The Critical Nature of Gut Health and its Impact on Children's Brains

Natasha Campbell-McBride, MD, MMedSci

  • The important role of nutrition in supporting autistic patients
  • How learning disabilities develop
  • Identifying the manifestations of brain toxicity
  • Exploring psychiatric disorders in adults
  • Why food allergens are problematic

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    HO WCAN I KEEP ALL THESE PLEASE, they are so very informing. thankyou

      Gluten Summit Team

      Hello Pauline, we’re so thrilled you are enjoying the Gluten Summit! The entire Gluten Summit is available as a digital download, or as a hard library version, please visit:


    When buying fermented foods like sauerkraut, you should take care that it has not been pasteurized. If it has been pasteurized, the good bacteria are dead. Preservatives are not necessary for sauerkraut because the good bacteria do the preserving. GAPS gave me back my life.


    How about a documentary aired on television? Perhaps the Bill Moyers show? This info has Got to get out to mainstream America, please! And thank you for this amazing summitt.


    This was the BEST! I’ve read the book and practiced the diet….the results are amazing….I used it to fight Rheumatoid Arthritis and the results were just about immediate. Thank you so much!


    Yes please get this on the air,so all the people can listen to this great message .


    I’m a believer, have been on gaps 2 years, but have been unable to find support as no docs in my area, have been ill with many things 15 years, can’t afford travel or counselors. On disability. Still having problems


    Question on cell regeneration and new organs. Dr. Campbell-McBride states that the body can regenerate a new liver in about 3 months. That should be a whole new liver. How does that work for those if us who have a genetic liver mutation? Does that mean if we get rid of the triggers that when our body makes a new liver, we’ll no longer have the genetic mutation? Somehow, I don’t think so, because then those who have the familial genetic form of cholesterol would no longer have it when their body makes a new liver. It would be nice if cell regeneration would work/help get rid of genetic mutations, but I haven’t seen anything yet or read any research where this is the case. Would love to get an opinion on this from someone who might know. I have a CYP 2C9 mutation, with 3 mutations and no active alleles. I am convinced this mutation is behind some of my own issues (it is part of the P450 Cytochrome of the liver’s Phase 1 Detoxification Pathway), as the liver is very involved in gut procedures.. I have had to do all research on this myself and cannot find anyone knowledgable in this area. My daughter has the same mutation; we discovered the mutation after we both tested positive for severe heavy metal toxicity and had a test done by Mayo Clinic. I’ve been told this is a rare mutation, yet the Humane Genome Project states that people who are Poor metabolizers like us (body can’t detox or metabolize correctly) that about 20% of the population actually have this mutation but don’t know it. Any info would be greatly appreciated.


    Very practical information that can help anybody. I loved her images of the tree. It’s obvious that she cares and the support groups just extend her knowledge and concern. Thank you for a wonderful presentation!!!

    Davina Spafford Stuart

    I have a question about the fermented foods.. i’ve never been a fan of saurkraut and kimchi and such (dad brought kimchi home once and the odor stuck around for weeks.. turned the rest of us off the whole idea…) anyway.. I do make my own pickled veggies, but i do use a vinegar base and then process them in a hot water bath for long term storage.. is this considered ok or does that “cancel” the benefits??


      Hi Davina – vinegar based pickling absolutely does not have the same health benefits. to get the healthy bacteria growing you need to do old school fermentation. check out the work of sandor katz – ‘wild fermentation’. he explains it well and there are so many more things to ferment than cabbage.

        Davina Spafford Stuart

        will look into it.. our biggest problem is that we live in semi rural alaska and there are many months of the year where it can be hard to get fresh produce.. would i still be able to process them in a water bath canner for long term storage, or would that kill things off, too??


