How Sensitivity to Gluten Can Impact Your Heart and Cardiovascular System


  • Exploring the predominant factors involved in cardiovascular disease
  • The influence of gluten on cardiovascular disease
  • Understanding HDL cholesterol and blood work
  • Defining translational vascular medicine

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    Isn’t it gratifying to hear these wonderful docs and other clinicians, who have a vast array of knowledgeable that we can take to the bank? After doing GF for months, I sidetracked one eve by having a piece of Italian bread with dinner..ugh! After hearing this today…I’m back on it. Having autoimmune issues and other heart issues, this must be the answer! Wish he were closer.


    Terrific info from Dr. Houston. Disease is never what it appears to be…we must go deeper, use common sense and be open to other ideas. Dr. Houston is leading the way. Thank you kindly for your great works.

    Diane Poland

    Okay, people will miss my pies, but I am ready now to believe that gluten is a dangerous food for too many reason.

    Ann Carter

    Thank you for all this valuable information. I knew that so many of my health problems were caused by gluten sensitivity. Now I understand why.

    Caroline Tobin

    Could we get more detail on why we don’t want HDL to be too high? What I’ve heard before this presentation has always been basically “the higher the better.”

    Natalie St Hilaire

    Ive seen so many doctors here in the UK who havent a clue why I feel the way I do, need to see this doctor, HELP!

    Aili Galasyn

    This was a wonderful presentation. Thank you so much for your willingness to take time from your busy professional life to help us understand why we must forever be diligent about our eating habits and our lifestyle in general.

    Nettie Reid

    Excellent information. Thank you

      Dr. Tom O'Bryan

      Thank you, Tamara, for listening to and valuing the wealth of information in these lectures. It is an honor to participate in this movement and help so many people find answers that they’ve been seeking for so long. Please tell your world about the Summit. The more who hear accurate information, the sooner our Doctors will have the ‘Big Picture’.

    Tamara Sukup

    Tom and all of the expert presenters, thank you so very much for making these presentations available to everyone, all in one place and for free. They are invaluable. Your dedication to this topic is extraordinary and so very much appreciated!

      Dr. Tom O'Bryan

      Thank you, Tamara, for listening to and valuing the wealth of information in these lectures. It is an honor to participate in this movement and help so many people find answers that they’ve been seeking for so long. Please tell your world about the Summit. The more who hear accurate information, the sooner our Doctors will have the ‘Big Picture’.

    DeEtta Hemming

    Thanks for the great information. I am recently experiencing HDL & heart issues along with my gluten diet.


    We also now have to include the risk factor of Radio Frequency Radiation – EMF ( wifi, cell phones et al) in talks on heart health. A review paper by Martin Pall in J Cell Mol Med 2013 addresses the research on its effects on calcium channels.

    Karen Anderson

    Wow, I really wish all of our medical community could understand and embrace such important information. We could all be so much healthier.

    Irene smith

    Thank you for this important information, I am glad that my Husband purchased the $67 package so I will have all this great information to check back on at my own pace


    wonderful..I want these Dr.s I want to feel better….


    Very informative. I have been on a gluten-free diet for 3 years and feel much better.

    Cynthia Longueville

    This information is very helpful to me. I became a nutritional consultant to help new cardiac clients who are sent home from the hospital with NO nutrition recommendations. Thank you for providing this specific cardiac information!


    Thank you so much for the wonderful information! Am looking forward to the other presentations….I am borderline celiac. So I have been trying to eat mostly gluten free. Haven’t gotten around to eliminating dairy yet. Any suggestions?

    Mindy Goldis

    Absolutely fantastic! Dr. Houston is a wealth of important usable information that we can all share with the “rest of the world,” and our near and dear ones. He is a forward thinker and happy to know he has paired his medical status with the nutritional side of health because he has a greater awareness to both do the medical testing necessary and also guide us to implement the proper tools to achieve excellent health by simply changing our food habits (especially leaving out all gluten products) and exercising. I look forward to listening to the rest of the summit. I have learned so much already. I also want to thank Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo for sharing the information with me about this most important summit. Of course, thanks to Dr. Tom O’Bryan for all your hard work and efforts to make this happen and bringing together a treasure trove of experts who are sharing this info with us for free. We are hear to learn and absorb the knowledge so we can all have the health that our bodies deserve. G-d Bless to all! Mindy aka TheRawsomeVeganGal (My youtube channel name where I have great info on healthy living topics, product reviews and recipe ideas)

      Dr. Tom O'Bryan

      ‘Treasure trove’ indeed Mindy. Thank you for listening and learning! Please tell your world about The Summit. The more who hear accurate information, the sooner our Doctors will have the ‘Big Picture’.

        Mindy Goldis

        Thanks Dr. Tom for reading my comment. I am happy to know that you are “present” in doing so, as feedback is important for you and us, as well!

    Binth Rustad

    I’ve be gluten and dairy free since Jan. ’08. It was amazing how quickly I felt better once I detoxed. It was helpful to hear how gluten affects the heart. Thanks for all the great information. Helps keep me on the right road.

