Eliminating Gluten as the 1st Step in Preventing Brain Conditions

David Perlmutter, MD, FACN, ABIHM

  • Gluten sensitivity and neurological issues
  • The role of inflammation in degenerative disease
  • Exploring gluten sensitivity and cross reactivity
  • The top complaint of gluten-sensitive individuals

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    clark russell

    looks like a nice money spinner also for Dr Pearlmutter


    Thank you for this awesome talk.


    I am gluten free and have aggressive case of hashimoto thyroiditis autoimmune disease. Though I feel better now that I’m gluten free, I still struggle with losing weight. Any advise? PLEASE! very frustrated…


      Shelly, checkout http://hashimotos411.com. also consider joining the corresponding facebook group with more than 10000 members who help and support one another. For me, gluten free was just the beginning. I also stopped eating dairy. Also waiting for cyrex test results for other cross reactive foods I may need to watch out for.

      dr Szabó

      Glutenfree and low carb=paleo. That will help!


      Go grain free Shelly, it is helping me remarkably. I too have autoimmune disease and hashimotos.

    Arlene Hubbard

    My son was diagnosed with MS in Dec 2009. His brain blood flow was tested with fMRI before going on a gluten free diet and then again 3 months later after being gluten free. His brain blood flow improved by 50% with diet alone. A combination of venous angioplasty, a modified Paleo diet, meditation and exercise has kept him symptom free for 4years.


      @Irene: Check out about beta casein type A1 and beta casein type A2. It appears that people who have problems with dairy protein is more connected to beta casein type A1, which mainly comes from Holstein cows. Beta casein type A2 comes from mostly Jerseys, Guernseys, and goats. The only way to really know what type of bovine casein is produced is by genetic testing of each individual cow. Some Holsteins make type A2, and some Jerseys and Guernseys make type A1. All goats are type A2. I know from personal experience that I can tell the difference symptom wise between Holstein milk and Jersey milk. I cannot tolerate commercially produced cheese and milk, which is typically from Holstein cows. I found a dairy that is all Jersey cows, and I do not get symptoms from this dairy. Even raw Holstein milk gives me symptoms, so for me, it’s not an issue of whether it’s raw, or pasteurized/homogenized. I believe it’s the type of beta casein.


    I am interested to know if the cross-reaction with milk also applies to raw milk, or if the process of pasteurizing / homogenizing milk causes or increases the cross-reaction.

    Maggie Barco

    This is a remarkable summit. This information is awesome. Thank you very much.

    Sabrina Kiernan

    Thank you, thank you, my son aged 4 years has cerebellum ataxia, I will now be asking for Tissue Transylotaminase 6 blood test, so imformative, I will now be looking into getting Grain Brain book, even for myself, my memory is very poor and am worried as my mother has dementia. Thank you again.

    shore bird

    Thank you so much for these detailed explanations…so much background information it is nearly spilling out my ears!

    DeEtta Hemming

    Thanks for the great information and for presenting it in an easy to understand manor!


    I went to two doctors back in 2008 after months of headaches and general ill health. They told me it was stress and that it would go away. Finished university and was writing papers blindfolded because of light sensitivity due to migraines. Went home to my family wondering if I could hold down a job after graduation. My mother suggested I go wheat free. If I hadn’t been in so much pain, I would have refused. I loved pizza and bread and spaghetti. But the first week I could wake up and think without fighting the pain, I was ready to cut it out forever. It’s been four and a half years now, since I cut out gluten. Since then I’ve also cut out peanuts and avoid fumes from gas heaters, cigarettes or smoggy cars. Any of those things can send me back where I started from. I weighed 200 pounds and felt horrible before I cut gluten. Now I’m 140 or so, don’t keep track that tight any more, can run more than a mile without thinking about it and handle high levels of stress. The sad part is watching people around me also start showing signs that I had years ago. It’s not crazy and we shouldn’t apologize for what science and our own lives have proven again and again. Some of us shouldn’t be eating gluten. Maybe more than we think, but I’ll leave that to science to attest. For me, if you have a headache that keeps coming back or can’t loose weight, cut the gluten. I encourage anyone reading these comments and sitting on the edge of trying this “radical” idea that its not radical. It’s common sense. When you’re designing a house, your try different colors till something works. When you’re doing research, you try different approaches till you get an answer, so why not to a some personal experiments on yourself? You might not get the results other people did, but at least you’ll know. Thank you theDr.com for putting this summit on.

      Dr. Tom O'Bryan

      Thank you for sharing your story Bethany and for listening. Please tell your friends and family about the Summit. The more who hear accurate information, the sooner our Doctors will have the ‘Big Picture’.


      I’ve wheat free for over a year now. The eczema is almost completely gone(it was real bad. No more heart palpitations, much higher stress tolerance, etc. I could go on but you get the picture. Thank you for this wonderful information.

    Nettie Reid

    Thank you, will definitely pick up a copy of the “Grain Brain”.


    I can’t get this to work for me 🙁

    Janice Heno

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! So much needed information in an easily understandable language both from the presenter and the narrator! VERY MUCH APPRECIATED!! Just eat real food!!


    Thank you!!! Great info. i am almost gluten and milk products free. it works!

    Petra C. H. Gampper

    …another dynamite conversation/presentation, Dr. O-Bryan together with Dr. David Perlmutter ~ Thank you!!!


    Thank you for all of this good information, My husband was just diagnosed with gluten and other sensitivities. Your presentation clarified a lot of what has been happening to him over the years.

    Chris Ward

    I had colon cancer 3 years ago and have since changed my diet dramatically. However, only recently has gluten raised red flags for me. Since the cancer 3 years ago, I have also been diagnosed with low thyroid (which I have suspected for 20 years), fibromyalgia and mild arthritis. My quest for nutritional methods of dealing with all these things continues. This summit which just began today, and particularly Dr. Perlmutter’s interview, has confirmed some information and opened my eyes to new information. I am extremely grateful and look forward to the other interviews this week.


    this was fabulous addition of information to what I have read in Wheat Belly! I was diagnosed with gluten and casein sensitivity after a long battle with aches and pains and having doctors tell me I was fine. Then a Functional Medicine doctor that I located out of desperation ran some tests and found my intolerances. Once gluten, casein and soy were removed, I lost my sinus infections, headaches, joint pains, back pains and got my life back! Amazing! I used to take a large family size bottle of anti inflammatory pain medication every month. Now I do not even take an aspirin. Main stream media and medicine need to wake up and smell the coffee. Stop writing prescriptions for all these drugs with side effects and get to the root of the problems. Thanks for the Gluten Seminar! This is wonderful information!!!

    Lillie Langlois

    This was absolutely amazing!!! I recently (6 months ago) found out that I was gluten sensitive. My knees and joint pain has diminished greatly with just a change in the diet. Great information!! I downloaded your book to my kindle and will be reading it. Thank you, Dr. Perlmutter!

