The Surprising Ways Gluten Sensitivity Can Affect a Child's Health

Rodney Ford, MD, MB, BS, FRACP

  • The many manifestations of gluten sensitivity
  • How gluten-free diets can help non-celiac patients
  • Understanding tests for gluten sensitivity
  • Gluten sensitivity and chronic diseases
  • How gluten affects the neurological tree
  • The wrong way to go gluten-free

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    Just the same as Ruth, can’t watch the interview.


    I can’t get the videos…says “This video is private”

    Jane Varner

    My screen says this video is private and I cannot get it to play ­čÖü


    This one moves slides for about 22 seconds and then stops. Is there a reason? Are they only available after a certain time?


    you can access the videos through the email sent today about Day 2


    Excellent interview! I took a lot of notes to share with my daughter.


    Im so pleased that this condition is gaining a higher profile. My child was on deaths door aged 2 when diagnosed in 1992. I took her to a different hospital as a last ditch attempt to get help & the paed Dr that saw my child in the ED thankfully had an interest in the condition. She said that she had never seen a child so close to death from malnutrition before. Given that info it still didnt ring alarm bells with my Gp to consider I too may be coeliac despite my being convinced because my blood tests were inconclusive. Eventually a scope in 1998 showed complete villus atrophy & I went GF. Neither of us were offered follow up after the 1st year of diagnosis, and even tho` over the yrs I have never felt that well despite despite being as strict as anyone can be going GF I had to fight for follow up. Eventually my Gp agreed to bloods which show very low vit D levels and iron levels and at my insistence a dexa bone scan has shown thinning bones. I had to practically fight to get a referral to a hospital specialist. I was eventually seen by a gastro consultant after 2 yrs who has shown more interest and the quality of my life has improved with iron infusions (IM didnt increase my levels one bit). Increasing my Vit D levels has got rid of so many vague symptoms all dismissed by my GP. Coeliac disease is dismissed by my local Drs as a minor ailment and that if I paid more attention to having a healthy diet I would not have any nutritional deficiency & therefore wouldnt need to waste hospital Drs time and resources. I know how strict I am with my diet & I know how much care and attention I give to having a nutritionally rich diet. Since putting myself on a lactose free diet at least Im not up all night in pain or having diarrhoea. My 16 yr old son is clearly also coeliac but has never been referred for tests but of course we keep him strictly GF regardless and he accepts he has the condition. Maybe one day a Dr will refer him for tests or give follow up care & we certainly dont get kicks out of being at our Gps every 2 mins …we have busy lives working etc and just get on with it. Raising awareness amongst the medical profession in the community is heartening and gives hope that not as many people will have to suffer a poor quality of life for so long. Thank you


    Thank you for your summit.

    dr Szab├│ Erzs├ębet

    And what about patients without antigliadin antibodies or neg. TTG test? They also can be gluten sensitive and show a positive response to zero gluten diet.


    replace processed food with nutrient dense foods and feel better. i used to eat candy, fruit, fruit juices, sandwiches, soda, cheese, gravy, fried, milk, ice cream and toppings, …. now I eat 100% grass fed meat and wide variety of veggies for meals and snacks and spring water. and life is mental physically so much better that I couldn’t have even imagined it before.


    For those that are having a problem viewing the video, try downloadng & using a different browser: Opera, Chrome, or Mozilla FireFox.


    It was such a thrill to hear Dr. Ford acknowledged for his outstanding pioneering work in bringing non-celiac gluten sensitivity to the attention of the world. And Thank you Dr. Ford for so clearly explaining why products that are 5ppm gluten containing are still too high in gluten for us to eat . Congratulations Dr. Ford on being a world class hero. Its such an honor. Ann Marks


    I can’t get the ‘How the Right Diet Can Address Symptoms Throughout the Body’ by Liz Lipski to play. The other two play. Anyone else having this issue?

    shore bird

    Unlike NZ, wish more emphasis was placed on gluten-free replacement foods in most US supermarkets. Much is not marked organic, and can easily be sourced from gmo grains, and/or contain high levels of corn, tapioca or potato starch, which can be worse…and keep us feeling sick.


