How the Right Diet Can Address Symptoms Throughout the Body

Liz Lipski, PhD, CCN, CHN

  • Understanding the immune system
  • The consequences of intestinal permeability
  • Diets that heal the gut
  • Exploring the foundations of intestinal health
  • Nutrition and autism

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    Mine is not marked private and I can hear.


    Sound went out halfway through. Hope resolution is in the works as it had been fantastic..


    I didn’t have trouble with the video. It is excellent, hope everyone can get it worked out!


    DISAPPOINED because I cannot hear anything.


    Help Today I have no sound! It’s not my computer


    It sounds like “pre-biotic” was used when “probiotic” was meant. Probiotics are foods that bacteria live on, probiotics are the foods having healthy cultures that help re-establish good bacteria in the gut. Right?


    Great, understandable, and useable information! Thank you


    Rather, prebiotics are the substrates bacteria live on. Sorry for the typo


      Kathleen- If you have removed gluten, but have a pre-existing yeast imbalance, it also needs to be addressed. Look at intestinal candidiasis and esophageal candidiasis. You have to really push for these tests- the esophageal test is endoscopic; diff than oral thrush. But this could be the reason for your having a reaction to probiotic foods…take a look at GAPS or an alkaline restorative cleanse. Unless you are ingesting raw dairy- you might want to remove all dairy from your diet to properly assess what is causing the symptoms. Feel better.


        Kathleen you probably have histamine sensitivity/intolerance. Therefore you will not be able to tolerate anything fermented or aged. Plus other foods. It is caused by the mast cells in the body releasing histamine. There is an enzyme product called Histame that helps. Google it. I suffer from this condition and unfortunately not many doctors have even heard of it.


    I have intestinal dysbiosis and gluten issues. I have also tested allergic to yogurt but not milk. I take probiotics, but every time I take cultured food like miso or living saukraut, I get sick. My face swells and my gut bloats and I get reflux. Why is that?

    Steve Ventola

    Excellent second day. Although there is overlap each speaker so far has offered something unique to this vital topic.

    Debra Pope

    I found Liz Lipski, very knowledgeable and was a pleasure and very informative, to listen to her.


    This is such a fabulous talk. I an a clinical nutritionist and I run a gut restoring programme at Grayshott Spa in the UK and we take out all grains, dairy and starchy veg and we serve raw sauerkraut before each meal while including great fats, proteins, low sugar veg and probiotic supplement. The benefits are astounding. I see so many people who are transformed by adopting this way of eating. I am thrilled this message is getting out there – thank you!


    I have read several articles by Dr. Lipski, & am so thankful to listen to her presentation today! I had my Parotid Gland removed 1 yr. ago, & since then have Candida, due to dry mouth syndrome. I can’t use fermented foods, garlic, cruciferous foods, vinegar, or yeast, but the other ideas she shared have been so helpful in my recovery from IBD, low immunity, depression, & migraines. My Dietician was the one who helped me on the road to healing my Leaky Gut/ Gluten Sensitivity & lead me to reading your book. Now, I feel I can help my family members who have similar issues-thank you so much for speaking today!!!


    Day 2 …cannot access day2 on my Apple tablet ( Yesterday(day 1)was ok) Also day 2 I hear everyone speaking at once on my desktop computer)…Useless!! What is going on? I need and want all this information but cannot understand all the speakers at one time????


    Great presentation. The information is so common sense, but so few people take the time to think about it. They would rather take a prescription than get to the root of the problem.


    I really enjoyed listening to this presentation, I never heard of leaking gut before. I have celiac and have been on a gluten free diet for 6 months but still have problems with my stomach with constipation and bloating. Your suggestions really should help me.

    Beverly Kendrick

    Really got a lot out of your presentation today. I try to listen to my body and eat what it wants. Vegetables are #1, fruits# 2, meat #3, and other # 4. More cheese than meat. i eat frozen vegetables is I don’t have fresh. I rarely do canned except for tomato juice. I use nutritional food supplements, that don’t do anything for my body. All they do is: RELEASE, CORCULATE, MIGRATE, and PROLIFERATE extra adult stem cells from my own bone marrow to repair and rejuvenate my body. The products will not treat, cure, prevent, or diagnosis any thing. Something destroyed my immune system. Something else invaded my system. I exercise by walking and climbing 17 steps to my second floor apartment. My walk quite often is a little over a mile. I use a walker with a seat too. I would love to talk to you. Take care. I look forward to meeting you.


