How Cross-Reactivity, Molecular Mimicry and Mold Toxicity Can Seriously Impact Your Health

Peter Osborne, DC, CNCB

  • The 3 common links between diet and autoimmunity
  • Understanding the role of cross reactivity in intestinal permeability
  • Uncovering the most common cross reactive foods  
  • Understanding the difference between molecular mimicry and cross reactivity
  • The 3 tissues most commonly affected by molecular mimicry
  • Why gluten-free dieters should limit corn
  • The 3 rules to live by if you want vibrant health

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    Tom Hauwiller

    The complexity of the subject of proteins and the immune system’s reaction to them is overwhelming. It has been inspiring to hear those contributors to the discussion who are just scratching the surface of this. As a celiac and one with family affected by this, learning about what harms us is vital in the truest sense of the word. Keep up the good work.

    Melinda Page

    Dr. Osborne is one of my hero’s. A few years ago he was the first practioner to educate me on the value of avoiding all grains. I will be forever grateful to him for his forwarding thinking sage wisdom. Superb summit Dr.Tom!!


    Please please please can we address the mold topic further?!? I, like so many others lately, have this matrix of mold/gluten/Lyme/dairy sensitivity, and we need more info! Currently I work with the biotoxin model around mold and Lyme mimicry- much to learn! I have extremely low MSH, as do my children, and our genetic issue appears to involve sulfur processing, and therefore trouble digesting meat and certain veggies! Can you please speak to the value of genetic testing (ie) the work of R. Shoemaker and biotoxins, and how to eat a good gluten-free diet if we have to limit meat (we produce all our own meat, goat dairy, and eggs, by the way)? Thanks!


    I had no idea about the issue with Corn, Soy, and Rice. I figured if the food had no gluten then it was ok. I haven’t been having loads of these foods, but I have been eating them from time to time. I will no take Corn out of my diet, and work on getting away from Rice too. Thank you for providing such wonderful and detailed information to us.

      Jama Lambert

      Hi Beth; There are additional foods known to cross-react with gliadin. Cyrex Labs offers a food sensitivity test that assesses those known foods. Array 4 – Gluten-Associated Cross-Reactive Food and Food Sensitivity. Here is a link to Dr Vojdani’s article on gliadin cross-reactivity to foods and human tissues.


    Dr. Osborne I learn so much from you all the time…thank you. I’m one of your FB followers:) Could you please clear something up for me, is wheat grass, gluten ? Also, what is the spelling of the test, Alcat and what lab does it? Do I need a doctor’s RX to do it and any recommendations to clinicians like yourself in the Los Angeles Area?? Thank you so much!

      Dr. O

      Sheila, Wheat grass does not contain gluten (technically speaking). The biggest risk is cross contamination of the wheat seed into the grass (especially powders and other mixture based products). I do not personally use the Alcat test. If you want to learn more about the testing I use in my clinic, go here – As far as recommendations go for LA area, I will simply say that I am currently working on something VERY BIG. It will change the face of medicine and make Functional Medicine available to people all over the world. All the best, Dr. O


      From Dr. Don Kasarda, U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Grains Division. It is generally thought that the genes for gluten proteins are selectively expressed only in the endosperm of the wheat grain and not in the vegetative tissues. So long as no heads are formed, then the leaves should be OK. Once heads have formed and flowered, there is potential gluten protein synthesis going on. I think grass harvested before about 15-20 days after sprouting usually should be OK and not have any heading-out, but a visual inspection of the entire crop for heading is necessary. Also, it is important if short term sprouting is involved, that only the leaves should be taken. If there are any remnants of the grain that was sprouted left, there might still be some gluten protein or peptides remaining there.


    THANK YOU! The information on mold might have just solved the mystery for me. Will diet changes be enouh to get mold out of ones system?

      Dr. O

      Mindy, Yes and No. Removal of dietary mold exposure helps, but the environment can also contain mold. Once sensitized to it, patients tend to react more and more severely as time goes by. Investigate the potential for enviro molds also playing a factor. I use UltraImmune IgG and Detox C to help patients make a recovery faster. All the best, Dr. O


        How does one get rid of mold under floorboards? Bulldozer? Sell the house and move to a brand new home? Considering the cost – maybe a tent? But then I’d have problems with airborne allergens. How do I win?


