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    I had Cyrex Array 3 testing done. The results showed I have five EQUIVOCALs and no OUT OF RANGE results. Does this mean that it is likely that I am not gluten intolerant?

      Michelle Ross ~ Clinical Nutritionist

      As is the case in all markers of our bodies health, there is a scale of severity. For some people a ‘mild’ problem is a nuisance in the background, and for others a ‘mild’ problem is debilitating. EQUIVOCAL is one standard deviation out of range. OUT OF RANGE is two standard deviations out of range, but both are out of range. Any marker EQUIVOCAL or OUT OF RANGE can represent a gluten sensitivity or a gluten related disorder.


    Is there a way to listen over the phone? I can’ t seem to get it to open on my phone. I have no other internet available to me.

      Michelle Ross ~ Clinical Nutritionist

      Hi Cherie, Depending on your phone/carrier, you should be able to access it with the emailed link over your phone or tablet. If it isn’t working hopefully you will be able to access it via a computer in the next four days. If not, it will be available for purchase.


    Will we be able to get the recordings of this webinar? To purchase them?

      Michelle Ross ~ Clinical Nutritionist

      Hi Laura-Jean, Yes, the Webinar will be available for purchase at the end of the free four-day event.

        Michelle Ross ~ Clinical Nutritionist

        You can purchase the webinar here:


    Can we get on the calls live?

    Maria Belluccio

    Could we get alittle more info on the cross reactivity of gluten to dairy, corn, rice,millet , yeast and oats. I’ve been doing the array 3 and 4 on pateints and it’s still not clear if we need to eliminate these foods indefinitely or after a gut repair program. Please advise. Thanks

      Michelle Ross ~ Clinical Nutritionist

      If you are making elevated antibodies to a food, you likely have produced Memory B cells to that food. The Memory B cells are just that-an immune memory that says ‘this environmental toxin is a poison’-fight it. If you would like a more thorough review of this, listen to Dr. Vojdani’s interview in the Gluten Summit. The current recommendation is to eliminate the food/s for 6 months while doing a gut repair protocol. At the end of the 6 months, you need to retest to confirm the elevated antibodies to the food/s are gone. If gone, you can challenge if you wish. To challenge, add the foods back into the diet for two weeks. Then, wait an additional two weeks before you test again. If the antibodies are back, it is likely because your memory B cells are activated and protecting you. You likely will need to eliminate these foods indefinitely.

        Lisbeth (Denmark)

        Thanks so much for this question Maria, and for the detailed answer, Michelle. It answers exactly what I would like to know. Having 34 foods on a test for food intolerances it is nice to know if they are to be left out for life or it is perhaps possible to add them back in once the gut is healed. So miss my green peas and almonds 😉


          Hi, But I have read that food intollerances change all the time when you have leaky gut and a permeable intestine. So you spend all the time chasing a food intolerance and then because of the limited number of foods you can eat, you end up eating more of another food and then get a food intolerance to that. Then the whole process starts again of the Memory B cells….. so in fact it seems that as time goes on you develop more and more intolerances and subsequently more and more memory cells. All just a nightmare in my opinion and need more advice.


            Anne, this also confuses me! Can’t find out what to trust. Seems like the best plan is to do everything possible to heal the gut and only then test. But not sure this is understood correctly.


            You might also want to see Michelle Ross’ answer to Maria Belluccio


      Dr. O’Bryan goes into this on the bit about barley and beer and Dr. Marsh. He says if you want to try to continue to eat these foods, you should abstain for awhile try to heal, get retested to show you have healed and then take the foods again and retest to see if you are reacting. Sounds pretty expensive to me. I would just avoid the foods. But if you listen to Dr. Campbell-McBride she says after three years on the GAPS diet people are usually able to eat a broader range of foods again.

        Michelle Ross ~ Clinical Nutritionist

        Hi Linda, Yes, this can be an expense way to find out if your body is reacting to a food(s). After healing the gut, people are often able to eat a broader range of foods. Gluten seems to be an exception because, as Dr. Fasano explained, gluten causes intestinal permeability in all humans. If gluten contributed to damaging your gut, it will likely continue to damage your gut if you add it back into your diet. Cow dairy is like gluten for some people and they aren’t able to add it back into their diet, even after they have healed their guts. For many of us, a healthy gut is a lifetime pursuit, you need to put a little attention on it every day.


    Please don’t forget about those of us who need testing in Canada, where do we go??? Alcat is not available here neither….

      Michelle Ross ~ Clinical Nutritionist

      Hi Louise, Good news! ALCAT is available in Canada. You can speak to your healthcare practitioner or you can order the tests here:


    Dr. Tom, I cannot access the new seminar. I had received you e-mails confirming my registration and follow-ups regarding homework assignments which I did. Yet, today when I clicked on the link you provided, I got nothing but ads to buy copy of the summit. Need help. I registered again. Not a solution. Thanks, Bettie

      Michelle Ross ~ Clinical Nutritionist

      Hi Bettie, Sorry to hear that you are experiencing difficulties. If you scroll to the top of this page, the Webinar is in the box with the picture of Cyrex Array 3. If it won’t play, it could be an issue with your wifi or it might be worth trying to access through another browser (e.g., Safari, Firefox or Chrome). Hope this helps. Keep us posted.

      Louise Carder

      HI Bettie I had the same problem and was advised by Dr Tom’s team to clear my cache and history on my computer and it would be fine. I was not able to do this, although there are clear instructions on the help section on my computer, so I used another computer to open the file and it worked fine, so it will be a history/cache issue with your computer


        Thanks Louise. I have cleared part of the cache and history, but have not solved the problem yet. Guess I need to try again. I think the cache and history may be part of the problem. I do not know what to do about the audio, but was surprised to find it worked for some other webinars. The original Gluten Summit had audio when I enjoyed very much. Thank you again. Bettie

    Debbie Winn

    Thank you so much for making this available. Through the Gluten Summit in November 2013 I read the book Why Do I Still Have Thyroid Symptoms? and found a naturopathic physician who has been trained by Dr. Kharrazian, the author of the book. I am looking forward to my appointment and hopefully getting some answers to my health issues. Thank you!!

      Michelle Ross ~ Clinical Nutritionist

      Hi Debbie, That is great news! We are so happy you found a knowledgeable practitioner to work with. Wishing you the best as you pursue the answers you are seeking!


    I have been on a GF diet for 2 years but have 47 food sensitivities (IgG) with 10 of those in the very high range. I have had it tested twice a year apart with some moderation of readings. It is challenging to find anything to eat even on the Paleo, dairy free, egg free, nut free diet. My gut is not healed yet as I am still symptomatic and will look into your GS Kit to heal it. Thank you for your valuable information. I look forward to future webinars.

      Michelle Ross ~ Clinical Nutritionist

      Hi Judy, Thank you for listening! For many, it is a journey back to wellness. You can find out more about the gut healing products here: Wishing you well in your journey back to health!


    Is there a time schedule for these talks? I loved listening to Dr Tom today – so much information, now if we could just get our Dr’s to understand

      Michelle Ross ~ Clinical Nutritionist

      Hi MaryAnn, You can listen for FREE anytime between January 30th to February 2, 2014 at midnight U.S. E.S.T. The Webinar will also be available to purchase so that you can share with your healthcare practitioners after these dates.

