How Gluten Can Affect the Brain, and How to Optimize Brain Function!

Daniel Amen, MD

  • How brain health affects overall health
  • How to improve your brain function TODAY
  • Brain imaging scans: the missing link for supporting the brain
  • The truth about healing the brain
  • How going gluten-free can benefit ADHD and Asperger patients

Proline-Rich Polypeptides/Colostrum

Andrew Keech, PhD, DSc

  • The little-known benefits of colostrum
  • How colostrum can help heal a leaky gut
  • How colostrum benefits autistic and Alzheimer's patients
  • The immune balancing affects of colostrum
  • Using colostrum to reset the immune system
  • How colostrum can help with autoimmunity
  • Why colostrum is tolerated by people on a dairy-free diet
  • Why sourcing quality colostrum makes a difference

Gluten, Brain Development and what Really Helps Brain Growth

Nora Gedgaudas, CNS, CNT

  • Understanding our evolutionary makeup
  • The truth about eating meat
  • Exploring the role of insulin in inflammatory processes
  • How sugar and dietary carbohydrates contribute to aging
  • The macronutrient thing that fuels cancer
  • How the body metabolizes different macronutrients
  • How to become an efficient fat burner
  • The startling truth about low-cholesterol diets
  • The impact of agriculture on the human brain

How Cross-Reactivity, Molecular Mimicry and Mold Toxicity Can Seriously Impact Your Health

Peter Osborne, DC, CNCB

  • The 3 common links between diet and autoimmunity
  • Understanding the role of cross reactivity in intestinal permeability
  • Uncovering the most common cross reactive foods  
  • Understanding the difference between molecular mimicry and cross reactivity
  • The 3 tissues most commonly affected by molecular mimicry
  • Why gluten-free dieters should limit corn
  • The 3 rules to live by if you want vibrant health


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