Are You Developing an Autoimmune Disease Years Before Symptoms?

Prof. Yehuda Shoenfeld, MD, FRCP

  • Understanding the immune system
  • Defining autoimmunity
  • The role of predictive autoimmunity in preventative medicine
  • The connection between gluten and multiple sclerosis
  • How autoimmunity may contribute to cardiovascular disease risk
  • The role of antibodies in unexplained miscarriages

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    I tried to go to the Vitamin D Counsel as listed on the presentation slide, but it was not the right one. After doing a Google Search, I determined that the correct link is


      I was going to say the same thing. It’s You can sign up for their newsletter. And they also offer the proper Vitamin D spot test.

    CK Carson

    antigluten Abs = antigliadin Abs.?


    Are autoantibodies in question are the same as ANA blood test? What if the person has a low level of ANAs on this test (titer 160), but no other autoimmune antibodies identified by a rheumatologist, is the risk to have autoimmune condition later in life is increased and this needs to be followed up long term? Or the ANAs can just disappear with anti gluten no grain diet and other lifestyle changes?


    Love this summit and information!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!! Just a quick observation. Everytime I have tried to take a vitamin D supplement, liquid or pill form, I will become constipated within 3 to 4 days. Any ideas why? Has anyone else has this issue? Thanks again. Laurie, Canada

      Loren Ziem

      Is it possible that you have a hypersensitivity to wool? I have relatives who can’t touch wool and also become ill from vitamin D3 supplements [which are usually derived from lanolin]. Theoretically there should be no allergens in D3 supplements, but I think it’s worthwhile to try something else. The D2 supplements may not be as effective, but I’ve left a comment about maximizing vitamin D production in store-bought shiitakes on this thread — they should be compatible with almost any diet [the soy-laden recipe I linked is of course optional].


    Brilliant presenter and a humble man. Thank you!


    Every time i tried taking vitamin D, I start getting insomnia only sleeping 3-4 hours each night and beeing wide awake the rest. Also my hip joints start hurting when i take it, What are the reasons for these symptoms? (take Vit D only in the morning). Thanks!


      Natalia, I know what you mean. Ever since I started taking 2000 IU to 4000 IU of Vitamin D drops from Premier Research Labs that I bought on Amazon I would get terrible muscle pain so I had to stop. I don’t know if it is an allergy to the product or some other type of mineral deficiency. I like Dr. Eric Berg and you might be interested in this video which explains Vit. D. I had no problem when I use to take Nordic Naturals Cod Liver Oil and the lemon flavor tastes very good. I hope you enjoy this video.


    Wow, Tom, what a great privilege to listen to your interview with Dr. Shoenfeld. You both opened my eyes to so many concerns and questions–kudos and thank you so much!


    Thank you Dr. O’Bryan and Dr. Shoenfeld, I very much enjoyed listening to all the wisdom you both shared here today, I found it very insightful and very interesting and helpful. Thank you.

    Nancy G

    I have ITP is there any thing I good do to correct this problem ,would going on GF diet help?


    would like to know what to test for autoimmune or cardiovascular probs if you have the MTHFR gene. This was mentioned as a contributing factor to clotting issues, but I did not hear and understand clearly what steps someone who has MTHFR should take. I have the MTHFR and my mother just had a heart attack that her doctors are puzzled by – they say nothing in her health indicates having heart attack, I suspect she has MTHFR as well, and would not be suprised if she were gluten sensitive, plus there is familial high cholesterol. What can someone who has the MTHFR mutation do to prevent heart and blood vessel problems and what further testing needs to be done?


    I am enjoying and appreciating these talks immensely. I THINK I am gluten sensitive. How does one find out for sure?


      Vitamin D can be derived from wool. When I was taking it in this form, I was getting repeated fever blisters that I had not gotten since I had gone grain free. Try the Vitamin D derived from fish or seafood and see if you don’t react to it. I did fine with this Vitamin D. Also, eggs have good amount of vitamin D. The website for Vitamin D also list what other nutrients you need to properly absorb the Vitamin D you are taking. Good Luck!