    Thank you Dr. Ford-so informative! I definitely appreciate your information about using nutrient dense foods, going to a gluten zero diet, instead of using processed gluten free junk food.

    N. RN

    As a professional Nurse , I have observed many symptoms over the years that have made me question dietary intake as a causative agent. As suggested I went gluten free to test it’s impact. The change was immediate. The mental clarity improved, my energy level improved, and my weight stabilized. More importantly, when I encountered gluten again I suffered significant fatigue and mental fog. Excellent seminar continue getting the message out. Thank You

    Beverly Kendrick

    Dr. Ford, I’m learning so much from you and the other presenters. Each one of you has avery special message for us. I didn’t pass the gluten test. I had eaten 95% gluten free for over a year before I took it. I know I have allergies to wheat, barley, rice, hemp, flax, and I’m forgetting one now. I can’t take any medications either. I have numerous allergies. each day I release extra adult stem cells from my own bone marrow. I know they will not treat, cure, prevent, or diagnosis anything, but the extra adult stem cells will rejuvenate my body. It does take years to get over issues and I need to work on this daily. The products I take, RELEASE, CIRCULATE, MIGRATE, and PROLIFERATE into my body. I’m very sensitive to many ordors as well such as lawn chemicals. They knock me off my feet. I go green for cleaning too. Thank you for all of the information today. I look forward to meeting all of the speakers on the summit some day. Stay with the ZERO GLUTEN IN THE DIET! It helps a great deal and lets get rid of all the chemicals too.


      Thank you for your kind words Jane Oliver. Heartwarming to hear an educated (about the impacts of a Gluten Sensitivity) Mother who is going to protect her kids. you Go Girl!!!

    Jane Oliver

    Absolutely loved Dr Fords interview along with your clear in -put Dr Tom – we are a family of 4 with no known celiacs but pretty certain of NCGS in myself. Gluten-free we have been for 3 months, but in fact I believe gluten -zero for myself and husband, now to tackle my children’s school – lunches/snacks are loaded with it. Little by little……Thank you for a wonderful insight and for the powerful knowledge

    Sabrina Kiernan

    Hi Query, Dr. Ford says someone with brain damage and nerve damage may never recover completely even if going gluten free, my son already has neurological damage (MRI adnormal) – I think it may be related to gluten, do I now stop gluten, I am only researching now. If I stop gluten will some of his symptoms improve. Thank you any suggestions so welcome. I wish I knew how bad gluten was years ago. Great interview, so informative.


      Don’t despair and never give up. He said, “Patients with serious psychological and psychiatric disease have a diminished likelihood of recovery.” Diminished is not the same as no chance of recovery. You might be pleasantly surprised at how much you can improve if you include more super foods and healing foods and herbs in your regimen. Best wishes.


    Thank you for your interview on the Gluten Summit! I have been listening to all the presentations, but your talk struck a cord. I am 62 now, but all my life have suffered from allergies, asthma, eczema, and was diagnosed with an auto-immune condition (scleroderma) about 15 years ago. I have been mainly grain free for several months, but occasionally break down and have a pizza or pastry. I am inspired anew by your “gluten zero” approach. Thank you! But it also saddens me that you say that if the system has been damaged long enough, then complete healing is not possible anymore……

    Joan Good

    am 69 yrs. old and have suffered from colic as a baby to bronchial asthma from there. Just recently I was extremely sick for an entire 13 months. Prednisone and and inhalers were my life. Sick, tired and mysteriously always hungry. Went on a nutrient dense diet, paid attention to what caused discomfort and voila gluten is one of them. I can eat some, but like a stack of dominoes this sets other sensitivities in action. There are many variables attributable to my good health today, but alas it did not come from the medical profession, but my own research and diligence. Thanks to doctors like yourselves, who go out of the box, to find cures, I have been able to get back to good health with ZERO medication. I do carry an emergency inhaler and avoid gluten as much as possible. There is no doubt that it is a culprit with me. Thanks for the information! I continue to search.

    Danielle Martin

    I found out my allergies to gluten, yeast, dairy and sheep wool through a hair analysis, in New Zealand. So far I haven’t hear anyone talk about testing for gluten sensitivity in this way. Why is that?

