The Perfect Storm: Gluten Plus Gut Flora Imbalances Plus Environmental Toxins

Tom Malterre, MS, CN

  • Gut irritants that are in your environment right now
  • The effect of mercury on your health
  • The direct effect of gluten on the gut
  • The impact of bacteria on overall health
  • Why food sensitivities are becoming more common
  • The shocking truth about pesticides

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    does gluten sensitivities cause i.c.?




    The new format doesn’t work as well as the other one. I cannot get these to play on my tablet. Oh No!


    There is also this new film: GMO OMG


    I wish the video’s had more control options like they do on youtube where you can see how far in you are, pause and fast forward. These videos should be available for at least a week. With busy work schedules, kids sports after school, cooking and groc. shopping, there’s very little free time in the day. Often its difficult to get through just one video and they must be watched in different times. It would be so efficient to just go to where you just left off.

    Sunny Rivers

    Everybody on the planet should have the opportunity to hear this lecture. It helps put all the puzzle pieces together, and gives the most basic explanations on exactly what can be influencing our faltering health patterns. It diminishes the the fuel to argue fad or fanatic, and hopefully will help all open-minded persons understand it is a multitude of factors that combine to be the straw that breaks the camel’s back and cause full-fledged symptoms of illness. Thank you so much, both Toms, for an incredible presentation.

      Dr. Tom

      Thank you Sunny for your words, it is such an honor to have the opportunity to open up the conversation and encourage the world to engage in these issues. Enjoy the rest of the Gluten Summit!


    YES!!! I absolutely agree what Tom is saying —– the land owners & the Government needs to hear this. Mindless, careless Big Corporation have their dirty $$$ in politics to avoid facing the reality that our plants, animals & people are sick & dying . Farmers you all are in this too —- you can take a stand & change it MORE SO one by one.

    Jim Harris

    As a wheat farmer who uses pesticides, I listened with great interest to Tom Malterre’s talk. I am also a consumer, husband, and father. He makes many valid points and I am still trying to process them. However, there is one small point on which I would like to comment on and that is “burndown.” “Burndown” is not used during any “plumping” process, but only after the crop is totally mature. Application during “plumping,” whatever that is, would stop maturation and degrade the quality of the crop. I have personally seen that happen and the economic results for the affected farmer can be devastating. Generally, “burndown” is not a common practice. It is an expensive process and often only used as a last resort to get rid of green weeds in the field that the farmer has not properly taken care of earlier in the growing cycle. Green weeds present in the mature crop really make harvesting difficult. Additionally, current glyphosate labels exclude malting barley as a legal use. It has long been known that glyphosate can carryover in the seed and there are multiple warnings on the glyphosate label on proper and improper uses. Unfortunately, as in any other profession, there are also farmers who don’t follow the rules and that reflects badly on the rest of the profession.

      Dr. Tom

      Hello Jim, thank you very much for taking the time to share your experience of the “burndown” process as a wheat farmer, and regarding the use of glyphosate on malting barley. It’s great for myself and other readers to have the opportunity to read your insights. Wishing you the very best, and once again thank you for your valuable contribution to the conversation!


    Incredibly eye-opening lecture…everyone on this planet should hear this. 99.9% of the population do not understand how harmful Roundup and other pesticides are slowly killing all of us. It is a real shame that Washington State’s Initiative 522 (I-522) to label genetically-engineered foods did not pass. Monsanto and all the big dirty corporations poured millions of dollars into the state with misinformation and scare tactics warning to sway voters to vote against I-522. Voters are so misinformed and the big corporations win, almost always. A real pity and shame. We should encourage all our family and friends to listen to this lecture. Everyone needs to be informed of the harm all of us are being exposed to by all the chemicals that are slowly drowning this planet.


    Here in tx we have an organic guru named howard garrett. His website is, and is worth your time.


    This is great information. It helps me to keep moving forward in this journey toward improved health. Blessings to you for sharing such a wealth of information.


