William Davis, MD

William Davis, MD

Modern Wheat: It's MORE than wheat.

Dr. William Davis M.D. is a cardiologist and one of America’s leading authorities on using CT heart scans to powerfully impact on heart disease risk. Dr. Davis is the Medical Director of Milwaukee Heart Scan, founder of the Track Your Plaque international online program for heart health, and a vocal advocate of early heart disease detection and prevention. He is a graduate of St. Louis University School of Medicine and obtained his training in medicine and cardiology at the Ohio State University Hospitals and Case-Western Reserve/ MetroHealth Medical Centers.

In an effort to reduce blood sugar, and based on the fact that wheat products increase blood sugar more than nearly any other food, Dr. Davis asked his patients to eliminate wheat, including whole grain products, from their diets. The results his patients experienced went beyond anyone’s expectations:  incredible weight loss; relief from acid reflux and the gas, cramping, and diarrhea of irritable bowel syndrome; increased energy, more stable moods, and deeper sleep; relief from arthritis, including rheumatoid arthritis; dramatically improved cholesterol values; reduced blood pressure and inflammatory measures, and more.

Based on his clinical experience, Dr. Davis has come to view wheat consumption as a widespread societal problem responsible for an incredible amount of illness, obesity, and suffering, and he now advocates the removal of all foods made from wheat from the diet. He articulates this approach in his book, Wheat Belly: Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight and Find Your Path Back to Health, which reached number one in the New York Times Bestseller list, as well as through his Track Your Plaque program (www.trackyourplaque.com).

Dr. Davis has been quoted and interviewed nationwide, including in the Ladies’ Home Journal, CBS News, and NPR. He is a frequent expert contributor to Life Extension Magazine. He is also co-author, along with Chris Kliesmet, of the upcoming book, Heart Scam: The Multi-Billion Dollar Medical Rip-Off that is Exploiting America, Hiding Cures, and Bankrupting Healthcare.

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