    Shirley Edelstein

    Thank you Dr. Perlmutter I really appreciated your talk. It is so comprehensive to the ways gluten can damage a person. I am celiac so whatever you said ringed a bell with me. The Summit is going to help so many people. Thank you again.


    WOW! Thank you for this information Dr. Perlmutter. I have a question about probiotics. Years ago I had reaction to yogurt. Is it safe for me to take probiotics?


    Today’s presentations have been informative and well presented. Please continue your valiant efforts to let the world and especially the medical world know that we indeed are what we eat to our strength or our demise. Thank you so much for all the energy and preparation that you have put forth to present The Gluten Summit. We look forward to tomorrow. Annie and Woody

      Dr. Tom O'Bryan

      I am thrilled to hear such excellent feedback after day 1 of The Gluten Summit. Thank you, Annie and Woody, for tuning in and appreciating the value in what we are sharing with world. Please tell your friends and family about The Summit. The more who hear accurate information, the sooner our Doctors will have the ‘Big Picture’.


    I had cerebellar ataxia. I actually went Paleo and that helped a lot. I loved the content and will definitely use the Cyrex Array 3 Lab tests on my patients, especially those who come in with a pain complaint.


    Thanks so much. Despite what the MDs in my area told me, I believe I have suffered from FMS for 10+ years. Eighteen months ago, a friend turned me on to Donna Gate’s Body Ecology Diet and it has dramatically reduced my symptoms. My family is a walking advertisement for autoimmune diseases/syndromes – FMS, ADHD, UC, Crohns, Cancer, Diabetes, and Rheumatoid Arthritis, so far. I lost my father to (what was diagnosed as) Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s this past summer. When you spoke of Ataxia, If I understood you correctly, you described his movements the last few years of his life. I have 22 year old twins and I worry about their health and that of their children. Feeling guilty for serving all those PB&Js on whole wheat bread. Thanks for the hope that they can control their health in the future. I am anxious to convince my whole family to become gluten-free or to try for 6 weeks. They will receive the GRAIN BRAIN for the Christmas.

    Gayle M

    I am so enjoying this and feel so much better gluten free. I think I still get cross contamination due to joint swelling in my hand. Please slow down when the speakers give out quotes. They are so good and some are hard to get the first time:( keep up the good research and getting it out.

      Adriaan Keij

      Susan: works just fine on my iPad (the original one, the first iPad). I think it’s Quicktime you need on your Mac, but unfortunately I don’t own a Mac… Great summit, keep trying, ask around for Mac-help!


    This sadly is still not working on my mac, I can’t watch it. 🙁 It’s the same for each speaker today.

      Michelle Mallon

      I can’t view it either and I have tried several computers. I emailed Dr. Tom and he emailed right back. He thought maybe I needed to clear the browser cache and history. Unfortunately, it didn’t work. I wish I could view this!


      I know i am too ;ate with this info (I just saw your comment) but I too have a Mac. It’s not your Mac but maybe, if it is an old one like mine, you may be unable to view certain videos on the internet. I have downloaded and installed OmniWeb and copy and past the url into an OmniWeb address bar and am then able to view the videos. Hope this helps you with future video watching. 🙂

    Michele Pell

    My favourite interview today! I’m lactose and gluten free and have one out of four kids who is wheat free. Slowly removing gluten from all their diets. This encourages me I’m doing the right thing. Thank you so much for everyone who worked so hard to put this summit together.

      Dr. Tom O'Bryan

      Happy to hear that you feel encouraged Michele. Thank you for listening! Please tell your friends and family about The Summit. The more who hear accurate information, the sooner our Doctors will have the ‘Big Picture’.


    Thank You Dr. Perlmutter, I have been gluten free and dairy free for years an recently corn free. I turned my health around 180 degrees. But FOR SOME REASON, it hasn’t been until your book and talks and Dr. Oz appearences that the other people in my life are taking notice of their health issues in relation to diet. I appreciate your work and your voice on this matter. In Good Health Megynblanchard.com


    Thanks Doc. I, as a parent of a child with Autism, I so appreciate it when the smart guys like you get out and do the research! I first heard you on Mercola and I bought your book Grain Brain to pass on to the naysayers I know of who don’t believe the brain (amongst other things) are absolutely affected by what we eat. It has been a long road. But a blessing in disguise. Our whole family is much better off with a gf, sugar free, traditional foods, like grass fed beef, eggs, and other healthy saturated fats. Also LOWer carbs. Thank you!

    Jan VandeVelde

    Hi Dr. Perlmutter, Thanks so much for this life-saving information! What a wonderful use of the Internet. I noticed a couple slides might need a re-visit: On the quote from Dr. Marios Hadjivassiliou, did he mean “theoretical issue” rather than “theological issue”? Also, there are two Transglutaminase 6 antibody tests, both called “Array 3”. Might one be “Array 2”? Thanks and best regards, Jan

    Nancy Baer

    Thank you very much for presenting Dr. Perlmutter. This information is fascinating and emphasizes once again how each and every aspect, the bio-electrical/chemical processes in our bodies is so interdependent and can so easily be fooled into reacting to a substance it regards as toxic when it isn’t. Most astounding for me was hearing that a person may be gluten intolerant, but devoid of intestinal complaints! I’d like to know the connection, if any, of gluten intolerance to bipolar disorder. Thank you again.


    Thank you, thank you, thank you. I feel that I have suffered for long enough with gluten sensitivity. You diet information is invaluable. I will be a real pain to my friends with my preaching the word to them.

    Ron Passmore CTN

    Excellent program–brain attacked without celiac presence? Absolutely. One client has 3 siblings with cerebellar ataxia, but she avoids gluten, uses large amounts of EPA-DHA and is thriving. Please continue your enlightening programs.

    Jill Kranitz

    Incredible information! So clearly explained. Thank you so much. I listened to it in my car earlier today and once again tonight so I could take notes. I am so thankful. I will contact Cyrex to get the Array 3 and possibly 4 for my son. Once the lab draws the blood and the results come in, who reads the information and explains it to me? I am positive my 11 year old son has a gluten sensitivity as do I, my sister and two nieces. We are gluten free in my house but my ex refuses to go gluten free at his house….even after my son requested it. Hopefully, with more scientific backing behind my “hunch” he will listen and change. My son gets brain fog, headaches, and trouble sometimes focusing in school. My ex just calls him lazy. After listening to you speak (this is the second time in the last couple of months as I heard you speak at another summit recently) and dealing with my ex, I feel we have to change the perception of what it means to be gluten free. I would love to work on a campaign of changing the face/idea of being gluten free.


    Thank you, Dr. Perlmutter, for your informative lecture. I have two questions. I was wondering how the Mediterranean Diet compared to the low carb diet in the study you cited near the beginning of your talk. Also, will the Cyrex labs Array #3 and Array #4 show sensitivity to gluten and dairy if one’s diet has been gluten free for a year and dairy free for at least 10 years? Thank you.


