13 I do not ‘do’ Facebook or Twitter or any other ‘social networking’ websites because they are HEAVILY mined by the National Security Agency (NSA) for information that I do not wish to share with ‘them’. You can read my articles about the NSA spying here: The ‘Tower of Babel’ Rises Again ~ It’s Called the ‘Utah Data Center’ Published on 5-2-13 SECRET FISA COURT DEEMS THE CONSTITUTION IRRELEVANT – WELCOME TO SURVEILLANCE HELL Published on 6-29-13


    Dr. Amen – wonderful presentation…always blessed to hear you speak (from Jimmy Moore’s podcasts, even your PBS special). “Psychiatrists are the only medical doctors that rarely look at the organ they treat…” WOW! When I started on my quest for health in the 1990’s…I heard about Atkins and then caught on to Sears’ Zone. But as I looked deeper, there were a lot of questions about their methods and it “seemed” most in the medical community were pooh-poohing them so I didn’t keep investigating/stopped learning about diet and nutrition. A year ago (>30 lbs and 4 pant sizes bigger than now), I was fortunate enough to start a low-carb/ high fat diet ( I call it Live-it…EAT REAL FOOD!) and I have maybe never felt this good about my health and nutrition… ever! When I heard you on one of the podcasts about a year ago (Jimmy Moore?) I did what some people do and I looked you up on the internet. And like a lot of things that happen in this diet/nutrition/health space, I easily saw criticisms and doubts from some of the medical community (I took a medical quackery course at Berkeley) about some of your methods, etc. But this time, I continued to research. As I think Dr. Natasha-McBride or Dr. Hyman (?) said, the mainstream media does not have a monopoly on knowledge! I started a blog to collect information on other specialists who recommend eating real food (hopefully it is ok that I have linked to your work/website). Thank you so much for your work and efforts to HELP PEOPLE! Love the idea about playing ping-pong. Part of what I do is work with low vision patients at a Blind Center so I will incorporate this into my recommendations which have included the crossword puzzles, etc. Thank you for all the insights! AJ


    I have had very limited time to listen or watch any of these videos, and whenever I try to squeeze one into my schedule, it never works. It looks like its loading, but then never plays. I’ve tried on my computer and my phone, and both no go. I have attended many telesummits in the past and have never had this problem. I wish there were multiple player options, or even just a recorded version to listen to, so I could listen while driving from my phone. Soon it will be over and I will have missed all the videos.


    A BIG THANK YOU to Dr. O’Bryan and all the speakers thus far!!! I am learning so much that will not only help me with my RA but also many family members and friends!!! 🙂 This GS Summit is a tremendous blessing for so many of us! With heartfelt gratitude, Sandy

    cindy lu

    I like your concept of providing skills rather than pills. Too bad your peers are lacking in critical thinking. Thank you for your works and updates on improving brain health. You provide hope where there is despair.

    john bartram

    I can’t thank you enough for this presentation. I was diagnosed with celiac disease last September and I immediately adopted a gluten free diet. Making changes in diet has caused changes in my thinking about food and nutrition. Your presentation has shown me new perspectives to examine and act upon.


    Thank you so much. MY greatest regret is not having the time to listen to everyone. You are all so appreciated and NEEDED. God bless you for all the good that you do.


    Very insightful! Thank you!


    This summit is a huge achievement. “Get the smartest friends you can stand”, is great advice and its the real “take away” from the article about having fat friends. As a fat American who has lived in Asia and had Asian friends all my life, I can tell you that none of them got fat from knowing me. BUT, because I told them about the dangers of Gluten, the ones that listened got much much healthier because we were friends and they learned from me how to be healthier. Friends model many things. If you just look at the size of the waist and don’t consider the size of the brain (intelligence) you’ll miss something important. So, choose your friends wisely as we teach and inform each other! If you’re interested in learning more from me, check out a DVD I produced in 2005 on Gluten at

    Laurie Murray

    My husband and I really learned a lot from Dr.Amen’s presentation. It is also wonderful to hear of another practitioner who has been inspired to leave the rut of mainstream protocol to develop successful natural means of healing our health challenges. We will start being more thoughtful of how we are treating our brains through our dietary choices.