    Thank you for being so informative and easy to understand at the same time. How do I get tested for the 320 foods and chemicals?

    Mindy Goldis

    I am a whole food vegan and will never change that! I appreciate all Dr. Osbourne has to say. I have never been tested for celiac or gluten sensitivity, but I have removed gluten from my food consumption. I agree with corn, as I had a lot of corn grits (organic) last night, to test myself and in the morning I had mucus around my lower eyelid, mucus from my lungs coming up and from my nose. I did not eat anything else except greens and also some hemp powder (I know that did not cause it). My question for you Dr. Osbourne, are you totally against things like quinoa, millet, teff, buckwheat, amaranth, pumpkin, sunflower, sesame and hemp seeds? Also nuts? No mention of fruit? Are you against them? Thank you 😉 Mindy aka TheRawsomeVeganGal – youtube channel of the same name with free information on health topics, recipe ideas and product reviews – gluten- free, of course!

      Dr. O

      Mindy, Everyone is unique. Biochemical individuality must be considered first and foremost. That being said, you can access a list of foods that I don’t recommend (re gluten) here ==>> As far as seeds are concerned – I don’t recommend them for people who are having digestive issues. They are hard to digest, and can keep a person in GI distress. All the best, Dr. O

        Mindy Goldis

        what about fruit, Dr. O, you did not mention your stance on them? Thanks for the great information! Your interview was one of the best in the summit? Mindy 😉


    I left a reply yesterday, but when the new speakers come on for the new day I can not see if there was a reply. I would like to know your thought about receiving communion in church. Thank You


    Thank you so much for putting together this summit. It is much needed. I know that I have to go glutton free. I have tried, but have not stuck to it. I know now this is the way I need to go. Thank you, Thank you.


    I’ve been gluten free for over 3 years and avoiding corn for over 35 years. Unfortunately, the fillers in drugs are almost exclusively corn derivatives in the last few years. I am very allergic to polyethylene glycol. Are your patients or viewers noticing increased difficulty in avoiding corn?

      Dr. O

      Joan, Corn has become more and more ubiquitous. I have put together a comprehensive list of names and hidden terms for corn. You can check it out here ==>>> All the best, Dr. O


    Over and over the recommendation is quality meats and veggies. I have had problems digesting animal protein for years, and can only eat a little meat a few times a week. If I eat alot of meat, I feel terrible. I am already staying off gluten, corn, soy, dairy. I was also told to stay off nightshades. I feel like I don’t know what i can eat. Is there anything I can do to be able to eat and digest meat better, so I can do a healthy diet?

      Dr. O

      JClaire, You might be more suited for a vegetarian diet. Without testing you specifically, it is hard to say for sure. You can use a betaine HCL supplement to improve your ability to digest proteins, but I think you would be better served in the long run having more specific testing to isolate what you (as an individual) should or should not eat. All the best, Dr. O


    Thank you Dr Tom and Dr O. for this discussion. After listening to Dr O. on the glutenfreesociety website for the last 2 years, always learning more, with more precise suggestions.


    Thank you for your time to share much enlightening information. Do you have information about soaking grains to make them more digestible? Also all seeds and grains are off limits?

      Dr. O

      Jodie, The Weston Price Foundation has very good info on soaking and fermenting to improve digestion. No Grain. Please understand my perspective on seeds is to restrict them in patients with long term GI damage. When one is trying to recover, adding difficult to digest foods can slow the process. I don’t recommend seeds as staple foods in the diet regardless. All the best, Dr. O


    Love these seminars! Learning so much. My question is that so many presenters are advocating eating meat. What do you recommend for vegetarians? I eat a whole foods, GF diet. Any suggestions?

      Dr. O

      Andrea, Meat is not an absolute for everyone. That being said, you should have your nutritional levels checked on a regular basis (twice yearly) to ensure you are getting adequate iron, B-12, B-6, methionine, and others. In my clinic, I see a greater loss of these nutrients in the vegetarian population. All the best, Dr. O


    Tremendous talk! Valuable information for everybody. Your work in the field gives people hope and a new life. Thank you!