    I’m eager to hear more about Candida Albicans. I’ve been working with healing the gut and have been gluten free for some time. There were great improvements, but it wasn’t enough. I then discovered it’s likely the overgrowth of Candida that set off my auto-immune gene. I’m working to detox from the Candida, but am overwhelmed with contradictive information. Once Candida is systemic and rooted, as in my case, it seems that it is not enough for nutritious eating and probiotics alone to adequately combat. I believe gluten has led to an epidemic of Candida overgrowth in our population and we need more insight to address what to do next after gluten has been eliminated, dietary changes have been made, and probiotics have been implemented.


      Kim, Dr. Hal Huggins says that one of the reasons a person can have candida is because it has a synergistic role with mercury in our body. If we have enough mercury as a result of conventional dental practices, for example, or from eating polluted fish or breathing polluted air, it will feed the candida. There are a few more aspects to the relationship, but the long and short of it is, according to Dr. Huggins, that the mercury must be eliminated before you should rid yourself of the candida, as the candida is actually playing a beneficial role. (I know, hard to believe if you are a sufferer). Once you have safely eliminated the mercury, the candida population should balance itself. But because pre and pro-biotics DO feed candida (I can attest to that from personal experience) I doubt you can safely introduce them (again, from my experience) at any level until you have eliminated the candida. I haven’t worked my way through the entire process yet but am on my way. Revising all my dental work, replacing it with biocompatible materials and detoxing, has been an integral part of my recovering since, like you, diet alone did not work for healing the gut, my ultimate goal. BUT a serious word of caution: anyone considering mercury or other heavy metal detox needs to become familiar with Huggins’ detox protocol. Any methodology less thorough is very dangerous.

      Crystal Sage

      I have heard that going on an Atkins style diet helps get rid of the Candida.. as Candida feeds off carbs,,, coconut oil is also said to be beneficial in getting rid of Candia…. (Check out the coconut oil sites)… it seems to be good for so much… then there is also the turmeric for regrowing neurons etc… once things heal…


        I’ve been on a LCHF (Low Carb High Fat) Atkins like diet (see for over a year; I began shortly after I found out I’m gluten sensitive through an elimination diet. My various food allergies which appear/disappear have gotten worse, and recently I had very low energy (tired/fatigued feeling). My naturopath doctor prescribed a Candida cleanse (Candaclear four). Within half an hour of taking the pills my energy level improved and I started to feel normal within a couple hours. I’m still having various food allergies, and am looking for a quick solution. Hopefully some fermented food will help. Still waiting to finish the cleanse before taking glutamine to seal the gut. I don’t know why I had the fatigue, but I don’t believe it was the LCHF diet. I think that years of eating gluten has damaged my gut, started my eczema, etc.


        What about adding soil to your diet? I remember reading the Maker’s Diet where the author describes taking a specially prepared soil organisms, in addition to diet changes to heal himself of Crohn’s disease. One comment in the book was that we don’t expose ourselves to soil organism as much as we used to.


    Thank you! This is a wonderful video that inspires hope and re-emphasizes self care. I’ve been eating fermented foods before each meal for 2 months now thanks to Dr. McBride and I look and feel vibrant. I now believe what she said at the end of the video that mother nature made us perfect.

    Cecilia Barbosa (R.H.N)

    Dear Dr. Tom you really planted the seeds when You came to talk 3 years ago to Toronto (Metagentics ) You really open my eyes … How this gluten really affected my family . My mom at 86 was Celiac (no fully diagnosis ) my sister died 2 months ago at 57 with cancer lymphoma no Hoskins , very suddenly !! I am a holistic nutritionist and couldn’t save my sister . Her lab results came back 10 days after her dead ….”sensitive to gluten “! Great Presentation Doctora Natasha !! Muchas gracias ! For setting the path and keep leading the way and planting the seeds all over the word. Cecilia


    Dr McBride associates all autoimmune disorder with the GUT.. I do not see how that is connected to Genetic autoimmune disorders.


    I’ve been listening and trying to absorb all this information. I haven’t heard anything about allergins/gluten or whatever, bringing on elevated white blood count (chronic leukemia). Do you believe there can be a connection to leukemia?