    Thank you for sharing your experiences with gluten. Have you come across anything that helps reduce the effects? Maybe N-acetylglucosamine?

    Reneau Kennedy

    Dr. Perlmutter, thank you for presenting at this conference. I am delighted to see so many people also expressing their gratitude to you for being brave and attempting to move the box to a larger dimension. Are you aware of any research that can help me link episodes of brief psychotic reaction to autoimmune or gluten related problems? I have an case where multiple data points suggest a likely alternate root cause to our traditional DSM Axis I. Your thoughts are appreciated.


    Thank you for all of the information. 9 months ago I was reading about someone who had been diagnosed as gluten sensitive, and realized I had most of the same symptoms. After discussing it with my husband I went on a gluten free diet. The migraines are gone. I haven’t had a fever blister since then. I had had two iron infusions, the last one in April, I’ve not need another one. The sores on my arms are gone, the nausea, bloating and aching stomach are gone and my arthritis is not as bad as it had been. My BP was 122/62 last Thursday at a checkup. My doctor has not run any test. she told me she was indicating improved health with gluten free diet. Is there any sense in running test now having eliminated gluten for the past 9 months?

      dr Szabó

      “I did get symptoms I’d never had before (slight cramps). Is that normal, that symptoms are more accentuated after going gluten-free for a while? Yes. It is a very common reaction.


    First of all, I would like to thank Dr. Tom O’Bryan very much for this extraordinarily interesting gluten summit!!! And to Dr. Perlmutter for all this information! Almost by accident I found out that I might be gluten sensitive a few weeks ago – and was lucky to hear from this summit. I’ve been on a gluten-free “real food”, “paleo”-like diet since August. I have seen improvements in my health and well-being in areas that I would never have linked to my diet: my skin (Rosazea) improved, a ganglion that I’ve had for years on my hand disappeared completely etc. It is still hard to believe that these and many other things might have been caused by gluten! It is extremely important that doctors, students, nutritionists, and the general public learn more about this! A doctor diagnosed me with hashimoto thyreoditis a few years ago. I had no symptoms, it was just a consequence of blood tests taken after a regular medical examination (in Germany). The doctor put me on l-thyroxin meds. After three months he took everything back – he had misdiagnosed me! Now, I suppose that the problem back then might already have been a gluten sensitivity. There are of course still many open questions I have. For example: I’ve never had headaches or very noticeable symptoms, I always thought I was okay. After going gluten- and diary-free for three weeks and I did a reintroduction test of gluten, I did get symptoms I’d never had before (slight cramps). Is that normal, that symptoms are more accentuated after going gluten-free for a while? Dr. Perlmutter’s explanation of cross-reactions was very interesting and I would like to learn more about that. I also had slight symptoms of lactose (casein?) sensitivity doing my dairy reintroduction test. After a few weeks more of living gluten-free, I seem to have a better reaction to lactose (tried a fat greek goat milk yogurt and everything was okay). Do cross-reactions go away if you stay off of gluten? I am very much looking forward to all the other interviews! Thank you again for this great opportunity to learn!

      Dr. Tom O'Bryan

      Thank you, Saxia, for sharing and for listening. Please tell your friends and family about The Summit. The more who hear accurate information, the sooner our Doctors will have the ‘Big Picture’.

    merri schiavone

    dear dr. p., wow. I cant believe the things you said today. I saw all my symptoms come crashing in on me from left and right. I have been to the top neurologist in my state, everyone wants to see him, he has taken care of my horrible, crippling migraines for at least 15 years. [I have had them since my early twentys] I was on ridiculious amounts of pain killers. they would sometimes last for 2 even up to3 weeks. I was hospitalized for them at times. they were so painful I wonted to die. then the inflammation started. I went to him with a different symptom every couple of weeks. numbness in my feet[but they also felt like a thousand fire ants were biting me at the same time.] my feet got horrible swollen, I could only wear mens over sized bed slippers to go outside. then I started having this HORRIBLE pain in my joints and arms and legs and back. I couldn’t let anyone touch me because my insides were sooo painful. I couldn’t let the dr.s even touch me to examine me because it felt like there touch was like rubbing fiberglass into open sores on my skin, even though there were no open wounds. these attacks would last for hours. I would wreath with the pain, even scream because it was so painful. my poor husband could only watch and cry with me because he couldn’t help me and saw how I was being treated as a hypochondriac.i started to not be able to hold my fork some times to even feed myself. the conclusion after a spinal tap, testing for lyme disease, ms, immune disorders, nerve ending disorders, neurological disorder of some type, and about 5-6 other tests by him, he told me he didn’t know what to do with me. I presented a different set of problems each time I saw him. he was totally frustrated with me. I was on so many really bad, strong meds. I was a walking zombie. how did he think I felt? I wasn’t making this stuff up. I slowly lost three businesses I had been struggling to run. he finialy gave up on me out of total frustration, and his nurses would tell me he couldn’t see me for 2-3 months out for a new next appointment. he just left me out ther on my own. the nurse after a few phone calls to try a pain manegment clinic. I tried that, [we finely came to the conclusion I was suffering from fibromyalgia and neuropathy in my feet, and was on a walker or even a wheel chair at times] the first rheumatologist I went to, told me to stop wasting his time. he had real patients who needed him, not someone looking for drugs, after he read my history before coming into to the office without even speaking to me! he saw I was bipolar [ yes this too for at least 20- 25 years of being treated for it, when dr.s finally understood it for what it was, and not just a crazy person. my phycologist was treating me with some heavy meds at the same time for my horrible mood swings and deep depression.] so the rheumatologist told me to go beg for some more drugs from my phyco dr. down the street, and walked out of the room with out even questing me about one symptom! I sat there and just cried, I couldn’t believe the cruelty of him. what kind of a dr. was he? the painmanegment people said there was no such thing as fibromyalgia and they couldn’t help me. understand some of the waits to see these “SPECIALISTS” was 4-6 months! then to be dismissed like this!i really wonted to die, all my life was pain killers, electric blankets wrapping me up to try to help with the inflammation, not being able to care for my house, my husband, even to go out to the super market or prepare food anymore. I was a none person. my kids didn’t understand so they ignored me and wouldn’t really wont to be around me because I was so depressing to be with. I hated my life, my husband even started to ignore me and would play endless golf just so he wouldn’t have to listen to me cry or complaine about how awful our life was. I really couldn’t blame him. then we heard about another rheumatologist who specialized in inflammatory problems and fibromyalgia. I had to get yet again another referral to see another specialist, his wait list was 10 months! I couldn’t believe it, how could I indore my body shutting down on me like it was for another 10 months. I couldn’t see going on like this, I was a total nothing to anyone. my husband said just hold on, try to do the best you can, this dr. was sapossed to be the light at the end of the tunnel for my problems. when we saw him he was compasscionate , and truly seemed to understand the pain I was in. he saw the waste of all the stupid tests I had been through, knew a lot of other dr.s didn’t believe in fybrmyalgia, and wanted to truly help me. sadly all the fybro meds contain sulfer, I am terro bley allergic to all sulfur derivitives. we tried all the “sister” drugs available, I got hives, all other really nasty side effects, was hospitalized because I couldn’t the last time. he conferenced with another dr. friend and decided I needed to be treated holisticly,[even though I was still on pain medication] he wonted me to try a gluten free diet. maybe I was allergic to what I was eating. there had to be something to what he had heard about gluten being so deadly to some people. I do not have celiac disease, but in just 8-9 days I am feeling like a new person. my feet don’t hurt hardly anymore! I can get up and move around! I even went food shopping on my own two days in a row to clean out my pantry and buy “clean” food. I listened to all you said tonight and was dumb founded by all you said. I know I am gluten sensitive. it had effected me totally neurologicaly. it affected my nerves systym, and now I know what I need to do to save my life! you are my saving blessing for all you have helped me to understand,it all makes sense now! thankyou, thankyou, thankyou! I am going to get grain brain and reeducate myself. I am almost 59, but I think there is some future for me at last. I am going to tell anyone who has any of my problems to try to go gluten free for a while, maybe it will help them. I cant tell you the hope you have given back to me. all these sick wasted years! all the nasty uneducated dr.s I have had to indore. the thought of no more pain medication in my future! this really makes me happy! I hate medication, it has become my enemy,[maybe some gluten related fillers in them?] I know this was long but I want you to know how long my journey has been with this all, years. wasted money, heartbreak and humiliation by people who were saposed to be “experts”. my husband is a test pilot, so luckily we have had the funds to try to find my cure. I feel bad for those who don’t, we do need more education out there. in the media and our DOCTORS!!!!!!!!! please continue your wonderful work, sincerely a hopefully, new women. xoxoxoxo [again sorry so long]