    It’s happening now! They can go to the ED’s and see the increase of patients coming in with abdominal pain, ESRD, liver cancer and more. Most of the time they can’t find what’s wrong and will give a GI cocktail, do some studies and send them on their way to follow up with their doctors. There should be a mandatory pesticide/GMO test for all the unexplained abdominal pain of patients coming in to the ED’s. Someone also needs to do a study in the areas of the migrant workers that are exposed to Round Up and other field chemicals. I would bet they would be surprised at the symptoms relating to abdominal pain they are having. That’s what it’s supposed to do right? Tear up the gut? It’s been enough time since GMO’s were secretly put in our food to start taking a toll on humans. I think tests on humans can be started if people start insisting on getting one that tests the level of pesticides accumulated in their bodies. If this isn’t stopped and reversed soon (preferably now) we can kiss the human race and animals goodbye and/or say hello to a new mutant species version of humans. Won’t that be interesting? Hmmmm. Wonder if that’s Monsanto’s intentions after all? Maybe they are trying to turn every living thing into a pesticide. The weak die out and the stronger mutants survive. One way to take care of population explosion.

      Teresa Branas

      Loved your comment. You are a genius…;-) Now, in a more serious tone I think you are totally right. It should be some kind of mandatory testing to check how intoxicated we are…not good 🙁

    susana Turner

    Thank you Tom. Hope we are going to turn into monsters with these mutation. We’ll take your advice to eat organic. Our governments should protect us not sell us .


    Frightening but so informative. I shared it with my friends and relatives. I hope they will all listen.


    Great lecture, my favorite so far as this is a subject dear to my heart. I am constantly signing petitions, emailing my local representatives, etc. in favor of labeling GMOs. It’s sad most people don’t have a clue what is going on.


    I just watched a u tube video where they are now spraying chemicals with metals in the air in random patterns over farms and other areas purposely altering the weather and killing the plants/fields and vegetation to cause a drought for the farmers to lose their crops and have to sell, and of course who comes to the rescue to buy up the farms cheap, but Monsanto (really a Monster) that will then use the land for GMO crops and of course to be sprayed with pesticides (can’t forget that). They are taking over the world right under our noses and no one is doing anything about it. I’m really beginning to wonder if there is an alternative evil agenda to what they are doing. No wonder the rest of the world has viewed us as the enemy…it’s definitely here living amongst us and it’s a monster named Monsanto. This thing with Monsanto and pesticides is like a horror movie. Oh and great lecture, Tom. You really brought the connection together regarding gluten, our guts and pesticides.


    I have enjoyed all the conferences of the Glutten Summit, but I have not been able to see this one, which appears like a blank black display where the video usually is displayed. Please let me know what to do… Thanks!


    Recently I landed in the hospital twice after accidentally breathing in Cypermethrin residue, a fogger by Raid. The first hospital visit was due to all the symptoms of a heart attack, which it wasn’t, thank goodness. A month later this had evolved into acute pericarditis of the lungs and heart, plus a partially collapsed lung, plus my blood oxygen was in the danger zone. I was told that inflammation in my body caused this. I have been a celiac for 20 years, and while in the hospital was told they “don’t do gluten-free meals.” This was an unacceptable situation, but I ate lots of salads while there (hospitals need to “get with it!”). After a course of 6 wks on Prednisone (an immune-suppressant) I am OK and trying to get my immune system healthier than its ever been. I’m going organic and Paleo. This summit has been amazing! Thank you everyone who has donated your time to this! GMOs must go! (make a good bumper sticker?) ;-D