        Loren Ziem

        I’m so glad to hear that my relatives with lanolin problems are not the only ones having an “impossible” reaction. Thank you for commenting and helping to provide visibility and options.

    barb robins

    Thank you for the Gluten Summit, excellent work. I suffered severe asthma with intubation, Vasculitis (Giant Cell Artietis) and osteo-arthritis all improved with GFD .. it’s so important to understand these diseases … love the interaction between the professionals, a rewarding team approach! Barb

    Helen Grond

    I have gluten sensitivity (self diagnosed) and suffered with Sjögren’s syndrome 15 years ago. The onset was preceded with significant gastrointestinal distress for 6 months (h-pylori infection) The sjogrens’ symptoms resolved after a 10 month course of low level minocycline treatment. I was living and working in a third world country during this time and undertook my own treatment program. I’ve always felt that the h-pylori infection was associated with the sjogrens. I wonder if dr. shoenfelds work would support that conclusion?


    I loved the information about the vitamin d, but I thought you could take too much?! Really, all the information was very eye-opening.

      Loren Ziem

      An upper limit of 10,000 IU has been proposed [that seems like a lot to me], but there are concerns about hypervitaminosis D in some situations. If it were a concern for me, I’d ask my doctor if periodic testing for vitamin D levels and hypercalcemia were warranted.

    Bettye L Smith

    Wow what a wonderful series. I have learned so much it boggles my mind. One daughter has MS, the other Celiac. and I am gluten sensitive. I previously suffered from Giant Cell Artietis and was treated with steroids which caused Avium to grab hold of my lungs. This series has helped me understand how important the gluten free diet is to my health. Wish I knew about this before the steroid distructive remedy for Giant Cell Arietis.


    I’m concerned with a statement that Dr. Shoenfeld made, that there are no side effect with taking vitamin D and that it is safe to use in the largest doses, according to the site recommend by Dr. O’Bryan large doses of vitamin D is quite toxic and requires medical attention.

    Teresa Dillon-Lundgren

    Dear Dr. O’Bryan, This whole week has been invaluable to me. Learning so much about both Celiac and NCGS Disease. I am thankful for ordering the series so I can play all the speakers over and over and dig out the pearls, as you put it. I would like to know if you have any CEU’s for this week, or if you know how many CEU’s for each presentation. I am an RD and would like to take your classes to become certified. Thank you so much again for this Seminar. Teresa Dillon-Lundgren RD

    Teresa Dillon-Lundgren

    Dear Dr. Shoenfeld, Thank you so much for your understanding and explaining the immune system/Autoimmune Disease. Your presentation has pearls of wisdom and I will continue to re-play it to gain more knowledge. Teresa Dillon-Lundgren R.D.


    Dr. OBryan, Many thanks to you for stewarding this brilliant summit. We are doubly blessed with your generosity( in offering the comprehensive summit for free) and the treasure of information you have provided for so many of us seeking answers to better health. I am ordering the summit to listen to again at my leisure.


    Thank you so much for all the good information & very wonderful presenters. This has been a really good experience. Please help! I just accidently ingested gluten last night. I didnt hear anyone address what action i can take. I am taking wobenzene & gluten digest. They seem to soften the reactions. But for the next 3 weeks i will feel like i have the flu – body/joint aches, wacked out digestion, fog brain, etc.

      Loren Ziem

      If you contact your doctor soon, it’s possible that something like a course of corticosteroids may be prescribed to help you through this. Best of luck to you.

    Shirley Jacobson

    What about people that over convert 25D to I,25D (or perhaps it’s the other way around. Seen in people with inflammatory diseases? Some experts are saying it is dangerous for them to have vitamin D supplementation.


    Are there herbal/food remedies for anti-coagulation ?