    Michael Glassley DDS

    A year ago my blood pressure was spiking to 210/110. Started taking colostrum and peptide spray, stopped grains, eliminated potatoes as soon as I listened to the presentations of Gluten Summit. I also eliminated all GMO foods. Increased fats and oils and chose only organic foods. I was taking aspirin but stopped when I realized it contained corn starch. Blood Pressure Is now a steady 140/85 and getting better each day. Unbelievable increased brain function. Ate red beets this week and I had no red coloring in my urine. I have increased energy at age of 70. Depression is not a problem. Arthritis is gone. Mentally I feel like I have fewer male hormone problems. I have been taking testosterone shots twice per week and sometimes I feel like I Am all over the place. Everything is improving! Thank You for all your hard work!

      Dr. O

      Dr. Glassley, you’re our walking PosterBoy! You model it My Man. We choose how to feed our bodies/brains. Garbage In/Garbage Out. No righteousness intended here folks, just Facts. As long as we’re conscious of what we’re doing, there is no injustice-it’s just choice. Our passion is based around the injustice of avoidance, and lack of emphasis on the knowledge that is published about the many systemic effects of a Gluten Related Disorder. Congratulations and keep up the great work


      I am wondering what does it mean if you eat beets and don’t have the red urine result?


        I would also like to know. I thought that when I ate beets and had color in my urine within 2hrs I was passing everything along in a speedy way. Also felt great during this time and way of eating (off of grains, sugar, etc.).


        Hi Armstrong, Hope it is okay I respond. As far as I have understood, it is normally considered a sign of low stomach acid hence making proper digestion of proteins difficult and possibly causing hearthburn/reflux and pathogens growth in the stomach as well as several other issues.


      Thanks so much for sharing your amazing recovery Michael Glassley! I am very happy for you and it really gives me hope. Kind regards. Lisbeth

    Bethaney Guerra

    Loved your informative summit! I have a 14 year old daughter with alopecia areata I have been trying to apply the methods of functional medicine to help heal her. After a negative celiac panel with her regular doctor, I decided to take her off of gluten anyway. (Her dad has celiac and I believe it led to ulcerative colitis). I found a doctor who ran the cyrex array 4 and she reacted to most all grains. Also she tested positive for the homozygous C677T gene mutation. I have been using a variety of supplements and have been very cautious with her new grain free diet, but after 3 months we are still seeing hair loss. Can she use the Gluten sensitivity packs from Nu Medica since she is only 14? Please let me know if there is anything else we should try. Thank you so much for what you are doing!!!!!!

      lisa bomers

      hi bethany, my son also has alopecia areata–was on prilosec as an infant for reflux (tried getting him off it several times to no avail) and when we switched him to prevacid at 2yrs old he started loosing his hair. as they say, i think it was the straw that broke the camels back. he was tested for food allergies and showed up allergic to alot of things, gluten/dairy/eggs/etc. when we eliminated all of these from his diet we were able to get him off the reflux med. He is now 7yrs old and still seeking alternative care with some improvement and some bouts of hair regrowth but is a process. (he totally lost all of his hair–but so thankful he’s a boy). anyway would love to communicate with someone that has similiar medical conditions. reply back and i will give you my email. Michelle–thanks so much for the info and my son is on several of these listed (different brand) but would be interested if a 7yr old can take the packs also.


        Hi Lisa, see my comment to Bethaney about my son with alopecia totalis. I’ve listened to the summit and we’re seeing a functionalMD who was also dialled in. Every time my son starts the new supplements, however, he gets a rash on his arms. Maybe we can share info?

      Dr. O

      Dr. Glassley, you’re our walking PosterBoy! You model it My Man. We choose how to feed our bodies/brains. Garbage In/Garbage Out. No righteousness intended here folks, just Facts. As long as we’re conscious of what we’re doing, there is no injustice-it’s just choice. Our passion is based around the injustice of avoidance, and lack of emphasis on the knowledge that is published about the many systemic effects of a Gluten Related Disorder. Congratulations and keep up the

      Dr. O

      Congratulations Bethaney on being an active participant and needing to learn some of this. In your case it sounds like that is what it took. Congrats. Sounds like you’re in good hands. Just make sure to have a comprehensive stool analysis. If they can swallow pills, the packs are safe for children.

      sharon b

      Don’t want to tell ya much, this is such a high level technical discussion; but not uncommon for casein and gluten issues to go hand-in-hand, at least they do for me. Supplements can contain gluten or milk, so had to clean up everything: ONLY whole food vitamins (no synthetics), esp. Vits D and C. Also found I had been de-mineralized (magnesium is most important, zinc, selenium, copper and calcium only the beginning), no fluoride in water, toothpaste or mouthwash, no gluten in shampoo, lipsticks, get the idea?? Check out Paleo recipes, and you may also want to test adrenal function (stress from long-term damage or hidden infection). Hope this helps.


      Hi Bethaney, My son lost all his hair last yr at age 16. He has an identical twin with a full head of hair and we know the main difference between them: a vaccine at age 10, followed by illness and a stream of antibiotics. We are now seeing a functionl MD (in Scotland).Maybe we could communicate with those like Lisa and pool our info. I’ve found two cases of total alopecia reversal in patients who were told their hair would never grow back –they went gluten free and took hi dose probiotics, among other things. Want to heal our kids together?


    Please let me know how I can listen to Dr Alessio Fasano’s presentation as it did not appear under the homework assignments. Thank you

      Michelle Ross ~ Clinical Nutritionist

      Hi Leonora, If you purchase The Gluten Summit you can have access to all of the interviews.

      The Gluten Summit Support Team

      Dear Leonora, Dr. Fasano’s presentation was not a pre-webinar homework assignment. However, it is available for lifetime access as part of the Gluten Summit packages, thank you


    First, thank you for all of your work on this! I have learned so much! I am considering having a test done through Cyrex Labratories. Now, I don’t have a lot of money. Would it be better to have the array 1 done and then wait for the results before having more tests done? I have multiple autoimmune issues and was considering the Array 5, or should I just have the Array 5 done. What would your recommendation be? Thanks again for this life-changing information!

      Michelle Ross ~ Clinical Nutritionist

      Hi Tiffanie, We are so happy to hear that you enjoyed the webinar. We recommend starting with Cyrex Array 2 and 3.

    Jill House

    Great talk! Can someone go over protocols for when I should order the other arrays at Cyrex labs like 7 versus 7a.


    Hi Dr O’Bryan, Dr. Osborne, who was on your Gluten summit, claims that genetic testing (HLA-DQ alpha 1 and beta 1 genes) for gluten sensitivity is the only accurate way to test for gluten sensitivity. Any comments on that? Thank you

      Michelle Ross ~ Clinical Nutritionist

      Hi Alina, Dr. O’Bryan addresses in detail the strengths and some of the limitations of genetic testing in the webinar. Genetic testing is absolutely of value in some very specific situations, but it does not test for gluten sensitivity. Genes can identify if you have a vulnerability and a potential for developing a gluten-related disorder, but it can’t show if you are currently having an immune reaction to gluten. Dr. O recommends Cyrex Array 3 to determine if your immune system is reacting to gluten. It is currently the best way to test for a gluten related disorder.