    Dee Cota

    Where was Tom Malterre when California and Washington was trying to get GMO labeled? With all the information he has on GMO why did these two proposition fail. He could have done some ads on TV, to speak on why labeling is necessary. I am very disappointed that so little information was given to the voter regarding the dangers of GMO I would like Tom Malterre to go to the FDA and give a presentation to the agency just as he has on this summit. More people need to know the dangers of GMO and I’m sure the FDA, the USDA and Obama will not watch any negative video on GMO. If they do, it certainly won’t make any difference to them. They get their pockets lined by all the biotech giants. We need to boycott all foods that contain soy, corn, canola oil, sugar beets. These items are on the label already, if you look for these ingredients on the food package you will see them, then put the product back on the shelf. You’ll be surprised how many prepackaged food you will put back on the shelf. I don’t want to sound negative, I’m just passionate and want everyone to know what we are up against when it comes to GMO and getting them labeled. It will never happen until people know the facts and we need the experts to tell them the fact, just as Tom did. Stay well and eat organic!!!


    Thanks Tom, One of the best talks so far. This is why is so important to Label GMOs. I will definitely watch the Documentary Genetic Roulette, this needs to be seen by young parents as it directly impacts the health of their children. This conversation is extremely important; must be kept alive and going

    Shirley Edelstein

    I just started listening to Tom and my ears are perking up real fast because he is excellent.


    This was brought to my attention —-Monsanto & other big corporations have THEIR people in Washington along with the money being laundered under the table to keep them going. Big $$$$ – heads up – listen – denial of harm to living organs. What a conscience to carry on & be part of . Now that the valuable knowledge is circulating – the public and the MOST influence that can happen are the farmers to shift their way of farming. This program needs to be in the Educational system for the future generations, broadcast on TV to get people’s attention, etc… I often wondered the programs farmers sign up for have connections to Monsanto and other corporates to receive $$$ for using their ” so called safe environmental” products. The foods consumed today is not at all like it was when I was growing up. Many states are struggling with their soil because of the chemicals being used …. it’s a fact. I know of one farmer who changed his way of farming because his crops/ yield were declining and he was noticing the difference in the soil. He began to change his way of farming & working his land …. it took him 3 -5 years to do …. his crops / yield improved immensely. He hasn’t looked back since and continues to grow . His neighboring farmers told him ” Your nuts” …. well folks .. they’re struggling, And starting to “SEE” and realize there is something to be said & “DO” about it. I pray the farmers will take a HUGH stand & make the right choices. Afterall they are the ones feeding our bodies.


    If I could vote for one replay for the last day of this presentation, I would vote for this one. Have listened to this 2x and could listen even more…would love an expansion of mitochondria function or an expanded explanation, as I recently learned that oxidized or even rancid PUFAs – polyunsaturated fatty acids – also “gum-up” or reduce the intake and exhaust of each cell. This presentation left me wondering what happens to ATP production with mineral deficiencies plus PUFAs in the diet.


    Tom …. Thank You for your time. It’s with great hope that you continue to spread the” valuable information”. Monsanto, and all of the other corporations …. will/ have to live with the conscience of damaging. You have and will get the benefit of “doing all good for others”. It’s about time this topic comes to “Focus” and be addressed.

    Shirley Edelstein

    After listening to the whole lecture by Tom Malterre it is up to all of us to buy only organic and try harder to get the GMO’s off the market. Thank you Tom and keep up the great research. We all need you as well as we also need to boycott GMS’s and Mansanto.


    Fantastic lecture. This information MUST get out in a more public manner before GMO labeling is up for a vote in another state. 90% of people may say they are in favor of labeling, but unfortunately these people don’t seem to be showing up at the polls.


    Thank you for this presentation. I have a question for Dr. Malterre – what about BT toxin that is approved for use in organics? A local farmer that I know sprays it on all of his crucifers to kill the worms and caterpillers, and he says there’s nothing harmful about it. Does that application affect us in the same way the gmo BT toxin does? thank you.


    Your lecture yesterday was very enlightening, we all need to make the public aware of the dangers of pesticides. Over fifty years ago Rachel Carson wrote a book “Silent Spring” to raise awareness of how dangerous pesticides are to the environment, and how careless man has become., yet 50 years later we continue to destroy the plant. Thanks

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