    Thanks for the info! I’d really like to hear more about the issues with using microwaves.

    DeEtta Hemming

    Thanks so much for all of the helpful info!

    Susan Shore

    WOW! Goodness how connected your gut is to your whole being! Especially helpful to know about gut and brain connections! Thank you so much!


    The presenter sounds like she is echo-ey, in a tunnel, needs concentration to get it. If i could see her speak, i could do some lip reading.

    Pat Tribastone

    After years of suffering with ill health and many symptoms of gluten intolerance and celiac disease, an unnecessary hysterectomy, migraines, horrible fatigue, stomach issues, i figured out the gluten connection for myself. After a few bouts of antibiotics also had to eliminate all sugar and starch. My MD told me that even though i felt better on the diet and had lost weight, i was probably anorexic and increased my antidepressant. I was frustrated, but i knew i was on the right track. Thank you for validating what i already knew.

    dr catherine russell

    wonderful and wise–practical and applicable. loved it.

    Julie R.

    I really learned a lot from Dr. Lipski’s presentation today! I have been gluten-free for over a year. Eliminating gluten has made me feel better, although I still have some problems with digestion. Someone suggested that I try The Blood Type Diet. What is your opinion about this type of diet? Thank you, in advance!

    Jodie Snyder

    I have been diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder that has yet to be mentioned but I eat all organic and have gone gluten free and pretty much dairy free aside from cheeses and it’s definitely helped. Great advice on the supplements to take and foods to include that are prebiotic. I will press on with what I’m doing it just make take longer for the inflammation to go away! Also, good info on the parasite, a couple years ago I was in Africa and got a parasite. I was treated after coming back but never thought it could be connected.


    I believe Dr Lipski briefly mentioned anti-inflammatory drugs as being the culprit of leaky gut … did I hear this correctly? And if so, does this mean NSAIDs like excedrin, advil, alleve etc. actually provoke the symptoms over the long run?


    This presentation of amazing. I learned so much!! Thank you!!

    Donna T.

    I am very thankful to hear Dr. Lipski’s specific information regarding diet for healing the gut. I am literally now trying to save my life. I only weigh 100 lbs. Can you recommend an alternative doctor with nutritional knowledge that understands thyroid function, leaky gut/celiac in the Tampa, Florida area? I have been searching for a doctor to help me for 2 years. Some days I am such pain I’m close to going to the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, FL, but I’m afraid they will just diagnose/study me/not know what to feed me. I haven’t been given any antibiotic or antifungal medicine to kill off the bacteria. I don’t want to lose any more weight or be put on a feeding tube. My great grandfather Hans left Oslo, Norway during the potato famine and came to the United States. My Norwegian DNA and being diagnosed celiac about a year ago has bitten me very hard. I am literally now trying to save my life. In 1967 as a teenager I developed hyperthyroidism where my thyroid was removed (Graves Disease)unnecessarily because this was the typical solution. This made me hypothyroid for 40 yrs. In 2011 two brand name drugs were discontinued and I was given generics. I immediately developed food and drug interactions causing rashes and hives which began the domino effect of turning on the DNA for Celiac disease, multiple food and chemical sensitivities. I am now autoimmune hypothyroid. I’ve gone to several gastroenterologists and thyroid doctors including doctors at University of South Florida. The medical doctors in the US aren’t educated about Celiac Disease or nutrition. The doctors are aware that they are dealing with something they don’t understand. They know how to diagnose and prescribe pills but have no solutions in how to cure you or guide you to wellness. I’ve been gluten free for 1 yr. as a celiac but as time progressed I wasn’t able to eat most of the food a celiac can have and kept losing weight. I have to feed myself every 2-3 hrs. to stay out of severe abdominal pain. The bacteria or parasite keeps eating the food as fast as I can get it in. I can’t eat gluten, soy, dairy, fructose, nuts, corn, potatoes, tomatoes and I must avoid many cruciferous foods before noon because it interferes with thyroid meds. I recently realized I am not just celiac but autoimmune and began researching that diet. I eat many vegetables and rice, but didn’t know much about the fermented foods Dr. Lipski suggested. Can you recommend an alternative doctor, integrative gastroenterologist, nutritionist, or dietician that understands thyroid, leaky gut/celiac in the Tampa, Florida area? I have been searching for a specialist to help me for 2 years. I have been so sick for two years with nausea, abdominal pain and IBS. I have to take my food with me to the doctor appointments and eat before and after I see the doctor. I can’t even manage to get to the support group in the north Tampa area. My thyroid doctor recently put me on Tirosint (made in Switzerland) for thyroid that has no gluten, soy, etc. I’ve been feeling much better on it. I had to tell him that Synthroid had corn starch in it and recently discovered kale, spinach, cruciferous foods interfere with thyroid. My thyroid doctor told me he doesn’t deal with gastro issues did tell me to Google goitrogenic foods to avoid. After researching for over 6 months, I had to request a DNA panel from my gastro doctor at USF which did turn out to be positive. He sent me to a nutritionist that knew more about diabetes than celiac. I am really grateful for this online international summit. It is a real blessing. Thank you so much for all the work every speaker has done individually and also to Dr. O’Bryan for organizing this online experience.


