Modern Wheat: It's MORE than wheat.

William Davis, MD

  • The startling connection between wheat and cardiovascular disease
  • Wheat and the diabetes epidemic
  • The remarkable benefits of going wheat-free
  • Why the wheat in the Bible is NOT the wheat of today
  • The negative health consequences of eating grains
  • The truth about LDL cholesterol
  • How to indulge on a gluten-free diet

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    Hello, There are no videos linked to Day 7’s presenters. Their bio’s are up and a big blank space where the videos should be. I hope this can be resolved, as I have been watching all presentations thus far and want to see more:)

    Jill Tabak

    Great lecture! Forgive me if this is addressed, I have not finished listening yet. How does quinoa and barley effect GI? Are they okay to eat?

      Lynn M

      Barley is not okay. He didn’t mention quinoa.

      Loren Ziem

      Quinoa has some very questionable aspects, especially if you have celiac disease. Most of my friends and family are GF, and not a single one can tolerate quinoa products. We suspect this study explains why:


    Clear the memory or cache in history, then re-enter the page. should come up ok then.


    I am so grateful to all the speakers for the latest research! I am passing this information on to my father, who has Parkinsons, because I am celiac and he has never been tested. I truly believe a GF diet will make him feel better. I am also telling my brother, who is a cardiologist and has not been tested. Finally, I am sharing this with my friend, who has heart disease in her family, and another friend, who’s family is gluten intolerant, and whose daughter has seizures.


      Hi Kathleen, I am sorry to hear that your father has Parkinsons. Unfortunately, my dad died from complications to this years ago and I wonder to this day if he could have had celiac too. He was 6′ tall and very thin for his height. I wish I knew about this back then but sometimes you find out too late. He would eat and eat and never gain weight. I weighed only 91 lbs when I got pregnant with my first son 1970. My stepmother called me a “walking skeleton”. I have been on GF diet for 10 years now and I am overweight. I would give anything to be thin again. The new celiacs today are wasting away but can be overweight too according to “Dangerous Grains” by James Braly, M>D and Ron Hoggan, M.A. This is my Celiac Bible. Loving this summit.

        Joanne McKenney

        Linda, that cookbook, Against All Grains, truly has fabulous recipes enjoyed by ALL members of my family, including the nonbelievers. We have used the crispy coating for chicken and fish and have been astonished at the wonderful flavor. I highly recommend this book.


      Against All Grains by Danielle Walker is a gluten,grain,dairy free cookbook with wonderful recipes. This cookbook has been an inspiration to me and has helped me realized that food is medicine.

      The Gluten Summit Team

      Kathleen, we’re sorry to hear about your father. But, thank you for sharing this information with others! We truly hope that you and your loved ones find the information helpful! Thank you for attending the summit!


      Hi Kathleen, I recently saw a TED talk on a new treatment for Parkinson’s Disease involving focused ultrasound to “fix” the area of the brain associated with tremors. The medical company that performs this non-invasive procedure also has clinical trials. Information on the doctor and a link to his presentation:


    Dr Davis and Dr O’Bryan, Great talk, but at the end when you talk about how safe gluten free foods need to be made at home, you say there are good cookbooks. Can you please recommend a couple of specific cookbooks that you think are the best. I’ve been using the gluten free flours and other gluten free products from the health food store, and now will STOP. But I don’t have a clue how to cook/eat well without them.


      JCLAIRE: some of the best that I have found are Practical Paleo by Dianne SanFillipo, Against all Grains by Danielle Walker, Italian Cuisine by Sarah Fragoso (shows you how to do gluten free italian food) and Nom Nom Paleo has a great ipad app.

        Roxanne W

        JClaire, one of the best cookbook series is “Low Carbing Among Friends” available at or from Amazon. They are all gluten free recipes. Also, of course, there is the Wheat Belly Cookbook.


    I have read wheat belly translated in Japanese. I can’t wait to see wheat belly cook book.

    dr Szabó

    I often experienced, that celiac patients being on glutenfree diet, getting rid of malabsorption, put on weight, and are jeopardised by civilisation diseases. (obesity, diabetes, hypertonia, arteriosclerosis etc.)


    Oh wow! Thanks so much! Nearly fell off my chair listening to these simple explanations of mechanism of developing heart disease, arthritis and even dementia, Dr. O’Brien, would you also consider offering just interview transcripts available as an option? Not much time to watch 29 hours of interviews all over again, (already repeated several interviews) yet transcripts read much faster and can be highlighted. Just a thought. This is really helpful information for the “lifetime of undiagnosed” among us, Thanks again!


