Designing a Brain-Optimizing Gluten-Free Diet the Whole Family Will Enjoy

Erica Kasuli, MS, RD, CDN

  • What to eat on a gluten-free diet
  • Mastering your mindset
  • Overcoming emotional eating
  • Nutrition for optimal body function
  • Understanding your unique body language
  • How food impacts blood flow to the brain
  • The Four Circle Approach to health

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    Marie Anzalone- DeCicco

    Erica’s talk was just so inspiring! I want to repeat listening to her over & over again! Thank you so much for all the information and profund sound advice for anyone who knows what it feels like to have experienced going through life with no defenitive explanations & diagnosis for years of feeling sick and never getting down to the bottom of their distress!


    As a celiac of 3 years I am finally looking at food as medicine and not a free for all. I loved the analogy of the dog eating the same thing and getting sick on table food. The baby crying like the body hurting because it has needs to be responded to. I feel so lucky to know the solution for my GI problem and it gets easier to eat gluten free as time goes on. Thanks for the enlightening pep talk.


    I tried de Dr Campbell diet, only plants, and after 3 months, my cholesterol was higher. I will do the Omni Diet. It sounds more reasonable. Thank you for all the information.


    The Omni diet sounds great as do many of the foods suggested by most of the speakers. Although, wouldn’t it be best for each individual to get tested for food sensitivities to find out which foods they are reacting to negatively before deciding on any particular diet. Food sensitivity tests results can show that many healthy whole foods can react negatively for a person. Foods such as cinnamon, celery, lettuce, fish and flaxseed. And these are considered healthy foods. I believe we need a personalized approach and customized diet for each individual before assuming which foods are healthy for everyone. Am I missing something? Please let me know. Great Summit….Great speakers, and great information.


    Also, I know it’s not easy for everyone to afford a sensitivity test for foods they may be sensitive to. Is there a way we can get a great sensitivity test at a great price for those of us who are attending the summit? I had one and that is what I rely on for my personal self.


    None of these videos are working on my phone today. Previous two days have worked. Disappointing as i can’t be sitting at my desk all day. Wanted to listen on the go.

    george murphy

    I have not been able to hear anything. With difficulty I was able to read most of the titles.


    really enjoyed this interview. I find support is vital, with family and friends especially. I was impressed that I have been aware of all these food allergies for a while and alternate to eat well eat badly eat well eat badly, so sticking to a 2 week trial sounds good. the challenge begins today!

    Mary O'Regan

    Excellent presentation. Thank you very much Erika, I am a nurse and a Nutritional Therapist with a great interest in The Metabolic Syndrome. I facilitate 11 week Nutrition and weight loss courses in Southern Ireland (Cork) Having listened to your presentation I now fell better equipped to do my work with more success.

      Bruce Homstead, MS, RDN, LDN

      Cholesterol is a marker for inflammation and metabolism. I would look for changes relating to those two effects and see what may have changed. Statins are not benign, long or short term.


    We have been wheat free for a year an a half and on a Paleo diet for 5 months. My husband’s cholesterol levels have shot up to the point where the dr. wants him on lipitor. What gives? We use whole foods, we’ve been religious about the diet. Also he is pre-diabetic and I fear that root vegetables may not be the best. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Great presentations by the way!

    Brenda Harper

    I Love the information! I got sicker and sicker on low fat whole grain diet back in 2003. I was labeled non-compliant and called a liar when I told my doctor’s: ” look I am eating 1200 cal low-fat whole grain and I am lap swimming 45 minutes 4-5 days a week, but I keep gaining weight something isn’t working here.” Then they put me on prednisone. Need I say more. I accept non-compliant fired my doctors and in desperation did the opposite of what wasn’t working. I ate good fat, higher protein NO-grain. Lost 90 no saggy skin, went from size 22 to size 2-4 and felt amazing. Mold in my home derailed 4 1/2 years of great health, which was made worse by more medical ignorance and bad medicine like mold doesn’t make people sick, that these antibiotics and steroid inhalers! Fortunately I refused to take immune suppressors which would have probably killed me with the systemic fungal infection no one would treat and diet wasn’t enough in a mold infested home (the mold was hidden and took me two years to find). I am now sensitive to many chemicals as well as mold and have Lupus antibodies but the very low grain no gluten very low sugar lots of good veggies and protein has helped me survive, an incredibly difficult journey of being homeless, broke, disabled, but still alive 5 1/2 years into this and moving in the right direction. Please keep spread the word!


    Excellent Presentation by Erica. looking forward to getting the The Omni Diet . Such great information and so inspiring!!

    Lauren Hoover-West

    If you need recipes and help. I have a cookbook and GF Biscotti Company that Dr. Tom loves!


    Such good advice! Such good information! I plan to check out the web site and to order the book. Thank you!


    Thank you for doing this gluten summit. I wanted to add if anyone is worried about high cholesterol they should view this TV show on Vimeo, titled “Heart of the Matter Dietary Villains”. Which is done very well to explain the theory of cholesterol is a bad theory. for good health.

