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    Thank you for sharing Dr. O, much appreciated. I bought the Gluten Summit and I plan on sharing this in all of my sphere of influence. God bless you.


    Our family is also very sensitive to corn, how common is this? We don’t eat normal gluten free bread as it contains corn, plus so many other so called gluten free foods. Thank you for providing all this information. Have been sending it to relations who I know must have these same problems.


      Jan yes! Dr Osborne on the website discusses how some people find corn nearly as devastating as gluten, and he explains this in detail. He advocates for a grain-free diet for faster, more complete healing.


    thank you from the bottom of my gut! I’ve never said that to anyone !!! I feel like I’ve been reborn with the wealth of knowledge you have shared. I’m so thankful. Its hard to find the words to express how grateful I am. My cheeks are tear stained with thanks.

    Karen Nelson

    hello, I have a friend who was also watching the summit and she said she saw some names of people who won lifetime access to the online digital series. One of the names was Karen N….#778 …just wondering if that was me?

    Ruth Fine

    God bless you for all this information. Let’s see what people will do with this. 110,000 people has seen your presentations and I hope it will spread exponentially.

    Kathleen Johnson

    Dr. O’Bryan: You are the best moderator! So gracious, and such a good summarizer. I applaud you for executing on this audacious goal. What helped me was to hear so many different angles on the subject. That helps all of us build a very rich context for the subject. But there is sadness too. My friend died in her seventies from autoimmune complications. She and I both tried the gluten free diet, but she experienced what I now know to be “gluten flu” or severe withdrawals — so she quit. Had we known this withdrawal exists, she might have persisted. So sadness for past suffering but hope for future wellness. Thank you a million times.

      The Gluten Summit Team

      Our condolences for your loss. Let’s work together to share this message so that others can benefit. A million “you’re welcomes” for attending the summit, Kathleen!


    Just amazing information. Thank you SO much for organizing this wonderful summit to educate us all about gluten!!


    I’ve enjoyed learning all week about my health and how important it is to be careful in what I eat. Thanks for helping me and other’s. You ‘Rock’ in my book Tom. ♥


    This summit has been amazing and has brought to light so much information that most people could not have found otherwise – or it might have taken them years to find. You are saving people from physical and mental suffering, and actually giving real positive suggestions of things they can do to at least begin the process of regaining health. I have been told repeatedly by doctors that I do not have celiac or gluten sensitivity (3 biopsies in the last 15 years), but my body tells me differently. Interestingly enough, every time I see someone who is really skilled in kinesiology, wheat and dairy come up as something I’m sensitive to. I’ve decided to listen to my body and put myself on a gluten free diet a couple of years ago, but my health has not improved significantly. I know I have other health issues that are causing symptoms, but now that I hear your summit I realize I have been stumbling in the dark with regards to food and chemical sensitivity – especially gluten. I now have a better idea how to begin to be truly gluten free, and I now also understand how all my health issues may be inter-related, and that gluten sensitivity may be connected in some way to most of them. I cannot thank you enough for getting this information out to such a vast audience – including health practitioners who NEED to get up to speed with this info so their patients can finally regain health, or even stay alive. My deepest thanks and respect to all the speakers.


    Thank you so much for this summit. . . the information has blown my mind. I have never learned so much. This will help me and I hope to pass this on to others who have been suffering. The speakers – each one has had so many valuable insights and practical applications that we can take and use right now to better our health. Before this event, I didn’t even know what celiac disease was – let alone gluten sensitivity and how it results in disease in our bodies. Thank You. . . . for all your efforts to put this together – it is definitely changing peoples lives forever.


    Please clear up what seems like a contradiction. Tom says here to eliminate gluten and dairy COMPLETELY for 2 weeks to check for food sensitivities as cause of health symptoms. But you also had a speaker on this summit who tells us to put grass fed butter in coffee and drink that every morning. How can we put butter in our coffee or tea and follow the advice of so many speakers that dairy is contributing to our gluten sensitivity. Loved this interview (and loved the Biohack interview). Am just really confused now!


      Hi Grace ~ I found this which might be helpful for you:


    This has been incredible! I have a sister who has Celiac and I always wondered if I might be at the very least NCGS. Blood test came back negative but I have felt better on a Gluten free diet. Now I know why. I thank you so much for this summit and the many hours it took to bring off. I also thank you for making it free and making it available for the low price of $67.00. You truly do have at heart the health of humanity! Thank you.

    Stephanie W.

    What a stellar summit this has been! I think you should replay this whole summit in another couple months to reach even more people!


    This summit has been life changing for me. I have fibromyalgia and 8 other illnesses that are related to it. I have been slowly changing my diet to a Paleo one. Amazing changes had happened. I wish my family would believe me when I tell them that wheat is not good for you. I would love to see a summit on fibromyalgia and related disorders.


    Thank you! Thank you Dr. Tom O’Bryan! Thank you everyone else involved in this summit! 🙂 Much appreciated! 🙂


    Dr O’Bryan, I have spent this whole week, feeling so grateful for taking a chance and registering to hear all the experts including yourself blow my mind with this support and information, I can now go out into the world with confidence and smile that I am doing the best I can with what I know right now about my health and live my life fully for the first time in a year, that I am not alone with NCGS. and it is not all in my head or a passing fad, it is real and I can hold my head up high to let my life be fabulous, gluten free, dairy free. and not look back just towards a bright future.. my family thanks you…. they understand me now….. that is priceless…. to me. thank-you from bottom of my heart. You have affected so many people and I am just but one in a long line will be forever changed. safe travels to you and yours and early Happy Thanksgiving to you. a million hugs… from Canada.


    Thank you so much for bringing us so many top experts in this field. I have learned so much and am hoping my friends and family will also be excited to hear what I have to share with them.


    so helpful..i have suffered most of my life from gut, thyroid, joints,ADD,etc…such good info thank you


    Dear Dr O’Bryan; I have no words to describe how valuable and eye opening this summit has been. A lot of this information I shall share with my clients. My field is emotional energy… and too much has to do with what enters the body though the mouth. Thank you for putting this together.


    One question wasn’t answered. Say, a person who was tested and is not gluten sensitive – they try GF diet and their bloating diminishes … What happens if they eat minute amounts of gluten occasionally? Anyone ?

      Loren Ziem

      I’m not a professional, but from what I gather, possibly nothing. Bloating could be alleviated by a gluten free diet in any number of ways, and I don’t feel that anything is ruled out in this example. I doubt this is very helpful and I hope someone can offer a better answer.


      It depends on which allergy. There are IGE IGA and IGG allergens and each test may identify different allergens. Your symptoms will probably return. Natropath says that for IGG allergy, ingestion of allergic food can cause symptoms lasting from 3-21 days. Not worth it to chance it.