    So is it ok to eat einkorn wheat

    Gail Anstey

    Great lecture…thank you. Question…would a low glycemic diet help with tinnitus?

    sue mccombs

    I enjoyed this presentation. I do weight loss groups and usually support fresh vegetables, fruits, lean quality proteins and staying hydrated with lots of water. I don’t think fruit was mentioned even once in this presentation. I have missed most of the presentations because of time, but I wonder if fruit is not mentioned because it can have a higher glycemic index, although Mango, Kiwi, Oranges, Apples and berries, plumbs pears and peaches are all less than 70. Is there another source of pectin other than apple and pear skins? Thank you. I hope you can continue to provide this wonderful information to us.


      I read somewhere that rhubarb has pectin in it.


      I couldn’t agree more about geatirrics. I miss sitting with some of the elderly individuals I used to help and they would tell me stories for hours about the things that they witness when they were younger, and the lives that they lived up to the point that they needed care. I have always felt that the elderly know how to live their lives better than anyone, and they for sure never take it for granted! Sometimes the people taking care of them are not good people though, and it always breaks my heart to see someone talking badly to an elderly man or woman.I like how you made a switch from little tiny babies that have no real experience with life, to elderly men and women who have lived life to its fullest and still have more life to share with others. Such opposites!


      If you’re reading this, you’re all set, padrenr!


    I too am interested in highly recommended cookbooks and will watch for the Wheat Belly Cookbook. In the meantime—any recommendations? Thank you for this summit


      The original Wheat Belly cookbook has been available since last Christmas on Amazon. I use it a fair amount between other Paleo-based recipes. Dr Davis’ new version of 30-minute or less items will be out this Christmas, so you can pre-order. The back of the 2012 hard cover “Wheat Belly” book contains sample recipes to get started with, and you can preview some of these on Amazon.


    Can you give compare Wheat Vs. Sorghum Vs. Bajra (Pearl millet) – Is Sorghum or Pearl millet better than Wheat in terms of Glycemic Index. In other words, for immediate benefits what substitutions can me made ? Thanks.


    Dr. Davis, What is your opinion on the use of a product called healthesalt which claims that the sodium level is 50% of that of sea salt? Love your book and the cookbook. Thank you so much!! Lynne

    Nancy Henderson

    Another stellar interview! Love Dr Davis’ approach. I have been trying to multitask while listening and running back and forth and screen shot-ing the pearls and emailing them off to friends all week– but he wins the prize. My friends are all buying– as I am– to keep access to this A+ info. Specifically– I am so happy to hear so many presenters speak of the need to measure Vitamin D levels and keep them higher. Dr Davis’s recc’s of 60-70 ng/ml of Vitamin is great- as are his Le Menu list of no grains or sugars, supplementing with Omega-3’s (EPA-DHA) and identifying hidden genetic causes. His call to have a TSH of 1.5 or less, and Free T4 or T3 in the upper half of normal is the guide I need, and so glad to hear iodine deficiency mentioned. Loved his comments on the commoditization of our diet with grains by the food producers and government. With the comments by Dr O’Brian about the predicted catastrophic cost of dealing with diabetes– it is not a stretch to put these two together and see that we are being parasitized on all levels by the corporate elite. I’ll buy his book. Thanks SO much– a life changer.

    Nancy Henderson

    A question I hope will be answered by someone on this summit— and maybe by Dr Davis as he has mentioned thyroid here. What can the thyroid patients do that can only tolerate Armour Thyroid? (I have tried all the other synthroid, naturethroid, Tirosint, etc and they do not work.) Armour Thyroid not only contains gluten in the cornstarch– but also has GMO’s from the cornstarch and the feed the pigs eat, too. I am doing everything right– no grains and extremely low carb diet for 2 years– all organic and non GMO. The gut flora is good– yet I am still full of inflammation. It must be the hidden sources in my many supplements and this med. Any thoughts? Thanks so much…


      my suggestion is to ask this question of Dr Osborne, as he offers on the website – a fairly extensive line of true gluten-free supplements. I had to upgrade from vit D synthesized from lanolin to whole food vit. d (organic beets?), same with vit C, E and most everything to avoid numerous nasties and gmo-derived crap. Hope this helps!

    Justine Dellinger

    THANK YOU SOOOOO much for hosting this summit. I come from a family line of Diabetics. In fact my father recently passed away from a stroke triggered by diabetes as did both of HIS parents. I plan on making many changed to my life based on all of this information AND sharing it with my remaining family. However, I have one question with regard to “wheat bread”… Does this also apply to Gluten Free Wheat Bread? Again, Thank the information.