    I told my rhumatologist and my naturopath today about this summit, I am finaly learning at 54 how my body works. Thank you so much! Louise from Montreal

      Carol Mielke

      I am so sorry to have missed today’s lectures. I was diagnosed about 2 yrs ago, read abt.25 books but nothing as informative as these lectures. I am not going to stock 17 different flours in order to bake not do I have the space and refridgeration for them. We all know that flour and water makes paste so that’s the way I see it. it stuck my body together so that major organs could not work properly. I am gluten zero and will stay that way. Thanks so much for your wonderful knowledge. This really is a big thing and I do believe it will be an epidemic as read in one of my books. Now if only my kids would listen, my grandkids would maybe feel better, stomach aches, headaches,attention deficit,I.B.S, a brother with crones, a son with IBS and me too as well as my little granddaughter, a cousin died with colitis, had all of her bowel removed was doing fine until she got pneumonia and couldn’t fight it. Keep up the good work, Thanks, Sincerely, Carol.


    Thank you, the Gluten Free Summit has been an amazing experience!


    Thank you Dr Amen. Loved your talk, complimentary to Tana’s message I heard on Wednesday. Really encouraged to hear your personal experience with your God son. It was a miracle!


    WOW, important information! What a wonderful team of experts explaining all the negative effects of gluten. As a student, I’ve been informing my classmates and family about the information I’ve heard and continue to learn on this wonderful webinar. Thank you Dr. O’Bryan, and Dr. Amen for your efforts and everyone involved in educating us! I just wish I would be able to listen to all the speakers. Thank you for your expertise, what a gift 🙂


    I am loving the summit! Dr. Amen’s presentation is wonderful and has such good information. I live not far from one of the centers and hope to have a scan! Perhaps I can get to the bottom of my difficulties! Thank you!


    Each presentation is helpful in its own way, but we should all buy the entire package to really absorb the entire series of lectures. I am certain that after a day of work or other activities, we cannot fully grasp three or four hours of lectures. I have learned a lot, but still have a great deal to grasp to understand fully why I was targeted for gluten and lactose sensitivities after three quarters of a century of life.

    Christopher Lee

    This is great information to know In the coarse of about 6/7 months My wife has lost about 30lbs I also have lost almost 70lbs!!!! And it is all due to fruits and vegtables!!! We do not eat red meat anymore or bread we eat fish, chicken, brown rice, we use the nutribullet before we got that we blended our fruits and vegtables or juiced them in a juicer!! and have them with a fish or chicken dinner and brown rice and some vegtables o and or a wonderful chicken salad!!! we also use either flax seeds or unsalted deshelled sunflower seeds you can get grains that way and bran or oats!! farmers markets have a lot of that stuff!! we as human beings where not designed to eat all that garbage like pizza mc donalds, steak all the time think of what they ate back in the olden days fresh foods and they where much more healthy!! you did not have a problem with obesity like today!!! did you know its almost been proven that the broccli vegatable eaten about 3 times a week has been known to cure cancer and if a pregnant mom eats it 3 times a week her child will practicaly be immune to cancer!!!! a body that uses no sugar, in other words gluten free will starve cancer cells cancer cells feed on sugar there is a new study going on about how sugar feeds cancer cells!!! My wife and I are living proof that living healthy is so much better i lost 70lbs i was 340lbs and am still dropping my wife lost 30lbs doing the same thing here’s to healthy living its so wonderful to live and be healthy sincerely Christopher Lee!!!


    Amazing information and how lucky we are that the info has been free. As I stated earlier in the series we all should be gluten 0 and sugar free. The general population needs to be educated about these facts. Unfortunately people buy and eat what is advertised on TV. Just take a look at the size of people in the supermarkets and what is in their shopping carts. This info just has to become more mainstream! By the way………….not all of us are on Facebook or Twitter and are left out of the chance to win anything! Sad and too bad! But thanks anyway for the fabulous talks.


    Thanks Dr. Amen, your interview was very informative. I am currently reading your book “unleashing the power of the female brain” and I am truely fasinated. I hope to visit one of your clinics one day and get to see what I am working with.


    This was great EXCEPT bringing Christianity into it. Religion is so insidious and to not even be able to listen to a health talk without a Dr. saying God gave us our brain I find totally ridiculous. Please keep your religious beliefs separate.

