Gluten, Brain Development and what Really Helps Brain Growth

Nora Gedgaudas, CNS, CNT

  • Understanding our evolutionary makeup
  • The truth about eating meat
  • Exploring the role of insulin in inflammatory processes
  • How sugar and dietary carbohydrates contribute to aging
  • The macronutrient thing that fuels cancer
  • How the body metabolizes different macronutrients
  • How to become an efficient fat burner
  • The startling truth about low-cholesterol diets
  • The impact of agriculture on the human brain

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    While I agree with most of the Paleo/Primal logic, I am sorry, my great, great, great, great, grandpa was not a chimp or soup. Common DNA DOES NOT automatically mean relative, it is just implied by whatever your worldview is. Lucy as our missing link, was disproven long, long ago. They have never found a missing link. Instead of evolving it looks to me as we have been devolving. Another thing, many dating methods are notoriously unreliable. I realize, I am in the minority in this thinking, fine, so be it. Regardless, thanks so much for all of this information. As with everything, one needs to chew up the meat and spit out the bones (pun intended).

      Dr. Michael Haley

      That was my stumbling block too, Hope; that the foundation of the teaching is based on a theory. Carbon dating supports a young earth unless you make assumptions based on the evolutionary theory. But the assumptions are based on a theory and such assumptions are not scientific. She was not the first teacher of the e-summit to base diet recommendations on a theory rather than science – but like you, I think their were some pearls in the discussion.

      Lynn M

      I think Hope is saying she doesn’t believe in evolution. I don’t a belief in evolution is necessary to realize that what mankind ate 10,000 years ago, and even further back, may be the best guide to what kind of diet mankind would do best eating today.


    I found this interview riveting. Thank you so much for making such high quality content accessible.


    Another wonderful presentation / interview. I learned a lot from this one, with copious notes taken. Thank you!


    Its a wonderful set of lectures to be sure. However, I’ve declined the offer to enter the contest because I find it really unethical for a person or entity to ask for access to all my personal information and my friends on Facebok. And I would be acting dishonorably to provide it.

      Lynn M

      There was a third option to enter the contest that didn’t require using either a Facebook or Twitter account. That option just asked for your email address. I don’t see anything unethical about that.


    @Hope Either a chimp or a brick, your take.


    Thank you this makes so much sense but how can I follow this diet when I’m having problems with eating the food that is suggested in this diet I suffer from inflammatory bowel disease how can I incorporate it in my diet.


    I must say… I completely agree with @Hope.

    Stephanie hamarman

    Thank you Nora G I want to be a fat burner. I learned that a low carb diet will allow me to burn fat and that I cannot ever burn fat if I eat bad carbs and jack up my insulin. But very importantly I also have to eat good fat for my brain, hormones,and vitamin absorption/ gene transcription and to be a fat burner. Fantastic lecture!


    Another great Presenter!!!!! This is one of the best so far. The topic of Cholesterol is as much needed as Gluten, sugar, GMOs. Thanks to The Organizer, the Presenters and the Sponsors for bringing such a caliber of experts to educate and help us regain control of our health. We are responsible for the choices we make as such we have the responsibility to seek and educate ourselves for the benefit of our family, the community, and the world. Sharing this informations is a must.


    I am fast becoming a fan of Nora Gedgaudas. I recently heard her from another blogger. I was so impressed that I bought her book. She has become one of my health hero’s. Really enjoyed this interview.


      Get your husband the best long ferment genuine sourdough bread you can find – and the healthiest real food fillings. If his other meals are ” good’ then at least he is doing much better with his lunch.


    What to do for a husband who brings his lunch and eats sandwiches? What can I do for him? Also, fibro and thyroid disease. I have been gluten, dairy, soy free for a few years. But, what about the inflammatory veggies that one should not eat with inflammation and cruciferous veggies for hypothyroid?

    CK Carson

    Do nuts also count as complete protein?


    I wish there was second by second rewind and fast forward like on utube or transcribed pdf as sometimes there’s noise in my background or have to take a call and some important information is missed.

    CK Carson

    Please repeat this presentation on Monday. Everyone needs another chance to hear eat. AMEN & Hallelujah Nora!! Regarding large forehead, determined by width, height or both?

    cindy lu

    Great presentation. Your common sense creates brilliance. Keep up your great works.


    I agree with not eating gluten but not with meat. People have longer intestines than animals. Many people have reversed their heart disease and lowered their colestral by not eating meat. There are many people that are healthy not eating meat. President Clinton is just one of them. A plant based diet just makes more sense!


    I understand the impirtance of eating more fat. but How much fat is ” more fat”


    Excellent presentation! So much info to absorb- please include Nora in your repeat presentation!! I have been on the the fence with a complete change in my diet , but Nora has definitely convinced me to remodel my own dietary habits. Many thanks again.


    Where can we buy or get the proline polypeptide spray that Dr. Keech speaks of?

    Nancy Henderson

    Nora and Tom– Great interview! One of the best of a great line up. Being a WAPF fan, I was particularly happy to hear of the cranial size mentioned. I wrote an article for WAPF’s Wise Traditions in 2009: “100 Years Before Weston Price– the Observations of George Catlin” The take home message at the end was you need to have a nutrient dense enough of a diet to create a cranium large enough to accommodate all 32 potential teeth— because with the wider dental palate also comes the optimum sized airway and better oxygenation. Our primitive ancestors had better oxygenation. They had to get it right or perish. In the article, I discuss George Catlin’s observations of the Native Americans he visited around 1830– and the stunning physical perfection they had– particularly the Northern Plains who lived off of the buffalo. One of George Catlin’s portraits was of a chief called “Buffalo Bull’s Back Fat,” underscoring the prevalence of fat in their diet. Thank you for the validation– and for mentioning the Weston A Price Foundation, their local chapters which can source farm fresh foods for you, and for sending people to the Price Pottenger Nutrition Foundation as well. Bless you!