    Does grain free diet also imply diet which excludes lentil and beans ? What are your recommendations for vegetarians ?


    Any suggestions on buckwheat, amaranth, and buckwheat ? Are they as detrimental as wheat, rye and barley ? And how about chickpeas flour ?

    Joan collins

    I ordered the guten summit and was supposed to receive a receipt. I am worried that my order did not go thru even tho it said it did. It has been at least 5 hours since I ordered it


    I was always told by the manufacturers and sellers of wheatgrass juice, wheatgrass juice powder, barley grass juice powder and kamut grass powder that these were ok for my gluten-free diet because juice from the grass did not contain gluten. Also that activated barley (sold by raw food sites) was ok for gluten-free because it was made from pre-sprouted barley and therefore did not contain gluten. From listening to this summit it seems they were wrong. How about organic brown rice protein powder, organic sprouted brown rice protein powder, and pea protein powder (recommended by Dr. Oz and Dr. Mercola), are these also not acceptable for gluten-free diet?


      Would like to know the answer to this last comment/question by Virginia! Have been recommended rice/pea protein powder by nutritionist!

    Don Gillis

    It has been a distinct pleasure and bonus as it were to Hear Dr. Davis and others, after reading their books.The Gluten Summit has been an incredible learning experience,having access to advanced,groundbreaking ,essential, medical science, based on sound research, appended with critical ,clinically driven applied scientific endeavours,by incredible truth seeking individuals. Much applause to the Doctor responsible, an astounding accomplishment, not just in pulling together this critical research, but in using modern technology means and methods to present it.Bravo,many times over.

    Donna W

    2 words Dr. Davis in capitals…THANK YOU!


    I haven’t been able to hear this presentation as there is no audio. I’ve tried refreshing the page and reloading it to no avail. Please advise.

    CK Carson

    I guessing cassava is also high glycemic index. Correct?


    Thank you so much for your wise interactions with so many brilliant people at this summit going against the grain together and much more. A big hug for everyone of you for these free gifts from the Netherlands.


    this is great! I am wondering about sourdough bread as the good bacteria eat the gluten? Also what about organic ancient grains?


    To say thank you is not enough but it’s all I have so THANK YOU to you both for all your wisdom and for sharing this valuable information with us.

    Suzan Michele Powers

    Bless you Dr. Davis for sharing your knowledge here. I have heard of your book Wheat Belly and now will read it and promote it on my Facebook page where I have many friends who are gluten free or thinking about these issues. They certainly have been following my health concerns and miraculous weight loss of 35 pounds and over all improvement of my health since I had a colonoscopy in July 2013 and was told not to eat gluten. I have shared my recipe searches and energy surges with my many friends all over the world! I am so encouraged after hearing you at the Gluten Summit and plan to read all your books. You are in my prayers. Thank you and God bless you!


    Great talk with Dr. Davis. I eat grain-free and it is not as difficult as you would think. Go to my website and my book titled Gluten-Free & Grain-Free Healthy Recipes will be for sale shortly. My website is Great talk and great information for all of us.


    My access is blocked and would love to listen. Please send me access to Sunday’s presenters.


    id love a low gi, no egg recipe for a delicious pizza crust!

    Marcia Hansen

    We juice wheatgrass daily. Grow our own and are a little hesitant now about continuing. Could you please comment? I noticed I am the 2nd one to ask this. Thank you.


    This summit has been amazing. I have been gluten free since 2007. The changes that happened were next to a miracle for someone with pulmonary hypertension secondary to scleroderma. My hair stopped falling out. The swelling in my hands went down. Unless you knew I had scleroderma you would not know from looking at my skin. My left jaw bone had eroded away down to the bone marrow requiring surgery. On my 1 year check up after the xrays the oral surgeon said the right was worse than the left. At that time I was on the gluten free diet for only 2 months. I wanted to wait as I knew it would mean joint replacement. When I went back for 2 year check after the xrays he said “I have no idea what you have been doing, but whatever it is keep doing it, you have new bone growth which is totally unheard of”. He followed me yearly for a couple more years and released me without further surgery. My hemoglobin that was about 10 on iron twice a day is now 13 on no iron. Vitamin D was mid 20s on 50,000 units. Today it runs upper 60s. Allergies that I had taken shots for for years were gone when I was retested. I am happy to report that my pulmonary artery pressure is down. Is that the diet or drugs or a combination? I have email the link to some of the top PH doctors in the country. My next mission is to rally to an eating guide based on science for PH patients. Through the summit I have learned some things I am still doing wrong and will correct. Way back then I had the gene testing and intestinal stool testing that was new at the time. I had two copies of one of the genes that per-dispose you to celiac disease with high antibody levels and high casein levels that I also went dairy free. I still have one serious problem in that my family has been very slow in accepting this and being tested and going gluten free. I feel like sometimes I am being a nag. My children know the risk and have not decided to go gluten free yet. What upsets me more is my 11 year old grandson who is so small for his age, has asthma, has tons of allergies. Finally getting trough to some nieces and one sister. Testing is so improved since I was tested. Sometimes it is frustrating. Thanks for listening.

