Biohack Your Own Brain to Optimize Health and Performance

Dave Asprey

  • Why gluten intolerance may be holding you back from better health
  • Biohacking your way to better health
  • The truth about how Frankenfoods affect the nervous system
  • How the foods you eat may be triggering your food cravings
  • The startling anti-aging affects of intermittent fasting
  • How grass-fed butter can reduce inflammation and help heal the gut
  • The link between fat and fertility

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    slhirley stieger

    the recording on this is not good, I’d like to listen to it but it is too difficult. In the future, do a better job with sound, some have not been loud enough and others just have bad quality like this one.

      Pat in TX

      Mine sounded fine! Could the problem be something on your end?

        The Gluten Summit Team

        Slhirley Stieger, we tested this Dave Asprey video and it is playing properly. Have you tried refreshing your browser or using a different browser to see if that might help that connection? Also, we regret that some of the audio may have been difficult to listen to – it was quite a task interviewing researchers and clinicians from across the globe! We hope the slides will help clarify for you. Some listeners also like to have copies of the interview transcripts in order to make sure they have taken in every detail! If this is of interest to you these are available as part of the Gluten Summit packages at Thanks!


          The poor audio is only on Dr. Dr. Tom O’Bryan’s part of the interview. Dave Asprey’s is fine so the problem must be at your end not in the transmission or receiving end. The start and Dr. Tom O’Bryan’s voice throughout is echoing and distorted in a way similar to encoding the audio at too low a bit rate.


        Mine sound was great as well.

      Dr. Jan

      Mine came in loud and clear with excellent quality. Listened to it an hour ago. Must be your reception due to storms or connectivity?


      Dave was loud and clear here. Maybe the Dr. was not as good sound wise, but I got everything out of it I needed from Dave. Technology is not perfect and never will be.

    Julie from Toronto

    The audio quality is very bad on this for me as well

    Mary Sue Hosey

    I do not drink coffee. Do teas have mold in them also? Is there one that does not have mold. Thanks!


    Thank you Dr. Tom and Dave for this amazing presentation. I’ve been drinking bulletproof coffee for almost a year. And loving it! I am following a gluten free mostly bulletproof diet and I am in the best health of my life. At my last doctors appointment my doc said I don’t know what you’ve been doing but you’ve lost more than ten lbs and your blood results are “amazing”. People still think I’m crazy for putting butter in my coffee but they can see it works!


    How to get MTC oil to UK? I would like to make the lovely sounding ice-cream!


    What do you suggest for someone with dairy sensitivity?


      Chirsty – most with a dairy sensitivity can still eat butter. Butter is just the fat and not the proteins which is what people react to.


      I’d also like to know about the dairy sensitivities aspect. I had the Alcat test a year ago and it indicated that I had some sensitivity to casein in dairy. I eliminated all dairy for over 3 months and did notice that I had very little tolerance for cheeses and even yogurt when I tried to reintroduce them to my diet. Now, however, I do use Dairygold butter and don’t seem to have any side effects from it. How does that work?


    There is a lot of background noise on this interview.

      The Gluten Summit Team

      Debbie, please try refreshing your browser or playing the interview in a different browser. We have tested this video multiple times and confirmed that it is playing properly. Thanks!


    HELP! If you have adneral issues and can’t do bullet proof coffee in am, what can you do instead? I was drinking Puehr tea while listening and was so inspired that I went and got some 100% organic ghee to mix with it. (butter has been an issue for me in the past.) I know this won’t give the same result as bulletproof coffee, but will it be helpful to put ghee or butter in some kind of good quality tea? This was one of the best presentations. Especially because it left me excited and optimistic.


    Thank you very much for great lecture and concepts. Since 50 % of gluten sensitive patients are going to have cross sensitivity with casein, would a ghii be better option. Would the health benefits be the same, and could you use green tea or organic coco with it and have the same results? My sincere congratulations to dr Tom O ‘Brian for putting this spectacular conference together. Amazing!!!


    Virgin cold pressed Coconut oil in coffee or hot water is a great DF way to give this a go. Really great for IF and weightloss, just start with a little and build up. Tastes great and creamy. Thank you Dave & Tom, great information. Dave, thank you for sharing your resources for free, giving back to those of us who can benefit from your research & time spent. It is greatly appreciated.-Chris


    My only complaint about this summit is how many of the calls have had poor sound quality, so some information is missed or cannot be understood. Today Dave’s sound quality was clear, but you were muffled, garbled and shorting out at points. I have not had any problem accessing the calls, but many others have – please don’t just dismiss this. Also makes me wonder what will the quality of the recordings be like for those who actually purchase them??