    DeAnn Cline

    Thank you for this amazing summit and wealth of information. It is so very helpful. We have been gluten free and pasteurized dairy free for three years but I now have much more in my arsenal for taking care of my family. There is one aspect that I think needs further consideration and that is proper food preparation, i.e. Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon (Weston A. Price Foundation). She teaches that dried beans and grains, like oats and rice, need to be soaked in water and whey/yogurt/lemon juice to break down the phytates so the they can be digested and release their nutrients instead of being antinutrient. Also, I understand eliminating dairy. However, no differentiation is made between pasteurized dairy and fresh dairy. There is a huge difference between the two. My son and one daughter cannot handle pasteurized dairy but have no problems with fresh dairy. Another thing is fermented bread dough. We (my three kids and I, hubby currently doesn’t appear to react to gluten) can’t have any gluten (and I now suspect some cross reactivity to corn and rice), two kids can’t have pasteurized dairy and one also can’t have yeast. However, we all do fine with a fermented bread I sometimes make that consists of a starter that is organic hard red wheat flour, purified water and microbes which came from the air near growing plants. It is like a sourdough starter except, I’ve been told, this is aerobic whereas sourdough is anaerobic. It must be kept in the refrigerator in a clean glass jar and fed fairly regularly. When I make bread, by the time it is ready to bake, the mixed up dough (starter, purified water, sea salt and organic hard red wheat flour that I grind myself) has been fermenting for 24-36+ hours. From my reading, what started out as 75,000 ppm of gluten is digested by the microbes down to 12 ppm (less than 20ppm is considered gluten free). None of us react in any way from this bread. (If my 9 year old son has even a tiny amount of gluten, within minutes he is in pain. My 6 year old daughter reacts within a few hours of consuming gluten with a skin reaction of a rash or hives. My other daughter and I react in the gut but not as quickly as my son.) Might not the bread of the Bible have been something similar – a fermented dough (though probably made with kamut or einkorn)? I would love to have the bread tested and know more about this (but haven’t a clue how or where to go to do so), i.e., even if the gluten is digested, is there anything else left from the grain that is harmful. Does Sayer Ji perhaps address this in his interview? An interesting book on this subject is The Vintage Remedies Guide to Bread: Unlocking the Mysteries of Grains, Gluten & Yeast by Jessie Hawkins. Given your knowledge base, what are your thoughts on proper food preparation and the chemical reaction that takes place? I haven’t had time yet to listen to all of the interviews, but I’ve purchased the conference so I look forward to learning more. Thank you for putting this together! This is information that all medical personnel especially and the population in general needs to hear and know.

      CK Carson

      Yes, Sayer Ji does talk about this.


      DeAnn, Wondering if there is any way you can share your recipe or process for making this bread? Sounds great. Thanks too for restating how individualized these conditions are and that some people can tolerate certain less toxic forms of dairy or wheat while others can’t


        Yes please send recipe or link to it and where you get ingredients.


          Before I tried this dough on us, we had been gluten free for two years. If you are new to removing gluten, I would completely remove gluten (and any other triggers, i.e., dairy, yeast, etc.) for awhile and heal your system before trying this. It is my belief, from my reading and our experience, that the fermentation process digests all the gluten in the flour. I will caveat this with everyone is different (though I do think gluten is bad for everyone) and if, after having time to watch/listen to Sayer Ji’s interview, I learn that the fermented bread has hidden adverse effects. I’ll stop making it. (I only make it once a week or so.) The best way to learn about how to start and maintain the starter is by watching the Bread for Life DVD from which is $5. They show you how to create the starter with the microbes that naturally occur in the air where you live. However, you need to do this when plants are actively growing outside, i.e., spring or summer. The DVD also shows you how to make various things with the starter and recipes. Azure Standard is a co-op located in Oregon, U.S.A. and I purchase many organic and some gluten free foods from them which get delivered to my drop in Iowa once a month…love them! You can also purchase a half cup of the starter from them. The basic bread recipe is 1 cup starter, 1 cup purified water, 1 tsp. sea salt (I use Redmond’s Real Salt or Himilayan pink salt) and 3-4 cups organic hard red wheat flour. In the DVD they knead the dough on an olive-oiled countertop. I only use olive oil in salad dressing or on cooked vegetables before serving them. Instead I use organic extra virgin coconut oil. I put about a tablespoon of oil in the dough while I’m mixing it and use a little on the counter for kneading/shaping the dough ball. To cut the tang of the dough (it is similar to a sourdough and my son doesn’t care for that) I also put in about a generous tablespoon of raw honey and decrease the water by that much (so the total honey and liquid equals 1 cup). I start this process in the morning and put the kneaded dough into a bowl and cover it with plastic wrap to keep the air out and place it in the fridge. Around 10pm or so (before I go to bed), I take the bowl out of the fridge and set it on the kitchen counter to rise. When it has doubled in size (several hours later – our house is about 66 degrees in the winter and around 76 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer), punch it down and shape it into a loaf. I put it into a stoneware loaf pan oiled with coconut oil and cover it with plastic wrap and set on the kitchen counter to rise again until doubled (again, it takes a few hours). Preheat the oven to 325 degrees Fahrenheit and bake for 40 minutes. Take out and release loaf from pan onto a cooling rack and let cool (I lightly brush some coconut oil on the top of the warm loaf). I then slice the loaf, put it into a bread bag and put it into the freezer. We then take it out a slice at a time and put it into the toaster. We do not eat this every day, hence why it goes into the freezer. I also use this dough for a hearty pizza crust once a month or so and it freezes very well.


    I want to continue participating in this New Potential of Health Care-one that focuses on Education and Empowerment. As a Family Nurse Practitioner I could not operate in a system that wanted me to focus on one symptom/one drug. I want dearly to continue this forum. How can I help keep this energy growing and going?! I’m ready to be a part of this community. People are dying needlessly and prematurely. Our children are coming into the world already compromised….We must strengthen the consciousness that has created The Gluten Summit. You’ve given me my passion for wholeness and wellness again. Bless the Entire Staff of GS and The Underground! You Rock……And, I GET IT!!


      Welcome to the Team Barbara. Consider AFMCP from the Institute for Functional Medicine-you’ll have found your ‘Tribe’ and feel right at home.


    God bless you for all the time and effort that you’ve put into this webinar! It was the best webinar I’ve ever listened to!! Thank you!

    Mickie Stacy

    I just can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciate having the opportunity to listen to the wonderful contributors of this summit. I have IBD (probably from antibiotic use) and can’t seem to get rid of my symptons. After listening to these very knowledgeable presenters, I now have some information on how to further proceed. I have been told I don’t have celiac disease but I intend to get tested for NCGS. You have also convinced me to give up gluten (and possibly ALL grains) and dairy for good. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for putting on this summit. God bless you!!!