    Loved, loved, loved your summit because I learned so much and I am learning more with your webinar…thank you Dr. Tom and your staff for giving so much of yourselves to educate us/help us. I, with a blood test, was told many years ago that I am allergic to wheat, corn, potato, etc. but not what to do about it. I did not notice any outward symptoms. Now I have environmental allergies, heart pounding and fluttering, edema, the list goes on so it looks like I set myself up by continuing to eat the foods that I am allergic to. Is this the right thinking? Thank you again for all you are doing!

      Dr. O

      Yes. Rational thinking given what you’ve heard from Schoenfeld, Vojdani, Perlmutter, myself. You’ve got it. That’s the right thinking. So how large is your pop-pop-popping football field? How long will it take to put the fire out AFTER you make sure you’e no longer throwing gasoline on the fire. (intestinal milieu, heavy metals, toxic chemicals, food sensitivities,….) That’s it. Good luck on your quest.


    Hi, had the array #4 done and came back way out of range for eggs and corn and other things. My question is whether this means egg whites or egg yolks. Egg yolks have alot of nutrients i would hate to give up. I asked cyrex labs and have not heard back. Thanks!

      Michelle Ross ~ Clinical Nutritionist

      Hi Ann, Cyrex Array 4 tests for the whole egg. If you wanted to know specifically if you can eat just the yolks are just the whites, you would need to do a test like the ALCAT, that separates these.


    Have you looked at the LEAF vs the AlCAT test? If so why are you recommending the ALCAT? Thank you.


    I was very disappointed that a discussion of Cyrex Lab Array 2 showing equivocal results for Lipopolysaccharides (LPS) IgM was not discussed. That is what my test shows, so that leaves me without enough understanding of what to do that would be different from having gotten other results.


    As already logged by “Bettie” I am also having zero success in accessing the webinar.

      Michelle Ross ~ Clinical Nutritionist

      Hi Anne, Sorry to hear that you are experiencing difficulties. If you scroll to the top of this page, the Webinar is in the box with the picture of Cyrex Array 3. If it won’t play, it could be an issue with your wifi or it might be worth trying to access through another browser (e.g., Safari, Firefox or Chrome). Hope this helps. Keep us posted.


    Awesome. I did my master’s thesis 5 years ago on the neurological problems from gluten sensitivity. Some of the presenters filled in blanks for me, thank you so much for that. I must say that I don’t totally agree with the treatment protocol. Some of the ‘healing’ herbs and nutrients can cause other sensitivities causing reactions especially with intestinal permeability. Testing for sensitivity to functional foods may be just as important as checking food, to prevent more inflammation. I always check both so I know what herbs work best for their healing.


    So, so good–again. Thanks. I am Gluten Sensitive—I discovered it by fasting and adding back foods. I feel great and have no other ailments. Should I go back and test for gluten sensitivity?—I have been gluten free for 6.5 years.

      Michelle Ross ~ Clinical Nutritionist

      Hi Yvonne, Congrats on eliminating gluten and experiencing improved health! If you have access to Cyrex Array 3, it would be beneficial to see if your gluten free lifestyle is working well for you. Remember, we can’t always feel when we have elevated antibodies. In some cases, it can take years for the antibodies to do enough damage to our tissues and organs for us to begin experiencing symptoms.


    Do you recommend a yearly re-test for the Comprehensive Celiac Panel for those with Celiac?

      Michelle Ross ~ Clinical Nutritionist

      Hi Melinda, Once you’ve brought your antibody load down to normal, monitoring with Arrays 2, 3, and 5 every few yrs is rational.


    Thank you so much for all of this wonderful information, Dr. O’Bryan. The pause button is so needed.

    Nancy S.

    Do you prefer ALLCAT over Elisa Act and why?


    Our whole family have been wheat and gluten free for 5months now. Withdrawl from wheat and gluten was shocking!! I felt dizzy, sick in the stomach and headaches … Within six days it all went away. I just completed the homework for day 2 … I was thrilled I scored 6 !! I feel so alive, healthy and free of any aches and pains. Our teenager who has been an asthmatic his whole life and at times hospitalized, since been wheat/gluten his asthma has 100% gone !! Can’t thank you enough for such amazing information … 🙂


    oh my gosh what amazing information. More information in 1 hour than i have been able to find out in years. Thank you so much you are angels. Just wanted to ask one question if you have gluten sensitivity not celiac disease can you eat any gluten i.e. if you ate some tomato sauce with wheat vinegar or is it the same as celiac where you can’t eat a little gluten ever

      Michelle Ross ~ Clinical Nutritionist

      Hi Lara, If you have a gluten-related disorder you need to avoid gluten completely. As Dr. O’Bryan says, “You can be a ‘little pregnant’, you can’t have a little gluten.”


    Thank you so much to you and all involved for such informative presentations. Each time one learns something new and in my case this time it was the s.boulardii info that was particularly interesting as I’ve been on an elimination diet and although better without gluten was still having gut and other problems, despite trying elimination variations over time. After a break I started taking s.bourlardii again recently and things got worse but I didn’t suspect that as the cause since your presentation was the first time I heard any contra-indications for it. So I’m really grateful for that warning and I’ll look more into it and stop this supplement. Keep up the good work!


    I feel so lucky to have this extremely important information! I wish I could share it with everyone I know and make them listen! But, it will definitely make a difference in my life and hopefully that will be noticeable to the people around me. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I can’t wait to hear more!!!


    Thank you for your advice. Unfortunately, I still cannot get past the ads, all of which are beautiful. The Homework assignments, which I haved done many times are getting a bit too much. The audio part is not working for me. I had speakers and program for them checked but that did not work for this program. I hope the take home sets I ordered do have audio and will work. I even signed to Facebook (as contaminated as it is) but that did not help any. At least I can read the comments. I am so sorry that I could not hear Dr. Tom’s presentation yesterday. I know it was excellent. If anyone has a solution to the computer problems I am having, please HELP! Thanks, Bettie

      Michelle Ross ~ Clinical Nutritionist

      Hi Bettie, So sorry to hear that you are experiencing difficulties. The webinar is still available for two more days, so let’s see if we can help you access it. Please send us a private message to our Facebook page and we can send you the link:

    c l pass

    please advise re availability of kosher (certified) products thank you good wishes

    Kavitha Kukunoor, Homeopath

    Thank you so much Dr O’Bryan. It was a fabulous & valuable webinar. I liked it all & recommending others to listen to these wonderful teaching webinars.

    Margaret Scott

    If I’m sure I have leaky gut, food and gluten sensitivities, is there any reason to take the array 2, 3 and 5 tests?

      Michelle Ross ~ Clinical Nutritionist

      Hi Margaret, We recommend that you test so that you have the initial biomarkers and can monitor your progress with the healing protocols you implement. Suppose you follow a 6-month protocol and you’re feeling much better. But you’re not 100% and decide to do the tests at that point to see what’s wrong. You do the test and find that you are 3-fold out of range. You think “darn those nutritional products aren’t working”. But in reality, you may have been 6-fold out of range and the protocol you’re on is working very well-you just need more time on it. You’d never know and would discard the protocol that has brought a 50% improvement in 6 months.