      The Gluten Summit Team

      Rose, we will definitely not be dismissive of your constructive feedback. In fact, we welcome and appreciate it. THANK YOU for addressing your concerns with us! We’re sorry that some of the audio may have been difficult to listen to. It was a tremendous task interviewing researchers and clinicians from across the globe! We hope the slides will help clarify for you. Some listeners also like to have copies of the interview transcripts in order to make sure they have taken in every detail! If this is of interest to you these are available as part of the Gluten Summit packages at


    Poor audio, muddled when Dr. O’Bryan speaks and background noise especially in the first half, progressively less to non-existent in the last half, so missed some words/questions but otherwise excellent! Info on adrenal issues, testing and what to do as an alternative would be great.


    This is amazing but HOW Much Butter do you put in the icecream and coffee?


      I found the recipe on his site and it doesn’t mention butter as an ingredient, except as an optional. The recipe has many more ingredients, more than the video leads on to believe.

      Val Palmer Canada

      Find recipe on line!


      Wow, I think you will be a great OB. It seems like you have a real love for children, fmialies, and people in general. Sad to say that those qualities are rare traits in todays world. I believe not just anyone should be in just any job because you could be in a job that you hate and end up making everyone who comes in contact with you at work miserable. You have the joy and care to be great at your job and effect those you will be working around not only by your knowledge , but by your love for what you do.


      If my problem was a Death Star, this article is a photon toeopdr.


      That really careputs the spirit of it. Thanks for posting.


    Did Dave say too much omega 3 is bad? Dr Tom, can you explain why?

    Doris Clendennen

    I have been wondering – Why is grass fed better than grain fed when grain is seed of grass? Isn’t the animal getting the grain anyway?


    After giving up coffee for 4 years…. I LOVE bulletproof upgraded coffee! I also follow the bulletproof diet with intermittent fasting. I did have stage 2 adrenal fatigue but now I have more energy, enhanced libido, no more constant hunger and I am finally sleeping well. Thank you so much Dave Asprey!


    So I’m wondering if one has leaky gut and so doesn’t eat any dairy, can this be made without the dairy (I also don’t to well with the sugar and fat part of diary, not just the proteins, so ghee wouldn’t work). What about just using coconut oil? How much would one use? and would the other high quality Triglycerides that Dave suggested be a better balance? Also, my son is gluten sensitive, has seizures, and is not choosing his food well these days… (lots of junk food contaminated with gluten and lots of sugar) reflecting a roller coaster of moods and energy levels. I know a ketone, high fat diet would be good… but again the dairy is a problem, and what about him being on coffee…. he is 16, … Also he needs to gain weight, not loose wt. thanks so much for this wonderful forum!


      Hi Janet, I tried a version of it with “regular” coffee and it did not sit well on my gut either. How, can I say this nicely? It pretty much cleaned me right out! Has this happened to anyone else?


    I have tried bulletproof coffee, but sometimes I get nauseated after all the fat. Perhaps I need to start with smaller quantities of the fats. Any one else experience this?


      Yes, Janet. I too have had some nausea. This is day 2 for me. I’m not sure how all the butter will work with my gallbladder. We’ll see, but I did lose 2pounds. For me my blood sugar was lower this morning than usual 73 and felt like I needed to eat. Plus I have some meds to take with food in the morning ,so not clear on how I can make this plan work for me if I only drink the coffee and can’t eat until lunch time. I am starting out with 2tblsp of the butter.

    CK Carson

    Very poor audio o this one. guessing that Dr. Tom was to close to his mike or whatever. When Dr. Tom moved, Dave wasn’t clearly heard.


    Dr. O’Bryan – thank you so much. I have learned so much this week. I’m very excited to order some bulletproof coffee. So interesting. Thank you – thank you!!!!!!


    Oh my, I’m not certain i could stomach butter and oil in my coffee in the morning! Makes me a bit sick to think about it. However, I am willing to give it a go. Would it work in my cup of tea as well as coffee?


    It’s the blending that makes it smooth like a good cappuccino and no trace of an oily brew.

    Val Palmer Canada


    Val Palmer Canada

    You can put the MCT oil in smoothies! Very bad reception!


    I went looking for Kerry gold butter after hearing this talk this morning. Had no trouble finding it, but was suprised that it does not say it is organic. It simply says from grass fed cows. there was another brand that was limited edition , cultured, pasture butter. It specifically said the cows grazed on organic grasses and that it was produced without antibiotics, synthetic hormones and toxic pesticides. I saw a couple of others that were grass fed & organic as well. Am wondering why Dave is recommending butter that is not organic??

    Rochella Cooper

    What is your opinion of caffeine in coffee. My experience is that caffeine causes fibrositis of the breast tissue


    Like one of the others, I too have adrenal fatigue and was wondering if I could still do the bulletproof coffee and then have a breakfast protein shake an hour or so later… will I still get the same benefits or could this cause unwanted weight gain?