    Two years ago I had an allergic reaction (anaphylaxis shock) to an over counter product with wheat dextrin which was labeled gluten free) taken to ER. A friend in church took me home and started me on a gluten-free diet. During the summit I had more understanding why. I had done testing by an allergist for celiac—negative and also wheat negative. I was advised to stay away from gluten. I went to a dietician acquainted with celiac, was given a list what to avoid. That was all. Since then dealt with IBS from time to time. My family doctor had no understanding and offered no help. This summit and what I have heard have answered so many questions for me that I had been desperate for answers. During the summit I have made other adjustments in my diet from what I have learned. Other symptoms that had are diminishing every day as I apply some of what I have heard. I have more energy, more clarity of mind, instead of feeling depressed am excited about what is ahead for even better health and wellbeing. The TRUTH that has been presented during these 7 days has been life changing. I want apply this to my life and also share so they can also enjoy good health. Dry O’Bryan thanks so much for being a revolutionary in bringing this truth to gluten sensitive people like me. What a beautiful package of truth you have given me. I know I will continue to unwrap it as I go over my notes, make my connections with some of the speaker’s sites and daily apply these meaning truths. Now I feel encouraged and not so deprived of food and so validated. I see the best is yet to come. Looking forward to your follow up. God bless you abundantly for all you have given us, Joyce Kirk

    Barbara Tucker

    Dr. O’Bryan, you have been an excellent organizer, host, facilitator, commentator, and co-contributor to The Gluten eSummit. I appreciate your knowledge, interpersonal skills, openness, and your humility in launching this team effort. I was grateful that the presenters too brought their A game with humility and a genuine desire to impart their knowledge and research in an effort to improve our health. It’s my goal to become gluten-free to improve my overall health and well-being. Again, many, many thanks. I wish all continued health and happiness. Barbara Tucker, RN, MPH

    CK Carson

    Wonderful Summit!!!!! A note to docs, if treating patient with lyme, babesia, bartonella, etc., etc.,—–go gluten free diet. Even for those w/out celiac dx or NCGS, gluten will make these problems symptomatically worse and harder to treat as well. Gluten, ie glue, contributes to formation of biofilms


    Dear Dr. O’Bryan, what a riveting week it has been. You grabbed the problem of Gluten and layer it out exquisitely, expanding over continents and attracting the best . Your comments and explanations show deep understanding. You put your heart into your work. What a treat for all of us.


    Wow! What a summit. Time well spent for I suspected I was gluten sensitive or allergic to wheat. My celiac friend suggested this to me years ago and sadly she is deceased. I can’t wait to share all the info I wrote down with family and friends who have children with autism, ADHD, suicidal tendency and so many more symptoms where gluten could be the cause. Thank you so much for your compassion, knowledge and wisdom. I look forward to more summits as I feel like a sponge wanting to soak up all I can for my health and for my family and friends. Thank you!

    Lois Robinson

    I am totally impressed and grateful. Have sent our several FB announcements and emails to tell others.


    Dr Tom – absolutely the BEST webinar I’ve heard to date – thank you! Very much looking forward to learning how to “put the fire out” — anxious to learn this, in fact. From hearing your talk today, I think I finally have reason to understand what happened with my parents as well – and hopefully can turn the tide around in my husbands system so I might keep him around longer now too. Many many thanks – Jan (PhD – and still learning, thanks to you and your spectacular guests, so perfectly interviewed by you!!)


    Tom, going beyond all the good you are doing for all of us (“around the globe” yes, that touches me too…) with this summit , you are a beautiful inspiring being who has given meaning to his life by helping others using all his intellectual and human talents. From all of your guests, I am reminded to always shoot high and go for what will make the biggest difference for as many people as possible. Each guest had a personal story that gave them the energy and courage to stay focused on their task. That is where we get our real long lasting power: acting upon what touches us.

      The Gluten Summit Team

      Isabelle, thank you taking the time to leave that wonderful comment. We’re glad you were able to attend the summit!

      Dr. OB

      Thank you Isabelle for your kind words. EXACTLY. All we can hope for is that all find their passion and ‘sing their song’ as best they can to improve the suffering of others

    Ann Marks

    Congratulations Dr. O’Bryan and staff. You have managed to do the impossible. You have changed the course of world history in 8 days. I listened to every minute of every presentation. You got it right and you got it out to others. I am so vastly impressed. Deep Bows of Respect and Honor. Ann Marks, producer, The Shocking Truth About Gluten: Why Bread Eaters Get Sick! a documentary film produced in 2005 featuring Dr. Rodney Ford. for more information.

      The Gluten Summit Team

      Ann, thank you so much for that beautiful comment! We are so flattered, and glad that you were able to attend the summit!


    Time: 16 min…it breaks my heart to hear about your mom loving her doctor, trusting her doc. My mom is still robust at age 90 but she is literally held together by drugs. She won’t listen to a thing I say because it is against what her doctor would say. Thank YOU for saying it!


    Dear Dr. O’Bryan, I asked my sister in the UK, a doctor who has been suffering from stomach pains and fibromyalgia to listen to The Gluten Summit. She has been so sick recently that she had to take sick days of frequently. She had a gastroscopy, but they did not find anything in her stomach. She is still waiting for results from a biopsy taken from her upper intestines. While still waiting for the biopsy results and after listening to the speakers on The Gluten Summit and my recommendation (even though I am not a medical professional), she started avoiding wheat. After less than one week of going gluten free, her stomach pains are gone and she no longer needs to take Omeprazole (Prilosec). She also no longer has fibromyalgia symptoms. If someone said in the old days that their health was regained from so much suffering to being back to normal about a week, they would probably ask, “What voodoo doctor did you go to?” or “What kind of magic spell or potion were you given?” or “Is your non-doctor sister a witch doctor?” And all it took from so much pain and suffering to no longer feeling sick and upset about her ill health and being back to a normal healthy human again so fast was going off gluten. It was that simple. Gluten free was the magic spell…..the voodoo medicine. 🙂 And from Suzy Cohen’s presentation yesterday, we learn that Omeprazole and other proton pump inhibitors can lead to osteoporosis and other diseases due to inability of body to absorb magnesium. That is another of the “pong pong pong effect” of gluten sensitivity or any illness and taking medications to try to suppress the symptoms. Not just the “pong pong pong” of inflammation throughout the body due to gluten, but the “pong pong pong” of the side effects of medications to suppress the symptoms. Although I am not currently known to be gluten sensitive and am not in the health care field, I am very much a person who takes charge of my health, do not think my doctors or most traditionally trained doctors for that matter know much about how to deal with health issues and am pro-active by trying to learn everything I can about health and well being. I try to avoid gluten as much as possible although I am not “gluten sensitive” outwardly. I do have an slightly enlarged thyroid that has been deemed a “benign cyst” and told that it just needs to be “monitored” and as my thyroid blood tests are in the “normal” range. Now that I know there is a connection between gluten sensitivity and thyroid issues, it has opened my eyes and will get a gluten sensitivity test. My next step it to try to find a conclusive answer why my thyroid is enlarged and why there is a cyst to begin with. (My internist and Naturopathic doctor do not have answers, and I keep wondering if the Fukushima Diachi nuclear disaster in Japan and subsequent radiation leakage has affected those of us on the West Coast of the US.) The Gluten Summit has been such an amazing eye opening source of information that has not only educated me and my sister and healed her (yes, while she still awaits biopsy results and for her doctors to recommend something other than prescribing Omeprazole). I also shared the link for the summit and interviews to my other family members, two of them who are medical doctors. They are traditional doctors who do not understand the value of good nutrition or harm of gluten and pesticides but rely on medicines for any health condition. The pharmaceutical companies have done a good job of brain-washing our medical doctors. We also need to come together as concerned citizens to get the toxic pesticides and GMOs out of our food system and planet. We need to think about how far reaching the harmful toxins are doing to our children, grand-children and many generations beyond. That is another “pong pong pong” effect that The Gluten Summit has made us aware of. Thank you so much, Dr. O’Bryan for bringing such invaluable information to us. We hope you can bring more e-summits and find ways to work with all interested, concerned and committed people around the US and the world to start a movement to heal not only gluten sensitive people, but the whole toxic food chain that is poisoning us all and those yet to be born. Your godmother must be smiling from heaven and cheering you on. Thank you again and may you be blessed with health and good fortune to be able to take this movement you have created to go further out into the world to help prevent disease and illness, heal people, the food chain and this planet. The world needs more people like you. Thank you. Please march forward and do more good and we will cheer you on and work with you in any small or big way we can to make the world a healthier place for all. God bless.