    Are there any adaptations to this diet while breastfeeding?


      Heather, yes, check out her site and you will find lots of info for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers as well as toddler feeding (what foods to start, etc.) sorry I just posted it to the wrong person – right above.


    Dr. McBridge… Thanks for such an informative talk. I learned so much from you and I will pay it forward to anyone I can help with this information.


    Thank you Dr. McBride. I will be looking into becoming a GAPS practitioner now that I have heard you speak in person (sort of ) and hear your passion. So far the sessions have been on research and the ‘how’ it happens but less on what to do about it. So glad you were included so you could share your expertise on how to heal the gut.


    I have been trying to heal my gut for a while on my own as every doctor I have seen so far has said my autoimmune disease has nothing to do with nutrition…my sister has Crohns Disease and her GI tells her the same thing. I did not like that answer so I started doing my own research. I am looking for a naturopathic doctor or someone who practices functional medicine. However, some say food sensitivity testing is crucial and some, like Dr. Campbell-McBride say it is not necessary. What is it????? I don’t understand and as I am paying for this out of pocket…one doctor would cost upwards of 3k, I would like to eliminate things that are unnecessary. Anyone have experience here?


      Clinically proven to put the Plus+ in your life, Juice Plus+ is the most researched brand-name nutritional product in the world. Bridges the gap of fruit and veggie servings. 8-10 a day… There was no way I was getting that. This product has saved me and I love that its just fruit and veggies in a capsule…


    For Davina – pickling with vingar is not the same as lacto-fermentation. There will be no beneficial enzymes which would indeed be destroyed by heat. If you don’t have Dr. Cambell-McBride’s book, you can google lacto-fermentation and find recipes.

    Inna Falk

    You can find fermented food without preservatives in a local Armenian or Russian stores: pickled cabbage, beet, tomatoes, squash, sauerkraut, and other.

    bobbie askew

    Have heard you on Dr. Mercola’s site and was excited to hear more from you. I have learned to make sauerkraut and milk kefir after being inspired by you. I am more inspired now to teach others the benefits of cultured foods after hearing you today. Let’s pass this on people!

    Mindy Goldis

    I took copious notes listening to this presentation with Dr. Campbell-McBride. It is amazing how something that happens in our personal life leads us on a path to help others regain their own health, as with the Dr’s first child having autism. The doctor is very thorough and extremely knowledgeable. Being that she is Russian (I know other Russian women in the holistic health field), they tend to do more research when dealing with something then others and I know this for a fact and it is wonderful for us, as we get to reap the benefits of all the information she has to share. I have a stronger grasp of the issues relating to gluten, gut health and immunity as I listen to more of these presentations and can go out and educate others I know personally who have many of the issues mentioned. Whether they decide to listen or not, is another story altogether. I say, “if you really care about your health they you will take the steps necessary to help yourself and if you don’t, then I gather you really don’t care.” Some of the steps are so simple and cost very little, such as eating fermented foods. If you weigh your options and choices, would you rather keep taking megadoses of drugs that have endless side affects and don’t work (we know this because none gets better using them, as they simply “mask” the issue and nevwr deal with the “root” cause) or take a couple of spoons of sauerkruat, kimchi, etc to repopulate your gut flora? If it is taking you a while to mull this over that isn’t a good sign. It is a no-brainer for me! Get rid of what is harming you and add in what is helping you! Thanks again (I know I keep saying it and I will keep saying it to show my sincere and heartfelt gratitude) to Dr. Tom for your tremendous efforts in putting this all together for the public. G-d Bless to all! 😉 Mindy aka TheRawsomeVeganGal – check out my youtube channel with the same name for FREE information including healthy living topics, recipes and product reviews – all gluten free, of course!