    Great info, Thank you! everything I have been slowly learning over the years from here and there is coming together and making sense! One thing I wonder about is wouldI ever be able to not have to take antibiotics to get my teeth cleaned etc, I have an artificial hip. I recently had a very extremely bad case of poison ivy same time I sprained my ankle bad and a case of hives at the same time because of stress of being a caregiver for a family member with dementia. The poison ivy got infected bad and I am currently on antibiotics, giving me horrid indigestion. I stopped taking it and am taking fresh crushed garlic instead. Bought sauerkraut to help get my gut back to health but now I need to make my own. I do not like kimchee, wish I did. Thank you.


    My recording stopped halfway through. I would love to hear the whole thing- so much important information.

    Tim Sharpe

    Can you provide a source for your comments on microwaves? I did a pubmed search and could not find any. There is some useless non reproducible research from Russia – see Hopefully you can provide some data from a peer reviewed journal.


    Dr. Lipski is a wonderful presenter. She’s a great asset to the summit.


    I was so looking forward to watching this video tho it won’t open. Just sits spinning. I didn’t experience any problems with the other videos. I do hope to get the chance to see it work before it’s taken offline?


    Trying to watch at 7:19am on Wednesday. I thought the interviews were supposed to be available until 9:59am the day after the interview. what happened?

    Héctor Hernández

    I can’t hear anything…. Is anyonelse having the same problem, isnt my computer….


    I also am unable to view n hear this session. First day session no problem, very disappointed, but cant afford to purchase even the digital version.

    Mindy Goldis

    Amazing, once again! Dr. Tom, you have outdone yourself and your efforts are greatly appreciated to put together this amazing panel of people and it is only the second day. Dr. Lipski had some great information to share and I like the DIG IN model. It is truly powerful to know and hear how much our gut affects our health more then anything else and also how with a few non-invasive lifestyle changes we can see a dramatic change in our health status within a relatively short period of time. I love hearing the testimonials of real people having real result and getting a “handle” on their health so they can have a real life. Also the fact that it does not take much of a “trigger” (by way of an intolerant food source) for all the symptomology to return in a rapid fashion and create complete debilitation, once again. I will be sharing this excellent information with those around me who I know are struggling with various health challenges and may not even realize how much food (like gluten) plays a role in wrecking havoc on our mind and body. I also teach people, as a vegan chef and educator and I will let them know about this vital and crucial information you are sharing in this Summit through the cutting edge experts you have brought to the forefront as they all help spread this important message to the world. There is simplicity within the complexity of medical jargon that some may be getting lost with while listening to these great, highly skilled and informative experts. I, personally would say that being gluten-free/ZERO can benefit everyone in the long run and that is a good place to start. If you eat lots of prepared and processed foods it will take much more effort on your part to check for the gluten ingredients in them. It is much better and easier if you stick to a whole food/real food program and then it is virtually effortless. I commend you, again Dr. Tom for all you are doing to share this knowledge with the public for free. Mindy aka TheRawsomeVeganGal (check out my youtube site, with that same name for FREE info with recipes, product reviews – all gluten zero – and healthy living topics 😉

    Stephanie W.