    Cecilia Barbosa

    Nora and dr. Increíble comprender lo simple que puede se Este concepto de la dieta paleo ! It males to Much sense!! You guys conduced us to understanding our own Essence as humans beens !! Why now instead to be choosing simple easy things …we are complicating out life with more work? . The paleo diet makes a senses as a whole simple concept ! Muchas gracias for presented this concept so clear and simple ! Cecilia Barbosa Lima -Peru


    While I adhere to a plant based, whole foods diet, i found lots of helpful information in this presentation. And while I also do not believe in the theory of evolution, it is pretty obvious that modern agricultural methods have changed the way we eat, to our detriment. Focusing on eating real food, whether or not you include meat in that equation, seems to be the healthiest choice. My goal has been to remove all bar codes from my pantry- in other words, nothing packaged, nothing processed. I buy single ingredients, ( ie. nuts, seeds, some grains, whole veggies and fruits) so I have control over what i put together. Plus, i bought a manual grain mill… So if I want flour, i have to grind it by hand. This is a pretty good governor to avoid eating many grains at all. And going gluten free limits that even more. By changing our diet to whole foods, limited grains and no gluten, i have not only seen the reversal of asthma, arthritis, and a few other niggling problems, but have experienced a total transformation in how I feel and look, and that transformation has allowed me to earn the title of the oldest female finisher on record of arguably the toughest 100 mile footrace in this country. I am 59 right now. Gluten free was maybe the biggest factor in that change.


    Totally awesome. thank you for all the Knowledge and Truth. and yes, fast and furiously writing everything down to tell my skin doc, a pathologist. recently diagnosed with Severe Dermatitis, blood work was ordered, waiting for results. I was given the task of looking up the subject of “atopic” and reporting back with what I found. i have learned a lot. especially that I was keeping the fire going by not even knowing how I was doing it to my poor body, the result being, covered in red, burning welts, rash, hives around my neck, hairline, arms, wrists, elbows, and trunk. the Dermatologist I sought care with for 9 years never taught or told me any of this. They tried to tell me it was caused by bug bites and stress. Geesh. thank you all a million for participating in this seminar and giving us all, Truth, Knowledge, and Hope. Bless you for all your Research and Caring.


    Nora’s presentation is stimulating but it raises a question for me about where our early ancestors lived. She refers frequently to Ice Age dwellers who hunted wholly mammoths. What about our ancestors in Africa, warm climate dwellers, surrounded by easy to pick fruits as well as leaves and small animals? There diets could have been centered around fruits, hence carbs.


    Some interesting information, but it seems to be another one size fits all diet, with no recognition given to the individual differences between people. Firstly people familiar with the blood group diet s will know that peoples dietary needs and abilities to digest food can vary according to their blood group. many of us who are aware of this diet have noticed that just as the diet says, Blood group A people like eating lots of vegetarian food and very little meat, While O group people love their meat and could happily live without vegetables. people can of course change their food choices because of their beliefs about diet, but their bodies can still object by disliking the food, or just feeling sick when it is injested. Many people also have food intolerances to all sorts of food not just dairy and gluten. Beef comes from cows so people intolerant to dairy will have health problems if they eat beef etc etc. This talk is basically supporting the Atkins diet that has been in and out of favour for the past 50 years or so. In the 60’s I tried a high fat low carb diet with plenty of protein and vegetables. I couldn’t maintain it for long, but knew that a high carb low fat diet just made me put on a lot of weight and feel unhealthy. lots of fruit veg and nuts and seeds and a very little fish or white meat works best for my health as well as avoiding all my food intolerences.

    Janis Romme

    Inspirational speaker! Unfortunately, I taught nutrition incorrectly for 29 years. Fortunately, about 5 years ago, I discovered the Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation. For 60 years, it has been providing optimal health information to the public. Their food pyramid is the opposite of the government. Their bone soup is a healthy and economical way of helping families to regain their health and well-being. Nutrient-dense foods are essential for our existence.


    Is a kerogenic diet safe for a nursing mother? What about if the breast milk is not the child’s main source of food (ex. Nursing toddler)?


    very interesting. If cholesterol is used to make hormones, is it then dangerous for someone with estrogen-and progesterone-positive breast cancer? I know Dr. Keith Block advocates a very low-cholesterol diet for cancer for reasons that I think relate to this.


    So much great information to process – thank you!

    Chris Decker

    Wow, I can’t believe 76 minutes just went by! What a riveting–and elegant and brilliant and inspiring–talk. Honestly, I could listen to Nora Gedgaudas for hours. This was easily one of the best interviews of the whole Summit.


    THE best, most useful interview yet!!!!! Bravo


    Couldn’t agree more, Chris. This has been the best interview of the whole summit (for me) so far. I immediately went to Nora’s site after hearing this great talk. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Nora! Keep up the good fight 😉


    It is 8:32am PST, last post 1:34pm (TeeDee) – have to assume EST but still the time is wrong. I can’t access Day 5. Is it because the clock on website is wrong?

    Kathy Randolph

    Thank you so much for all this information. It inspired me enough to go out and buy your book!


    I was always so proud of my HDL being 96-114 and after Nora’s talk, I may be looking further for inflammation. The trick will be wondering what my physician will think or do to help me check further. This information should be required for all doctors that treat people. Thank you for bringing her and I’ve signed up for her newsletter.


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