    Thank you so much Dr. McBride – such a wonderful presentation…very thorough and full of insights! The info on auto-immunity and blood flow…inspires me to find out more on how this might relate to the eyes ( iritis, glaucoma among others…). “Modern medicine does not have a monopoly on knowledge”- indeed! Thanks again Dr. Tom for bringing this wonderful program to us! AJ


    Amazing summit with Dr. McBridge. I gained a wealth of knowledge from this session. Love it, thank you!!


    Please consider the role of glyphosate in the development of gut disorders. Most grain is sprayed with this herbicide just before harvest and it’s consumed with the produce. In the gut, glyphosate destroys our friendly gut flora and encourages overgrowth with bad bacteria. That way it can cause leaky gut which allows gluten etc. through and causes allergies. If glyphosate is avoided through an organic diet and the gut flora is restored with probiotic foods, the body can start to heal.


    Oh wow, this lecture was amazing. I’m sitting down here in little ol’ NZ and being blown away but what I’m hearing. It’s making me look now at my own gut and now I know why I’ve been really unhappy about taking reflux medicine for a few years. I just know it can’t be doing me any good to stop something natural like stomach acid from being produced. I really want to get a healthy gut again but with a hiatus hernia the acid slips back up. If I try to get the gut healthy again (by way of fermented food and healthy diet – no GF or sugar) will the hernia heal itself? Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions?


    anaerobic fermentation like the kind you can do in a pickle-it jar or a probiotics jar are by far superior to other kinds of home fermentations and will heal the gut faster.

      Bente P C

      I am SOOO thankful for this superb interview with dr. Natasha 🙂 –Millions of THANKS ! …but I am also very sad that I was not allowed to listen to all interviews on Day 2 ;-( What happened ? Will I/we ever get to listen to Rodney Ford and Liz Lipski ??? I’m hoping……!!! Can it be that we must settle with NOT hearing them ??? That can’t be.


    I love Dr. Natasha! I have been eating this way for several years. Her book is one of my favourite and looking forward to her upcoming one!


    Dr Campbell McBride’s interview was SO informative and clearly explained! I thoroughly enjoyed it and want to say thank you for the opportunity to hear all of these interviews.

    Frank Cooper

    This lady Natasha is brilliant. Her knowledge is unbelievable.


    I had severe, systemic, incurable candida for many years, about twenty, actually. After reading Natasha Campbell McBrides book I very doubtfully tried fermented foods. Sure enough my problem got quite a bit worse. I was about to sideline this attempt with all the others, both medical and alternate, when the more miserable symptoms just disappeared. They re-appeared in a mild form each time I increased my pro-biotic intake, and then again disappeared. And my dairy allergy has disappeared, and my yeast allergy is greatly lessened, and I notice that I get a bit foggy in the brain department only when I forget my daily kefir. It took courage to try. Things initially got worse. But a thousand thank yous to Natasha for developing this protocol. It has been life changing for me. And likewise, thanks for bringing this information to the gluten summit. It has brought me great delight to hear Dr Campbell Mcbride speak.


    It would’ve been nice to watch. I tried for over 2 hours (including 2 restarts of my internet and my tablet). I was able to watch one on Monday, but this one wouldn’t play for love nor money. Extremely frustrating!


      Okay, it finally played (but not the same way as the last one did–play button never worked). It was a really good interview, and a good overview to the philosophies of the GAPS protocol. I found the information on fermented foods–we eat Bubbies sauerkraut from Whole Foods–particularly interesting. I want to pursue this because I’ve felt for a while that gut issues were at the bottom of my son’s speech delay (improved once we got him on high doses of Omega-3s)–I think this protocol could really address the root of it. I was extremely concerned to hear of the increased risk of suicide among celiac youth. Another reason to pursue gut healing. I like that there are GAPS-certified doctors–I’m hoping there’s one nearby in our new area. But resources, especially like the support groups, are so necessary to any kind of long-term change. You need the encouragement and fellowship to swim upstream in our culture that is so lacking in personal responsibility, circumspection, and moderation when it comes to making health and nutritional decisions.


