Your body is not a bank account. It's a chemistry lab.

JJ Virgin, CNS, CHFS

  • The 7 foods to eliminate for vibrant health
  • Why the body is a chemistry lab, not a bank account
  • Nutrition strategies for the road
  • How to avoid hidden allergens in restaurants
  • The single most important factor for weight loss success

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    To sue above me Stevia is not artificial sugar . But I will let answer your question.


    Dr. Tom, you mentioned that JJ’s Travel Guide was available, but I cannot find it. Can you provide a link to the page? Such a great interview!


    Great idea about morning shakes. One warning about Chia seeds is to avoid it before surgery.


    Love this interview! So much great information. As others have mentioned, cannot find link to the travel guide. Also curious about rice…is that allowed? And how much water in 24 hours? Thanks so much!

    Elaine N Hagley

    Great presentation


    Can you provide the link for the travel guide?


    JJ – thanks for some great practical advice. really enjoyed your approach and how to make it real for people. we’re getting lots of theory but nice to have someone explain HOW do i do this in my busy life.


    gives me hope as I feel like a food addict and need some structure. thanks for the inspiration

    Cindy Blase

    Fascinating interview! Breaks down what I have known into simple terms that are easy to follow! Avoid the 7 poisons, gluten, artificial sweeteners, dairy, soy, peanuts, corn and eggs. Our bodies are a chemistry lab!!!


    Thank you JJ for all the information. You have put the puzzle pieces together for me as to why I have had such a difficult time losing weight for so many decades. I tried so many diets and give up when they don’t work only to try the next one and so on. I have messed up my metabolism and now, because of you and your knowledge, I have hope. I also am gluten sensitive and have learned through this summit I must commit to be gluten zero. Anxious to start this journey and I thank you so very much! Bless you.


    Thanks, great information! Question: I include spinach, kale, raw beet, banana and berries along with almond milk, vitamins and protein in my smoothie in the morning. Are these acceptable on the Virgin Diet? Thanks!


    I am a Chiropractic student. Chiropractors assist patients with whole body healing, including diet, so the advice that I give my patients in the future is crucial. I have thoroughly enjoyed learning about gluten sensitivity and what foods are the best to consume. Thank you for helping me become a better doctor.

      Dr. Tom

      Wonderful! Thank you Amanda. Let’s all work together to really move the needle on the conversation about gluten sensitivity, with or without celiac disease. Wishing you the very best for your Chiropractic career!


      Rice is gluten free unless you buy it in a box with additives.

    M Louise

    Rice? Isn’t one of the foods to avoid gluten? Rice is low in gluten but nevertheless gluten.


      Bulletproof coffee is just coffee (I do tea) with unsalted butter (or ghee) in it. Put it through the blender or use an emersion blender to temporarily emulsify it. Or just drink it with the butter melted on top. Sometimes if its too early to turn on a blender I do that. Some people add MTC oil also. I do not.


    How do I find out about bulletproof coffee when we can’t access past interviews? I also would like to know about adding veggies to the shake.


    I love JJ’s enthusiasm! Thank you so much!


    Thank you for the travel guide and presentation. For the dairy, if we don’t have allergies/intolerances, what are your thoughts on grass-fed/raw dairy? We have access to raw milk from a farm near where we live. Thanks. Your talk was inspiring.

    Michelle Gamerl, L.Ac.

    Cyrex Array 4 needs to be stressed more throughout this summit. For example, my own daughter’s results showed reactivity to hemp, millet, teff, and tapioca which means most off-the-shelf gluten-free items are off limits. Imagine the damage that is being done to folks who are beginning a GF way of life and who may be creating more inflammation because of other food sensitivities.

    Lois Sulka

    Great interview! So appreciative of all the practical information you offered. When I think of the changes in just 6 years since I was diagnosed, it’s so much easier to build good health and avoid gluten, etc. A long way to go yet, but not the mountain it was!

      Dr. Tom

      Thank you Lois, yes, there have been so many positive changes in recent years, and so much support and information has become available. Wishing you the very best!


    Hi JJ, I really enjoyed your talk. I am very new to the gluten free info. I have been a vegan for 3 years, can I still your program to lose weight and feel better.

    Katey Greene

    Thrilled to try a few new breakfast shares. I’m headed out to purchase monk fruit now!


    I really enjoyed the interview. I would love the link to the Virgin Diet Travel guide. I too have looked all over and can’t find it. Thanks!


