A "Functional Approach" to Lifestyle Can Transform Your Body

Mark Hyman, MD

  • Why whole wheat is NOT healthy
  • The role of blood sugar in the development of disease
  • Eating gluten-free on the road
  • How minute exposures to gluten affect the body

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    Enlighteningg content. Recommend all to read his new book


    Thank you Dr. Hyman, love all your advice. After trying the elimination diet it has helped so much. I feel so much better.

    Alice A. Kemp

    I’m wondering about the need to take vitamin supplements when moving to an elimination diet. Are some, vit e, multivitamins, calcium, COQ10, glucosamine likely to have wheat or other gluten type ingredients? Thanks for an enlightening and useful interview.

    Natalie Myers

    Dr. Hyman, what do you say to those who claim that liquefied foods, i.e. smoothies, protein drinks, etc., raise blood sugar precipitously because of their liquid nature? As I understand, the argument is that the liquefaction of even non-starchy carbs is analogous to converting whole grains to flour, thereby accelerating the absorption of the carbs by reducing the breakdown time needed (no chewing, etc.).


    At first, Wheat Belly got my attention, then Grain Brain took me further on that journey. I have changed my food choices and I feel great! This presentation was very helpful, very practical, and has given me even more incentive to move from leading by example to actually making a statement with family and friends. I am enjoying the summit presentations and learning so much. Thank you!

    Cindy Cross

    Today the headlines in the San Jose Mercury News reads, “Heart health goals revised!” The AHA new guidelines say more people should use cholesterol-lowering statins to avoid coronary issues. I am so confused. I want a healthy brain, but I don’t want my heart to give out. What is the AHA’s response to gluten and sugar?


      Hi Claudette I speak English and I didn’t get all of this recording either because it periodically sounded very mumbly. Lots of great information, all the same.


      the new lower cholesterol standards is just the same dangerous flim-flam by a medical profession and government in the thrall of BIG PHARMA and BIG FOOD. Since even the low cholesterol levels don’t seem to be working the insane conclusion is we must lower the standards MORE and get 1 out of 3 Americans on statins. The drug companies must be smacking their lips now as they sink their teeth into even more people who don’t need to be on statins at all–for profit. Even lower cholesterol levels do not lead to less cardiac events. Read “Cholesterol Clarity” by Jimmy Moore. It will be an eye opener and make you very angry. I pay NO attention to conventional wisdom on this issue and frankly, any other medical dogma. Osteoporosis is another one we are getting force fed bad science on.

    Claudette Houde

    Congratulations for this summit! It is about time , and I wish most doctors would recommend these measures to diagnose the very common intolerance to gluten.. Younger, when arthritis started, I consulted Doctors and was given Tylenol or Aspirin…too late… Dr. Hyman : I just regret, being French speaking, that the sound or registration of your speech was not very good!

      Marylin Taylor

      Thank you Dr. for all of your advice. I started just eliminating wheat from my diet and I feel so much better. I also have psoriasis on most of my body and it is so much better. I thank you for all of your information and I know that I will continue along this road to good health.

    mary alberti

    I am a 53 year old female, I live in fl . I have been sick w/ celiac related symtoms since childhood. I have full blown dermatitis hyperformance along w/ many of the complications — The doctors have not helped me in my diagnois ….. I would like to know how to contact Dr. Mark Hyman MD. I need his help and direction so I can be properly diagnoised. HELP!!!!!!!


      Dr Hyman has a fairly extensive website, with the option to comment to numerous posted articles, search for local functional medicine practitioner and/or contact his staff to set up an appointment…normally an extensive backlog. Just google “Dr Mark Hyman”

    Ann Reid

    Do you consider stevia to be an artificial sweetner?


    Does stivia have the same effect on blood sugar as artificial sweeteners?

      Loren Ziem

      Stevia, among few other sweeteners, has shown to have positive effects on insulin, but I’m mentioning this after some brief internet searches. I hope the issue is addressed professionally soon. We might be waiting quite a while for a reliable FDA consensus on this issue.


