OMG - GMO And Its Connection To Gluten

Jeffrey Smith

  • Clarifying the difference between genetically modified and hybridized foods
  • The startling toxin in the blood of 93% of pregnant women
  • The 9 genetically modified foods in the food supply right now
  • The truth about how Bt toxin affects your health
  • The alarming dangers of genetically modified corn
  • How non-GMO diets help alleviate symptoms and promote health

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    This I believe is my problem. Thank you for all your research and your braveness to exposes Monsanto and other big corporations involved in creating Gmo products.


    Thank you for sharing this info! Jeffery Smith’s presentation was an eye opener!


    My 9 years old’s health only improved after I began him on a NON-GMO diet! He has been sick for his entire life!


    Have been listening to each talk each day. Have learned so much. Just got started in trying to go gluten free and will continue, now with all this information. Thank you so much for this summit.

    Cheryl White

    The Jeffrey Smith interview was outstanding! I’ve had GI issues since I was a child growing up in the 70’s and 80’s, but the severe digestive problems and leaky gut started in the early 90’s. It was in Jan. 2012 that I learned of my sensitivity to gluten through Bioressonance therapy. Going off gluten changed my world, but I would become – and to this day – will experience severe, explosive bowel movements and flu like symptoms if I consume too much dairy. After this presentation, and after seeing Jeffrey’s most interesting documentary, Genetic Roulette, I KNOW that the missing link to my health issues is related to everything and anything that is GMO. How do we even disgusted this garbage we call food when Monsanto and monster multi-national food companies are funnelling shut up money to government and their bureaucracies to avoid putting GMO labelling on their foods? For now, I will buy strictly organic and stay away from canned foods unless it is organic and non-GMO certified. Me and my family will no longer be human guinea pigs for these thugs. Thank you for staying on top of this matter and fighting for what is right. It makes me sick that there are actually farmers who actually defend Monsanto, round up ready crops and the poisonous so called foods they produce. It boggles my mind! Knowledge is power – keep spreading the word – say a so to GMOs!

    Cheryl White

    Say NO to GMO’s!

    Cheryl White

    Also, I had a lightbulb moment when the doctor and Jeffrey were talking about undigested proteins and bad gas and bloating due to the increase in trypsin. I ask the Dr. This? My husband has high protein leakage into his urine and as a result has been denied life insurance! I am very much into integrative and alternative health and took my husband for live blood analysis to a microbiologist. The result showed a massive amount of undigested protein in my husband’s blood. For as long as I’ve known my husband-since 1992-he has always had very bad gas. I told him and his Dr. It was due to undigested proteins fermenting in his gut and that the body was expelling it through the kidneys, ending up in his urine. Of course, his doctor laughed at me because most doctors cannot wrap their heads around this concept. But after I took my husband to my herbalist for a more holistic look via live blood analysis with the microbiologist, the evidence was live on screen for us to see. You simply cannot argue what is right in front if you. My husband went in digestive enzymes for a short spell but then went back to his usual ways and the protein count is high, he’s high blood pressure pills, and we don’t even bother to apply for life insurance. Would you agree that the high protein leakage into my husbands urine is related to his bad gut – and the large amount of undigested proteins? This guy is a big meat eater. I welcome discussion on this issue and possible strategies to get rid of the protein in the urine which could lead to kidney disease. This all makes sense to me but not to his Dr.

    Cheryl White

    May I also add with respect to GMO’s – Monsanto has a large office and research facility right in the campus of our university right in the heart if their Food Sciences Smart Park. For as long as Monsanto is on university campuses funding their own skewed research into franken-foods, there will never be a negative study that comes out of those universities on GMO’s and the Ag Students that graduate from those universities will have been brain washed into believing this is holy water for crops and our food. That’s the fight and the battle ahead of us who know better. Monsanto is everywhere!

    Janet Casini-Pepe

    I have gluten and dairy intolerance, but just returned from two wks in Italy…where I was able to eat both gluten and dairy since they don’t allow GMO foods in Europe. Coincidence, I think not. Our “food” in the US is making us all sick. Thank you for a terrific talk. We need to get the word out re GMO food and illness.

    R Deardurff DC LAc



    Have they named the gut bacteria that you were talking about that they are finding in the children that is not to be there?


    Amazing information, ands it helped fill in some informational gaps for me. I do have a question about targeting Monsanto, since there are several large companies with similar products, but I did not hear that mentioned. Also, I know a trucker who says he has hauled glycophosphate into organic farms, and they told him it was “allowed” because it is “organic”. Is that correct??