        Margaret Scott

        Thank you Michelle. Monitoring my progress would be good. I’ve been at this food thing for over two years and sometimes I go backwards. After listening to a speaker at the Gluten Summit I gave up coffee and with that I got immediate and significant improvement. It moved me to tears. All of a sudden my spasticity eased and walking became so much easier. Since then I put hemp seeds in a salad and that’s taken me a big step back. This waiting for improvement is really tough, especially after getting immediate response from the coffee. The good news is, in the past two years I’ve lost 50 pounds. The severe pain (arthritis?) in my hips is gone. I haven’t used my wheelchair, nor a cane, in over a year. I no longer have an issue with blood sugars and I expect that my hypoglycemia has reversed. This food thing is important and I’m so thankful for what you and Dr. Osbourne are doing.


    Ms. Ross, I had a similar issue with one marker out of range on an Array 3. Is this definitely significant or are there false positives for this test? How common would it be to have one out of range marker and have a gluten sensitivity? Thank you.

      Michelle Ross ~ Clinical Nutritionist

      Hi Fiona, Cyrex performs every test twice. At no extra charge. If there is a discrepancy, the test is run a third time. The likelihood of false positives is very low. Having one marker out of range is all that is necessary for a definitive identifier that your immune system is alerted and fighting to protect you.

    Chris Abeyta

    Dr. T & Michelle, Thank you for this wonderful seminar. I have been diagnosed with Celiac Disease. My weak link is my brain. I feel like I’m going to stroke out and am weak. I have been gluten free for about 6 mo, using probiotics, digestive enzymes, etc but still not feeling better. Does the brain take longer to heal? I am praying that I can heal. I am 64 & just recently diagnosed only because I asked my doctor for Celiac Blood test, then endoscopy and Prometheus Lab Celiac Plus tests. I have a new grandchild coming and I want to be here to see him/her grow up!

      Michelle Ross ~ Clinical Nutritionist

      Hi Chris, Happy to hear that you are getting to the root cause of your health issues and have been gluten free for 6 months. Like Dr. O’Bryan says in the webinar, it often takes more than a gluten free diet to heal the years of damage. We’d like to encourage you to find a A Certified Gluten Practitioner or a Functional Medicine practitioner in your area…someone who is able to assist you in this process. CGP: FM Practitioner: Wishing you the best in your journey to wellness and congrats on your new grandchild!


    I was suffering all in my life. The last ten years was the worst. I am gluten free since 2011. Thanks to caring researchers like you ,not my HMO doctors.


    Just a quick question, Will the”Now that you know” webinar be added to the summit package that I have already purchased and will a transcript be included? Thank you for making all this information available.

      Michelle Ross ~ Clinical Nutritionist

      Hi Tom, The webinar and the transcript are available for purchase here:


        Thank you for letting me know we can purchase the webinar. I think this link ( is a little more direct than the one you listed above and the price of $14.97 is wonderful.


    Thanks Dr. Tom, you have help us in the road of restoring our health. We are eating gluten free for about four months now. Can we go ahead and order the tests or we need to consume gluten again? Our Dr said we need to be in a non restricted diet in order to be tested.

      Michelle Ross ~ Clinical Nutritionist

      Hi Nydia, Here is the response from Dr. O’Bryan. It is listed in the FAQs: There are two answers to give you. The first answer specific to your question is that if your gluten-free lifestyle in the last year has been successful, a test for antibodies to peptides of gluten should come back negative. However, in clinical practice, over 60% of people on a gluten-free diet still will have antibodies to peptides of gluten. This critically important information could tell you that all of your effort in the last year has not been completely successful. This could be because of: • Exposure to a hidden source(s) of gluten • Cross-reactivity • GI infection If the test results come back within range, you have been successful and the results do not identify whether or not you are sensitive to gluten. You would need to do a gluten challenge for accurate results. This is not recommended. For more information, please read: Link to

    Carole Green

    As far as I know I am NOT celiac or gluten sensitive – I have purely given up gluten (since 6th Jan.) to try to help the osteo arthritic pain in my joints. I cannot say that I feel any better or worse, but perhaps I have not been doing it long enough. I have had the occasional lapse (a wheat sandwich when out and about) but I intend to try to keep gluten free for life now after reading your wonderful Summits! What I would like to know is, would it still be harmful for me to have the occasional dose of gluten, say in tomato sauce, bacon bits topping, etc. just now and again as I am not gluten sensitive? Thank you all so much for all your hard work putting this Summit together on all our behalfs!

      Michelle Ross ~ Clinical Nutritionist

      Hi Carole, We recommend testing to find out if you have a gluten-related disorder. Without testing, it is difficult to know if or how gluten may be affecting you. If you have a gluten-related disorder, we recommend eliminating gluten completely.


    I have lived in Russia for 30 years where noone seems to know about gluten. After a blood test showed raised liver enzymes and high cholestorol and I was refused medical insurance, my doctor said I had fatty liver disease and gave me loads of pills. I came across your site, sent off for a gene test and it came back with three positive gluten sensitive genes. The results coincided with the gluten summit which I listened to every day, so I have eliminated gluten from my diet . In two weeks I am leaving Moscow and moving to Hong Kong and would like to do further testing. My cholesterol and liver enzymes are still high and there is no gluten test available in Russia, I asked at the laboratory. Do you know if there are any tests available in Hong Kong?


    This presentation was very informative. However, it is so technical and so specific, that I would love to see this taken a step further. Providing the power point slides of the presentation, with some written speaker notations at the bottom would be so beneficial. Then patients could take this to their MD offices with them. I listened, took notes, took screen shots and feel I have a pretty good understanding of the presentation, however, I am still doubting my recall with some of it and I am only one day out from the presentation. The entire process has been so beneficial for many, I think this would be a great way to further the message, provide a service and help to truly initiate change.

      Michelle Ross ~ Clinical Nutritionist

      Hi Melissa, We are happy to hear that you found the presentation informative. You can purchase the webinar and the transcripts here:


    Dear dr.Tom,I don’t know what is wrong with my web connection. I could listen to the webinar for 5 minutes only. Then audio went away. And after2 minutes video was gone too. After that I have clicked play so many times and nothing happens. Sometimes it says my request has timed out. I am highly disappointed and so sorry that I cannot listen to it as it is the last day now. What do I do?

      Michelle Ross ~ Clinical Nutritionist

      Hi Kamna, I am sorry to hear that you have having trouble viewing the webinar. Here are some potential remedies to try: Press pause after it has begun playing and allow your computer to buffer the video before trying to watch it again. “Buffering” allows the video to load a bit before you begin watching it. If you are having difficulty accessing the webinar link, please clear your browser history/cache and/or restart your browser and try again. Some persons may have to restart their computers if troubles persist.


    Dr Tom, You mentioned elevated homocysteine as a risk factor for heart disease and that it was easy to treat? What is the treatment? Thank you.

      Michelle Ross ~ Clinical Nutritionist

      Hi Fiona, You may find it of value to consult with a Functional Medicine practitioner in your area:


    Lots of excellent info….one big negative factor is the cost of the products that are being marketed here. This is not just about healing and helping others to heal; this group is about making lots of money as well. Many of us are seniors on fixed incomes and the costs are prohibitive to us. So sad to see that also.

      Michelle Ross ~ Clinical Nutritionist

      Hi JD, We are so happy to hear that you enjoyed the webinar. We agree that the testing and nutritional protocols are expensive. It’s a shame that most of these tests and healing supplements aren’t covered by insurance. Wouldn’t it be great if we could get a prescription for these healing products? I have celiac disease and know first hand the expense that comes with “healing the gut”. Hopefully we can get this message out so that people can learn how to prevent these health issues and use “food as medicine”.