    Merrie Bott

    Great talk, Dr O. I don’t mean this to come across as arrogant, but you (and other speakers) have explained so clearly the scientific reasons behind why doing what I have gradually figured out for myself over the last 41 years to work – does actually work. However, there has been one glaring difference. Virtually every speaker has said to avoid dairy. After being milk-free for 50 years, I happened upon a radio interview with Dr Keith Woodford whilst visiting New Zealand several years back. After experimenting, I confirmed that A2/A2 milk did not give me the usual asthma, sinus, depression, a lowered immune system etc I got from even the most minute exposure to dairy. For the past 18 months, I have been making 24 hour yoghurt from an A2/A2 (full-cream, unhomogenised and when available unpasteurised) milk source and have noticed yet another significant jump in my health. Thus, I was so pleased to notice in your comments above that you have included a link to your interview with Dr Rodney Ford on this topic. I still don’t drink A2/A2 milk as it probably leaches calcium from your bones. However, I eat unpasteurised A2/A2 firm cheese (eg Swiss Le Gruyere or French Comte) quite often and consume the 24 hour homemade yoghurt on a daily basis. It has helped to heal and seal my gut and is the most wonderful protection against viruses. Sadly, the A2 corporation continues to produce homogenised milk and their brand of yoghurt is also low-fat so I only use their products when alternatives are not available. Generally speaking, milk from Jerseys, Guernseys and Swiss Browns is A2/A2, as of course is all milk from sheep, goats, humans, buffalo, camels etc. I highly recommend Keith Woodford’s book “Devil in the Milk” and would encourage all the speakers at this wonderful gluten seminar to investigate his work. PS Both Keith and Rodney are good Christchurch lads!

    Marsha Greene

    This summit is the best. I’ve been gluten-free for over 20 years but still managed to develop RA, Fibromyalgia, Diabetes because I wasn’t that informed on other grains, sugar, leaky gut, asthma. I’m now working with a Dr. who is well versed in health and nutrients and has gotten my “good” fats intake up. I wanted to share with everyone that we all know stress is a huge part of our lives. There really is no way to avoid it, but I can change my reaction to it. That is how I discovered “The Emotion Code” and “The Body Code” developed by Dr. Bruce Nelson, I was so impressed with how many trapped emotions and stressors I released in my own body that I even became a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner and now get to share with others that you can be happy and free along with eating and feeling healthy. Thanks for this summit, it has been a life changer for lots of people I’m sure.


    Lifelong I’ve had problems with any medications – they have adverse reactions. They either don’t work or magnify the problem they were intended to fix. (e.g. one BP medication actually caused 24/7 panic attacks!). If I understand correctly that 15% of a drug is expected to be absorbed by the body, does this mean that because I have gut problems I will have an abnormal or adverse reaction to drugs? I have tried to stay away from drugs because of the adverse reactions, but my last doctor told me to “go find another doctor” as he was fed up that none of the 5 different BP medications seemed to work. Turned out the BP (up to 217/115 pulse 145 while resting) was caused by EMFs which caused massive stress. Removed all Wi-Fi and now massive improvement, but didn’t realise that being Celiac had any connection to cardiovascular problems. Should mention that after being diagnosed I have NEVER had ANY doctor EVER mention gluten intolerance again, nor follow up, nor do tests in over 20 years. So this Gluten Summit is WONDERFUL!!! I hope doctors are listening!


    Thank you, Dr. O’Bryan, for mentioning support groups as a source for additional help. As the leader of a support group, this Gluten Summit has provided us with much needed information! I have appreciated the information imparted by your panel of experts and am ordering the Gluten Summit package to share with all in my support group.


    Have you seen bile reflux in Celiac patients? My daughter has Celiac disease as well as gastroparesis and has GERD. Now she is having trouble with bile in her stomach. No one seems to know why. Would love any insight you have.


    We have 4 (diagnosed) celiacs in our family! This seminar is so very enlightening, making us realize it is NOT just reactions to wheat that may be affecting us! So wonderful to be hearing such wonderful information. Thank you ALL !

    A Tindell

    When ever issues with dairy are mentioned, does that apply to raw goat as well?