      I have eaten gluten and dairy free for 30 years and been aware that people suffering any type of health condition will improve their health if they remove the foods to which they are intolerant from their diet. So I suggest you just remove gluten and dairy from your diet foe a couple of weeks and replace them with fruit vegetables, nuts, and as many gluten free foods as you can find. However be aware that processed foods could cause multiple problems as could many other foods that you are also intolerant to. Cut out anything that you really love (an addiction) or don’t like (this is your body saying avoid this food) Once gluten and dairy are removed a lot of the problems will go and you will find yourself enjoying some of the foods you used not to like, but there could still be many problem foods. Oranges and chocolate, eggs caffeine, beef ( a dairy product) are some common problem foods, Beware of kale and perhaps similar foods. Kale containsnickel and affects people with nickel sensitivity. This is quite a few of health conscious people making green raw food shakes. However green shakes full of fresh fruit and veg juiced and/or blended make great meals on a gluten free diet. Watch to see if you have health improvements, then reintroduce the foods and watch to see if health problems arise again. Then just eat naturalfood that doesn’t make you feel unwell. So worth doing, but can be very hard for some at first, but just keep at it until you have ahd a couple of weeks free from these foods. If you get a craving for a foods, and can’t resist it, just slowly eat the smallest amount of it till the craving goes and you decide you don’t really want it after all. You will probably notice health problems coming back as a result, (such as headaches or bloating etc etc So that will help confirm that you are on the right track giving up that food. Good luck.


        Thank you so much, Maggie. Appreciate your feedback and valuable information, especially re: nickle in kale. Did not know that. God Bless.

    Borut Lovrecic

    Used to be addicted to the grains – now I am addicted to the truth of them.


    So inspirational as well as informative. I’m on meds for diabetes and cholesterol. Started reducing gluten products a year ago and reduced my cholesterol meds in half. After listening to you, will now reduce gluten completely and no dairy. Maybe I’ll be off meds completely and stabilize my blood sugar by this time next year. Thank you for changing my life!! I’m very grateful!!

    Dr. Sarah Rattray

    I am a health care provider. How can I receive the Power Point information for Health Care practitioners that you mentioned? Eager to help more people…

      Dr. OB

      hello Dr. Sarah The ppt will be sent to all of those Practitioners who had patients and friends Register for the Summit. Those are the ones who it would seem want to share the knowledge. Best to you


    Once again, the universe aligns. I very recently began the process of certification as a Health Coach, and your summit so timely in letting me know exactly where to put my best and strongest effort and focus on, in order to continue the ‘ping pong ball’ effect. I am ever grateful to you and your team for this amazingly valuable informational production, and will be doing my best to ensure as many people as I can possibly touch will be able to embrace and live a fuller life with this knowledge. I won’t be certified for another few months, but already have rippled over 20 people directly and at least 50 this week in learning through tuning into the summit. May the ripple effect be far, wide, and forever moving us all toward greater health. Thank you so very much!

    Hanna Krasnodebska ND

    I join in the chorus of thanks and gratitude. So many pearls of clinical wisdom, explained with excquisit clarity that steam from enormous expertise and clinical and research experience of all speakers. Wonderful way of spreading the word and equipping us practitioners with deeper understanding of health challenges linked with gluten.


    Thank you so much for all the amazing information. I have been listening to most of the speakers every day. A big thankyou to Tom O’Bryan to put the Gluten Summit together. You have helped more people then you know! I hope a few traditional doctors listened…to be open to alternative methods to heal patients and to look at gluten sensitivity as a real solution to many different health problems. The focus should be on prevention, not taking a pill to mask the symptoms. We all need to ask ourselves, Why do I have a headache or joint pain, etc? My husband and I also did JJ Virgins program, which goes beyong just gluten sensitivities. I found out that dairy and soy are a big problem for me, too. No more headaches. Thank you for the inspiration! Please continue to provide information for us all! Jill


    Life changing information!!! I can’t thank you all enough! My husband and I both have health issues that can be directly related to the gluten sensitivity. It has taken him listening to this summit to drive it home…actually for both of us. Keep on sharing!!! Your God Mother must be smiling right now!

    Karin Sheldon, NTP

    Thank you Dr O’Bryan for fighting the good fight!


    Gosh, Dr Tom and team…after listening to these incredible people talk, I am so overwhelmed and wrung out and exhausted both mentally and emotionally. And yet, I have never been so euphorically hopeful. I was at the end of my rope four years ago, when I tried going gluten-free as a last-ditch effort to restore some measure of quality of life. I did it on my own, as I have never found my way to a doctor who wanted to do anything but over-use their prescription pad, and sometimes scoff at my own instincts. It was rough, but I read EVERYTHING I could get my hands on, and persevered. It is not an exaggeration to say going GF saved my life. Now, thanks to your wonderful sharing I know I am probably NCGS, but still have never been tested. I also learned that I need to pay more attention to completely and totally healing my gut. Dr Tom, in one weeks time, you have taught me more than I learned in a lifetime. (I am 55) and thanks to you, your guests and Sean and his Real Foods summit, I have renewed focus and determination. FYI–the tidbit of truth that seems to sway more of my friends and family into going GF is when I recount to them (from your experts) that just because you are not exhibiting “stomach” problems, does not mean gluten is not wreaking a whole lot of damage somewhere else in your body. That point needs to be made more often. I apologize for writing so much, but I could not sleep at night if I let my heartfelt thanks go unsaid. And, Dr Tom, I shall always think of you as my “Gluten Guardian Angel”. I love you for what you are doing. PLEASE never stop.

    Tracy Konoske MS RD

    Dr. Tom, Thanks so much. I’m a Bastyr trained RD….IFM member and have heard you speak numerous times. I’m one of the “negative celiac tests but all the signs and symptoms” so consider myself celiac. As such, I listen to everything I can get my hands on which is a lot of info these days! I felt like I was pretty tuned up and when I heard about the Summit, I figured I’d listen but really had no idea how MUCH I’d learn. Thanks again for doing this – and I’ll do my job which is to keep passing along the torch of education to my family, friends, and patients.


    You could have been talking about my friend when you talked about your godmother! I’ve just emailed my friend (who doesn’t drink but has liver problems)about liver cirrohosis and gluten sensitivity. Thanks – you just might have extended her life.


    This was so GOOD I don’t know how to say thank you. Just realized a year ago that I needed to stay off of gluten. After bring that under control I most recent found I have the MTHFR mutation . Your summit has helped bring understanding and with that a peace about what is going on . Thanks again so much Joe


    Knowledge and Education is key. Because of you and the other speakers all this exciting and very important information is out there now more than ever. I really enjoyed the summit!! I can never read or listen to too much as far as what we should be eating and introducing into our bodies. I have lost a number of family members to cancer. I have a number of family members that are gluten sensitive and I am certain there are more that just don’t know it. This summit is what I needed to for all the unanswered questions I have had and has been so useful in connecting the dots. I know this info will help tons and tons of people and can only hope many of the children. They are our future! There will be no future if we don’t tackle this now. Everyone deserves to live a quality life! Thanks to you, speakers and all your staff for getting this summit out! WE NEED THIS! THANKS FOR MAKING A DIFFERENCE! Looking forward to see whats to come next.