    Thanks for sharing all your knowledge, my Mom has Alzheimer’s and is being fed a diet high in wheat ,sugar and milk products and it is heartbreaking to see her slipping away on what is considered a normal diet in a Nursing home. I live interstate and have not been free to provide a different option for her. I never followed the low fat diet lifestyle and am ever so grateful now after hearing all 4 interviews today, I hope to encourage others to see the light on our western way of eating and make a choice to eat naturally and realise it doesn’t take much time to prepare a meal at home and enjoy it in good company, rather than grab the fast food way and never really stop to enjoy what you are consuming. I have been following a raw food intake for a few months now and am so pleased by the difference it has made to how I feel and the energy I have. may we bring back longevity with health and vitality.

    Hilary Yakushov

    Wow, your talk helped open my eyes to the compounding effects of gluten in the body when there is a sensitivity to it. Thank you so much!


    Hi could you please tell me some other link to connect to the conference please as here in our place youtube doesn’t work.Thanks

    Marye W.

    How radically different would the medical treatment in this country be if this information (from all of today’s/this week’s) were taught in the medical schools? (Rhetorical question) I am learning so much & loving it! Thanks again!

    Susan Miller

    Thank you so much for this wonderful teaching session. But, as a former teacher, I would encourage you to get the word out to the schools, where the problems associated with wheat are astronomic and are holding our American students back from achieving as well as they could. While it is good that individual parents and families learn about this, we need to get to the administrators and kitchen cooks who think they are pleasing the children with so many wheat treats! Thank you again.

    Erin B

    The more I read from you, listen to you, the more I am owning my own health. As well the more I learn. As I continue my learning, I continue making the changes and this IS working and helping me so much. Thank you! For bringing this to us. Please keep teaching, healing and caring! ~Erin


    Thank you Dr Perlmutter for widening the box. I am also interested if there is any information linking gluten intolerance and bipolar disorder. Can you also give some idea as to withdrawal symptoms one might experience when removing gluten from the diet?


    Hi Dr. Thanks for all the wonderful information. I have a friend who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s pretty young in life (think it was around 50). Her mom had it as well. It’s now seven years later and I don’t know how much it has progresses at this point. Is it too late to explore this gluten sensitivity in her case? Can the damage be reduced and/or reversed if she were found to have gluten sensitivity? I understand what it’s all about because I have Hashimoto’s and celiac. Please let me know your thoughts. Thank you so much.

    Dawn Reed

    This was so validating, I wanted to cry! To hear you Dr. Perlmutter, talk about Ataxia and it’s relation to Gluten was so helpful and supportive! Two years ago my (then 11 yo) daughter suffered extreme dizziness, headaches, exhaustion, Tummy Aches, Very Pale face, very low body temp and swallowing difficulty. She was seen by 11 specialist in 9 months, none could figure out. We even saw a retinal specialist because she kept bumping into walls, door frames and people. Couldn’t ride bike. Neurology was next to be seen.. but then a holistic practitioner tested her pos. for reactions to Gluten, Dairy, Soy Peanut, Egg, and more. We removed all of the allergens and saw drastic improvements! She rode her bike for first time this past summer (age 13) We continue with the restricted diet, and realize now she has reactions (primarily headaches and tummy aches) to all grains. Thank you for sharing your knowledge!

    Melissa Lawson

    I so appreciate the all information you shared regarding the brain, gluten, and carbs. It was especially easy listening to you because of your uplifting and encouraging perspective. Your kind demeanor and genuine desire to help people is inspiring and refreshing. I look forward to increased energy, stronger memory and elevated mood as I continue my gluten free, low carb lifestyle. I feel more committed now because of this gluten summit. My sincere thanks.


    I am curious if there have been any studies done on the differences between GMO wheat and non-GMO wheat, specifically with respect to these sensitivities and intolerances that are showing up in people.

    Karen Anderson

    Incredible session that I wish my whole family and most of my friends with various “issues” could hear over and over. Thanks so much Dr. Perlmutter! You truly are a teacher, and have so much and so many to teach.


    Found your talk extremely interesting. I’ve had CFS for 8 years and have been gluten free for 2-3 years but will very much reducing carbs etc from now!!


    Much needed information and inspiring. We so need the medical establisment here in the UK to get inside your big box. Thank you so much Dr. Perlmutter for all your work and clear explanation.


    Wonderful information as I’ve been feeling like I have the initial signs of AD. How do I get my doctors to watch this presentations?


    I have a question. I am gluten-free except for communion cracker on Sunday. I am not a known celiac (No GI issues), so is that enough gluten to cause brain inflammation issues?


    Wonderful. I have just received the book, Grain Brain, and am looking forward to reading it. This is such good information!