    Gail Cornell

    This Summit has been absolutely awesome. I have learned so much. All of the sessions have been great. Thank you so much for organizing this and making it available on the internet.

    cindy lu

    this presentation has been a real eye opener for me. I have always been suspect of the gluten-free food ingredients. It seemed as though these ingredients were no better than the wheat one tries to avoid. Dr. Davis has now confirmed my suspicions. Thank you so much. Now with confidence, I can suggest good wholesome products to my clients. Thank you for your great works!


    Brilliant presentation, will definately read Wheat Belly! Any ideas on how to help my 83 year old father change his diet as he has type II diabetes, high blood pressure and Cholesterol, and a diet consisting on processed food. What can he eat in the mornings other than toast and cereals as he hates eggs and almost everything healthy!!!!


      Susan, I have been using shampoo from They seem to have only good ingredients and feels really good to my hair and scalp. I’m using toothsoap ( for teeth brushing. Miracle soap and miracle neutralizer for laundry ( which I love…leaves clothes soft…I like it much better than Seventh Generation and other soaps I was previously using. I also love miracle moisturizing soap for showering and bathing. Feels so much more resonant and harmonious for my body than my previous favorite from Aubrey. I’m very sensitive, so the morrocco products and miracle soaps work well for me. You didn’t ask about it, but I also love my full spectrum light bulbs and floor lamps from A beautiful, cheery, sunshiny light.


    Question for Dr. Davis and Dr. O’Bryan: Is buckwheat flour okay to eat? Or does it have a protein similar to wheat and those other problematic grains? Thank you so much for this summit! I’ve been off of gluten for a year and a half. And yet after hearing several of the recent talks, went into the bathroom and checked the ingredients on my personal care products like shampoo, etc., and was shocked! I very carefully checked ingredients to make sure they were safe, but that was before I went off gluten and I didn’t realize they have wheat protein, soy protein, rice protein, milk protein! No wonder I’m still not better! But after hours of searching the web today, I can’t seem to find anything that is safe, and organic, non GMO, and does not have these grain proteins in there, that will continue to make me sick. Do you have any recommendations? I even tried to find a recipe to make my own shampoo, but I couldn’t find one that was reasonable. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR HELP!

    Karla Zaldivar

    Fabulous interview with Dr. Davis! I loved what Dr. Davis said about the business of the human diet, to which we can say (to paraphrase what the lawyers used) “in dubio pro negotium” meaning if in doubt, you do business friendly. This is in the opposite direction to human health. We need to promote a change of vision to “indubio pro person” in regard to human nutrition. Thank you Dr. O’Bryan because the gluten summit is in favor of humanity!


    I’ve had a corn allergy for years and was diagnosed with hemochromatosis 5 years ago with gluten sensitivity 2 years later. You mention hemochromatosis (iron overload) on your list of wheat consequences–could you elaborate why?

    Nettie Reid

    I loved this presentation. I also loved Dr. Davis’s book as well. I have started to make changes and hoping to repair some of the damage done from over the years. Thank you.


    How safe are CT heart scans? Don’t they give the patient a high dose of radiation?


    I began Wheat Belly 10 months ago after having a diagnosis of type 2 diabetes, insulin resistance (couldn’t lose weight), IBS, followed by rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia. Since then, I’ve lost about 40 lbs, lost 3 clothing sizes, my fasting labs are improving—I’ve lowered my fasting A1c to w/in normal range. My healthcare provider lowered my metformin from 2 pills per day to 1. My cholesterol is evening out (I took myself off statin drugs before even doing WB) and more. I’m looking forward to February when I re-do my labs again AND visit my health care provider. Can I just say both my rheumatologist AND my primary have said “keep up what you’re doing!”. I’m excited and proclaim to whomever will listen that they should at least read Dr. Davis’ book!! As an aside to this….I would love to re-visit all this a year from now to be able to share what yet another 12 months of living this life-style has done for me. I also should add…I’m in my late 60’s!