      I have the coffee at 7:00 am using Dave’s upgraded coffee beans, a protein shake with plenty of fat around 10:00 am and my main meal around 4:00 pm which gives me an 18 hour fast. I also have a bulletproof hot cacao before bed. My symptoms of adrenal fatigue are so much less and I have lost 4 pounds in 4 months although that was not my main goal. Try it, it has been life changing for me!


    All well and good except for dairy intolerant people 🙁

      Loren Ziem

      There are too many ideas going around for me to keep track of about what the lactose intolerant should do with this advice, but as a wanna-be vegan I’d like to throw in the coconut milk advice again. When it’s thickened or reduced [not usually a concern, but mind the additives!] to a heavy cream-like consistency, it’s very high in saturated fat and medium chain fatty acids, and should serve most of the same purposes.


      I use ghee, mct and add a bit of coconut milk for a nice foam on top! 🙂


    I really want some yak butter!

    Diane Amenta Lombardi

    The Bullet Proof Diet sound intriguing. I will give it a shot but first need to know what/how to use/produce “upgraded coffee” and “upgraded” mct oil. Please respond. Thank you for the help and data. Diane Amenta Lombard


    I have never had a craving for junk food in my life. It must be my upbringing… or I’m a freak. 🙂

      Loren Ziem

      I’m with you on this. I’d associate the word “cravings” with brussels sprouts. I’d like to think there’s some truth in the vision of millenia-tested palate/nutrition needs, and that the LCHF-type diets are the right path. It makes perfect sense to me when kids turn down candy, potato chips, and cereal for kale, papaya, dates, scrambled eggs…


    Hi. Interesting talk thanks. Can you please explain how normal coffee can have mould issues if it’s roasted and then vacuum packed? How much caffeine does Bulletproof coffee contain and what effect does caffeine have on the body when you are following a low inflammation diet? Is the product still classed as a stimulant? Is the coffee organic? Is the cognitive boost provided by the good fats in the butter rather than the coffee? Thanks!

    Janis Romme

    If a person is casein and lactose intolerant, unrefined coconut oil should be a wonderful substitute for butter. If you use pastured butter, find out if it’s from A1 (cows with a mutation) or A2 (healthy cows, goats. . .). What about bone broth, coconut oil and MCT for breakfast? It has multiple benefits.

    Tenshi Live

    Hiya, Im from the UK, and these have been great as I have been fighting against the non-solution oriented medical approach by my consultants and doctors here (I am being seen at one of the leading Neurological hospitals in the country). I am LACTOSE INTOLERANT, and have MS. Everything I have read says that people with MS should stay away from DAIRY & COCONUT & PALM OILS… I also dont drink coffee. I also became severely allergic to fish and meats during my first few months of attack and am effectively a vegan.. Will avocados and nuts be sufficient fat intake for someone like me? I notice that alot of the lectures talk about meat and fish consumption, but for someone like me, that is near impossible. What is the alternative?


    Thank you Dr. Asprey this was so informative. It is well worth checking into your theory since most of us celiac still don’t feel good at times to try your discoveries. Good luck and thanks so much.




    I have started putting coconut oil in my green tea and it is very good. I’ve noticed it fills me up and gives me energy. With my adrenal issues, I will not be doing intermittent fasting. I have also started making coconut oil & coconut butter snacks (kept in the fridge so they don’t melt at room temp) and find that I’m not as hungry as I used to be, and my cravings for junk food are going down.


    What if you had your gallbladder removed and don’t tolerate high fats??? This all is an interesting new concept for me! Again…appreciated very much this wonderful summit….learned a lot, took a lot of notes and will definitaly share all this wonderful information!


    Overwhrlming to say the least but of course WELL worth it to change – and become GLUTEN FREE and follow suggestions offered here! What would be the best place to start for someone who has had M.S. for over 21 years, 48 years youn, still can drive and use cane/wheelchair/walker and cannot cook because standing for too long periods of time is painful and uncomfortable!! But I would LOVE to start with easy steps progress and build my energy/strength to work on the rest! Your advice is GREATLY needed and APPRECIATED!!

    Barbara Tucker

    I have Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. In addition, since I have reflux (acid & laryngopharyngeal), I must avoid coffee. Is there a substitute for Bulletproof Coffee? Barbara Tucker


    I love this talk and my life has transformed being bulletproof. I have a hypothyroid, celiac and suffered from many autoimmune conditions. Eating bulletproof healed my gut, body and never felt so healthy in my life. Read through the bulletproof blog and listen to the podcasts. Most of the questions everyone asks are answered. I also think you need to do your own research and figure out how and why it works. I spent 8 months studying and working with my own body chemistry in leu of eating bulletproof.


    As a coffee shop owner and coffee lover i think the butter and MCT oil is very interesting. It’s great to know that a great cup of coffee can now be even better. Thanks Dave


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