    All of these interviews have been extremely valuable, but this interview by Dr. McBride is hands down so far the most eye-opening, informative, hopeful, and practical one. I have dear family members who are suffering and I believe the GAPS protocol can help, if only I can convince them to try it. My own father died of ALS, and now I wonder if he could have been helped if this information had been available. I have a child with bi-polar disorder, and anither with rheumatoid arthritis. And even Myself, after switching to a whole foods diet, i have experienced a “total makeover” – no more asthma meds, no more arthritis, my thyroid meds are decreasing, and people say I look younger than ever. This WORKS. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU, Dr. Obrien and Dr. mcBride for bringing this information to us. I intend to purchase the interviews, in hopes of sharing this info with family and friends.

    Karen Anderson

    That was a phenomenal presentation, and eye-opening. I will buy the last book and eagerly await the next, and I will start on the GAPS protocol.


    I am not able to listen to Natasha Campbell- McBride and I just got the e- mail today for day 3. I listened to Dr. Vojdani then when I clicked on the begin presentation for McBride it takes me to a page with nothing but being able to order the summit. It hasn’t been 24 hrs.


    What about adding soil to your diet? I remember reading the Maker’s Diet where the author describes taking a specially prepared soil organisms, in addition to diet changes to heal himself of Crohn’s disease. One comment in the book was that we don’t expose ourselves to soil organism as much as we used to.


    The summit is very helpful. I was always wondering why my brain was deteriorating. I need to meet I personally. My pain doesn’t stop and end even with all the elimination foods for the last 5yrs. I have been suffering with stomach issues since I have known, know I am 44 and still in pain Please help. I even offer myself to u all to study my condition. It’s a


    My daughter has Type 1 diabetes (taking insulin) and I believe she may benefit from the ideas of the GAPS diet (bloated tummy, constipation, asberger syndrome type behaviors), however the introduction diet is extremely low carbohydrate. How can this diet be safely implemented with someone who doses insulin?

    Marianne Alaska

    I have followed the Gluten Summit every day. I am so glad I did! It was wonderful and I just want to thank you for the entire presentation. I took copious notes and will apply much of the new-found knowledge to my own health issues, as well as my family and friends. Thank you so much for ALL if it….I am so energized by this. The last presentation by Natasha Campbell-McBride, MD was the perfect ending!


    Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride: “I don’t believe that there any situation or any person on this planet who can not be helped, whose life can not be made better. And many of these situations can be cured. If your US doctor does not know something, it does not mean that the knowledge does not exist elsewhere! No body is beyond hope. No body!” Robert notes : Of course that knowledge exist elsewhere! US doctor does not know purposedly. They want that no body escape thayer inteligence design! Big Farma Business medicine “products” only mask symptoms and the underlying illness is still in place! That is basic underlying design in field of US medicine ( isurence paid western medicine)! (inteligence design-problem -reaction -solution)


    Thanks for leaving access up during the replay period. Had skipped this interview, as I assumed listened enough in Dr. Mercola’s interview – it got me started making milk kefir and even coconut water kefir. This excellent updated interview pushed far past where Dr Natasha left off last year, and explains leaky gut toxins much better. Planning to pass this lead on to several friends with arthritic knees and getting worse…thanks so much!


    Hi. We (3) did the GAPS diet for 2 years and followed it pretty much to the letter as I understood it. We can still not get onto many foods let alone many carbohydrates and just forget wheat or dairy! My child has just been diagnosed with Juvenille idiopathic arthritis (in her feet in the same place each time) and has hayfever. The diet did help with some symptoms but very disappointing and there was no support. Shame as I had high hopes this would reset our systems – it sounds great – but it didn’t quite deliver for us and cost a lot of money.


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    I really need help with my health issues and cannot afford the dr.s visits for all sort of testing but when I went to this server did not show up. Can you help with this. Is there another link because I would like to find someone in my area who teaches on the GAPS protocol. I absolutely need to do this protocol for myself and others in my family and around me. Thank you very much!!! Mary

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