    Noreen Fitzmaurice

    Glad to finally hear so embody say that a gluten free diet is not bad for but a bad gluten free diet is bad for you. I have seen so many people just replace their normal bread heavy diet with a similar gluten free bread heavy diet and end up malnourished. It drives me crazy!


    Last Year My partners was told his son was “borderline coeliac” after having blood tests but the doctor said their was no need for him to eat a gluten free diet as he had not had any recent symptoms. When I found out I was horrified and immediately began to help my partner put him on a gluten free diet. In the meantime I decided I was going to join him so that he had a “food buddy” and consequently discovered that I felt much better myself. Over the last year on the occasions I have had even a small amount of gluten the results have been rather unpleasant. When I asked a doctor if I should be tested for coeliacs myself he asked me if I felt better not eating gluten and we discussed how I felt when I did. He said to me that the problem with being tested is that you have to eat gluten for a month before hand, then asked me if I wanted to do that. My response was “Heck no!” I would much rather just suspect that I do have a gluten sensitivity and not eat gluten. I would also like to add to this that I am rather mortified at the amount of foods on our shelves in the supermarkets that have gluten/wheat in them. Things that would never, ever think would need wheat in them.

    Katrina Rubin

    Congratulations Dr Ford on a great interview and persevering in the presence of opposition! Gluten zero if you want true results!

    Tonya Swan

    This is wonderful information. Thank you so much. We will try the gluten free diet on my son with the schizophrenia.


    Thank you for this presentation. I was tested for Celiac disease, probably with the most general tests which were negative after having many gastrointestial issues but also inflammatory issues and mild (noticeable to me) neurological issues which I never connected with gluten. I did my own research and have been trying to be gluten free for two to three months. The difference in my health is phenomenal! Your presentation finally helped me understand why this could be true and I am highly motivated to be gluten zero and spread the word, at least among family members who have had many of the same medical issues I have had.


    Gluten Zero is our goal! We have been working at this for the past two years. We are passing our three score and ten years quickly and are praying that we can heal our guts. Thank you for all the positive information. These programs have been amazing and we are reinforcing our prior knowledge and learning a great deal. Annie and Woody


      Thank you Mindy for your kind words. you are absolutely right in acknowledging the two Pediatric Gastroenterologists (Drs Ford and Fasano) for targeting prevention for kids-I couldn’t agree more.

        Mindy Goldis

        We must start to teach this information in the formative years of life so that we can prevent rather then “symptomatically” treat the issue with various pharmaceuticals that do not work and merely are a band-aid that actually does not heal. Thanks, as always Dr. Tom ­čśë

    Mindy Goldis

    Dr Ford is superb! I love the Aussie accent! The notion of prevention as the first means to health is something I know is better then waiting till the “hammer falls,” and then it may be almost too late to see any benefit/improvements. I am glad to see that doctors like Drs. Ford and Fasano are taking the steps to work with the children at an early age to eliminate these celiac/gluten sensitivities and they can live a happy and healthy life. This also has a double bonus, in that the parents and whole family usually oblige to follow the protocol and they themselves see their own measurable health improvements (recommend that the parents get the gluten testing done along with the children who are having symptoms before eliminating all gluten and then retesting again in a few months to see for themselves the clinical results). Gluten ZERO is definitely a much better term and I hope that companies will start adopting this terminology on their packaging, as it is more concrete and telling then gluten-free. Thanks, once again, Dr. Tom for your great efforts in putting this all together so we can benefit from the knowledge and share it with others so they too can achieve optimal health and see their “challenges” become a thing of the past! G-d Bless! Mindy aka TheRawsomeVeganGal ­čśë (I have a youtube channel by that name with FREE info including healthy living topics, recipes and product reviews – all Gluten ZERO – YEY!)