    I think this summit should be made available to all medical and nursing schools in the world and made a course which can be audited so all future doctors/practitioners are aware – Gluten Sensitivity might have implications for global health and well being because it seems to have far reaching effects on so many organs in the human body. It seems like Non Gluten Diet + Non GMO food + Organic + Non Mono Culture agriculture can save so many lives, billions of dollars in health care cost and increase overall quality of life for all. Thanks,


      The whole Gluten Summit should be made MANDATORY for all medical and nursing schools, and current medical professionals around the world should be required to update their knowledge. I have learned more in this week than in my whole lifetime!


    Wonderful presentation with so much information that has never been addressed in such a comprehensive manner. Thank you for the opportunity to learn from those who have studied the topic so specifically.

    Shirley Jacobson

    The work of Chris Masterjohn, PhD, indicates if vitamin A and D are in appropriate balance neither will be toxic but if either becomes out of balance, i.e. due to excess consumption for example, then either one can be toxic (

    Pearl, CHHC, MA, Chicago, Illinois

    Thank you to all presenters for the awesome information. Thank you Dr. O’Bryan for putting this Gluten Summit. I thank you again for diagnosing me for NCGS years ago that help me avoid serious illness that some of my siblings are experiencing.


      I believe the screen said that only 8% of MS patients have a the gluten antibodies. Stopping gluten will only help those MS patients who have the gluten antibodies.

    Anne Cowles

    I found it difficult to hear clearly. I am interested in the link between a gluten-free diet and multiple sclerosis. Dr. S mentioned a figure of 8% of those with ms have ______. What was that? A gluten sensitivity? Celiac disease? Other? Thank you for your reply.

    Margaret Duthie

    Question for Dr Shoenfeld – is Parkinson’s Disease related to autoimmunity and can it be detected early with anti-gliadin antibodies as well?


    I could not understand when the dr. spoke about Gullian Barre syndrome….I was diagnosed with that 30 years ago(at 11 yrs old)…I now have Hashimoto’s with high antibodies at the moment…wondering what I can do to stop anymore autoimmune disorders…I am gluten free but still have high antibodies? thank you so much for this Summit.


      Dawn, they said Vitamin D stopped the antibodies. Take only D3 as its the natural form that works and is cheap. The synthetic D2 is proven to be much less effective, requires a prescription and costs about $200 a month. D3 costs under $10 a month. I have looked at the studies an am taking 5000 iu a day.


    Fascinating presentation, thank you!

    Loren Ziem

    Thank you all for this. Common to so much of the Gluten Summit, it has the potential to save so many lives and restore so much wellbeing. I’m going to ask the people I know who have MS if they’ve discussed anti-tTG antibody testing with their doctors.

    Loren Ziem

    For other vegan dieters [and anyone with wool problems who might not tolerate residual lanolin proteins in D3!], I’d like to add that shiitake mushrooms are one of the few natural high-potency sources of vitamin D available in our diets. You can easily find them dried in import stores, but they may not have been sun- or UV-dried. You can buy fresh shiitakes, sun or UV dry them yourself to initiate vitamin D production in the gills, and make them into something absolutely delicious. Look up details on “vitamin D dried shiitakes” yourself, the info is out there! Then, if you miss octopus and squid like I do, try a recipe like this one:

    Loren Ziem

    A question about vitamin D: considering patients with hypervitaminosis D, who may have sarcoidosis [or vice versa, causally?], should testing be done to check vitamin D levels before anything is recommended? Not that I’m a practitioner — it’s a general curiosity.


    Please do not use spinach that is not organic. You have so much going right, we want to know we are getting quality food. Also, hopefully the lamb will soon be grass fed as well- HOPEfully:?

    Suzette Teel

    Thank you So Much!

    Z. Karim

    What is your take on optimum lectin control as far as reducing the inflammatory response to gluten.

    Hollis Ehman

    This was a terrific interview, and very informative. It was a wonderful opportunity to listen to a world expert in the field of autoimmunity in the comfort of my own home in Canada, without any carbon footprint. Thankyou for the time you gave to this interview Professor Shoenfeld, and sharing your knowledge with us. Thankyou to Dr. Tom O’Brien for your time to do the interviews and for making the Gluten Summit a reality.


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