    I can’t thank you enough as well as all of the presenters. The information everyone presented is so valuable. I wish I would have even known a little of it when I was younger and raising my family. As a result of this e summit I am starting to realize how the effects of gluten and gluten sensitivity has affected my life as well as the lives of my children. My husband has just found out that he has sensitivities to wheat, gluten, rice, soy, dairy, and soy. I have been telling all of my friends and co workers what I have been learning each day. Thank you all so much. I am forever grateful

    Sabrina Kiernan

    Thank you so very much. Just wanted to acknowledge all the work you put into this. Thanks again, Sab


    Thank you, thank you. Maybe I can now talk to others about my gluten sensitivity which I have been honoring for 5 years with the diet. I have the big picture and a few more vocabulary words which will help others understand and most of all support me. I have one request…in your next summit, would you please ask presenters to take the next step and address those with grain free needs? Thanks so very much!!!


    Thank you for making this valuable information available to us layman folks. Here is the The Gluten Summit 2014!


    THANK you for persisting through all the hurdles to get your idea into reality and on-line for us. THANK you for a fair pricing and respecting your presenters and audience by rejecting a ‘ bait and switch tactic’ ‘price increases if you dont buy now”. I have learned much from comments as well as commentators. This has inspired me to come out of retirement and go back into practice, to start a local support group – and to do the CGP. I am sure we only at the beginning of understanding how grains could become the nutrition they once were and how we could digest them – BUT not what passes for grain now nor how we usually grow and process them now. This is such a young field and SO many questions. Getting people healthy now is priority one. I am guessing some good research projects might be funded by the proceeds from this summit and wish you well in this.


    Fantastic summit! Eye-opening, informative and easy to digest. Appreciate the variety of professionals interviewed. Thank you all for sharing your knowledge and wisdom. Dr. Tom O’Bryan is a brilliant host and facilitator, and I was very moved by his emotional investment in this quest. Kudos to Sean Croxton for helping wrap up. Looking forward to the summary webcast.


    Thankyou all for your passion to truly heal others. My son demonstrated signs of emotional stress and unbalance by age 3. Very long story short, he was experiencing a cerebral allergy to milk..his behavior was demonic! Unfortunately we did not realize this until he was 10, at which point we removed all dairy from his diet…..a different child! He did continue to experience other allergic symptoms until, now at age 26, he has removed gluten as well! We are no longer chasing the allergins and he finally feels healthy! Again, thank you for being true healers and preventing others from suffering for so long for answers. Sleep well knowing you have all made a difference!


    Dr Obryan, you probably should add ” NO soy” when people want to feel better. Soy is one of the nasties, along with gluten and GMO corn. Soy causes inflammation and other problems. I can eliminate gluten, go organic, etc, but if I accidentally ingest soy – watch out. I will have horrible symptoms. Read about it – anything containing soy is bad if you are gluten sensitive.

    Shirlie Burriston

    A number of years ago I studied and followed a diet based on my blood type. The book was EAT RIGHT 4 YOUR TYPE by Dr. Peter J.D’Adamo A statement: “Eating gluten is like putting the wrong kind of octane in your car. Instead of fueling the engine, it clogs the works.” (p. 53) This was before a lot of us had heard of GMO and Monsanto and all of that stuff. You didn’t mention lectins (or I missed it) or any connection to blood type. I realize you were trying to keep to the topic. Perhaps in the future such connections will be expanded?? Thank you for such an enlightening program. Everybody should know about gluten’s effect on our health and that pills and drugs just compound the problem. ####


    Thank you and congratulations to the entire summit team for undertaking this huge endeavor. You helped a lot of people.


    Thank you thank you thank you….lots of my own questions finally answered…I went gluten free 7 years ago…and that was the right decision…but I replaced it all with rice, corn and tapioca, etc. and I made a lot of great stuff out of the gf grains. I got really really good at making things seem just like the wheat. But I started to have horrid acid reflux, silent reflux, terrible trouble breathing, more fatigue, hypoglycemia and brain fog, stomach and gas trouble all over again. To make a long story short…I found at it might be SIBO and I found the SCD plan and started following it this June. I have my acid reflux under control. My pain is diminished or gone most days. I didn’t get a lot of help from doctors with this journey…I have just stumbled across it all over the course of 7 years. I am SO glad to have found you through the scd lifestyle guys site and have told people on facebook about this like I am some crazy woman! A nurse friend of mine purchased your digital compilation, her sister is listening to it too…I have spread the word the best I could, warned people of a bad gluten free diet and pretty much maybe made a fool of myself in the name of TRUTH! lol! This summit has for sure made me confident to share MORE! I hope people start getting help before trouble develops. My breathing is normal again, I am working on getting the SIBO under control for good…but am so thankful for your work and your words to encourage me onward to get everything under control. I know what to ask my doctors. I feel brave! 🙂


    thank you so very much. hope to retain as much as possible. thank you also for follow up review. that should help much in remembering all.

    Ingrid Buchner

    Thank you for all the information you gathered for us. I listened to them all but found your summation the best. It was so clear for a lay person. I now know that I will have to go gluten free. I have struggled with my homocysteines for years and now know why. I listened to you several years ago in Skokie , Il. and I am so glad to have received your e-mail about the summit. Thank you again. Ingrid Buchner


    My friend is gluten free and she told me about the Summit. I have learned so much and have taken notes to refer to. I was a biology major in college, so I can understand some of the technical discussions, but the summaries Dr. O’Bryan have been wonderful in putting things in easier to understand language. Your story of why you had this summit touched by heart. Just think of all the “good” you have done for so many people and the awareness you have brought to many practitioners. I am sure your godmother is smiling down on you. As new things develop. I hope there will be more Summits. Thank you to your hard working staff for all the time that they have put in to help bring this Summit to the world. A thankful teacher in Tampa, Fl. 🙂


    Thank you for your heartfelt kindness to the whole world. I am blown away and so grateful. Can’t wait for the webinar!

    Rita Miskimins

    Thank you so much…I am forever grateful for this summit…I was going to the doctor every week and had all kinds of tests but no answers…I was sent to a GI doctor and had a colonoscopy…My follow visit the doctor said everything is find and suggest I eat more wheat…I mentioned I get sick when I eat wheat…He explained that I was not use to and it will get better over time…I took his advise and my symptoms got worse and needed to got to the emergency…My son came home for the Christmas holidays and went to the emergency Christmas eve and Christmas day…At that time my son suggested I move to the Cleveland area to be near him…I moved 4-2006 and in 10-2006 Cleveland Clinic told me I had Celiac Disease…I take V d and b 12 injections for the rest of my life… I am forever grateful to you and the health care professionals giving their time to help all of us… I am proactive but after listening to Suzy Cohen I wasn’t because I needed more knowledge…I noticed some of my medications were causing stomache issues…And when I have stomache issues I think twice about eating food…This knowledge about what to look for was huge for me… I cried when I saw you wanting to cry about your family…I can’t not express how I feel knowing such a caring person really cares about me and others…I know the quality of my life isn’t good right now…But I have a lot of questions for my doctors to help me improve my health…Thank you, Rita


    Dr. O Bryan you are touching so many lives when you put together this summit. People are hungry for answers to the cause of their health problems. I know that celiac disease affects us all differently. Each celiac has a unique battle with their celiac condition. I know my mother must have had celiac only she went through her life with symptoms that she could not understand the fatigue, weight loss, low B12, and the attack on her brain-dementia. Thank you and i learned so much from each speaker.