    Loved listening to Dr. Hyman, yes his voice did go in and out a times but heard most of it EXCEPT healing the gut- he said probiotics, fish oils (which ones?) and couldn’t hear the third one! Does anyone know? Thanks!

    Jackie B

    This whole series is enlightening. I read the Ultra Mind book some yrs ago in response to worries about my very quickly deteriorating memory. I was close to 60 and feared early onset Alzheimers. I had many other symptoms but did not realize they were all related. After going on the ‘elimination diet’ I found that I was totally sensitive (or allergic) to gluten, eggs, casein, and legumes in general. After eliminating all these, my asthma, acid reflux, chronic phlegm, and a constant rash on my scalp disappeared. I regained a sense of balance once more after constantly falling or tripping. I am now 68, can eat eggs and a small amount of yoghurt again, but remain overly sensitive to gluten, legumes and casein, have come down about 40 lbs. and am totally medication free. I am careful but occasionally do accidentally consume a small amount of one of those items when eating out, and have a reaction that takes about one week to ten days to recover fully from. These reactions are not pretty, and I am gaining an understanding of what is happening after a few of these lectures. Keep up the great work, this has been most enlightening even though I have been among those who have been somewhat informed. There is so much more to learn and people to inform.


    oooh, I’ve listened to all of these in the summit so far and had no problems, but I could not understand much of this audio!


    Thank You, This is very exciting. MANY, Thanks ….. My sister is not able to get into the Gluten Summit. What do you suggest?

    Loren Ziem

    As a vegan-leaning vegetarian with OAS and allergies to nuts and avocados, do I have any reasonable compromise on an LCHF diet? Are there any books, blogs, or other resources addressing a [preferably] vegan LCHF diet?


    I recently heard that Quinoa is NOT gluten free. Can anyone confirm this?

      Loren Ziem

      Monica, RE Quinoa: I have no applicable formal education but I’ve been curious about this, as I very strictly control my diet [no triticeae ingredients regardless of processing] and had an apparent reaction to quinoa from a GF facility. From a 2012 study [http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22760575] on quinoa which tested 15 cultivars, 4 were found to contain extremely low amounts of damaging epitopes [from some discussions here on the Gluten Summit, they might still be best avoided], and two cultivars, Ayacuchana and Pasankalla, were found to be around as damaging as gliadin.

        Loren Ziem

        Oops. Sorry, comment in two parts now. So quinoa is gliadin free, but as many speakers here on the Gluten Summit are saying, there are other prolamins that we may need to be concerned about. I personally think that the terminology simply can’t keep up with the findings.


    Blood sugar is a new one for me. Never monitored my own. Is there an optimal range to stay within or does it vary from person to person? When do you test? Before meals, after meals? What book would you recommend for us to learn more about this?


    What about receiving communion in church once a week? How does this affect a person going gluten free or wheat free? Thank You


    the sound quality is not good on this interview and it cuts in and out. Very difficult to hear and understand what he is saying. Is there any way to hear a better recording of this?


    Refreshing to see a Doctor who addresses food intolerance as the cause of disease. I have suffered most of my life from G.I and never knew what was causing my debilitating health issues. Doctors kept finding nothing and putting me on anti-depressants and I was tested ONCE for celiac which came back negative. I also have multiple chemical intolerances, so life is a minefield for me. Changing my diet to GF and unprocessed has helped me immensely. I hope more medical professionals take your lead and find ways to really help their patients and alleviate the intolerable suffering many experience every day of their lives.

    Mindy Goldis

    Another fantastically informative interview with Dr. Hyman. I agree with him about needing to test for celiac and gluten sensitivity with anyone who has any health issues when they go to see their doctor. The on,y caveat to that, is that most of the western model trained doctors would rather push the Big Pharma then find a solution that would totally reverse the health conditions the patients come in for. That is a very “SAD” 🙁 state of affairs, when we know the Father of Medicine, Hippocrates and the Hippocratic Oath (I call it the Hypocritical Oath now) states to “first do no harm.” I am happy 🙂 to see we have more doctors taking a Whole-istic approach to health and medicine. Thanks again Dr. Tom. Look forward to the next interview. G-d Bless 😉 Mindy aka TheRawsomeVeganGal – check out my youtube channel with the same name for free information – healthy living topics, recipes and product reviews – gluten free, of course!