    Am an RN and recently my MD suggested I try this. Wonderful!! Thank you!! Puts the pieces of my puzzle together!! Much improved on a Gluten Free!


    I am wondering if the bovine colostrum products suggested for healing the gut are OK If I am cross-reacting to dairy. There products say the contain milk. If not is there an alternative?

    Bente PChr

    My gratitude to you dr. Tom O’Bryan is beyond words. THANK YOU ever so much for sharing all this wisdom ! You really WANT to help us with our health ..even for free !! Overwhelming !!! I only would like to know where to buy all this glutenfree products in Norway….. (and Spain..)


    Thank you from here in the UK. The Gluten Summit and the Webinair have been incredible and I will miss tuning in as it has been a wonderful experience and been like belonging to one happy family of great people trying to get health out there. One really vital point that the Webinair did not discuss and this was that many people have been withdrawing gluten and grains without definite diagnosis for some time. However, if you are going to take the tests – you can’t do them whilst you are gluten free? The antibodies just will not be there if you are already cutting gluten out of the diet. So how much gluten and for how long before the tests must you consume gluten in order for the tests to be totally reliable? The second question is – is it only women that would be reactive to Saccaromyces Cerevisiae as in the talk it sounded though it could only be women? Third and final question – where is the Cyrex lab in the UK and will they do blood testing on site? Thank you so much. I do hope that the doctors can be educated here in the UK as most doctors and gastro consultants only believe in Coeliac and will not listen re: gluten sensitivity.


      Dear Anne, I see we have some of the same questions about testing for gluten when you are eating a gluten free diet. Did you have the possibility to listen to Dr. Vojdani. He does not recommend what he calls “a gluten challenge” – trying gluten again if you know you are gluten sensitive. It may cause “autoimmunity with a vengeance” – that the immune system reacts much stronger and might attack different tissues. That information is of course very important but right now it is stopping me from eating gluten again and testing – but am really considering it! Would be so beneficial to know what is going on – or not. Best of luck to you! Lisbeth (Denmark)

        Michelle Ross ~ Clinical Nutritionist

        Hi Anne, Lisbeth is right, Dr. Vojdani has good advice about the potential issues associated with a “gluten challenge”. This response is from Dr. O’Bryan and is listed in the FAQs: There are two answers to give you. The first answer specific to your question is that if your gluten-free lifestyle has been successful, a test for antibodies to peptides of gluten should come back negative. However, in clinical practice, over 60% of people on a gluten-free diet still will have antibodies to peptides of gluten. This critically important information could tell you that all of your effort in the last year has NOT been completely successful. This could be because of: • Exposure to a hidden source(s) of gluten • Cross-reactivity • GI infection If the test results come back within range, you have been successful and the results do not identify whether or not you are sensitive to gluten. You would need to do a gluten challenge for to determine if you have a gluten-related disorder. This is NOT recommended. For more information, please read: Link to Men or women can have ASCA antibodies. Check the FAQs for the info on the lab offering Cyrex Testing in the UK.


          Hi Lisbeth, Michelle, Yes, I can see a challenge would be a problem. But I need to know definitely if gluten is causing my auto-immune symptoms and a positive ANA (antinuclear antibody) because in the past ALL hospital gluten tests were negative. I have done a gluten free diet but I cannot definitely say that it has made me well, so maybe I have a problem with other grains. The only way I could ever know about gluten and all the other components in wheat and grain is to have the test done. But there is no point in having a test done if I am still not eating wheat and gluten as it will just come back negative and get me nowhere. This is why I need to know how long I need to be consuming gluten for. Having a test confirmed will take away all the guessing as to do I have a problem with gluten or not.


            Dear Anne, I am landing up the same place as you. Just so wish I had known what I know now before starting a very strict gluten free diet. Wishing all the best of luck in reclaiming your health! In fact it would be really nice if we could follow eachothers progres on this forum – gives one hope and strength to carry on when you know others are out there dealing with simmilar issues and (hopefully!) succeeding. Hope it was okay I wrote on your post!


    Thanks so much for providing this info. I am so grateful for the detail you have gone into and for the encouragement to stay the course. I very much look forward to the future webinars mentioned. God bless!


    Hi Dr. O’Bryan Thank you so much for all the valuable information! And for all your time and effort making the webinar! I have a question I wonder if you could answer: Have been gluten free for 6-7 weeks and experienced my long severe depression lifting slowly but surely for which I am of course more than glad. But I would really like to know if the recovery has to do with the gluten as I have simmultanously changed other things in the diet – mainly much more good fats – all from reading Dr. Campbell-McBride’s “Gut And Psychology Syndrome. I really regret not having had a test before hand but at the time I did not have the knowledge I have now. My doctor just told me it was difficult to check for gluten sensitivity which didn’t really help so I just started eating gluten free. After listening to Dr. Vojdani and you speaking of the possibility/risk of the immune system coming back with a vengeance I wonder what you think the risk is of such a “food challenge” and if there is any test that can still spot if the immunesystem has antibodies for gluten – or if it is too late. Sorry for the question being so long. Just really feel I need to know if gluten is my “real enemy” or something else is going on. Best regards, Lisbeth


      Hi Lisbeth, Great question – because this is exactly what I want to know and I do not feel the Q and Answers give a proper answer to this. Because there are so many things that can affect the immune system and cause antibodies we need to really know if gluten is the thing that is causing this. It can only be done by doing the test but then when it says that this is NOT recommended – then what does one do? You have to have a way of finding out.


    I am in Canada – where can I get these same tests done as CYREX does not offer their services to Canadians. I am currently doing the metametrix GI panel 2000 test. how do you feel this compares to the GI panel you recommend that I cannot do with Cyrex?? Also, I ordered an IgG panel for 250 foods with Elisa and only a few foods came back – none showing dairy or wheat etc. but beets, yeast, eggplant – things I don’t eat. does this mean my gut is pretty good?? My CRP is always at 3 yet I still cannot eat many foods without stomach issues and diarrhea – I have lymphocytic colitis recently diagnosed and have had hypo thyroid for 16 years and IBS -D for 20 years but now this is worse then ever. I also did the 23andme testing and found negative for HLA DQA1 and HLA which 23andme says is for celiac and gluten intolerance – mine is -/- on both. but it doesn’t show the DQ2 and DQ8??? thx for replying hopefully as I have lost 60 lbs of weight and cannot eat anything yet most tests show nothing. MY CRP constantly stays at 3 – before going on entocort steroids and even after being on them for almost a year.

      Michelle Ross ~ Clinical Nutritionist

      Hi Barb, Please understand that we would be unable to give you the assistance you deserve by offering individual advice, as there may be multiple factors contributing to the symptoms you are currently experiencing or why your CRP result stays elevated. You may find it of value to consult with a Functional Medicine practitioner in your area, who would be able to investigate and treat what may be complex factors relating to your current symptoms: Or, you may find it helpful to work with a Certified Gluten Practitioner (CGP):


    I was diagnosed with Celiac disease about 6 years ago. I adhere to a strict diet and try to stay with fresh organic veggies, grassfed beef and such but I still have problems that no one can figure out and I’m at a sort of dead end here. Can any one of the Alcat tests for permeability or to see if I have any other problem going be recommended. Thanx

      Michelle Ross ~ Clinical Nutritionist

      Hi Shirley, Do you have access to Cyrex testing? Cyrex Array 2 is the test we recommend for intestinal permeability.