    Shirley Edelstein

    Erica’s analogy on how to take care of our body is so simple to understand for all people. She is so creative in explaining how to eat a healthy diet. Keep up the good work and thank you for a good lecture.


    This has been my favorite speaker so far. She has made it simple for the average person to understand. Using food to depress emotion is a common trait among people today, me included. If we can understand that food is strictly for fuel, maybe our bodies would work at its optimal level. This has given me the motivation to take out gluten and other foods that may be harming my body. I want that feeling of happiness after a meal, and not fatigue. I want to be able to listen and understand what my body is trying to tell me.


    I have heard that eating every couple of hours may keep your body from burning fat as fuel. Since this Omni diet seems to recommend low glycemic foods i.e. non-starchy veggies, healthy fat and protein, perhaps this is not an issue. What about gluconeogenesis? Is 30% protein low enough to keep that from happening? Also, do you feel athletes may need more in the way of carbs or a few more sources of starchy carbs on high workout days, such as sweet potato or quinoa? What about intermittent fasting? I have also heard that postponing breakfast can be a good thing for some people.


    Dr. Tom, I don’t drink beer because of the yeast in it (bad for us) and the hops add tons of estrogen to the body; a hormone no one needs extra of in this day and age with all the petrochemical fertilizers and plastics adding estrogen to our bodies. I do have a question for you please: If a person has a gluten sensitivity is it still ok for them to drink wheat grass juice? Thank you, Lucretia

    max wilds

    Hi…all I know is…from personal experience is…my son…who has been diagnosed with schizophrenia…is much saner on a Paleo diet…and with junk food, wheat, etc…he sadly loses his mind badly… Thank You & best of luck.


    I work with patient all over America. Would love to help you great job Erica


    Wonderful presentation! Very practical and sensical approach- love the personal flavor with the street smart analogies. I am curious how Dr. Amen will approach the OMNI diet versus the Daniel Plan. One thing is for sure- EAT REAL FOOD! And don’t be shy about the fat. I have found personally that as I increase my good fat eating, I don’t crave the other stuff ( bad carbs, sugar,etc. ). I started a blog low carb Optometrist but I joke that I need to change it to High Fat Optometrist! Thanks again Erica and Tom! AJ

    Loren Ziem

    For anyone else who is attempting to put the information here in the Gluten Summit into a vegan or vegetarian diet, here’s a video by the author of The Omni Diet concerning vegan and vegetarian options. [If you’re already knowledgeable about veg*n protein, the good bits start around 1:38.]


    How would a vegetarian follow the Omni Diet.

      Loren Ziem

      It looks like the answer is basically legumes, including protein powders. The carbohydrate content could be higher, or perhaps this is addressed in the book, but it sounds plausible.


    Erica knows what she is talking about. I have already implemented these changes and they work. I am the mother of ten and I weigh 117 pounds. No other diet worked for me. Wheat creates cravings and fills you without providing powerful nutrients. I love this gluten free lifestyle. It creates freedom; freedom of the body and freedom of the mind. Everyone deserves to discover this kind of freedom.


    Thank you so much for making these interviews and this wonderful information available to everyone. As a child I was severely ill with asthma and have been chronically constipated since childhood. In adulthood, after being diagnosed with IBS, fibromyalgia, degenerative disc disease, Rheumatoid was added to the mix. I have been working on going gluten free and cut back on sugar greatly over the last 10 years. The information you made available is what I needed to proceed in the right direction to improve my health, which I have been working on for some time. It also answered the question as to why weight loss has continued to be difficult in my life with such chronic inflammation. I am looking forward to continuing on my journey to health with the added tools in my diet tool box.


    I have studied leaky gut since the early 90’s in an effort to self-diagnose. From there I was fortunate to work for chiropractors who enabled me to afford the gut analysis which turned out to be negative for gluten sensitivity. As it turns out, my gut was not the only issue. My thyroid was suffering as well. Wrong lab or incomplete diagnosis – it doesn’t matter. My point is, by listening, studying and eliminating one food after another then finally gluten, I have improved my overall health tremendously and now use live cell analysis (cheap usually) to see if I have blood cell markers that may be indicating some harm is happening. While this is surely incomplete, it is at least providing an affordable guideline as to my status on whether or not I am successful in going gluten zero as recommended. I am finding daily that there are a gazillion ways for gluten to slip in unannounced so the work is not so much figuring out what’s wrong or to what degree but finding out how to maintain zero gluten. That’s the challenge. The body will heal itself when the interference is removed and our job is to be diligent. Hope this makes sense. I’m 71 and enjoying better health than when I was 40 and 50. Be encouraged that so many people are now understanding the issues and the medical profession WILL catch up:-) Restaurants are listening to us already, yay! Blessings to all!

    Pushpa Kapadia

    Thank you, Enjoyed this session as well. I am vegetarian and have celiac, so what do I substitute 30% of the protein with??

    Janice Heno

    Excellent presentation. Great information that I can use now. I am going to get the book tomorrow and begin my journey to wellness immediately.


    did she really mean to say that insulin is not made in the pancreas? Only in the brain or in both places?


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