    Jenny Nichols

    Thank you so much for all this information. I wish I had this information 10 years ago when we realized my son had ADD. But now he is 18 and thinks I am just a health nut. He is addicted to his gluten and sugar and I fear for his future. I can but pray that something will wake him up to the truth. I am hopeful since I have this information now that at least I know what direction to take him once he is ready. I also work in a school. I have already started planting seeds in these teens heads when they come to the office to get their meds that they need to cut the gluten and why. I look at my in-laws and know why they have unexplained heart issues….this nasty gluten. Thank you for all this information that brings us out of the darkness of disease. I want to shout this information to everyone…problem is so many don’t want to hear and say they are too addicted to it. I don’t understand this mentality.


    Will a flu shot worsen autoimmune disease by ramping up the immune system?


    After I heard Dr. Andrew Keech’s presentation, I was able to immediately get his Colostrum and the PRP spray products. I am 70yrs old and was diagnosed with Glutten Sensitivity about 3 yrs ago. My testosterone level was down to 80, my parathyroid and adrenal glands were stressed. My mother had three children under 3 yrs old and my father was in the service. She just layed me on the floor and propped the bottle up. So I never had the benefit of colostrum or peptides from my mother. I have been taking testostrone shots for three years and this last April, my Blood Pressure shot up to 200/100. We’ve tweaked the medicines and 170/90 is not uncommon. 145/85 is my average. Within 12 hrs of taking the colostrum and and PRP spray, my BP is now averaging 125/75. I hope it is not a fluke. I am taking a hard look at all the material presented and am ready to leap into all the ideas presented. Thank you for this historic presentation.


    This has been fabulous. I though rice was innocuous, and I’ve already seen in the last couple days that it may be the answer to why I haven’t been able to get totally better after being GF for 7 years. Thank you so much for all the great info. Please consider making an affordable CD version of the summit interviews available for public libraries to buy.

    Laura Reed

    You are a gift, and I am so very grateful. Thank you.


    Please, Dr. O’Bryan, please, make This interview accessible to as more people as possible! I tried hard to promote the work that you and your team are done, but I still get nothing but have been ignored and lack of understanding even from some of the closest people in my life. I feel a bit heartbreak and I want to change somehow their view for the information in The Gluten Summit. I want to make them start listen, see, think and understand what is really going on in their life. This interview is probably the starting point for that, I guess. The interviews in the summit are “information for doctors”, “out of my interest and understanding”, “You are not a doctor – how you can know if all of that is true?”, “I will wait to see what they will think out” and so on… I want to save my family (we already have health problems related to the gluten), my friends and their friends, and their friends, and their friends….. I want to give back the happiness to the people! Thank you! Marieta


    I can’t thank you enough! This was very timely as my daughter was suffering from neurological symptoms and joint pain and we thought it was lyme. She’s been suffering for the past 10 months until we discovered antibodies to gluten 1 month ago. She just had an endoscopy today, but it doesn’t matter what the biopsy will show. She became significantly better after 1 1/2 weeks on a gluten free diet. I witnessed my daughter coming back to life, and this webinar is now confirming my decision to stay gluten free! Now I understand all of her neurological symptoms, and how to help her heal.


    Dr. O’Bryan THANK YOU and THANK YOU to your God Mother Emily and your entire family and staff. This was THE BEST Christmas gift I could have ever gotten, I am SO looking forward to your power point presentation. I realize now I understand much better the importance of taking my diagnosis of celiac after endoscopic biopsy and years of suffering more seriously after this summit. I try very hard but I have not had good success. I still am eating diary but no longer,I still cook everyday with gluten containing foods I have skin blisters /asthma when I am exposed to gluten I am on a very little budget so limited finances makes eating well difficult, I do not have a Doctor so this information for me is priceless. So it is with much heartfelt gratitude and thanks I want you all to know I appreciate all the hard work EVERYONE did to bring this to us all.

    Ligia Calvinisti

    Thank you for organizing such a great summit. My son overcame Asperger’s fallowing the Gaps diet. Dr Natasha McBrien is a genus she discover the cause and provides the most complet diet for a complet recovery. I highly recommend the Gaps diet. Now my mission is to share this information with every one that needs it. Thank you Dr McBrien for such a brilliant work.


    Amazing information. Worked as an R.N. for 25 years. So often Doctors don”t have the answers. I bought the $67. package. Will we be able to download the webinar information when it is presented?


    Thank you Dr. O’Bryan. I am forever grateful to you, your team, and the guests you interviewed, for sharing this information with the world.


    Thank you so much for bringing together so many distinguished world renowned experts! The breadth and depth of the knowledge of the presenters has been impressive. It was amazing to see a presenter speaking about their field of expertise, and another person in a completely different arena coming to the same conclusions! I think even some presenters learned something new during the summit! No one else has brought together all these different disciplines and presented them to such a wide audience. With the knowledge, tools, and resources I have gained, I feel much more confident that I can maintain my gluten free diet. With a recent Hashimoto’s diagnosis, getting off gluten has been difficult. I now feel that I can persevere. I can’t thank you and your team enough!


    Love the hot car analogy Tom at the very end of your talk! So try, most of the population is just cutting off the short-term pain and never looking at the deeper cause. Will naturopaths & nutritionists in Australia get access to the healthcare practitioner powerpoints too please?

    Dori Slater Vance

    As a veterinarian, small animal internal medicine, I hope Dr. O ‘Bryan will add that no animals can digest the gluten, not just humans. Certainly cats which are obligate carnivores have no dietary requirement for grains of any kind, and suffer from epidemic levels of inflammatory owes disease which I strongly believe is induced and aggravated from gluten and other grains in their commercial prepared diets.

      Loren Ziem

      I hope this important point doesn’t get ignored, for the sake of ALL the animals involved in the situation. It took weeks of getting sick from some unknown non-dietary source of gluten before I realized the dog food my friend was giving his dog contained gluten. [Even with Dr. Fasano on the research about gluten and skin, I’m still not sure everyone can tolerate glutenous dog licks, even with prompt washing.]


    Ps I have influenced five of my personal Doctors to become interested in this topic of gluten and the many manifestations of it antagonizing good health. Each practitioner is a vital link to more people and their circles of family and friends, it is so exciting to imagine how powerful this Summit has been in spreading knowledge! My family health history is similar to Tom’s, and my health journey would have been brighter if I had this information 20 years ago. So thankful for access to all these different aspects in the package, so I can review it as needed!