    Karin Schurian Rosenø

    Thanks Dr. Perlmutter! I had severe headaches since I was 6 years old. Got minimal change when I was 30 and no doctor has ever mentioned gluten as a culprit. I found out about it by myself and now I feel I got my life back! I have actually a question about cerebellum ataxia. For the last couple of years, my father (68), has severe neurological problems: moving disorders, balance and coordination issues. The doctors diagnosed him with ataxia and told him he needs to learn to live with it. I asked them to test him for gluten ataxia, they did the celiac test but was negative, they did not test him for gluten sensitivity, they just did not believe in gluten sensitivity. He has for a period of 2 years, stopped eating gluten but the symptoms did not got better, a part from his life long headaches (like me). I would like to know if gluten has damage the cerebellum, will a gluten free diet reverse this condition? I mean, why 2 years without gluten has not improved his movement impairment? Could it be because the damage was already done? Thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge! This info needs to get viral 😉


    I have SBMA and have spent considerable time studying the myriad ways it affects individuals. Generally it seems that the healthier you are overall, the less severely you are effected or perhaps that SBMA exacerbates neurological imbalance. Factoring in gluten sensitivity would make an interesting test to compare symptoms in this discreet group of people. On a side note, are there any studies linking ‘the leaky membrane effect’ with oral hygiene and the prevalence of gingivitis


    Do you know what causes prolactinomas? My doctors couldn’t tell me why I had one.


    Than you so much. For the benefit of both my husband and myself I am resolving to try gluten free diets. We have some fires to put out!

    brenda milner

    MRI’s scans headaches depression. this morning my daughter age 14 had her last fit, was getting ready to buy your book and someone forwarded me this summit. i could just cry knowing that my daughter has almost every symptom of gluten sensitivity. knowing the direction takes a load off my plate. thank you so much doctor you saved our lives


    Fabulous talk. Especially happy to hear about glutamine and leaky gut.

    Sabrina Kiernan

    Dr. Perlmutter, Thank you for talk, have been discussing with family all day, my query is my son aged 4years has neurological condition confirmed by MRI’s, however it has been said his symptoms are more severe than the MRI indicates and the doctors have seen some children with worse MRI’s with less symptoms ie ataxia of cerebellum, i have been doing research and thus came onto this summit, once neurological symptoms start (his is a degenerative condition) can i improve his quality of life ie less symptoms if I go zero gluten. Any suggestions so much appreciated. Thank you greatly.

    Kang Siew Khing

    I believe all that was said in the video about going gluten free. Can someone DESPERATELY tell me what is a gluten free diet and what I can eat and can’t eat. Is it correct that I avoid all wheat products, milk, eggs and dairy products, rice. muesli, rolled oats. Any thing else?

    Joan Hartwick

    An absolutely awe inspiring presentation! I only wish them medical profession would listen to this whole presentation and start helping their patients. I am Celiac, have Crohn’s Disease, Leaky Gut, Diverticulitis, Arthritis, but no medical doctor diagnosed me for too many years. A friend has had psorisais for years, never knowing what caused it, tried many remedies, now she has gone gluten free on the advice of her chiropractor, something I have been telling her for at least 7 years, to no avail. Thanks so much!


    Dr. Perlmutter, Wonder if you could comment on the findings of Weston Price, who identified native societies who had all kinds of variation on carb intake, yet exhibited great health. Eskimos definitely high animal fats vs. the Incas with high carb diets and relatively low fats. Both cultures exhibited relatively similar profiles of healthy markers. Thanks, Nick


    Now it makes sense! My son has been treated for ADHD and when he managed to eat some cerial with milk before I walk up I could not control him in any way. I gust was waiting for the hiper activity to go down since nothing on the planet would stop him from acting up. Outstanding presentation.

    Ruta Larson

    I cannot begin to convey what it was like at age 57 to discover what “normal” feels like. I’ve been dealing with depression, almost daily headaches (sinus, migraine, tension), moodiness, irritability and brain fog since age 7. I stopped eating wheat seven-and-a-half months ago after I read The Virgin Diet, and have literally never felt better in my life. Now I cry tears of joy and gratitude instead of sadness. I have read Wheat Belly and have just started Grain Brain. I owe an enormous debt of gratitude to you and professionals like you who are taking this information to the public. I would have NEVER heard it from my doctors.


    Thank you Dr Perlmutter for a great, clear and comprehensive conference. I have a question : I read il différent sources that we shouldn’t have more than 20% off our caloric intake as proteins (animal or vegan) because it increases cancer risk. How can we do that with a paleo diet ?

    Mina Harper

    I am not able to access any one of the programs. I am shown screens to sign up for this and that, no lecture. Mina Harper


    Has anyone seen the effect of gluten sensitivity on the damage to optic nerve which results in normal intraocular pressure glaucoma?


    Hi Great talk. I’m reading the grain-brain by dr. perlmutter and it is great. All true and full of information. I eat grain-free and gluten-free. My website is dedicated to grain-free. My book titled, Gluten-Free & Grain-Free Healthy Recipes will be on there soon. Check it out.


    Thank you for this great lecture. My mother died of Motor Neurons Disease (ALS) in her early 50’s her mother had multiple sclerosis. I had optic neruritis this year and other symptons but as thankfully I had a clear brain and spine MRI I was not diagnosed with MS although I had nerve damage in 2 + places on my evoked potential test. I choose not to have a spinal but changed my diet. I now feel better gluten free than I have my whole life and believe a gluten sensitivity may well be the cause of previous neurological disease in my family. I do not have any markers for Ceolic and nor does my youngest daughter who has shown some problems with wheat digestion. I am now trying to get genetic testing on the NHS but without any ceolic markers I’m not sure this will be possible at this time but I am very keen to understand if there is a link for my daughters and future generations. I know the difference I fee and am keen to promote this and neurological links in the UK. I have started a blog to do this. http://www.tabithasgluetnfreedishes.com and am looking for any help I can!


    Dear Drs. O’Bryan and Perlmutter, outstanding and life saving information. It challenges the conventional thinking. I am so grateful. Now I am 75 years old and hope the omitting of gluten and consuming more good fat will still improve my severe condition. Thank you for your generous work. L.


    I wonder if narcolepsy has been linked to gluten sensitivity. My 17 year old daughter was just diagnosed with this. Both me and my mother have celiac disease. Try to get a 17-year-old to try a gluten-free diet!

      Madcap Miss

      There is a community of 450 members strong on Facebook called Gluten Free PWN. Members there find that a gluten free diet and/or other dietary and lifestyle changes help to mitigate symptoms. AND there was a presentation at last year’s Narcolepsy Network conference that discussed gluten free diet as a treatment.


    explains so much and a procedure to follow thank you


    I too was told I had rheumatoid arthritis but never tested positive for anything but inflammation which was always extremely high. I had joints that would flare for weeks and then go away only to show up in another joint. Read about celiac and gluten sensitivity and went gluten free. Within one month I was off all meds and inflammation was back to normal. RH doc told me that was not my problem. That was 3 years ago and NO flared joints since!!! More MD’s should learn about this and stop trying to make us think we are crazy and only try to give us meds. Thank you for this e-summit!!! It was very enlightening!