    I appreciate all this info more than you can imagine. Because my son had severe problems starting immediately after the introduction of GM corn, we have been on a gluten free diet for several years now and ALL of us have benefited from it. Though my son is 100% better, I lag behind and would like to have the test for co-reactive foods. Your comments about using your own doctor for these tests are much appreciated (and understood!), but I have talked til I’m blue in the face. My family health clinic already considers themselves so well educated that they know everything and were not even interested in listening to the Summit or the webinar. I know wayyyy more than they do thanks to you, but I still need help. It’s hard to switch clinics at my advancing age, however, so I’m wondering if you could say a word about your program to train health coaches (I don’t want another doctor, just someone to help me wade through the tests.) Many thanks for EVERYTHING.

      Michelle Ross ~ Clinical Nutritionist

      Hi Cindy, Dr. O’Bryan has made the test available for those of you having difficulty finding a practitioner. You can order the tests here: We see requests from literally all over the world, for practitioners that have a comprehensive knowledge of gluten sensitivity and celiac disease. This is exactly why we offer a free service to the public to ‘Find A Certified Gluten Practitioners (CGPs). At this main site, you can narrow the search to your area. The Practitioners identified on the map have been through a rigorous training process. They have attended in person, or via self-study Dr. O’Bryan’s full-day educational workshop on gluten-related disorders. They have passed a challenging examination, and only then can they be listed as Certified Gluten Practitioners (CGPs) on website. Thus, they should know how to accurately recognize, test for, and differentiate between non-celiac gluten sensitivity and celiac disease. This is by no means an endorsement or recommendation of any specific healthcare practitioner, any specific healthcare practitioner’s treatment protocol or recommendations. What we can tell you, with much confidence, is that they have reviewed the requisite information, passed the certification test, and are now Certified Gluten Practitioners (CGPs).


    6 years ago I was tested for food allergies … elevated reactions to gluten, gliadin, wheat and MANY others. From what I am understanding, if I have the antibodies to these I would be considered Celiac … is that correct? I do not have IBS … I do have to work at not having constipation.

      Michelle Ross ~ Clinical Nutritionist

      Hi Florence, Dr. O’Bryan discusses the markers for the various gluten-related disorders in the Webinar. Elevated antibodies to gliadin likely indicate a gluten-related disorder, but not necessarily celiac disease. Testing with Cyrex Array 2 and 3 would likely give you more insight into your current health status.


    I am really confused. I registered for the webinar and got 3 notices of my registration on Jan 20th. Then I received emails about the homework on the 26th, 27th, 28th. I completed assignments 1 and 2 and started 3. There was no email sent explaining how to access the webinar. The next email I received was on Feb 2nd about ordering the 2 tests. We had a death in the family this week and so family came from out of town for the memorial service this weekend. Hence, I was unable to view the webinar which I did not know how to access. I also was not able to complete assignment #3, listening to the speakers. Is there any way I can access the speakers to complete the last assignment and also hear the webinar now. I would love to order your $97 package but I do not have the financial ability to do so. Guess I am confused about how all this works as I can find no email giving webinar access instructions. Please help me if you can. Right now I am not even sure how I got to this page as I am too old to be computer literate like my grandchildren are. Not sure what blanks above are for since no labels on them so am putting name and email address here: Betty at


      Great information about the testing. However, nothing was mentioned about whether you can be tested if you have been restricting gluten for some time. Surely if you have kept gluten out of the diet for many months, then antibodies will not show up in the blood? How long should you be consuming gluten for prior to the testing and how much gluten should you actually be eating in order for the antibodies to show. Same question with regard foods as well. How long should one basically NOT be resricting foods of any kind before having tests so that you can be sure that the testing procedure is giving the correct result? Thanks so much.

      Michelle Ross ~ Clinical Nutritionist

      Hi Betty, I sent you an email with a link to listen to the webinar.


    Great information about the testing. However, nothing was mentioned about whether you can be tested if you have been restricting gluten for some time. Surely if you have kept gluten out of the diet for many months, then antibodies will not show up in the blood? How long should you be consuming gluten for prior to the testing and how much gluten should you actually be eating in order for the antibodies to show. Same question with regard to foods as well. How long should one basically NOT be restricting foods of any kind before having tests so that you can be sure that the testing procedure is giving the correct result? Thanks so much.

      Michelle Ross ~ Clinical Nutritionist

      Hi Peter, The response is from Dr. O’Bryan and is listed in the FAQs: There are two answers to give you. The first answer specific to your question is that if your gluten-free lifestyle has been successful, a test for antibodies to peptides of gluten should come back negative. However, in clinical practice, over 60% of people on a gluten-free diet still will have antibodies to peptides of gluten. This critically important information could tell you that all of your effort in the last year has not been completely successful. This could be because of: • Exposure to a hidden source(s) of gluten • Cross-reactivity • GI infection If the test results come back within range, you have been successful and the results do not identify whether or not you are sensitive to gluten. You would need to do a gluten challenge if you want to determine whether or not you have a gluten-related disorder. This is not recommended. For more information, please read:


        But this is not answering my question properly. The answer is quoting that if my gluten free diet has been successful a test will be negative. But then recommends not doing a gluten free challenge. BUT how can I possibly know if gluten could be causing the symptoms of an autoimmune antibody in my blood. The idea of the testing is to try and find out what is causing this. I have been gluten free (as strict as possible though some tiny amounts may have got in there) for many months. However, my health issues have not got better by going gluten free so this is why I really need to know if gluten is a problem. I will never eat a lot of gluten as I do not like it, but I still do need to have a completely accurate diagnosis to whether I have antibodies to gluten or not. So the only way is to do a test and surely the only way to do that is to be eating gluten, otherwise the test will be a waste of time and money.


    Thanks so much for all the time and energy everyone has put in to help get this information out to help educate us. It is appreciated more than you know.


    I could not get day two – four of the gluten summit. I know this information is important, and the time and energy everyone has put into the gluten summit is valuable for many.

      Michelle Ross ~ Clinical Nutritionist

      Hi Marilyn, There is just one webinar (approximately 104 minutes) that is available to listen to for free anytime over the 4-day period (until February 2, midnight U.S. EST). We know how busy everyone is and we wanted as many people as possible to get to hear this valuable information.

      Lisbeth (Denmark)

      I got that wrong too, Marilyn. Stressed completely thinking I would not make it listening to all 4 webinars with all this important hard to find information on a weekend having unexpected visitors 🙂

    Sheila Carew

    I just placed an order for the Webinar $14.97. Not sure if I did something wrong but I didn’t get any confirmation or a PDF. Please advise….Thanks


    hey, thank you so much for everything shared. just one query.. in the webinar Dr Tom O’Bryan mentions re intestinal permeability that we should have listened to Dr Alessio Fasano’s interview again in our homework however Dr Fasono’s interview was not one of the five interviews made available in the homework link, was this a mistake? Will Dr Fasano’s interview be made available to view please? Thank you very much. Angel


    Bravo and kudos for a wonderful wonderful webinar event. Very impressive and I’m excited that this will lead to much progress in understanding. Thank you so so much for furthering my understanding. Right now I especially like the football field of ping pong balls and ‘putting the fire out’ completely with a multifaceted approach. Some questions – If an autoimmune reaction is caused by gut bacteria, or other causes, and not gluten, would the NuMedica Gluten Sensivity products still be recommended. Also I notice there’s rice and botswalia, which I have sensitivies, in the NuMedica GI product. There is also rice in the Pureencapsulations GI . Are there other formulas that you might suggest? Also it seems induced diahhrea would be contra-indicated in IBD for the Doctor’s Data stool/parasite test. Any suggestions for a comparable test ?