    Absolutely the best speaker! Great info and wonderful explanations!

    Liz F

    Great information! I’ve heard of the book Wheat Belly, but how great to hear directly from the author! Off to the library I go…


    Please replay this one tomorrow!!!

    Heshie Segal

    I have listened to as many sessions as possible. This one has been particularly eye opening- there are a number of things that I need to cut out now that I thought were OK – like rice flour, tapioca starch and potato starch – talk about refinement!!


    What an amazing presentation! I was glued to the screen. 🙂 I have been eating gluten free for about 7 years, so I did not need any convincing, but still loved the science. I only wish I could convince others. Thinking of gifting the summit. 🙂


    I appreciated your seminar! There was some new information that I believe will be valuable to me Dr. Davis. I look forward to getting a copy of your cookbook. Thanks.


    Great presentation. One caution is with your recommendation of coconut flour. I have a reaction of stomach irritation and extreme heartburn from items made from coconut flour that apparently is a common occurrence for this flour. No problem with coconut oil, flesh, shreds, but from what I’ve read the issue is due to the abrasive qualities once coconut is reduced to a flour.


    This was a FANTASTIC presentation! Please please please bring this back as an encore! I have so many friends and family I would like to share this with!!


    Thank you so much. We have been on GAPS for 1 1/2 yrs, have experienced much relief as a family, then have started reintroducing some foods, but the burden of keeping out grains has become too hard for me to carry on my own. I asked my husband to listen to your presentation and he did and he said, “looks like we shouldn’t be eating grains.” Thank you so much. I have listened to about 90% of the presentations, and I haven’t heard any speaker mention sourdough, have I missed it?


    Thank you Thank you. I have followed Ann Wigmore in use of wheatgrass (juiced) and the drink made by soaking and fermenting the spring wheat seeds (called rejuvelac). As this is made from modern wheat seed, is gluten present, or is wheat component present in amount not helpful?

    Asa Javier BaRa

    Wow – yet another mind-blowing presentation! Thank you!


    This was my most anticipated lecture and I missed it! Drats! Anybody happen to record it? I would just love to see it… 😉


    Please remember to also explain to the general public what Type 1 diabetes is, and the NON-relation to what they eat that causes it. When my 15 year old extremely healthy daughter was diagnosed, I guarantee my 120 lb, 5’7″ daughter did not have a life of too much wheat and junk food. She was and is a vegetable main stay eater as well as a healthy child. You HAVE to call it TYPE 2 diabetes every time you say the word diabetes. PLEASE. People are uneducated and Type 1 diabetics need to be identified and protected from the condemnation of FAULT as in Type 2 diabetes. THANK YOU.

    Alison Wiltbank

    So how do we get back to non- genetically modified wheat? Is it even available? This looks like a governmental responsibility, but our government is hand-in-glove with the agribusiness that has foisted this on us all.


    I have a question regarding interpretation of laboratory values for ttg/gliadin ab testing…I do these on a regular basis in my own practice, but tell my patients that i “interpret the results differently”…I tend to disregard the referrence range for “negative” and “positive”. in my interpretation….ANY movement in the positive direction (and there is ALWAYS some movement) in my mind is saying there is SOME Ab reaction, and therefore sensitivity, however not perhaps true allergy or “celiac disease”…can someone elaborate on this or address testing lab values or comment on my own interpretation???…I am a medical provider and test often, and also place a good number of my patients on gluten/grain free diets, and have had fantastic results in my own practice..


    GLUTEN SUMMIT Dr. Obrien and the Summit Team – There are absolutely no words to express my appreciation for this amazingly phenomenal summit, and to have it so wondrously presented in such a ‘front row’ venue. It has truly been an enjoyable, educational and generous ‘concert of stars’. The information in this summit is giving life back, and giving life to an untold number of people. Thank you, thank you, and thank you to all who worked so hard and sacrificed so long to put this together, and again to ALL the presenters for all for your generosity, sacrifice and knowledge. This summit has given us answers and HOPE! God Bless.


    Thank you so much for this wonderful program! The information was incredibly helpful encompassing.


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    I have sensitivities to 48 different foods, including wheat, barley, oats, rye, amaranth, flax, milk, eggs and chocolate. This makes finding good recipes very difficult. I have found an invaluable source of recipes for people with multiple allergies in I totally enjoyed the summit and learned so much. Thank you so much.


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