    Rob Neufeld

    Dr. Hyman notes that “gluten free” foods can be more harmful than gluten-containing ones. Yet he doesn’t give an answer to this particular problem, and just leaves us hanging.

      Le Tomas

      That is the point. The idea is not substitute whole wheat, I understood it is a global change, to turning back, no more wheat. It is a little painful to me. I am in this path. I figured out it is a process like moving to a new home. We pack and always leave something behind. Maybe a Nutritional Advisor could help in how to make smart choicescin a world loaded of gluten.

        Rob Neufeld

        And the point is…? I know not to substitute for whole wheat, am beyond that. But is there any kind of flour out there at all that is safe? I once hear quinoa was, but now that it isn’t.


          I live in Brazil and here it is plenty of options to substitute wheat. Quinoa is good, never heard bad about it. But, there is a food supplement called banana biomass. I biomass, I use to prepare it at home. It can tast salty or sweet depending on your choice. Originally neutral, can be used to prepare breads and an infinity of recipes can be found in books. I don’t know if there are books in English. I know by my own experience it lows the blood sugar, I feel plenty of energy after eating, and cravings stop right away. Banana biomass is made of the cooked, not mature bananas. It is cooked, processed and stored in a freezer for 4 months. In the refrigerator 5 days. It helps my digestion and I am not bloated and cobstipated anymore. I feel like younger than I am. Maybe you find banana flour in USA. But it is not the same as you prepare it in you kitchen. It has a good value and cheap. Google O que que a banana tem, and find the links to biomassa de banana, translate with Google translator. I hope it can be helpful to you and many others here, that are willing to find alternatives to improve their health. Cheers.

    Rob Neufeld

    Are brown-rice flour products low in gluten or gluten-free?

    isabella ferreira

    Great tips Dr. Mark Hyman! Thank you so much. But what about vegans? It´s a big challenge having gluten free options in my country (Brazil), specially without animal products. If you´d have any tips I would´ve be glad to hear them!! Thank you again.

    Rob Neufeld

    What isn’t mentioned is the reason most “gluten-free” foods are bad is that they have added starch – either potato, corn, tapioca, or rice. And that’s what makes them worse than wheat flour. But are there any gluten-free foods that DON’T contain these culprits? If there are, then they’d be OK..


      I thought he did mention the potato other flour items. I am sure I heard him say those products are not good for blood sugar as I went through in my mind an item I use tapioca flour to bake with when he did.


    I found the story of the man with the fish allergy being triggered by airborne particles interesting. I’ve been doing some preliminary research in CINAHL to learn what research has been done in regards to airborne gluten. One resource I found noted reactions brought about by farmers inhaling gluten from animal feed particles that became airborne. Recently the small library in which I work added a bagel shop on the main floor. They bake fresh bagels every 2 hours. Since it has opened (within the last couple of weeks) I’ve been noticing some increased symptoms, though I’m not sure if it is as a result of that change in my work environment, or if there are other factors at play. Is this something you have seen or heard about–reactions to airborne gluten? I do my best to avoid the area, but the smell spreads through the main floor and back into private work spaces as well. Any advice, or am I just being overly paranoid about gluten?


      Since I work in a library also–is this bagel shop an actual part and offering of the library or are you just “over the shop” so to speak? Do more people come to the library if the shop is part of the library? Just asking. I always wanted a coffee station but that will never happen. LOL. Baking bread is a killer smell (in more ways than one, I now know!)


        Hi, Janet! In the past we had a small coffee shop that was very successful, but our university switched food providers and we brought in a new in-library restaurant. The bagel shop space is housed in a corner of the library that is right near the main door. Both the bagel shop and the previous coffee shop have boosted our foot traffic, but we’re still examining how that impacts resource use. Both have been run by the food service provider, not library staff.


    My sister has Cutaneous Lupus Erythematosus. Have you seen any patients with this diagnonis? Did it help?