    Since the important Cyrex tests are not available in New York, how are those of us who live in New York able to be tested?


      Since Cyrex tests are not available in New York state, I just did the blood draw in New Jersey. You could have the blood draw in a nearby state or on your next holiday.


    I still do not feel I am getting a proper answer to my question (posted further up). I want to have the testing done because I have an ANA (antinuclear antibody showing in the blood but no other auto-immune markers). So something is hacking my immune system. I have been going gluten free BUT I cannot honestly say that it has resolved all of my issues of digestion, other inflammtory symptoms, auto-immune symptoms of pricking, body on fire etc. I need to know for definite if gluten, wheat etc. is causing antibodies to roam my system. But as I have been going gluten free if I did the testing it would probably come back negative. So I need to be consuming gluten again in order that the test will show antibodies if I have a problem with gluten. The Q and A replies do not really answer this question properly. They say that if my gluten free diet has been working and is successful then no antibodies will show – but how do I know if I have a gluten problem unless I test for it as all other markers I have had at hospitals for gluten were negative. So I may be getting it all wrong about gluten and it could be something else hacking at my system. But in order to have the tests I have to be consuming gluten – and yet the Q and A say doing this is not recommended. But what choice does one have – if you need to know for definite you have to have the tests and in order to do the tests you have to be consuming gluten. So it is not really an answer to say “this is not advised”. I appreciate it can have a bad reaction,b ut what else can one do. If I carry on not eating Gluten and still don’t feel a whole lot better – then I have to try and find out what this thing that is causing my illness. If I just carry on not consuming gluten but don’t feel better – then I will never know. But I do need to know once and for all if my issues are gluten related. I don’t like gluten so would always keep it to a minimum anyway…. but I just need to know otherwise what is the point of the tests?


      Sorry made a major mistake on the above question! I meant to say gluten free diet has NOT resolved my issues. But I need to take the tests so how much gluten do I need to eating and for how long before anything will show up?

        Lisbeth (Denmark)

        Hi’ Peter. So understand how you feel/think! Hope there will be an answer for this question. Thanks for your reply to my question – nice not to feel alone on this! Best regards, Lisbeth


        Dear Peter Hope you still follow this post/site. Please have a look at this test – might just be what we are both looking for!


    Just a quick note: on you FAQs page, the question, “Q: I’ve read that in order to get accurate results for Arrays 1 and 3, gluten needs to have been consumed within the previous two weeks. I have been gluten free for more than a year. Will Array 1 or 3 results be accurate, given that I have been gluten free for so long?” Is NOT in BOLD, and is easily overlooked. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of this.

    Ellen Habeck

    Thank you so much, Dr. O’Bryan and Michelle Ross! (Michelle, you are a night owl!) I have more information than ever before and have family members and friends who are very eager to learn what I’ve learned, so the information you’ve presented will have ripple effects from this one listener. My niece has just chosen to forgo for now finishing her R.N. schooling to take up certification as a Therapeutic Nutritional Counselor, as she wants to get in on the prevention end. 🙂 Perhaps in answer to others who persist in thinking they must take the gluten challenge: I too have been gluten free a long time and still have some issues, so am going to take the Cyrex testing to see if there is a cross-reaction issue going on. I will NOT take the gluten challenge, as I already know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I react poorly to gluten, but want to see if I am gut permeable and if I have any gluten peptide antibodies from cross-reactivity. My doctor (cause-based) says we do tests that are appropriate and look at the numbers, but must always look at symptoms to see what is going on. Since I came up with an overall 89 on my questionnaire (been on through-the-night shift the last year and a half so sleep compromised – now on 2nd shift – yea!), I am going to check gut permeability before trying to test for cross reactivity to things I haven’t eaten in a while (like other grains and pseudo-grains). Will you confirm my thinking on this? I am thinking it isn’t a good idea if gut is permeable to ingest a bunch of stuff to see if I have cross-reactivity, but to heal the gut first, then check for cross-reactivity by eating foods that I may react to. The second question I have is whether the cross-reactivity is comparing to grass-fed-and-finished protein and dairy. There is a world of difference in the two as you know. I reacted poorly (symptoms) to conventional dairy, but seem to do very well with raw, pastured, fermented dairy and pastured beef. Same with eggs – I am looking for a source of soy and corn free feed and wonder if any reactivity to eggs will compare with that kind of source. Thank you so much! I represent a small community of people with the same questions. God bless you and your work!


    Thank you for an insightful webinar! All I can think of is how far we have come since the mid-1970’s when my mother first became ill and had to figure out on her own that she had a very rare disease called coelic sprue. She was a genealogist, and also figured out that her great-grandfather must have had the same ailment when he died in 1854. Many of his progenitors have likewise been afflicted. Our family could make a great case study! One question that remains for me is why no legumes are included in the cross-reactivity panel. It seems that various legumes are often not tolerated by those with celiac disease or gluten issues. Did I miss something?


    Thanks Dr Tom O`Bryan for this extraordinary work. Only have one question. ¿Is there any place for digestive enzymes in a severe under nourished at risk patient? In medicine practice you give crutches to a patient with a broken leg, or you give oxygen to an insufficient respiratory patient, or even an artificial heart support on a myocarditis, all of this, until this organs can heal them self. ¿What about the intestine? God keep you for many years to come Dr O`Bryan. Walter Perigault G

    Dr. Jay English

    Thanks excellent I am a chiropractor and use kinesiology for screening my patients as gluten has an effect on the skeletal and muscular system. Excellent webinar.

    Barbara Edwards

    I cannon open any of the free webinars for the last 3 days after trying everything I could think of. I was recommended by my doctor to watch Dr. Perlmutter. Please help!


    Hi, Just wondering if these tests always come back positive for gluten sensitivity since gluten causes gut permeability in everyone anyway according to Dr Fassano. Or have I misunderstood? I guess the difference is whether it’s causing an autoimmune response? Any advice for finding a practitioner in the UK who understands these tests? Thank you