    Matty Maccaro

    I learned so much, thank you Dr. Perlmutter. I’m now #33 on list at my Bethesda, MD library for Grain Brain, will buy it rather than wait, but it shows how interested people are, as you stated, people are desperate for this information, I’m exceedingly grateful for your work!


    I am really glad my daughter got me to listen to your presentation. I have been gluten, soy, dairy, egg free for several months now but still have digestive issues. I had never heard of Glutamine before your presentation & I would really like to try it. How do I know the correct amount to take? I am 5’6″ & weigh 100 lbs. Thank you so much for all the vital information! : )

    Carol Mielke

    What a wealth of knowledge bringing us additional talks. We all are feeling better and thank you all for this. This is the beginning of a feeling better trip of our life through time to be spent in a much healthier way, thanks to your research. I am happy to know why I have had so many health problems. Sincerely, Carol.


    WOW, amazing, having been recently diagnosed with MS in oct of 2012. I can look back on my life, and I can relate to all of the symptoms I had experienced from childhood and now being diagnosed with MS at 32 years old. I’m excited to get started and start the healing process.

    Dorothy Hedeen

    I want to thank you Dr. O’Bryan, all the other presenters, and your sponsors for a wonderful informative service. I sent the information to everyone in my address book, and hope many were able to tune in to at least one, preferably DR. Perlmutters presentation. Dr. Perlmutter was our doctor 20 years ago when we spent our winters in FL. I think he was starting his venture into this at that time, and we attribute our good health at age 87-1/2 and 93 to some of the things he taught us at that time. We have been back in MN for the past ten years, never kept in touch with him, nor knew that he had been writing books until we saw his new book on the New York Times best selling list, number one at the time, and after this summit I think it will be there again. We bought his book the next day, and fight over it, so am thinking about getting another one. We also keep rereading Wheat Belly, by DR. Davis, Excellent. I wish I had heard this summit 6 months ago, when I started seeing DR. Josh Huffman, in Mounds View, MN, who has saved my life, but when I started, cold turkey, after finding him on the internet, I was not sure what to think about him, since gluten free approach was new to me, but I was willing to try anything, but pain medication for peripheral neuropathy, which was all I had been offered medically. He immediately put me on a very restricted diet, even before blood, stool, and saliva tests came back, and I questioned why without evidence, but found out he does it for every patient, in varying degrees. All my tests came back with wheat, gluten, soy, egg, dairy allergies. Wheat being the worst, but non celiac. This summit has verified everything DR. Huffman has been doing for me, and my life has improved immeasurably. Balance about 90%, abdominal pain 100%, neuropathy 80%, energy 100%. I am on no medications, only vitamins and minerals, pro biotic, and an anti oxidant that DR. Perlmutter put us both on 20 years ago, and our health food store orders it for us. My husband is in good health, eats as I do, except he still has bread and coffee, but they don’t seem to cause any ill effects. He has really cut back on both. I hope this hasn’t gotten too long, but I felt compelled to write and thank you for this week, we have listened to nearly all of the presenters. I forgot, DR. Huffman is a Chiropractic Neuropathist. I also sent the information of the Summit to my medical DR, and Dentist. Hope they caught some of it. Sincerely.


    I have a gluten sensitivity as well as eczema, and skin rashes. How often are people with eczema gluten sensitive? Has this ever been studied?

    Leighton Breen

    I have been totally gluten free now for 6 months and also doing probiotics daily. I have just begun to see a clear difference in my health after nearly 30 years of frustration in many areas. Les brain fog, muscle pain, sleep better, energy increase, etc. I am so happy to have been listening to these messages on gluten. Thankyou


    Dr. Perlmutter and Dr. O’Bryan need to be at the next international Alzheimer’s symposium. Let’s get this into the mainstream not just functional medicine education.


    PLEASE HELP ! How can we ever thank you enough for this wonderful Gluten Summit – it is the best thing that has happened for me all year and being a part of it has been truly incredible. I am so grateful. But please do you have contacts with consultants and doctors in the UK (apart from the UK ones that contributed) because no one over in the UK is listening. Doctors and gastroenterlogists do not want to know and yet they are paid a fortune to know. We cannot get the message through – they are in the dark ages. Please do all you can to get the messsage “across the pond”- we are desperate for help over here.


    Thank you for teaching us how to better our health!


    I totally agree with the above comment from the UK. First a thousand thank yous for running the groundbreaking summit. With gluten sensitivity I know that that it goes even further than the brain, the digestive system, ataxia and all the other disorders mentioned here in this conference. There are thousands of people suffer interstitial cystitis, bladder inflammation, prostate problems, pelvic pain syndromes and yet are receiving the wrong, dangerous treatments – some having their bladders taken away unecessarily. IC (interstitial cystitis) and no doubt prostatitis are auto-immune conditions but trying to get the medical profession to research and look “outside the box” is impossible. They only want to give antibiotics and drugs that are damaging the gut even more. Please do all you can to get the message out to whoever you may know in the Auto-immune world in the UK. There are people who are so desperate with these debilitating conditions and are being so damaged by drugs like fluroquinolone antibiotics. Some have committed suicide because they have no hope. But healing the gut is key to all these chronic conditions and your Summit has endorsed all that. If you know of doctors working in research on the auto-immune conditions of IC please and prostatitis please let me know. A gluten free diet helps a great many people with these conditions but most are just taking out gluten in wheat and do not know of rice, corn and all the cross-reactivity that is mentioned in your Summit. They are not getting completely well. But the most pressing thing is that we can no longer accept the damaging treatments given in mainstream medicine. Please get any messages out to Senior Doctors in urology, gastroenterology and immunology here in the UK. When they see a patient with IC or prostatitis and digestive problems they just turn away and show them the door. They don’t care. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this Summit because it has helped us to know that we are not crazy.