    Suzie Adams

    I’ve enjoyed listening to all this GREAT information, i’m learning so much! How do you find a good practitioner in my area? I had a very good doctor about 8 years ago. He was Chinese, and could cure any disease. I’m afraid of going to a Western doctor, for they don’t help with the problem. They don’t find the root of the disease. I live in the Kansas City area.


    What a privilege to be a part of this fantastic, informative event. Thank you to all that put in their time and efforts to pass on the information for a better, healthy life. Your presentations are priceless. With genuine appreciation – Peg


    I have been fascinated by these talks.. but this one was the one that hit home the most. It was like Dr. Osborne was talking ABOUT me. 🙁


    Just listened to Dr. Osborne & his presence in the summit was a large part of why I signed up to listen to as many of these presentations as I possible. I am an registered nurse & work in a large primary care practice, however on a daily basis I hear so much mis-information about diet being given & practiced that I am beginning to experience ethical dilemmas with educating & supporting what a provider has advised to patients in regards to diet. My personal dietary journey began with giving up sugar related to a high risk of developing diabetes, and then giving up wheat related to developing diabetes, and now within the last three weeks I have given up corn related to a diagnosis of an allergy to corn …. so, I am grateful to the timeliness of this summit & those speakers who have addressed corn as a problem food & the correlation to gluten intolerance!


    Amazing, one of the better if not the best infotmative interviews about this damn gluten. I believe the wholeworld needs tobe gluten and dairy free.

    Carmen Smith. ROHP.RN

    Dr. O’Bryan, in my practice I work with the blood type diet(Dr. Adamo).I find it’s 80% accurate. What’s your views on this diet?’ I agree I remove gluten from the diet


      I agree with the main parts of the blood group diet. Blood group A prefer vegetarian foods, and blood group O prefer meat has always been true for the people I know and have discussed this with. However I am blood group A and while I definitely prefer fruit and veg to meat, the booklet on the diet that I read said that some dairy products were ok for me and I know that is not true. I don’t remember the diet mentioning avoiding gluten either and I definitely need to avoid that too for my health.


    I did not hear about this until the morning of the 4th day. This has been so informative. Thank you for pulling all of this together. My daughter and I had our gene’s tested for gluten more than 6 years ago. She has the celiac gene and I do not. But I do have gluten sensitivity. She and her 2 children are on the gluten free diet and my husband and I are also. My daughter is a pediatrician and she has done her B level continuing ed studies on gluten. She has been able to share with her practice and to help some of her patients. She sent this connection to me and I have shared with a few others that have gluten issues. I really do thank you for putting this together. It is most helpful and enlightening.


    Thank you, thank you and thank you a thousand times more. What an excellent summit. I listened to every speaker and I received many different ‘gems’ from each one. The summit was so encouraging to me to continue my course and just as important to have more information to encourage others to come on board. I have taken many notes to refer to over the next months. I would also like to say that Tom O Bryan did the most excellent job clarifying and summarizing what each speaker said often through out each of the interviews. Suggestion / question / something to think about : In the future would it be possible to receive continuing education credits [CEUs] for the different fields? Thank you again. Nancy

    Kathleen Cabral

    Hi, I would like to just order the 600-page transcript. Is this possible? Thanks so much. Excellent information!


    Thanks, fantastic!


    Thank you so much for this wonderful summit. It provided me the answer for why I have not been able to recover from my multi-faceted gluten-induced progressively worse symptoms. It is mind-boggling why medicine is not taught this way in medical schools. But to look at it from another perspective, what would happen to all those doctors who treat the symptoms of the resulting chronic conditions? Most of them would be out of business if people could prevent them by eating what humans are designed to eat. As physical therapist I always wondered why many of my patients would have unexplained neuropathy, adhesive capsulitis, or radiculopathies without a compressive interface in multiple nerve tracts. I have very positive neurodynamic tests throughout my body and I always knew that it must have been my immune system attacking me but I did not understand why. These interviews cleared up my personal and professional quandaries and I am forever grateful, Dr O’Bryan.

    Armstrong Hart

    Words are inadequate to express my appreciation for this summit! What about eggs? Haven’t heard eggs mentioned yet as to where they fit into the picture.