    About testing for food intolerances, food challenge and leaky gut. Have recently read Dr. Natasha Campbell-Mcbride’s book “Gut and Psychology Syndrome” in which she says (p. 143): “Many people try to identify which foods they react to. However, with damaged gut wall they are likely to absorb most of their foods partially digested, which may cause an immediate reaction or a delayed reaction (…) As these reations overlap with each other, you can never be sure what excactly you are reacting to on any given day. Testing for food allergies is notoriously unreliable: if they had enough resources to test twice a day for two weeks, they would find that they are “allergic” to everything they eat. (…) it is best to concentrate on healing the gut wall with the Introduction Diet. Once the gut wall is healed, the foods will be digested properly before being absorbed, which will remove many food intolerances and allergies.” Can not understand how the immune responses can be so different – thought the immune system remembered. Does it mean, it is best to first find out if the intestine is permeable – “leaky gut” and not pay attention to food intol. tests at all? Had a test last year that said 34 foods. After listening to Dr. Vojdani speaking about food challenge and the risk of the immune system coming back with a vengeance because it always will remember what it has once reacted to, I was begining to think that all these foods might have to be left out for life not to provoke an autoimmune response. Then got completely confused about the above statemenst from Dr. Campbell-McBride. But after reading your reply, Michelle to Maria Belluccio (30 th Jan.) I understand the foods could be reintroduced after a gut repair protocol and then a new test could be done to check if the body is reacting to any. Is this correct? Is the difference in recommandations of food challenge for gluten and for other foods founded in that the body has not got the enzyme to digest gluten no matter if the gut is healthy or not? So wish I had not gone gluten-free before I had a test done! Sorry this is so very long – just really need to understand so that I can find out how to procide in the best way. The health care system in my country does not recognise testing for food intolerances or leaky gut, so trying to find the answer to if the root cause of my autoimmune disease (narcolepcy) and psychological problem (depression) are based on intestine permeability and the food intolerances is self-financed. Really do not want to take all the meds suggested for the rest of my life! Thanks so very much for all your time and effort Michelle Ross and Tom O’Bryan. You have no idea what an enormous help this all is!!! Best regards, Lisbeth


    I haven’t read the comments above, sorry if it has already been asked: Since I have been gluten free for more than 30 years, what tests would be useful for me?


    I’m really disappointed in your video system. I have tried a number of times to get into this Gluten Summit and the latest webinar about where to go next. You’re pushing really hard to get people involved, but your video system makes it almost impossible for me. I do not have time to sit and watch complete videos from start to finish, I watch 10-20 minute chunks and then come back to it, and sometimes need to pause for a few minutes while I take a business call. But your stupid video player if paused for too long (more than about 5 secs) then will not re-start. I can move the toggle bar to get it going but it won’t go to exactly where I was, just set points along the way meaning I either sit through stuff I’ve listened to or miss parts. I’ve probably sat and tried to get involved 5-6 times over the last few months and end up too frustrated to continue. This gives me no faith to then purchase anything from you as the outlay is far too high to get something that doesn’t work correctly. Disappointing as I am very interested in the area.


    Trying to listen to “So Now You Know . . .” session and it’s evident that I cannot take notes accurately. Started to purchse the webinar, but it seems to indicate that I have already done so , because it showed “2” as tallioed and then wanted me to go to the next level to purchase, so I backed out. PLease help. I would like to purchase the transcripts and audio. By video do you mean the static slides? I was actually expecting video. Sometimes the slides don’t match what is being talked about. Anyway, please contact me tomorrow and let me know how to proceed. (I have already purchased the $99 package from The Gluten Summit.”


    Thank you so much for your dedication, hard work & passion. I have had so many ahaha moments throughout the summit & this webinar helped me to understand why often what I’ve instinctively done hasn’t been 100% successful. I am also thrilled that there are tests available so that I can ‘prove’ that this condition is not just a fad & that it can be addressed proactively. I believe this will require some education as my GPs aren’t responsive as yet but hopefully with all this information from such a wonderful group of highly qualified practitioners I might make some headway to help others avoid going it alone in a hit & miss way. So great big cheers to you from Australia….Leigh


    Thanks for the great information. I did the Entero DNA and stool tests over a year ago and didn’t have the DLQ-2 or DLQ-8 genes, but did have double genes for gluten sensitivity. The stool sample did show that I had was gluten sensitive. I have been gluten free for over a year. Should I still be tested for celiac since you mention that 7% of people can be celiac without those genes and will the blood draws be accurate if I’ve been gluten free for so long?


    All of the informaton has been wonderful and so informative for many people with problems and diagnosing. My mom and I were diagnosed about 40 years ago at Univ of MI and spent time in the CRU while the drs and nutritionist did their studies. It was recognized that there was a problem when I was an infantandtoddler and my diet was overripe bananas (banana baby). My diagnoses occurred when i was in my late 20’s. so, my question is if I need to get any updates or medical testing done to see my current state of the gut. I have always been very faithful in following the GF regime and never cheat and am rarely sick/very healthy. Of course, I am thrilled with the availability of foods and products in the stores and restaurants now. I assume I must stay on the diet for life but find the research exciting. thanks


    The information regarding how much gluten you should be consuming before testing is not helpful. Obviously anyone who suspects gluten is attacking their body will try going gluten free for as long as they can. If they don’t see any great benefit, there could be intollerences to all foods, so that they are not seeing “in black and white” and on paper whether their body most certainly is reacting to gluten by creating ANAs – antibodies. It is therefore really important that before you do any testing that you are consuming gluten because it is pointless to do the testing if youhave been gluten free for months as the antibodies will just not be there or very weak. So there is no way of getting a real, true and reliable assessment from the blood tests. So you have absolutely no choice than to be taking in gluten for at least say 8 weeks before you have the testing done. But why are we being advised against doing this. Surely it is absolutely imperative that the lab is given as much information as possible through the bloods. People need to know one way or other what it is that is attacking their body tissues – so eating gluten and then testing surely is right. ?


      I get where you are coming from on this! But if you listen to Dr. Vojdani he talks about the risk of the immune system coming back with a vengeance if you make a “gluten challenge” and that it may result in more severe reactions and possibly other tissues being attacked. This frustrates me a great deal – as I would also so much like to know if gluten is “the real enemy”. Dr O’Bryan has written about the gluten challenge specifically here: Hope this is helpful to you. I am (almost 😉 ) tearing my hair out trying to deside if I should take the risk or forever live not knowing

    Hollis Ehman

    I apologize for misspelling your name Dr. O’Bryan. Too late for an old brain. Thankyou again.


    Can someone please answer the important question: The lecture mentioned that women have Saccharomyces Servicae (repro tract) but do MEN have Sacc Servicae also. This is important regarding whether or not it is dangerous for them to take Sac Boulardii. Surely all humans have Saccharomyces Serv. not just women? Thanks


    Thank you so much for the wonderful Gluten Summit! For years I have had a problem with multiple food sensitivities. There are very few things that I have not reacted to. In recent years I have had to depend on getting them cleared with NAET or a similar technique in order that I could continue to eat and take anything in the way of supplements. I had reached the point where I could seldom go for more than 24 hours without reacting to something. As a result of the summit I started taking colostrum and the results have been miraculous. If my experience is typical, this information needs to be shouted from the roof tops everywhere so that other sufferers of food sensitivities can get help.


    First, thank you so much for providing all the excellent info during the summit & this webinar. I would like get a Cyrex Array4 test, but live in Canada near the US border. Can I order a test, have it shipped to a US address, then pick it up and get my blood drawn? If so how do I figure out where to get my blood taken? Also, why have the prices for all the tests on increased so much? Around the time of the summit the Array 4 was $260, now lists at $325.


    Whst about testing at Enterolab? Just came across a posting on a celiac website that mentioned this lab. Looks like they can test for gluten sensitivity even on a gluten free diet.


    Hi there So much amazing information. I live in Australia and have had the gluten tests and although I don’t have celiac disease I have a gluten related disorder (which my doctor does not seem to believe) I am eliminated gluten but would like to know the best test I can get done in australia to show if I have leaky gut and the best source of information on the protocol to heal this Thank you so so much


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