    I totally agree with the above comment from the UK. First a thousand thank yous for running the groundbreaking summit. With gluten sensitivity I know that that it goes even further than the brain, the digestive system, ataxia and all the other disorders mentioned here in this conference. There are thousands of people suffer interstitial cystitis, bladder inflammation, prostate problems, pelvic pain syndromes and yet are receiving the wrong, dangerous treatments – some having their bladders taken away unecessarily. IC (interstitial cystitis) and no doubt prostatitis are auto-immune conditions but trying to get the medical profession to research and look “outside the box” is impossible. They only want to give antibiotics and drugs that are damaging the gut even more. Please do all you can to get the message out to whoever you may know in the Auto-immune world in the UK. There are people who are so desperate with these debilitating conditions and are being so damaged by drugs like fluroquinolone antibiotics. Some have committed suicide because they have no hope. But healing the gut is key to all these chronic conditions and your Summit has endorsed all that. If you know of doctors working in research on the auto-immune conditions of IC please and prostatitis please let me know. A gluten free diet helps a great many people with these conditions but most are just taking out gluten in wheat and do not know of rice, corn and all the cross-reactivity that is mentioned in your Summit. They are not getting completely well. But the most pressing thing is that we can no longer accept the damaging treatments given in mainstream medicine. Please get any messages out to Senior Doctors in urology, gastroenterology and immunology here in the UK. When they see a patient with IC or prostatitis and digestive problems they just turn away and show them the door. They don’t care. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this Summit because it has helped us to know that we are not crazy.


    I would like to share my gluten free journey with you, my son aged 4 and a half has had a terrible for years now, it gets a little better and then worse but never goes away. I have taken him to doctors, pediatricians, lung specialist at the children’s hospital, he has had chest X-rays, he has been on high dosages of antibiotics, steroids, adrenalin, ventolin, I have been told he has asthma but then with all the asthma medication he was on nothing had changed so the doctor said he doesn’t have asthma! He has had recurring, ear infections which lead to him having grommets put in twice and his adenoids removed, he has recurring throat and upper respiratory infections or just a “virus”!! His immune systems seems depleted. It wasn’t until September this year that I began researching gluten and gluten sensitivity. I decided to try him on a gluten free diet and see how I went. It had to be better than giving him any other type of medication. He had tonsillitis at the start of September and had antibiotics for that and after the week course of antibiotics he was still coughing for two weeks after, it seems he gets over the infection but then the cough will stay until the next virus comes along. And it’s a horrible cough too I might add a real chesty cough that sounds like it’s really hurting him. So the end of September marked my gluten journey, within the first week of being totally gluten free, one morning about two days in he woke up coughing and threw up a whole lot of phlegm. Better out then in I say. By the following Saturday one week exactly we had noticed a big difference in his cough, the chesty cough was no longer there and if he did cough it was a dry cough. That Sunday we had a function where all the children were outside playing it was a cold day and usually my son is not good in the cold air and would be coughing a lot. He did not cough once that day nor did he cough at all that night when he went to bed! This was a unbelievable for us. It has now been almost 2 months and even his kinder teacher has commented on his improvement, the chesty horrible hear renching cough is no longer there. He had a runny nose and sore throat a few weeks ago which he seemed to get over pretty quickly and that didn’t turn into anything worse as it usually would. I’m hoping this is the answer we have been looking for. I hope you have time to read my story and share your comments with me. Regards Alana from Australia


    Thank you so much for making this free for the week. I’ve watched as many as possible but not all. I’m watching in hopes to get as much information about Celiac/Gluten free as well as autoimmune diseases and overall health. Mostly for my daughter. She was born fairly healthy with Down syndrome. At 5 she suffered several strokes caused by a rare disease called moyamoya. After treatment the strokes stopped but left her with even more disabilities. In the past 3 years she was diagnosed with Celiac disease Crohn’s disease, intestinal dissmotility (had a cecostomy placed) neurogenic bladder which caused bilateral hydronephrosis ( she had an appendicovesicostomy which created a stoma through her belly to catheterize), ovarian cysts, and hypothyroid. A lot of her pain and irritability has gotten better but she still has a lot of health issues that lessen her quality of life. in recent blood work her celiac numbers are still slightly elevated, and her thyroid antibodies were very high. We will now hopefully see an endocrinologist. She continues to have issues with exhaustion and some other random symptoms that we haven’t quite figured out. Listening to these seminars has helped be to see that there may be a bigger picture of what’s going on in her body as was stated the “fire” I will continue to advocate for her health and well being with some great information. Thank you again for all the time and work that went into this. I will listen to some more this evening so thanks for the extra day!

    Pamela M

    My family is a “poster child” for celiac disease. My husband has dementia and is in a nursing home. He was diagnosed with Celiac disease at age 62 at Stanford by Dr.Gary Gray but it was only after UCFS had suggested the testing because of celiac disease being the only thing in his family history. By the time of diagnosis he had significant atrophy of the frontal and temporal lobes. He has been on a gluten and diary free diet for some time but has pretty much plateaued at a very low functional level. In our immediate family everyone is on a gluten free diet because all of the children tested positive for the celiac gene. Schizophrenia also runs in my husband’s family but unfortunately the idea of a gluten free diet to treat it has not been accepted. I am on the sidelines watching my nephew gradually deteriorate and becoming more dysfunctional despite inconsistent us of meds. He self medicates with alcohol, usually beer, and does not follow a GF diet. It is very difficult to convince a schizophrenic to do anything consistently but it may have been earlier on in the progression of the disease. My husband grew up in Ireland and there are many stories about people with various strange medical and psychiatric issues but no one knew anything about celiac disease. I hope that in time the medical profession will consider celiac disease and gluten sensitivity before a quick and dirty diagnosis is given and meds are prescribed. Of course my husband was first diagnosed with Alzheimers. Unfortunately that “window of opportunity” to treat him with a gluten free diet was long past. Dr. Gray thought he most like had celiac disease at some level for 30 to 40 years.


    I want to thank Dr. Tom O’Bryan for this whole series of lectures. Also many thanks to Dr. Perlmutter for this informative interview. I have been amazed and learned so much. For that reason, although I am not a clinician, I have purchased your professional series and intend to bring awareness to those who are in the dark. I went gluten free a year ago. Many issues have cleared up. My one, yet major, problem is a neurological issue. Burning…started in mouth (ten years ago) upper left, then all over mouth, went to lips, then left cheek, then all over face, last year over the top of head to back of head, and now going down the front of my neck. I used to be on medications for years, didn’t work, of course. I woke up to declining health from a multitude of side effects and had to go through drug withdrawal from clonazapam and oxycontin and now am medication free for 2 1/2 years. I go through each day, from one end to the other trying to manage my life with no relief in the burning pain. I turned to this series of lectures hoping to find some clues. Ever hopeful, I will keep searching, although, somedays I feel I will give up. Somehow, I remember to have a coffee and then “hope” returns and I carry on. Hope reigns eternal, without it, I know many in my condition have sadly decided to end their time here on Earth. Thank you again Dr. O’Brien, I know with this series, you are and will be bringing “life” back to many. I will continue to hope that my time is coming.