    Dr. Hyman is very expensive. After a year and thousands of dollars, we have not seen any results.

    Jacqueline Sotelo, DPM

    Dear Dr. O’Bryan, I am truly enjoying this summit! I have Celiac Disease and I have encountered many people who don’t “believe” in gluten issues…sad especially when trying to find places to go out to eat.! My 7 children all have some version of gluten sensitivity. One of my sons had rectal prolapse at age 4. His pediatrician tested him for cystic fibrosis and Celiac. Both were negative but I took him off gluten anyway and the only time he had a recurrence was when he consumed gluten inadvertently. His pediatrician also wanted to do a biopsy because of how “difficult” and “restrictive” going gluten free is. My response is to ask if they tell the same thing to parents who choose to be vegan! Isn’t that hard or harder to do? Regarding fat intake, what does one do who has had gall-bladder removal? Eating the good fats still makes me extremely nauseous 3 years later. I miss avocados and nuts… I was wondering about fresh goat milk; the recommendation to limit grains and dairy but farm fresh goat milk is wonderful and I love goat yogurt. Thoughts? Finally, I am a Podiatric physician. I have not had much peer support when it comes to discussing the impact that Celiac has on foot health. It’s as if the foot is not attached to the body! Having had a 2 year bout with peripheral neuropathy in my arm I am well aware of the effect gluten can have on nerve function. When I encounter a patient with peripheral neuropathy of the feet, I routinely ask about family history of Celiac. I also ask about other symptoms; someone stating they have IBS and/or fibromyalgia along with neurological abnormalities should be screened. I am pleased to say that so far, I have helped 2 people discover that they have Celiac Disease and that I can help them feel better. It would be nice to have professional support and to enlighten my fellow Podiatrists regarding the implications of gluten sensitivity, intolerance or Celiac Disease in regard to foot health. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thank you for this tremendous summit! Jacqueline Sotelo, DPM Family Foot Clinic

    Jackie Saha

    I love his presentation but it is so geared towards those living in the United States. We live in China and finding things like the items in his Emergency pack are almost impossible. Eating out is beyond challenging. We will return to the states over Christmas and I will definitely stock up on some of these items. But so much of the rest of the world is VERY far behind on gluten free awareness and options.

      Fern Eckstein

      I moved to Hong Kong gluten free from the US in 2012. I absolutely do not eat most Chinese foods here. I have found that even dishes that could be cooked without flour have meat dusted in flour or the non gluten pasta is cooked in the same water as the wheat noodles. Eating out is very similar to Dr Hyman’s description of his meals on vacation or just get the regular meal without the bread. Try getting garbanzo bean flour and spices from an Indian supply store. Their spices are super fresh here and we can make any meat taste different with so many varieties of herbs and spices. I am new to this level of watching the sugar content of foods, but am excited to read and hear more about it.


    Dr. Hyman-really insightful presentation! One thing I know I will remember- in chronic illness, “gluten is guilty until proven otherwise.” Awesome! AJ http://lowcarboptometrist.blogspot.com/


    Please consider the role of glyphosate in the development of gut disorders. Most grain is sprayed with this herbicide just before harvest and it’s consumed with the produce. In the gut, glyphosate destroys our friendly gut flora and encourages overgrowth with bad bacteria. That way it can cause leaky gut which allows gluten etc. through and causes allergies. If glyphosate is avoided through an organic diet and the gut flora is restored with probiotic foods, the body can start to heal.

    Bill Andrews

    Great presentation. Everything was complete in thought and on the topic discussed; nothing left incomplete. Thanks


    Fascinating. Can’t wait to try the gluten free programme to see if it has any effect on my MS.


    Are organic porridge oats a no-no?

    Mariel Ayau

    As a celiac, I’ve been receiving the Holy Eucharist under the species of wine alone. It’s the safest way and has been approved by the Congregation of the Doctrine of Faith in order to help us. Talk to your priest or contact the catholic celiac society. In Spain and Latin American countries is a common practice.


    For Dr Vojdani Please can you explain how IgA opens the tight junctions. This has commonly been assumed an effect of Candida overgrowth forming mycelial forms


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