    Thanks for a great travel guide and presentation. I’m glad the virgin diet omits corn. I’ve been gluten-free for over 3 years but avoiding corn for more than 35 years. Unfortunately, with the pressure for generics more & more of the inactive ingredients in medicines have corn derivatives with many different names. I am allergic especially to polyethylene glycol. Are any of your viewers having similar problems with medicines?

    connie curtis

    great info but some of the products like the coconut milk has some ingredients that arent good for you. Hope that she checks on that information. Where is the recipe for the shake?


    Wonderful interview. I have JJ’s book and have tried to follow the plan. I am now motivated to TRULY follow it. I find eggs the hardest to give up. But, I’m going to do it!! Like JJ, I absolutely LOVE almond butter. I don’t dare keep it in the house!! Thank you for this interview, it was great!


    You have been very informative and helpful . My husband has just been diagnosed with sensitivities to most of the foods to avoid. There is hope for us when traveling thanks to your presentation

    Davina Spafford Stuart

    Am loving this summit! I am going to have soooooo much reading to do over the next few weeks/months in prep to make some more changes in my lifestyle (cuz it is not a diet!)


    Can you provide the link for the travel guide?


    Is quinoa gluten free? I heard a few days ago that it wasn´t.


    How can one do the Virgin diet as a vegetarian?


    Thank you for the interview! Two comments: I was at a Thai restaurant today and asked about the gluten – and the waiter told me they use soy sauce as a base for the majority of their sauces. He offered me an extremely limited menu. The other comment I have is that I make my high quality french pressed coffee with cold pressed organic coconut oil instead of butter. Not sure that is what Bulletproof is about, but I love it.


    Thank you for the Gluten Summit, I’m learning more about my gluten sensitivity. I enjoyed hearing JJ and looked for the Virgin Travel Diet. I’ve tried 3 times to connect to the Virgin Travel Diet with no luck. The last time the computer didn’t believe it was a person requesting 3 times and I had to put in the numerical code…even then I only received the weight loss. Which is not bad but not the Travel Guide either. Please advise because none of the links you provide bring it up.


    much of the information isn’t helpful for a vegetarian or vegan. This surprised me. So many of us are one or the other.


    Well, I tried to get the Virgin Travel Diet several hours later but again only the 3 day weight loss so I’m giving up on it. Frustrated as I was very interested In seeing what it had to say as I’m traveling on the 18th of November.


    As is often the case, I’m learning even more from the comments section. Thanks to those who caught the carrageenan and vit D2 in So Delicious. That’s a bad oversight in a talk like this (I’ve noticed these concerns haven’t been addressed yet, either). I would also like to know what’s wrong with eggs. I’ve never known anyone with an ‘allergy’ to eggs, but I know they must be out there, so I’m not suggesting everyone can tolerate every food. That said, I’d like to know exactly why JJ is advocating cutting out a clearly healthy food source like eggs…


    Hi. My kids, 6 & 7 are both on a gluten, dairy and soy free diet. I use 100% Xylitol, brand: Xyla as a sweetener. Is this allowed on the Virgin Diet?


    JJ you mention this chia seed pudding? Sort of thing is this something that will stay for a few days in the fridge or does it need to be made fresh each time?


    I wish I could listen “live”. I have 2 sisters and a nephew with biopsy diagnosed celiac disease. My sister was diagnosed over 25 years ago! What they told her then was to have all her siblings tested (there are 8 total!) Two brothers with psoriasis and several of us have thyroid disease. I have been gluten free- for the most part- for almost one year. I feel better, but I fear that some damage is done- osteoarthritis. The worst part of all of this is people who think gluten free diets are a fad. I can deal with that but the poor kids who have to deal with people who do not understand! Amazing what our gut does for our bodies. Thank you for this summit!!


    can always use water in shakes like i have for years, or buy coconut milk in a can a BPA free can there are two good brands out there, and on amazon they have almond milk without the carr, can’t spell it but without those fillers that are not great. whole foods brand has one without the carragenan


    Thanks for the fantastic presentation. I have already read the Virgin Diet and am looking forward to the cook book in the new year. I don’t eat any of the 7 foods and have sensitivities to a few more and really appreciate your free gift of the travel suggestions. Thanks also to Dr. Tom and your team for all your hard work to put together such a fantastic summit.

    Betsy Fox

    Thanks for the great talk and superb information…I have learned so much, plus from the comments! I also would like to know about goat’s milk/cheese, as I eat these from a friend’s creamery–are these okay? I am not intolerant or allergic as far as I know, but want to be tested. Thanks for the entire summit, hope to win the package as I can’t afford to buy it now but would love to hear all the talks! Betsy Fox


    I can’t access JJ’s interview and it should still be available !!!!!!!!!!!!!


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