    Thanks for this! Some of it is totally new for me! Some of it I’ve suspected for a long time! Some I knew already, due to seeing a naturopath ages ago with dementia like symptoms in my mid 20’s – though i was waaay 2 young 2 have it – though outside ppl & regular dr’s said all my symptoms were just in my head – only 1 that ever took me serious & did some simple tests was a naturopath who after the 1st hemoview said to me ” OMG – How are u still alive / moving?” – something like that. no gluten test, but so many other things wrong with me, i was put on the strictest diet ever & had to take gross & expensive herbals – Was tougher than gluten free. I was working in a bakery at the time. Do u know how hard it is – have to work in a bakery & tell customers how great it tastes & how healthy it is for u, when u can’t touch the stuff! Only keep it up 4 months b4 relapsing. Even though I am gluten sensitve, I can’t give it up completely, but try to restrict myself to 1-2 bread slices or 1 small roll on only some days – mostly where i have to go out & deliver stuff where 1 slice bread = 30-60min of walking – & must be had shortly b4 i start the walking deliveries – that way @ least it’s minimal & processing faster through the system to do less damage. but still love rice & pasta – but only have when some1 else makes or if i’m broke & traveling & can’t afford anything else – but usually decent amount of exercise done 1/2 the time. & a little celebration cake a few times a year too . I can’t give it up altogether, by I try to keep intake to a minimum most of the time . As well as gluten & sugar – also watch out for & try to avoid fungus foods – aka. Mushrooms & the like – another yummy food I love but have to avoid like the plague! Oh well, things like these mean u gotta get more creative! I do hope to start a 90% – 95% Paleo Diet from 2 Jan tho. (100% would be too hard to stick to, but leaving a little open to have the odd cheat day / meal on occasion should make it easier to stick to most of the time.)


    As a former migraine headache suffer I can say thank you. I tried dropping sugars and carbs because I saw how they caused my headaches to be more frequent and severe. I have gone from daily migraines to one every two months or so. The headaches I get now are less intense and shorter in duration. So glad to see the medical research backing up my own observations.

    Verlene Cromwell

    Tremendous Thanks!!!!! for such profound information on gluten, it has made me wiser on how and what to eat, I had been eating gluten free for A few months and the result is great!!!!!!!!!!

    Julia McDaniel

    This was fantastic. Dr. Perlmutter was the first speaker I heard in November and am so glad to be able to hear him again. This should be on 60 Minutes, NBC, ABC, and CBS nightly new, Fox, CNN, etc. It should also be in High School and College curriculum on health, biology, science. Thank you so much.

    Shauna Nelson

    Thanks so much for sharing your expertise with us. I know I have gluten and dairy issues and this information has helped me tremendously in understanding the seriousness of getting tested. My 79 year old mother has Parkinson’s Disease and brain fog, which makes me wonder if she is suffering gluten issues, most likely!

    d philbrick

    we have not been here for 2.5 million years.

    Brenn in Australia

    So very interesting—esp how this relates possible to fibromyalgia and definitely autism. My father was autistic and I feel i inherited these strong sensitivities. I am diagnosed fibromyalgia.

    Jean Fisher

    Dr. Perlmutter, What specific Probiotics would you suggest I purchase and where can I find glutamine for gut healing? I have Celiac Disease and I have been gluten free for one year. I read that I should have a “recheck” biopsy after being gluten-free for two years. I would like to work on making certain my gut is healed. Thank you for your service. Sincerely, Jean Fisher 858-486-2650 San Diego, CA. My 17 year old son is experiencing extreme symptoms and I only feed him GF food at home but he is rebellious and eats a lot of gluten. I want to have him tested before he turns 18. I have found Dr. Geronimo in San Diego, CA and Dr. Moss. Do you recommend or know either doctor?


    Do you see patients with Lyme’s disease developing similar issues?

    w. dale craig

    I am a 70 yr. old man who has just undergone a shunt for NPH. My Dr is Sr. Young at VCU in Richmond , Va. My daughter is a chiropractor ans Nutritionst who has had CFS for 15 years. She has been able to live a normal life due to her study of foods. Knowing foods has helped her a great deal. I would like to know how what we eat can fix NPH and CFS. Please comment. Thanks.


    This information is so valuable. I live in Bendigo, Australia and have 6 sons with so many health issues. This interview has given me so much information to confirm only a suggestion by one Doctor in 20 years to perhaps cut down on gluten. Thankyou.


    Подскажите, где я могу найти больше информации по этому вопросу? Как вам моя страница в интернете – пантеон финанс


    My doctor, although she prescribes more medications than I’d like, has recently turned me on to Dr. Perlmutter’s “Grain Brain” book and suggested that I go gluten free. I’m just starting this journey and through this suggestion, I’ve been connected to a lot of new and interesting information about health and eating in general, as well as the effects of gluten. Although I am fully committed to trying this, I haven’t entirely given up breads, but am eating them less often. Gluten free products are so expensive, though. In our fast paced world where grabbing a quick sandwich or a slice of pizza or something similar, even with healthy ingredients in or on them, how do we break ourselves of this? How do we get easier, faster, gluten free choices out in the general public, in our cafés, restaurants, etc.? I have definitely noticed on days like today, when I’ve had no gluten, I feel so much better, fewer aches and pains, little or no gastro-intestinal issues, etc., so I am committed to this. I’m just hoping for more, tastier, easier choices on-the-go.


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    Maury Brooks

    Such an important message. Thank you. The life exploration of living gluten free is so rewarding and so challenging. I have been there for a while, eased off and am mostly there again. Most fine restaurants are built around the inclusion of wheat or other gluten containing products in the vast majority of their dishes. Add other dietary restrictions and the fun of eating out diminishes. As a healer, if I cannot deal with it, how can I help my clients. This is a real issue for so many people, it is time for society to catch up.


    Could dizziness be caused by gluten sensitivity?


    So Informative; needs to be shouted from the roof tops!!


    This was an amazing informative interview. Has answered so many questions for me. I gave up wheat about 15years ago and although the improvement in my health has been so good I have flair-ups and have wondered whether it could be milk sensitivity. My mother was treated for symptoms of schizophrenia, I always thought she was wheat/gluten sensitive. Thank you very much. I have passed on the link to others who may be helped. Anne


    Hi there, I discovered your web site by the use of Google at the same time as looking for a related subject, your website came up, it seems to be great. I’ve bookmarked it in my google bookmarks. Hi there, just become aware of your blog via Google, and located that it is really informative. I am going to watch out for brussels. I’ll appreciate if you happen to proceed this in future. Many folks shall be benefited out of your writing. Cheers!


    Amazing knowledge, thank you for sharing.


    I’m listening to this amazing information and I have know for a few years now that I do have a gluten sensitivity. However, I have neglected to take that knowledge into account when I eat. I have gone on low to no carbs diets from time to time for weight loss purposes. I don’t stay on that diet because I feel so weak. So I ask, do we not eat even fruits for carbs, and what do I do if I feel weak?


    Would you be taken with exchanging links? eeggbbbkceeageag

    Emmie Cox-Thurman

    I am so thankful to have found this information and you, the doctors that are sharing on a level that patients understand. It is changing my life and I am so thankful. Thank you Dr Tom!!

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