Nutrition For the Soul: Moving Beyond a Gluten-Free Diet

Deanna Minich, PhD, FACN, CNS

  • Non-food sources of hidden gluten
  • Cultivating a gluten-free lifestyle
  • How NOT to go gluten-free
  • Understanding and implementing Lifestyle Medicine
  • Overcoming the obstacles to going gluten-free
  • Gluten-free support for your whole family

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    what a great and clear speaker with a great vision if everyone had a nutrition practitioner like her, we would get healthier and happier with more grace and ease. She is so thorough, and addresses all aspect of the person and life. Wow! I’m impressed! I have been struggling with these issues for years and have had to get the information in bits and pieces myself. We need to have skilled, smart and compassionate health professionals who understand nutrition and other aspects of modern health (like toxins and additives) and is clear and thorough and supportive with their patients and clients!!!


    I get a massage every week for neck pain, being a confirmed celiac, (EGD) about 10 yrs ago, I’m wondering what the ramifications are ie: headaches and heaviness about 5 hrs after the massage… would be for the for a lotion, that’s not gluten free….also I’m one of those that needs the last 30% improvement….I was just tested using the DGF marker that tested, week positive. I’m at a loss where the gluten is getting through… ALSO Tom, could a cross reactive marker from the Cyrex test (Array 4) raise the DGF marker…… ???????


      I have experienced the same. I even go so far as to tease about which they are more interested in, me or the food! But, in truth, the quality of individual relationships were revealed when I developed food restrictions. The ones who really value substance in a relationship will be happy to meet under any circumstance that works.


      Hi, a massage sounds lovely. Could you not take your own safer lotion with you? There are many substitutes I believe that are better and surely the therapist would not mind. A bottle of something else would be worth a try to see if that is the case. Primal Life Organics might have something. I love their natural deodorant.


      So sorry Jp. My reply earlier reply was meant for Grace, the next comment below yours.


      I use grapeseed, almond or coconut oil for massage. I prefer it to any lotion, and no gluten!


    In the years that I have been choosing to eat more whole foods, and changing my diet to avoid many allergens and sensitivities, i have found it a real challenge to socialize. Deeanna talked about kids feeling different or left out, but for adults almost every way we socialize involves food. You want to visit with someone and they want to meet you for coffee or for a drink, or invite you to dinner. It’s almost as if in most cases people can’t imagine talking with each other without eating and drinking. It is difficult when you have so many sensitivities that there is almost nothing you can eat even in a health food deli. And also when your income has been drained enough by your health needs, that you don’t want to pay $4 for a cup of tea. I started asking people to meet me for walks or to just invite me to their homes for tea and not a meal – but it is still difficult. I appreciate that you are helping to educate the public so that someday conversation will not be constantly linked with consumption.


      Grace, I have experienced the same. I even go so far as to tease about which they are more interested in, me or the food! But, in truth, the quality of individual relationships were revealed when I developed food restrictions. The ones who really value substance in a relationship will be happy to meet under any circumstance that works


    Excellent presentation, well thought-out, informative and easy to listen to.

    Eileen Jones

    where do I get these lists you spoke about, foods that are gluten free and which are to be avoided. I have been on Gluten free diet for almost a year and still suffer with the bowel with gut leaking and constipation.. Please send me the lists


    Thank you so much for this presentation! ok, here is my question, since I haven’t heard anyone talking about this…it might be a really stupid question, but i’ll ask anyway! if someone doesn’t have a gluten sensibility? can that person eat gluten on some occasions and be ok with it? or does it always cause eventually some problems in the body?

    Melissa Hischke

    As always, anything Dr. O’Bryan is a part of is AWESOME! I especially love all the information on the nutrition side of healing. Thank you to all presenters. I knew by the first day I needed to purchase to be able to listen again. Am sure I will hear something new each time. Very valuable!

    isabella ferreira

    Excellent!!! I think the major point of your presentation to me was about speaking the truth. It´s so difficult to chose being different, healthier and take care of ourselves in a world with so many sick and unhealthy people. Sometimes I see myself denying who I am (vegetarian, gluten free, dairy free, nutritionist) by accepting things that are no good for me because others are offering so kind and you´re always the one denying. Thank you Deanna for so many ideas and knowledge I´ll take to my patients. Can´t wait to start the certification program with you!


    The mention of metabolic endotoxemia (?) from 40%+ diets definitely needs further elaboration. We know that diets with 60-70% of healthy fats can produce excellent health, so what kind of junk fats (high omega-6 industrial seed oils?) were the test subjects fed? And were these subjects coming off low- fat, high-sugar/fructose/processed carb diets and perhaps not properly adapted to digesting healthy fats?


    Dr. O’Bryan, I appreciate you sharing the mother’s personal story about losing her dear child with Celiac. That is the reality, and it’s past time we spoke about it instead of hiding our suffering. There are so many people suffering unnecessarily (physically, mentally and emotionally), because of our diet and environment. This is extremely serious and it needs urgent attention. Thank you!


      Thank you. I do believe with compassionate truth, we will awaken the Sleeping Healer inside of each of us. Spread the truth to your family and friends.