    Janice Heno

    I just called my sister to sign up right now and listen to Dr. Houston right now!! Fantastic information. I hope a lot of mainstream doctors are listening…if not I know these listeners now have the knowledge and courage to ask the questions and demand the tests. I just finished Dr. Perlmutter’s presentation and now Dr. Houston. Wow what a first day Dr. Com!! Kudos to you! Just eat real food!!

    Nancy Baer

    Wow. I sure wish Dr. Houston was my cardiologist. I’ve had two heart attacks; CAD, PAD – 5 stents inserted in my right leg femoral and popliteal arteries – gluten intolerant since childhood. My physicians are not just ignorant, but not interested in learning anything.


    WOW!! Part of the informed public now Thanks to you Dr Tom! I just heard Dr Mark Houston and his message was made so clearly. Thank you all for talking in layman’s terms enough for the average person to understand. This information needs to be shouted from the roof tops! Thank you so much to all that have given their time and resources to make this a better world.


    Thanks for all the effort to put this together. Truth from experts is hard to find.

    Joan Hartwick

    Very interesting, makes a person realize how all their body is actually connected and how gluten affects the whole body, not just the gut.

    Anne Luther

    Excellent presentation. I have always thought that my gluten sensitivity played a large role in my coronary artery disease. Life became so much better after dropping gluten and and most processed foods 10 yrs ago. Thanks.

    Gloria Delaney

    Awesome information!!!! Thank you so much for creating this wonderful seminar. Thankfully more people are being educated regarding the negative impact that gluten may create in many people.

    April De La Cruz

    Can you give the names and dates of any published articles on the cardiovascular effects of gluten sensitivity discussed in this presentation for further reading?


    I was not able to watch any of the videos of day 1 the videos just do not come up to watch. I thought they would be available for 24 hours after the first day. I am very disappointed.

    Nola Jacob

    At last someone who tells the truth …. “If you don’t know how to clean up the digestive tract, you can never be a good cardiovascular physician and get the patients fixed.” WOW! If only more doctors understood this!


    Most informative presentation, I just wish more people understood that diet and lifestyle are more important that the quick fix of a pill and that Dr Houston and others are at the cutting edge in explaining why and how are bodies work. My family is starting to listen by reading all the links etc I send them lol. Thank you Dr O’Bryan for this excellent summit.


    Milk Diet as a Remedy for Chronic Disease, by Charles Sanford Porter, MD is a fascinating book. Copyright dates from 1905 to 1925, Dr. Porter shares how he has used raw milk to cure diseases of thousands of patients, and how this raw milk had been used for many years around the world for the same purpose. What is specific to this presentation is that Dr. Porter cured – cured! – 100% of his hypertensive patients. Talk about a high fat, low carb diet! You can find the book on Amazon.

    Dr. Jill House DC

    All the talks this first day were great. Thanks to all who helped bring this about. I know a lot of my patients didn’t want to listen in, they say ” I don’t have time, just sum it up for me on my next appt” However, to really be compliant with such a radical lifestyle change, one HAS to fully understand the WHY and I can’t convey that in 5-10 mins. Encourage others, if someone hears about dangers of Gluten from 5 different people/sources they will be much more likely to act.


    Thank you for this important information!!

    Cecelia Otto

    I listened to this presentation yesterday, and the information given was mind-blowing. I wish all doctors in the US could see this video right now-we could save lives so quickly. It is so true-if we get our of the way of our body, eat right and exercise we’d all be better off.


    There was no Video …only sound. Did I misunderstand something?

    Cheryl Chamberlain, Chapter Advisor to the CSA Nashville Celiac Chapter

    I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 2001 after it had become life threatening. I became a patient of Dr. Mark Houston in 2004 and credit the health I have today to his excellent care. Thank you, Dr. O’Bryan, for The Gluten Summit so that others may learn from the best professionals who understand how gluten affects the total body. . . .And, “thank you” Dr. Houston for your dedication to your work and educating others.


    Can Dr. Houston please explain why he no longer uses electron beam tomographies? Thank you! I have recently gone gluten-free and, being a severely osteoporotic 67-year-old, I am happy to be learning so much from this summit. Thank you.


    What a contribution. I’m so sad we have to go elsewhere than our cardiologist to learn this. And this week is the AHA National Annual conference and nobody is talking about this. Why? Because nobody will pay for it!


    Wow – Dr. Houston gave some great info and shared many things I had never even heard of before. Thanks for offering this for free!

    Kathy Randolph

    I am so thankful for Dr. Houston and the information that he shared. Truly amazing to hear. I have a question…My husband has two stents in the artery on the back side of his heart. He is taking statin drugs along with a platelet inhibitor (which his doctor said he would have to take the rest of his life). Do you think someone like him, would ever be able to get off those kinds of medications? Thank you also, Dr. O’Brian.