    I have learned much and have been so inspired by the summit speakers. I try to listen to at least one a day, today I listened to all three. I was very touched by the story you shared about your godmother. You are MORE than keeping our promise to her. Thank you for organizing this important summit.


    I Thank you for this valuable information. I cryied when you talked about your God Mother and your parents. Again, want to Thank You. I know you are blessed for getting this information to us.

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      I am not real excellent with English but I line up this very leisurely to comprehend.


    You ARE changing lives around the world. Including mine. I am ever so thankful to you and your team for putting this summit together and providing such a wealth of information to be shared and to be put to good use. Long considered the ‘hypochondriac’ of the family, with conditions such as IBS, Fibromyalgia, ADD and general memory issues, I am watching other family members develop autoimmune and neurological disorders. Needless to say I am scratching my chin and saying, “aha!” I will be starting my gluten free diet in earnest (not easy for a dyed-in-the-wool cake and bread lover) and encouraging family members with more immediately serious conditions to be tested for NCGS. So very grateful to you.


    Thank you, Dr. O’Bryan, for being courageous. It is people like you that move our society forward! I believe your message will have the cascading effect it deserves too!

    Georgianna Henry

    I can’t even begin to explain how much hope you have given me and other people like me who have autoimmune diseases that are debilitating and are being told that there is nothing we can do except take immune suppressing drugs that give us more issues than we started with. This seminar has been so eye opening, so informative, so life-saving that you deserve all the love and thanks in the world for doing this. You have such a good heart and are so caring… it just makes me cry. Thank you so much for doing this. I have known that I had NCGS for a while, but could never really convince myself that it was worth going on the gluten-free diet completely, because I didn’t understand the science behind it… My MD doctors would say diet didn’t matter, and my ND doctors would say that not eating gluten would help me, but without understanding all of the scientifically proven reasons behind it, I didn’t believe it would help much. Just as your seminar mentions, educating your patients is of utmost importance, because now that I am educated. I have been completely gluten free for 3 days now and am so excited to be doing it. I don’t feel deprived at all, I am focused, determined and filled with hope and joy. Nothing can budge me now, not the unsupportive pushers, and not my taste buds, because I’ve learned so much from your summit that I can make any vegetable and meat dish taste like a million dollar meal. It’s easy when you WANT to do it. I know gluten is extremely addictive, and I can relate this experience to my prior addiction to cigarettes. Nothing, and no one could make me quit until something happened that I wanted to badly enough. This summit has made me WANT to not only be gluten free, but to also never forget the importance of eating non-GMO organic foods… The information that went beyond just going gluten free was so mind blowing… I am so immeasurably thankful to you, your work, and your selflessness that I would like to say you are now one of my heroes. This summit is going to change the future of humanity forever. Thank you for being superman, and saving the world! Sincerely, Georgie PS: What is the website where we can locate PRP Spray and the Colostrum to buy?

      Loren Ziem

      It was Dr. Andrew Keech who gave the presentation involving colostrum. He’s the founder of APS BioGroup, and hopefully the products you need will be available on their website:

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      Heya i’m for your primary time here. I found this board and I to locate It really helpful & it reduced the problem out a lot. I am hoping to provide one thing back and aid others such when you helped me.

    Serene in Singapore

    I am writing from Singapore and I am so glad I put aside time this whole week to listen to this. And I am so grateful that you are willing to put these talks up for free! It is indeed heartening to know that there are indeed studies and research done about the effects of gluten and even the other grains. My question : Do all of the speakers keep to a gluten free diet themselves?

    Jane Oliver

    Dr Tom,Your passion resonates through everything you have brought to us ~ many heartfelt thank yous for sharing your personal story and for 8 days of wonderful,powerful,life changing interviews ~ together all 110,000 people will soon be 1,000000 ~ thru your drive and compassion ~ Thank you !!


    Hi Dr Tom, this series has been so informative and given me greater insights in assessing and managing my patients. How do I access the summary presentation/slides you referred to for medical practitioners? I would find them invaluable. I have just ordered the reference library and I am looking forward to having this resource in my medical practice. Thanks

    Shirley Littlefield

    Wish I had listened to all the speakers. Wonderful information.


    Dear Dr. O’Bryan! You and your team have done an amazing job by putting together this summit! Special appreciations go to you for brilliantly moderating it with great respect for the speakers as well as for the listeners and building a bridge of understanding. Without you we, regular people, would not get it and we all appreciate it a great deal! I am originally from Ukraine and have friends there some of whom suffer from Celiac disease. Unfortunately, there aren’t so many doctors there who understand the nature of this disease – they are listening to your Summit! I purchased your package on one of the first days not waiting till the end and now I am looking at all these prizes and thinking – I am a true believer and followed you without any promise of reward – would it be possible for me to take part in this event? I think you are the greatest speaker of this Summit and look forward to your wrap up session! With great respect and appreciation, Natasha


    Thanks for sharing wonderful life changing information to the world. I was wonderful if there is a list of Doctors or Practitioners with the country they are from. My son has quite a few issues and I want him to see someone who is more aware of what we are facing. Thanks again for a wonderful summit and I look forward to being able to join your next one. I have purchased the presentations and look forward to watching them again and discussing them with family and friends.

    Carol Mizell

    Thank you so much for all your information. I decided to purchase another set of information ,one to give out to others and one to keep for myself. One year ago I suffered from acid reflux which I didn’t know I had (no symptoms at all) until I experienced burning sensations in my throat. I went to the doctor and was given Prilosec. It helped some and my doctor suggested an endoscopy which showed I had Barrett’s( a precursor to cancer).I can’t understand why I didn’t exhibit any systems sooner. needless to say I’m on Neflex which he said to take for the rest of my life.I told my regular doctor I was concerned about the side effects of this drug but he told I should be more concerned about my esophagus.I’m very ,very concerned about taking this drug for along time due to potential heart issues but I’m scared to go off and develop cancer.What should I do? Please help me! If you can email with any suggestions. thank you!


    I feel like a millionaire because you have given me the potential to be all I can in health and what better gift can a person have. Now I can share with all my friends and family. Thankyou to you and all the team.


    thank you, thank you, thank you….. a milion times thank you….. !!! Words are not enough to describe my gratitude for all this “amazing” knowledge …. Wish you all the Best…always!!!

    Merry J

    I ordered the digital package. How do I get it onto my computer?


    Dr. O’Bryan and team: Thank you so much for working so hard to make this summit such a HUGE success. I have been Gluten Free since 2007, and I learned more in this 8 days than I have in 5 years. Realising that I am a NCGS and that a little gluten from cross contamination can still cause problems for me is only one of the big “AHA” moments I have had while listening to the interviews. Having purchased the online access, I am looking forward to listening to everything again, taking more notes, and implementing strategies to heal and thrive. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


    I listened to many of the speakers and have learned so much. I thank you for imagining this wonderful event and giving us access to it for no charge; I confess that I would not have attended otherwise. Your role cannot be praised enough. You have been respectful of all participants from the experts with their unique specialties, all the way to people like me who are individuals with an open mind who want to learn. I value your session today. Your personal stories and image of the field full of ping pong balls will stay with me. Something is way out of whack in my body with raging osteoarthritis destroying my joints quite rapidly. I started a food journal and became gluten free 1-1/2 weeks ago. After a painful start to my day today, I checked my journal and see that I had eaten extra dairy yesterday. I will heed your advice and eliminate dairy, too, and hopefully that will bring a positive result. I look forward to learning more from you. Thank you so much. Jan


    Thank you so much for this summit! It was a great honour to be a part of the audience and I have thoroughly enjoyed every presentation! Looking forward to your next summit Dr. O’Bryan!