    Of all of the speakers I’ve listened to so far, Dr. Minick is the one who gives me “brain-envy”. 🙂 She is such a clear speaker, so informative and exuding hope. When my husband and I were informed that we needed to change our diet, we both teared up. Not from sadness, but from the feeling of hope! Dr. Minick alluded to this idea.

    Kathy Smith

    My 22 year old daughter was diagnosed with Celiac at age 15, having suffered horribly since birth. I’m the genetic carrier. She immediately started a gluten free diet (including GF everything else) and has since Vegan as well. Having experienced a disastrous freshman year of college she lives alone and cooks most of her own meals. Changing her entire lifestyle at age ’15’ was a daunting challenge, fraught with many ups and downs. It didn’t help that she was already living 12 hours away at school when initially diagnosed. We were part of the, “..only 3% of Celiacs…” generation. Her freshman year of college was disastrous because we trusted the school cafeteria’s assurance of providing a gluten free diet. The college was nationally ranked and her full scholarship was valued in excess of $200,000. She attended a local community college sophomore year so she could stay home and recuperate from the skin infection covering 75% of her body. She required 6+ months of antibiotic protocol and plastic surgery to minimize scarring. Being a ‘celiac kid’ is tough and is definitely a total lifestyle change. The earlier the diagnosis, the easier it will be to adapt. My heart weeps for the suffering my daughter endured simply because her doctors refused to listen every time she told them, “my tummy hurts.” We were college educated parents. I researched every physician, asked for references, etc… Where do I go wrong? How could I let my child down in such a huge way, for 15 years?

      Loren Ziem

      I went GF [and vegan!] at age 25 after gluten related disease and infections piggybacking on dermatitis herpetiformis caused me TIAs, seizures, TMJ so bad I couldn’t eat, and plenty more. I don’t see how you let her down. It sounds more like you resolutely helped her as best you could through a situation that’s all too unnecessarily common. If the prevalence of NCGS and the detection of celiac disease were in a bigger spotlight, stories like ours would be the exception and not the rule. Over the five years that have since elapsed, many of my family members have gone GF and noticed improvement in everything from weight to arthritis to even lesser known symptoms of gluten related disease. It’s never too late to make a difference.


    It ‘s a wonderful interview. Very usefuls advices to get a more healthy live. The implementation of a gluten free diet isn’t easy , but with directions of PhD Deena Minich and Dr. O’Bryan, it wil be possible!


    What is wrong with the sound? Paul


    Why does a high-fat diet cause metabolic endotoxemia?


    Do we have DNA analysis grain (especially wheat) grown 10,000 years ago and wheat grown now ? Is the real culprit “gluten” or the DNA structure of wheat grain today ?


    Gosh, Mom’s don’t be afraid! Your child will want to feel the same as every one in middle school and then high school (sucked into commercialism and pear pressure). Guess what, that child will wake up one day in her/his 20’s and realize Mom’s not so nuts! I’ve lived it. Giant struggle in the past. Persist, your kids will respond.


    How come the “Mediterranean Diet” is considered the best diet ? Are populations in Europe on “Mediterranean Diet” having same metabolic disorders/digestive issues/immune disorders as in the US ? How about Celiac, Gluten sensitivity for people on “Mediterranean Diet” Vs. “regular” US diet ?


    Hotels, Cruise ships having Gluten free items…., I think that is not far enough. They need to go GMO free..and preferably organic


    i am pretty sceptic about the affect of cosmetics/lotions etc. Even if one accepts that the gluten does penetrate the skin to some degree, I do not see how that would affect the digestive system. If we were discussing an allergy to gluten it would make sense to me, but celiac?


    Thank you for your wisdom, Thank you for recognising the emotional connection to food and the involvement of Spirit in the healing.


    As a health coach who struggled with the simplicity of the message of eating well, I am empowered to get out there and do the important work. I personally have not eaten wheat for 25 years and no gluten for about 5years. The joy of no body aches can be experienced by others with the acceptance of the reality that we are what we eat…THANK YOU!


    Wow! Thank you so much for this unbelievably moving interview. The look into my own bathroom cabinet gave me goose bumps and the mention of the connections between food addictions (it’s mostly bread with me too) and emotions really made me think. Thanks again!


    What about Ethel Alcohol in hand sanitizer? I was trying to avoid the ones with Rubbing Alcohol, since I know that is toxic. But I understand Ethel Alcohol comes from fermented grains. Is there gluten in that??? I’ve been off gluten for a year and a half, but for the last year I’ve had this rash on the front of my shoulder and my stomach and I can’t seem to make it go away. And the healthier I try to eat, the worse the rash gets! I use the safest skincare products I can find. I’ve tried eliminating, changing, switching products and nothing seems to help.

    Trinket Eckler

    I am very sad that I wasn’t able to finish viewing Dr. Deanna Minich’s presentation. I have been fighting Bronchitis – & losing – So I wasn’t able to complete listening to her. I found her very knowledgeable & interesting. Is there any way to get a copy (transcription) of her presentation? I really & truly want to know what else she had to say. I believe the title of her presentation was: “Nutrition for the Soul: Moving Beyond A Gluten-Free Diet”? Please advise soon, as I am having trouble w/my health & Gluten-Free eating! I am apparently not doing something correctly, & I am searching for the help I can find. I have enjoyed this summit so far. Thank you for presenting all of this information. Trinket Eckler

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