    Suzan Michele Powers

    thank you for this presentation. I suffered for 13 years with a weight gain side effect from psych meds. I gained over 100 pounds in six months and it stayed with me until I voluntarily quit the meds 4 years ago since my symptoms were gone for the over 5 years. I had developed hypertension, diabetes and high cholesterol during that time and when I lost 35 pounds right away after ceasing the meds, my symptoms began to diminish in diabetes. But I suffered a mild heart attack. Also I couldn’t lose any more of the extra pounds even though I was on a dairy free and close to sugar free diet. I ate poultry and lots of veggies and fruit but I loaded up on “healthy whole grain breads” trying to match the carb requirement from the diabetes nutritionists. Then I began to suffer last year, stomach and intestinal pains. I had other symptoms for years after the weight gain too. After my colonoscopy this past July, I was told to stop eating gluten and that I had mild diverticulosis. I have lost another 40 pounds since then and feel terrific! My fatigue, muscle and bone aches are diminished to almost nothing and my energy is way up!! And I am only beginning. I have met many others on Facebook and we exchange recipes all the time and ideas. I plan to lose another 45-50 pounds to come back to my old self. I can see my face returning in the mirror and people comment all the time on my weight loss. I always say it was the gluten. Thank you again for wonderful facts that I will now use to help tell others about gluten and heart disease.


    Thank you so much for this valuable information, it is very helpful!!!


    Received email this morning can view day 1..Watched Dr Marsh all other speakers won’t load.

    Jennifer Cuevas/The Gluten & Grain Free Gourmet

    Thank you SO much for sharing about dyslipidemia. I am personally a prime example of someone who experienced high cholesterol even in my teenage years. I was always told it was genetic and that the only things I could do to fix it were to eat right and exercise, as many of us have been told. Even after going gluten free and taking omega-3 fish oil, prescribed by my integrative nutritionist, my total cholesterol did come down, but it was still higher than the standard healthy range. I couldn’t believe after going completely grain free that my cholesterol leveled out within just a few months! Within my support group, I have a member that had a similar experience…she came to the group already living a gluten free lifestyle. After hearing my story, she has eliminated grain…in just 9 weeks, she lowered her LDL by 44 points! Incredible. I was challenged by a dietetic tech about this when I explained the situation. She said there was absolutely no way that grain could have an impact on cholesterol levels. I love that you are sharing this as truth and providing proof points to substaniate it. Keep up the great work!

    Margie Sweeney

    Would like to see Monday’s videos up again, I was one of many who couldn’t make it that day. Lots to catch up on and don’t want to miss out!! Thank you for the great presentations!


    It’s with much heartfelt gratitude I want to thank you for sharing your wisdom and your time. I learned so much I have Celiac and have been experiencing arrhymias and other cardo issues, I thought many of these cardio symptoms were harmless and probably do to accidentally eating gluten now I have a much better understanding of what is happening with my health, I appreciate all you shared today. Thank you


    Thank you so very much! I have learned a lot and am planning to share what I’ve learned to my friends and business associates very soon. Much to reabsorb from my notes! I got behind the first day too, didn’t even realize the first 2 days there was more than one speaker, so have been frantically listening every possible moment trying to catch up. I even stayed up all night listening and taking notes before it was taken off the net. (not my preference, not sleeping, but I felt for a short time, I could sacrifice that to possess such valuable information!) This info is so very much needed. As I was listening, people kept coming to mind, so I’d pause the presentation to invite them to join me. Thankfully one of my Dr. friends had already gotten on when I called! I used to have problems with my heart, ended up having to find my own health strategies as at the time, the Drs. couldn’t help me. I did find that better quality foods and complete glyconutritional supplements did it for me, and no I longer can find my previous symptoms. I don’t know if I have any sensitivities to gluten, but plan to get my foods lined up so I can “test myself” with the elimination diet once I get more details on it. It would be nice to have a 2 week example of meal plans for this program, do you have a resource for that? My family has heart diseases, diabetes, and cancer. I want to be one of the people that is helping my family and others stay away from diseases! I’m so excited about this info, I can hardly contain myself! With this knowledge, science, and testing available, who’s telling the Govt. that this and other preventive type of testing needs to be covered by insurances? Some of you prestigious Docs, can you please step up to the plate? I appreciate all the people who worked so diligently to put this together and all you speakers for sharing your knowledge, BLESSINGS ON ALL OF YOU!!! Dr. O’Bryan, you mentioned overview info. for medical professionals & those teaching, I’d be interested in that. I would love to be in contact with you further. Thank you again for putting this Gluten Summit together.


    Dr Houston this was what my heart needed to hear. I have struggled for the last five years with diastolic hypertension and felt if I found the right information I could sort it out with diet. Two of my sisters are Natutopaths and have advised me to be gluten and dairy free. On starting this summit I have started and already feel better. Gluten pervades our lives as easy and cheap fare. It has psychological and cultural memory which I got in touch with today. I wish Australians had physicians like yourself Your words have given me certainty that I can move forward confidently toward vital health not just existing. With abundant gratitude Pia


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