    Dr. O’Bryan, thank you so very much for The Gluten Summit! You have gathered the most knowledgable and experienced experts in the field who have provided a wealth of information to all of us. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to each and every one of them as I have taken pages and pages of notes. I have been gluten free for over two years, but have still learned quite a lot! Thank you Dr. Tom for your kind and respectful translations (putting the information in layman’s terms!) for us who are not physician’s or scientists. Your moderating was with such grace and care. I wish you were my doctor! Thank you again.

    Loren Ziem

    Only 110,000 people showed up? Hum… I really want to try that ping pong ball thing — could be a great visibility project. Seriously, thank you all for doing this. My family was outraged when, at 25 and after TIAs, seizures, comas, and the loss of a lot of my skin, we realized — without professional direction — that gluten was the source. Since then many people in my family have gone gluten free, and though innumerable problems have been resolved, there have been few if any diagnoses, and none of us are visible in practice or statistics. It has created a resentment toward some nebulous nonhuman entity called “The Doctors” that I feel is undue, so it really brought the entire scope of the professional world down to earth for me when Dr. O’Bryan told the stories about his family. Seventeen years is too long. So… same time next year?


    My heartfelt thanks for presenting this wealth of information Dr. O’Bryan and collegues! For 30 yrs I’ve been suffering a multitude of Sx….now it’s progressed to where I had to quit my nursing profession…not one doctor has even mentioned or encouraged to go GF nor even presented gluten-sensitivity. This summit I’m sure has been a blessing to so many lives in one way or another! Looking forward to your webinar and will miss hearing you and feeling your compassion…wish I could be your patient…fortunate for those who are!!!! God bless!

    Carole Hamel

    Sorry for my English, I’m French and I listened the summit with a dictionary… but I must said you thank you for the fabulous work you are doing, thank you for giving us hope. Since November 2012 I am gluten free, I lost 40 pounds (too much), I have no energy, I often slept … the doctors said to me stopping be gluten free. I don’t want because I feel may be 50% better than before. I hope I can find some doctors who can help me… Your summit confirms me that I made the good choice…. Again THANK YOU for hope! BLESSING…


      Carole, are you eating enough fats? Your body needs the good fats like olive oil, coconut oil, nuts, avocados. The Wheat Belly facebook page is a great place to ask questions. Have you read the book Wheat Belly?

    dr Szabó

    Thank you dr. O’Bryan for theese wonderfull 8 days. I learned so much.


    Thank you very much for so much new information. This all helped me understand even better what is going on in my body at the moment and how I can improve my health and the health of my family. Thank you


    Thank you so much for all this information. I have learned so much in the few sessions I have been able to attend and wish I could have heard them all. I have suffered with these symptoms for 40 years and just this summer while recouperating from a mastectomy for breast cancer I had the time to do research and found that I am NCGS. I went on a Paleo diet to start and then switched to gluten free. It is like living a different life. I can now finally enjoy eating and enjoy food instead of spending my time being sick and regretting that I ate something. I now understand all the symptoms I have had over the years, such as dermatitis, IBS, brain fog, weight gain, nausea, vomiting, pain, nickel allergy. I could go on and on and just didn’t know the extent of this condition. Thank you for all of this and for making me and others like me know that we are finally understood and also making it possible for others not to suffer like I did for all those years.!!!


    Dr Tom Thank you so much for holding this summit. I am so blessed to be able to listen to all of them. I was a SRN for 48years and had retired for the last 3 years. I have learn so much from all the speakers and been praying that many health providers and doctors having been listening too, hoping they will put what they hear and practice what they learn for a healthier and happier world. In my years of nursing, I had seen so much unnecessary pains and sufferings Dues to poor knowledge and lack of informations. Listening to all the talks is truly a eye opener.I was taught that bread is good for you but not rice especially if you are a diabetic. I will share what I had learn with family and friends It would be great if you can have a replay for all the talks as every one of them are great. Please thank each and everyone of your speakers for sharing the knowledge and insights on so many of the health issues around us.May God Bless you all. Thank you for your story of your family especially your grandma. God have a reason for their pains and and sufferings. He has bless you with knowledge and wisdom. You are now blessing the world with this summit. Thank you and thank you again to you and everyone involved with this summit. May God bless you all From Eileen lim Malaysia


    Thank you Dr Tom O’Bryan for the Gluten Summit. I have learnt so much from the interviews but it has also helped me finally understand what happened to my dad and why we lost him 7 years ago. He had coeliacs disease but wasn’t diagnosed until he was 56, which was unfortunately too late for his liver as he was diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver soon after. In the end this also resulted in cancer and we lost him at the age of just 60. I now understand how his cirrhosis was secondary to his coeliacs disease and that his coeliacs deteriorated the liver and then cancer followed. It makes me so sad that we weren’t more aware of how bad gluten can be for some people when my dad needed to know.. 40 years ago. But hopefully thanks to people like yourself the message will get out there and our loved ones won’t have to leave their families earlier than they should be, and miss out on seeing their grandchildren. Thanks again.


    Thank you so much Dr. O’Bryan for such a wealth of detailed information about gluten issues! It’s been about a year and a half since I first listened to your story of your godmother while doing the online course that preceded JJ Virgin’s book. I too have slightly elevated ALT that continues slowly to climb even with a fairly strict paleo (with no dairy nor eggs) diet. It was your story that made gluten-containing foods resistible, so thank you for improving my health and prolonging my life! It can be very hard to keep crossing more and more foods off the list of safe ones (am I also sensitive to salicylates, glutamates, most grains, seeds and nuts), but understanding a bit more about the mechanisms of the immune system has been very motivating. The cross-reactivity information has helped me to understand that I will now need to avoid the tiny bits of rice and quinoa flour as well. And although I have tried unsuccessfully to heal the gut with glutamine and probiotics in the past, there is new hope with the colostrum and PRP information. We each have our individual journeys, but you and your guests have opened up new positive directions for mine. Thank you all! Thank you again for following through on your promise to your godmother. So many of us are grateful that you did and I bet she is smiling down on all of us! Pat from WInnipeg, Canada


    Dr T excellent information however there are errors in your message: 1. Grains can be problematic if they are not prepared properly 2. Grain preparation needs a minimum of at least three hours in order for them to be usable for the body. 3. The research is correct but your interpretations are not totally correct. 4. Proper preparation will correct most of the gluten problems that you are discussing in this seminar. Please send me an email and I will share the information with you. or you can call me my name is James 678-432-0384 or 268-720-0418

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    Yes, all Gluten grains are problematic especially when they are prepared wrong like milled flour and cooking as is with out at least 3 hours and for me a give my organic wheat berries 2 days of predigesting into sprouts before using them. Wheat grass for example is zero gluten it is gluten free. The other problem is people are on Mono grain diets of eating the same grain all the time and this sets their body up for allergies . Holistic Chef Barry


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