    This was a fantastic presentation! This was just the right balance of information (not too general but not overly detailed/technical), and it was so practical. Thank you!


    This was great information ! Thanks to all of you for generously giving all this info to help educate! Blessings to you and Dr Tom


      Have u done any food allergy testing? (96 food allergy test) My ADHD kids are allergic to both gluten and the casine protein in milk as well as a few other foods. Its important to remove ALL allergic foods to see results with ADHD as the allergens can cause inflammation not only in the gut but also neurological system.

    Jennifer Cuevas

    I run a support group locally for gluten, grain, and soy free living. The results have been amazing. One question that keeps coming up is why some of the cleanest eaters are still dealing with ADD/ADHD. Any thoughts on that? I have done dietary reviews to ensure there are no sources of gluten/grain/soy, and ensure that there are balanced nutritional components. I’m interested in how Dr. Lipski would approach that scenario (everything healthy but still very ADD).


      Have u done any food allergy testing? (96 food allergy test) My ADHD kids are allergic to both gluten and the casine protein in milk as well as a few other foods. Its important to remove ALL allergic foods to see results with ADHD as the allergens can cause inflammation not only in the gut but also neurological system.


    Great information. As a parent of 4 (with my eldest on the Autistic Spectrum) I can attest to all of this information. I would recommend ALL people to follow this dietary advice for themselves and/or their families. We have been doing this for over 5 years. For our family, it was hard at first, and we keep learning, but it has been a blessing in disguise. My son is now 12 and greatly improved and the rest of my children, myself & husband are MUCH more healthy. You have to think about food as “Is this food going to nourish my body or harm it?” there is no neutral food. Also, the Autism Research Institute is AWESOME! I am so thankful that when I was researching Autism some 10 years ago that I came across their website first. Blessings to all of you Doctors and other professionals for providing this information free of charge (for a limited time :0)), and to all of you on your own health journey.

    Cecilia Palacios

    I have had no problems listening; I have not used PC but my IPad. Simply extraordinaries interviews. The caliber of expertise of each presenter is excellent and the information provided is priceless. This information should be reviewed and share by everyone regardless of the health condition. It is not just for individuals suffering with Celiac or Gluten sensitivity, everyone should be aware of the impact of gluten in our health, particularly Women and children. The additional informations that is provided is also greatly appreciated. I eliminated a microwave in my home, but my adult children use it continually and both have young children. Fortunately they do not use it with any food for their babies, but do so for kids when they are toddlers. Convenience takes over health. We must keep bringing as much info as possible to young adults and young parents, it is critically important.


    Very informative talk! A question regarding having children being evaluated by functional/integrative practitioners. I have not had any luck in finding a practitioner that will see patients under the age of 18 within a 150-mile radius. Is this common, and if so, why would they not treat children?

    Carol Mielke

    Dr. Lipski: Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us . It makes sense to me for my own health as I have been under a lot of stress and when I’m away from it , I feel Better. Where did the microwave info come from as it is not backed up by Dr. Oz and some other good sources? Pls get back to me on this. Sincerely, Carol.


    A million heartfelt thanks to you Dr. lipski , thank you for all you shared so many helpful ideas. To say I appreciate it is a true understatement.

    Poonam Mograi

    Wonderful information shared by you Dr. Lipski specially about what all things kids must include in their diet. I really would follow the instructions and suggestions given to us whenever i ll be planning diet for my child who is celiac. Warm regards.


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    Dorian Warbington

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    Quintin Pascanik

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    Collin Wilden

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