    Regina Lightbourne

    Thank you so much Dr. O’Bryan for your passion and vision on the gluten topic. The Lord used you greatly to put this summit together. I have a five year old son Elijah who is on the ASD spectrum. He had chronic digestive problems. His first Pediatrician could have benefited from this week presentations. I knew my son had allergies and sensitivities to food at 13 months. His face would get blood red when he ate certain foods. I tried to get help but his doctor told me that there were no scientific evidence that food causes reactions in the body. He also had chronic ear infections and frequent colds. Instead of researching to find the root problem she over loaded him with antibiotics. Oddly he was diagnosed with autism at age three. It has been a living nightmare getting my son stable. His chronic digestive problems and yeast issues caused him to have extreme behavioral problems and major issues with food. I dreaded feeding him. As a result of the overwhelming stress, my health was hindered and my marriage was falling apart . God restored our family. We were led to Dr Natasha McBride gaps protocol.. Dr Natasha’s support group lead us to our current ND. With gaps diet and homeopathic medicine. We are finally getting to know our wonderful son. My son was just mainstreamed to a private Christian school this fall. Prayer, diet and homeopathic medicine has connected our little boy back to this world Lastly, I really connected with Dr Amen. He prayed that God use him to bring awareness to the church regarding there eating habits and I have been praying that God use someone to inform conventional medical doctors that there is a big connection between poor gut health symptoms and autism. Looks like we both got our prayers answered Thanks again Dr O’Bryan Hugs Regina


    Sorry I missed the first 2 days. This is such good information. How do I get tested for various food allergies if I’m vegan and don’t need tests for lets say meat and dairy? Is there a doctor I can go to in the Loma Linda, CA area?


    I am finding all of the information from this Gluten E-Summit amazing and am pleasantly overwhelmed by all of what needs to be absorbed from it. I just wish I could afford to purchase the whole lot, but am on limited funds due to over 35 years of IBS and very ill health and I’m not yet 50!!! I have been dealing with Fibromyalgia since I was 12, ongoing issues with my heart after almost 1 year since heart surgery, (Nov 2012) post-concussion symptoms/syndrome, or more accurately an acquired brain injury, since Feb 2013 (third concussion in 8 months) and am having daily challenges due to all of these things and much more! One of the challenges I am dealing with from the head injury is that I cannot physically look at my computer screen for more than 15 – 20 minutes before the headaches and the pressure in my brain increase and become unbearable. This particular presentation by Dr. Amen is fascinating me and I would like to have entered into the draw to possibly win the digital giveaway so that I could share this with my doctors…. But the contest was over before I was able to get on to my computer to read the email that could have alerted me to the contest details and end time! 🙁 I am really hoping this gets offered again before the summit is over, so that I can try and use a better time of the day where my head symptoms are not as overwhelming so that I can get onto my computer in time to enter special offers like this. I would like to be able to listen to all of the interviews, but must limit my online time to only one of them per day, or two at the most. Unfortunately, that means I will not be able to listen to them all. I will listen to as many as possible as I’m able before the end of the summit, but sadly know I will miss a lot of them. I’m just trying to decipher day to day which one or two would be the most beneficial for me to listen to. Is there anyone that can tell me which of the daily interviews would be most applicable to IBS, Fibromyalgia, chronic pain, asthma, head injury and the ensuing post concussion syndrome challenges? I thank all of you that are involved in getting this information out to me and all the other listeners and would value and appreciate any and all replies/responses.


    I found this presentation so inspiring and helpful, thank you. I have learned so much, and am grateful for Dr Amen and his work. That said, I found it surprising that he is religious, as someone trained to think critically and have an evidence-based understanding of the world.

    Adriana Teltscher

    I’m from Germany and I want to thank you so much for bringing the gluten summit to people all over the world for free. After I went gluten-free my autoimmune and mental problems improved so much it seems like a real miracle to me. But now I do have a problem with going to church: I don’t dare to receive Holy Communion any more because the host is made of wheat/gluten. Am I overreacting? Should I just give it a try and have that tiny piece of host? Or is it absolutely necessary to stay strictly 100% gluten-free?


    Thank You so much for this Summit — I gained more knowledge in less time with this summit than the hours- months & years I spent on my own learning. I appreciate your sharing.


    Is it possible to order the transcipts of the summit and not the CDs and DVDs?


      Loving the information and even after listening to just two sessions I have a new understanding of gluten and how it will affect us in so many ways. Thanks so much, I look forward with excitement to the other information


    At the end of the speaker’s lecture, you say to leave a comment for the sponsors yet I don’t see them listed. I would like to comment as I am grateful for all this information; I have listened several times to the speakers and I wish my friends were interested as I would like to keep them around longer and healthy.


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    C. S.

    Is there a relationship between gluten and adhd?


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