    I am really enjoying these presentations and learning a lot. But I’m also confused. Dr. Alessio Fasano says that the majority of people will eat gluten without consequence. I also understand that for people who do experience consequences from eating gluten – these consequences may be without symptoms and difficult to diagnose given the tests that are done. How do I find out whether it’s okay for me to eat gluten? If I’m in the majority that can manage gluten without problems, I would like to know. Minimal (rather than zero) gluten in this case would be okay. But if I am gluten sensitive, then I definitely would want to go zero gluten. How do you know? What tests can you get (in Canada) that are conclusive, that detect the very early stages of gluten sensitivity? What about other (non-gluten) grains? Can you be gluten zero and eat brown rice, for example? I’m really struggling to understand if all grains or just gluten grains or just modern wheat should be cut out. Thanks!

    Debbie D.

    I have suffered a year and a half with terrible abdominal pain with no diagnosis or many. I have chosen to go gluten-free but I have to admit I have not been gluten zero. My pain level has not subsided in this year and a half. After going gluten zero is there anything that would help speed the healing process….probiotics….supplements…..certain foods, etc?


    Dr. Ford was amazing. I truly agree with everything he said and I wish I had the funds to take my daughter to his clinic. Our story is long, but I can say she has been gluten- zero for almost 6 months now. Thank you for this wonderful interview.

    Nettie Reid

    Excellent presentation. Thank you.

    Christof Plothe, D..O

    Thanks for a great opportunity!!! I have been truly inspired, from Germany, Christof


    Can anyone tell me if there is a link between children with epilepsy & gluten?


    I am one of the people who had end stage celiac disease (at age 35) before it was finally diagnosed 22 years ago (because I read about it in a magazine article, in spite of several previous extensive GI workups throughout my life missing the accurate diagnosis). I am now suffering with poor health, autoimmune issues, and multiple food sensitivities, in spite of a terrifically clean paleo-type diet and good lifestyle. My question is, is it possible that a fecal transplant could be the answer for us long-term celiacs with autoimmune issues? Between celiac disease, frequent antibiotics in the past, and a previously poor diet, it’s a good guess that my microbiome now does not support good health.


    I see now that I’ve had intestinal problems even since childhood. I am now 76 years old. Eight years ago I had rectal cancer. My father and two of his siblings died of a lymphoma cancer. Since surgery I’ve had terrible intestinal problems and related it to the surgery. “Two” years ago I stopped Gluten and “two” days later my problems vanished. I have had no testing. Upon occasion I eat gluten when I’m put in a position of where that’s all that is offered. And I DO have a reaction. After listening to all this information, I realize the importance of zero gluten and will strive for this. Thank you everyone in the medical field for all the research that is being done and the wonderful information being given on the Gluten Summit.


    Thank you for your presentation…….and to your work around gluten especially……………Congratulations on your being a data driven doc……….and staying the course………………..You are a Godsend.


    Thank you for the great information. I am having a difficult time finding grass fed beef, chicken, eggs etc., is the exposure through grain fed poultry enough to take the zero out of Gluten Zero diet?

    Mrs Long

    I cannot express how this interview and the summit in general has and is helping me. Even if I can’t regain my full health I can help my children and for this I am so great-full. May God bless you.


    Where do we get the links you mentioned in the interview? Again – another GREAT interview….I wish my mind could process all of this info. a bit better! Each interview has been so informative!


    This is all fantastic information – thank you! I use Chrome and get the sound but not the video. I’m fine with that but I don’t get to know what the links are for further reading and I’d like to know those. Perhaps they could all be listed somewhere here before the end of the summit for those who are not getting the visuals? Thanks.


    Thank you Dr Ford for such an enlightening interview – I love the wording of Gluten Zero – that one word – Zero – makes such a difference in my mind its amazing !! I wish I could store this interview on my computer somewhere to refer back to it at another time !! thanks again ­čÖé

    Bente P C

    ‘You’ wrote in the e-mail for Day 3 that “YOU MAY HAVE TO RESTART YOUR BROWSER TO CLEAR DAY TWO’S INTERVIEWS!!!” So that I did ..but it did NOT help. There are no possibillity to start the interviews anymore. The first I listened to this morning, but now I cannot listen to Rodney Ford and Liz Lipski. For that I am VERY sad ;-((


    Cannot watch day two interviews at all what’s up? Can’t believe I will miss them


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