    Kathy Randolh

    What an amazing presentation! Information about all the government involvement in the GMO foods is shocking. I have non-celiac gluten sensitivity along with SO many other foods and even to environmental toxins (i.e. Colognes, candles, cleaning fluids, etc.) I will definitely give the Non-GMO diet at good try. Thank you and I will let you know if it works for me. I am once again hopeful.

    Stephanie Williams

    This great and overdue summit brings “naturopathy 101” to the general public – so thank you. The knowledge has been around a long time – it is sad that it has to be packaged as ‘science’ in order to reach people. Doctors specialise in sickness – and thank goodness they do because we need them quite often. But naturopaths, herbalists, homoeopaths, nutritionists are the primary health professionals – it is a pity there is so little recognition of this. What we teach people gives them the tools to take control of their own and their families’ wellbeing. Would you consult a plumber if you wanted a haircut – well then? I am really enjoying listening … so thanks again.


    Thank you fantastic info! Im so happy this info is becoming more main stream.


    Bacteria from food (corn) going into bacteria of gut bacteria – is that related to mosaic and chimerism (from genetics) – do these work cross species ?


    How about organic frozen vegetables/fruits packed in plastic ? Can those plastics micro particles get into food and become endocrine disruptor ?


    I have a question: how long have the GMO foods been on the market, and how long has Roundup been being sprayed on the food? Does anyone know the year? I’m wondering if there is a correlation between that and my serious health problems. Secondly, when trying to avoid GMO foods, it’s very important that we look into the ingredients of the supplements that we’re swallowing. I recently noticed that a lot of supplements have soy, corn, rice, and other food products in the ingredients and they do not say anywhere on the label that they’re organic. That must mean they are GMO. So be careful!


    PS: To Tom O’Brien: thank you 1 million thousand times over for making the Gluten Summit! I have learned so much more about gluten and all the related issues from this summit. I really really appreciate it!


    Listen to GMO issues at free until Dec 1. I wish the free duration of this summit on Gluten be also extended. This is one of the largest public health issues faced by humanity and maybe this series should be made free and posted in YouTube because more than 90%+ of people in the developing countries (which is adopting GMO and American food habits) would not be able to afford $67 dollars for the series. The money can easily be raised through the many philanthropic foundations in the US I hope your organization and this series is nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for bringing this information out in the open. Thanks.

    Ann Debono

    As a former teacher of preschoolers with disabilities, I often commented that I believed our food had to be a contributing factor in autism, learning disabilities and learning in general. I feel so validated!! I could not convince parents to change their diets..perhaps now, with soooo much support, parents will! Thank you so much for making this info available!


    Thank you for taking the time to explain what is happening with our food supply. I have had so many issues throughout my life with digestion that I know would have been resolved if I had this information sooner. This whole summit has put together a wonderful knowledge base for us to become healthier people and to realize how damaging our diet can be. I always knew that the diet played an important role in our health, but what an eye opener this has been. Thank you again and again.


    This talk is blowing my mind. I knew GMO was bad but had NO idea. I am always so busy focusing on gluten because my son has celiac disease and a number of neurological complications associated with it along with reactions to dairy. Even with all of the work we do to regulate his food we still see problems. It NEVER entered my mind that it could be related to GMO as well. And he LOVES tortilla chips 🙁 And we are vegetarians so eat soy. Like you said there is no harm at this point in trying. It makes me so angry hearing this that I can barely contain myself. Thank you for this summit. It is so gut wrenching to hear all of this – but it is information we need to know so that we can make informed choices about the food we chose. We live in China and right now there is a large debate involving America and GMO. The Chinese need to run while they can and learn from our mistakes. Here is an interesting article on this (take the time to read the response in the comment section from John – well put). Thank you again for sharing all of the interviews!


    Another enlightening interview.

    Heather @ Stuffed Pepper

    Fascinating… scary… and angering. It may explain a lot as to why people on the traditional GFD don’t get better, but do once they’ve gone “paleo” which gets rid of the grains and the rBGH milk, and focusses on the whole, organic foods. This has been a great summit. And I’m so thankful for all the work put into putting all these great minds together for discussion in one place.


    Great info! Wish there were more people like Jeffery Smith. Imagine how everyones health would improve if everyone in North America would listen to this?

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