    Thank you so much. As someone who has struggled since her early teens with an autoimmune disease, I feel informed, relieved and hopeful. Optimal health is possible and I am grateful for your efforts in bringing this message to those of us who have spent years in “the system” looking for answers.


    This lecture was by far the best information for me a celiac. It is so informative and accurate on what I can safely eat. I do know I feel it if I eat oats, grains of any kind and seeds. Thank you Dr. Peter Osborne. It looks like meat, vegetables and fruit are the way to a better feeling in health.


    Thank you Dr. Tom and Dr. Osborne for this segment and Dr. Tom for the whole seminar. My 41 year old son has Gluten Sensitivity but he’s not Celiac. He goes off and on with eating wheat. He gets skin rashes on his legs and that’s what got him to see a Homeopathic Doctor over 12 years ago. So he did the elimination diet and felt 100% better and looked fantastic. He also cannot eat dairy. My question is – if he plays with wheat in his diet – will his health deteriorate? Thank you so much for the seminar.


    I think I got on too late to get this one from Dr. Osborne ; ( I really can’t afford to buy the sessions. Is there a way I can get info. from his interview?


    Great talk and informaion Dr. O. I do eat gluten and grain free and feel great. I’m so happy that the talk didn’t just address gluten but went into all grains. My website is dedicated to grain-free. I have written a book titled Gluten-Free & & Grain-Free Healthy Recipes. It will be on my website soon.


    Thank you for the summit. Have been interested in gluten-free diets because my sister is allergic to corn & yeast. I know I have a sensitivity in that area too. My husband has hemochromatosis and is a diabetic. Would a gluten-free diet help him? Thank you. Marla


    Just how do we find doctors that do testing? I have exhausted the list of MD’s in the area. I had a nurse, listed in a local health magazine, take a blood test and I am allergic to 80 or so foods etc. the answer was don’t eat it. I can’t even brush my teeth without having a reaction. Dermatologists didn’t know what the rashes were from, allergy doctors won’t even let me in the door, gastro had no clue – I’m done. Can’t breath, running to bathroom, vomiting, rashes, eye problems, stomach pain, exhausted, etc. so where are the doctors and what can they do for me when I can’t even eat lettuce.


    I am wondering what laboratory tests his team orders to diagnose. I came across enterolab through my search for answers. I read Dr Fine’s research that the antibodies of the celiac panel miss many non-celiac patients since we are looking for them in the wrong place. When I got tested, it turned out that I had immunologocal reaction to corn, rice, potatoes, all the meat proteins, tuna besides casein, soy and eggs. This leaves me with two concerns. What do I eat now to finally calm the immune system and how do I find the practitioner who even understands the complexity of this. After the lab results I went to Europe to get tested for zonulin as I figured I must have a severely permeable intestinal wall by now. It was measured in the feces. The test was negative so I am wondering how can my immune system still react to so many food proteins? After 4 years of the initial lab test when I only got tested for gliadin in the feces, the gluten free diet had not resolved my issues. I realize now that I have not been gluten zero. I am taking massive amounts of probiotics for the abnormal flora and Lglutamine for the lack of s IgA production. I had to go to Europe to get the tests for the above two tests as well because the last gastroenterologist in the US (#14) simply refused to order them when I requested them. I had to stop working full time due to my symptoms in 2010 so I have no benefits. But why have insurance when the practitioners who take insurance are inept at helping me and those who would be able to probably do not take them anyway. I do not want to make this a political issue but forcing me to get inadequate coverage for inadequate medical care is not the answer to fixing health care in the US. Or should I call it sickness symptom care? I find it disheartening that I have been pretty much left to my own capabilities as a physical therapist to figure out what is wrong with me, find a way to get tested and attempt to remedy. Enterolab allows pts to order for themselves, cyrex does not. Enterolab tests in the feces, cyrex in the blood. I am wondering what the immunologist expert who is associated with the second lab would say if asked about the sensitivity of testing in the feces versus the blood. It would be nice to hear an interview with Dr Fine as well who has a PhD and MD degree specializing in celiacs. Thank you, again, for your work. Can we present this to our politicians so health care would start its reform in medical schools?


    If you have celiac or even that you are gluten sensitive, is it correct that you cannot eat chicken because they only eat grains unless it says gluten-free? Also same with the turkey.


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